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Technical Specifications

Model GV-600 GV-650 GV-800 GV-1120 GV-1240 GV-1480 GV-2004 GV-2008

Video Input 4,6,8,10,12,14,16 4,8,12,16 4,8,12,16 8,12,16 8,16 16 4 8

Audio Input 1 2 4 8,12,16 8,16 16 4 8

TV Output No No No 1 1 1 1 1

Recording Rate NTSC 30 fps 60 fps 120 fps 120 fps 240 fps 480 fps 120 fps 240 fps

PAL 25 fps 50 fps 100 fps 100 fps 200 fps 400 fps 100 fps 200 fps

GV-CMS (CENTRAL MONITORING STATION) Display Rate NTSC 30 fps 60 fps 120 fps 480 fps 480 fps 480 fps 120 fps 240 fps

PAL 25 fps 50 fps 100 fps 400 fps 400 fps 400 fps 100 fps 200 fps
GV-Control Center Input Type BNC: BNC x 4 DB15 x 2 (Video) DB15 x 1 DB15 x 2

D-Type: DB15 x 2 DB9 x 2 (Audio) (Video & Audio) (Video & Audio)
Remote DVR
Dimension (W x H) 145 x 97 mm 175 x 98 mm 195 x 100 mm 195 x 102 mm 240 x 102 mm
Remote Desktop Video Compression Wavelet, MPEG-4, Geo MPEG-4, Geo MPEG-4 ASP, Geo H.264 H/W MPEG-4 ASP / MPEG-2

Compression Rate Variable, 300:1 Maximum

Remote Viewlog
Video Resolution D1, Half D1, CIF Resolution
Digital Matrix (Remote Live View of 256 Video Signal Type NTSC, PAL
Cameras) GV-Control Center
TCP / IP, LAN, WAN, Internet, Modem Dial-up, Modem-to-Modem, ISDN
Backup Device HDD, NAS, CD-R / R-W, DVD+R
_ / +RW,
_ (DL), ZIP, JAZ
I/O Central Panel (Remote I/O Configuration) Operating System Windows 2000, Windows XP, Server 2003
PTZ Control Protocol PTZ in I/O, Canon VC-C3 / VC-C4, Pelco P-version (Spectra Series) / D-version protocol, Ademco Juptier, LiLin PIH-7000 (17X) / PIH-7600 (22X)
Support / PIH-7600PL / PIH-7625 (25X), DiGi Dome DOH-240, DynaColor D-7720 / 7722, Sony EVI-D100 / EVI-D 100T, Panasonic WV-CS850 / CS854,
GV-Center V2 / PRO
Mintron 54G2AHN/P, Kalatel Cyber Dome, Samsung SPD-1600 / SCC-641 / SCC-643, Sensormatic ULTRA IV, Hi-Sharp HS-CC600, Elitar EL-

Experience 5 Subscribers Version for FREE PT830, JEC ETXK8000, MZC-IR6018DN, YOKO YK-2E00, SAE DR-E588, Kenko DMP23-H1, DPerception PTU-D46, TOA cc551, ELBEX, JEC,

CPT-V9KRV, Minking, YAAN, ZC_S122, KZC, Bosch TC8560 / TC700, JVC TK-S576B / S655, MESSOA SDS 600 Series, VIDO Dome, D-Max
Increase up to 500 Subscribers with the Dome, DynaColor Dome

Professional Version Language Arabic, English, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese,

Italian (Mar. 2006)

Receive Real-Time Videos & Events
Notification from Subscriber (DVR) NEW

Events are Sorted into 21 Notification Types

Remote Control I/O Status (Activation/Trigger) Center V2 & Center V2 Pro
SMS, Email Notification
Subscriber's Activities Report for Analysis
GV-MPEG4 / MPEG2 CARD GV-1480 / 1240 / 1120 COMBO CARD
GV-Dispatch Server Recording Rate 120 fps (NTSC); 100 fps (PAL) NEW
Video Resolution NTSC : Full D1, Half D1 De-interlace
Distribute Network Load between Center V2
PAL : Full D1, Half D1 De-interlace
Supports up to 25,000 Subscribers Video Channels 4
Connection Interface 40-Pin Connector
Streamlines Networking Processes Dimension 190 (W) x 105 (H) mm
Add-On for GV-600, GV-650, GV-800, GV-1120, GV-1240, GV-1480

GV-Vital Sign Monitor (VSM) NEW

GV-Series Surveillance System
Serves up to 1,000 Subscribers GV-Dispatch Server
Real-Time Recording and Display, 16
Receive Real-Time Events Notification from
Channels Audio Recording and Playback
Subscriber (DVR)
GV-LOOP THROUGH CARD GV-2008 Full D1 Resolution
Events are Sorted into 21 Notification Types
Remote Control I/O Status
Specification Spot Monitor
Input Signal 16 Channels

(Activation/Trigger) Output Signal 2 x 15-Pin D-Type Ports New Codec: Geo H.264, Geo MPEG-4 ASP
1 x 40-Pin Connector 9F, No. 246, Sec. 1, Neihu Rd., Taipei, Taiwan, 114, R.O.C.
SMS, Email Notification Connection Interface 2 x 40-Pin Connector Tel: +886-2-8797-8377 Fax: +886-2-8797-8335 3G Phone Live Monitoring and Playback
Dimension 130 (W) x 98 (H) mm Web Site:
Subscriber's Activities Report for Analysis Email: High Integration Capacity: GV-POS DVR,
New Generation GV-MPEG4 / MPEG2 Card
GV-Vital Sign Monitor

All specifications may change without prior notification.

© 2005 GeoVision Inc. All Rights Reserved.
All GeoVision Products Made in Taiwan. 2006/02
(GV-Data Capture required)
Intelligent Recording & Playback Add-On Applications 16 Channels of Live Audio Streaming and Dual Display Object Search
Superimposing Transaction Data with Video
Recording (with GV-A16/Combo Card) Full Screen View Index Search
Privacy Mask Protection New Codec: Geo H.264, Geo MPEG4 ASP Smart Transaction Entry Finder
Object Counting Thumbnail Browse
Advanced Motion Detection System Idle Protection Fast Replay the Moment When the Transaction Occurs
Object Tracking and Zooming by PTZ Domes Object Index for Quick Search in ViewLog
Scene Change Detection Spot Monitor Custom OSD Font Type, Color and Placement
Screen Pop-Up Export Video Footage
Round-The-Clock Recording MDB Database Export for Data Mining or Integration
Pre-Recording Using HDD POS Live Viewer Digital Watermark Continuous Playback
Motion Detection Cash Drawer Status Detection
Advanced Round-The-Clock Recording Photo-ID Integration (GV-WT) Noise Filter Function EXE Format Export
Alarm Triggers Recording Preempt Assault Incidents Using Phrase or Keyword
Instant Playback Hard Disk Calculator Software-Based De-Interlace AVI Format Export
Schedule Recording SMS or Email Notification
Time Merge From Different Clips Resolution Support up to 1280 X 1024 DVD Format Export
Pre-Motion And Post-Motion Recording
Profile Management E-Map
Adjustable Recording Quality
Webcam - Remote Surveillance Selectable GUI Skin Supports Windows XP/Server 2003 Burning ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM
Windows Lockup Remote Access to Video and Audio Files
3G Mobile Phone Support (3GPP) Custom Logo, Standby & Video Lost Screen Software (GV-WT required)
Supports 1,000 Accounts for Logins and 32 Channels of Simultaneous Remote Playback
SSL Encrypt Connection Support Customizing System Features Superimposing Personal Data and Photo with Video
Passwords Address Book Real-Time Credential Verification for Security Personal
UPnPTM Support Easy Configuration Backup & Restore NOTIFICATION
File Save by Date/Time/Camera Preempt Unauthorized Personal Using Stolen Card
Custom DVR Setting's Template E-Mail Notification
WEBCAM Advanced Search Function Fast Replay the Moment when the Person is Being
Advanced I/O Control Telephone Notification
Single View Data Transmission Bandwidth Control Verified
One-Click I/O Status Control Directs PTZ Dome to Preset Location
Multi View Custom OSD Font type, Color and Placement
SMS Alerts
Multiple I/O Types Selection
User-Definable Bandwidth Control IT TECHNOLOGY MDB Database Export for Data Mining or Integration
Alarms on Objects Passing Predefined Regions
Latch Trigger Feature Remote Control of PTZ Domes and I/O Devices RSA Network Security SMS or Email Notification
Two-Way Audio Communication Authentication Server

Unattended / Missing Object Detection ViewLog E-Map Remote Playback WebCam MultiView GV-POS Access Control Live View for 3G Mobile