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Formerly known as Floresta Usa

risky BusiNess:
how Communities Lift
themseLves out of
Poverty through a
savings-Led system
By Aly lewis
Plant With Purpose Grant Writer

I set my jaw and clench every muscle

Before VICoBA,
first into their support systems, our minds
no longer jump to tightrope walkers and
in my body, even my toes are curled.
defiance of gravity when we hear the term
An unconscious prayer dances on my
lips, “Please, please, please…” One
‘safety net,’ but to social and financial safe-
ty nets: friends and family, a small nest
we BArely lIVed
egg, or a savings account. But the meaning
tentative step. Then another, more
confident. The steps gain momentum,
is the same. a safety net, whether literal
or figurative, saves us from certain harm,
to surVIVe
gain rhythm. Step over step over
perilous step. Until, at last, both feet
catastrophe, or even death. they help us
bounce back from falls that would other- Another dAy.
wise be devastating.
are firmly planted on a platform of
safety. I exhale the breath I wasn’t the rural poor, the people Plant With Pur-
now, we Are
even aware I was holding.
sendIng our
pose seeks to serve, don’t have the luxu-
ry of safety nets. largely dependent on
Have you ever watched a tightrope walker? agriculture, the rural poor are highly vul-
Watched their every twitch and movement?
Braced for their demise? let their fate flash
nerable to climate changes, and not just
macro-polar-ice-caps-are-melting chang-
ChIldren to
before your eyes? es, but to seasonal changes and differenc-

Yet even as I clench and cringe and contem-

es—droughts, floods, and tropical storms.
Families struggle to produce enough crops
plate sudden death, their fate isn’t really on
the line. Not if there’s a safety net to catch
to feed their children, much less save for
the future or emergencies. And leArnIng
them in a forgiving web of gravity alleviation.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the term ‘safety

according to the IFaD 2011 Rural Poverty
Report, “Poor rural people have less resil-
to tAke
net’ over the past few months. as the econ- ience than less-poor people because they
omy lags and many americans plunge head have fewer assets to fall back on when

2 FORmeRlY kNOWN aS FlOReSta USa

shocks occur. When they do occur, poor peo- reasonably commit to saving each week. Peer Where every drought at home—or price
ple may have to resort to coping strategies accountability and financial training builds a drop around the world—won’t prevent
that involve incurring debt, selling assets, or culture of saving, and groups provide guid- them from feeding their families. Where ev-
foregoing on education opportunities for chil- ance and encouragement to their members. ery storm or illness or bad harvest doesn’t
dren and youth – all of which leave them that have to be as perilous as a tightrope walk
much more vulnerable to future shocks.” these groups are composed of and led by without a safety net.
community members and have few overhead
at Plant With Purpose, we use the term “vi- costs that formal institutions require. Unlike To learn more about Plant With Purpose’s
cious cycle” to describe this downward spiral traditional microfinance institutions, all of the innovative village savings and loan
of poverty and depletion of resources, both interest collected from loans goes back to the groups, or to sponsor a village that is im-
environmental and otherwise, that grips rural group itself rather than being drained off to
plementing these techniques, visit our
families. For these families, seemingly small an institution outside of the community. to
website at
shocks, like bad weather or an illness, thrust accommodate illiterate populations, village
them deeper into poverty, into debt, into savings and loan groups utilize memorization
hopelessness and despair. Daily life is a bal- as well as symbols that represent the number
ancing act with no safety net in sight. of group pledges.

Plant With Purpose partners with rural com- Plant With Purpose has experienced great
munities to reduce these risks so that they success with this savings-led system in its
can move out of poverty. One way we do this program in tanzania, where we have a thriv-
is through village savings and loan groups. ing network of 64 groups with over 1,800
like the name suggests, village savings and members. mrs. eltruda, a woman from the
loan groups provide an avenue for communi- village of Buruka in tanzania, said, “Before
ty members to save, manage, and even loan VICOBa, we barely lived to survive anoth-
out their money. Plant With Purpose utilizes a er day. Now, we are sending our children to
savings-led system that has had tremendous school and learning to take responsibility. We
success in providing financial services to the see now the value of education. We are us-
rural poor who do not have access to bank- ing our own money to take care of ourselves.
ing institutions, are unable to qualify for even there are no loan sharks or government offi-
small loans, and often cannot read or write. cials to worry about. We have little to lose, but
everything to gain.”
Wait a second, how can poor people afford
to save? If they can barely survive, it seems these small groups mean big change for fam-
like saving would be the last thing they’d be ilies on the brink. By providing families with
able to do. a buffer of savings for emergencies, invest-
ing in their land, starting small businesses,
What makes village savings and loan groups or participating in other activities that could
not only feasible but also highly successful help bring them out of poverty become less
among the rural poor is that group members risky. they are able to stabilize their income
themselves decide on the amount they can to a level where they can absorb shocks.

JessNer’s OaxaCa WahiNes


Executive Director Marketing Coordinator

For as long as I have been here we have had ing rescue. Poor people, sadly, often buy In early may, myself and Plant With Pur-
a section in The Sower called “the Director’s into the same story. they believe the lie pose’s Board Chair, Cathi lundy, led the first-
Corner.” Sometimes it has my picture next that they have nothing to offer, no tal- ever all women’s trip to see our programs in
to it, and sometimes I make our editor leave ent that is valuable to anyone. this lie is Oaxaca. the ten of us, who nicknamed our-
it off. I realize that it is my job to represent even stronger among subsistence farm- selves the “Oaxaca Wahines”, traveled to six
the organization—to be the face of the orga- ers, the rural poor. In most countries they different communities to meet with wom-
nization, if you will. However, all of the re- are looked upon as backwards, an imped- en’s groups to pray with them, love them,
ally great things we are doing are being ac- iment to development, despite the fact and witness their revolving funds and loans
complished not by me but by the people we they often produce much of the wealth of group meetings. In a short time span we
work with, the people who are empowered the country. were able to see god’s spirit at work as the
by your support and prayer. they are the women showed us their gardens, which pro-
ones who have planted the 6.3 million trees Since the earthquake there has been much vide nutritious food for their families and ex-
that we talk about. they are the ones oper- speculation in the media about who, from tra to sell; their fuel-efficient stoves, which
ating the savings and loan groups, and they the outside, should “fix” Haiti. there has use 60% less wood and have improved
are the ones restoring fertility and abundance been an expectation that the disaster re- their families’ health; their revolving funds
to the land. they are the heroes of the Plant lief and associated aid would rescue the and loan groups, which allow the women
With Purpose story. So today I would like this country and set it in the right direction. to save their money and acquire loans to
to be Jessner’s Corner. this has been followed by disappoint- fund their occupations; and much more.
ment when the relief work did nothing to One woman named eliasar, who we met in
Jessner is a Haitian farmer with almost no correct the deeper problems that face the monteflor, had a particularly touching sto-
formal education. I took this picture of him country. today most articles tend to lack ry of how Plant With Purpose’s partnership
last spring, shortly after the earthquake. this hope. But I think Jessner, and a million had helped completely transform their com-
picture of him with his son offers a great win- more like him, are the hope of Haiti. munity: “Our entire community has greatly
dow on his character and personality. It was benefited from our relationship with Plant
a time when smiles were the last thing one One of the most important things we do With Purpose. I can remember when our ba-
would expect to see. Yet Jessner is a man at Plant With Purpose is help people dis- bies would die because of malnutrition, and
with hope for the future and he is a man who cover and utilize their talents. I believe an we would have to walk two hours to Oaxaca
has discovered his vocation. important and sometimes neglected part City to find food, supplies, and work. Plant
of the gospel is the good news that Jesus With Purpose taught us how to do things
as it turns out, he has an enormous talent calls us all to contribute to the kingdom. ourselves and showed us a way to solve our
for agricultural innovation and experimenta- all of us have talents, and all of us have problems. Now we grow squash, radishes,
tion. He lives not far from our office in south- something to offer. all of us have a vo- lettuce, onions, and other vegetables in our
ern Haiti where he runs our research farm. cation. Jessner is a man who has discov- garden to feed our families and sell in the
His own farm is filled with experiments he ered his. local market. Our children are healthy and
has devised to test the interactions between we’re able to send them to school. We have
various plants and trees. When I last visit- experienced a lot of benefit from our rela-
ed, he proudly showed me the work he had tionship with Plant With Purpose.”
done, work that had begun to restore and re-
turn fruitfulness to a steep rocky plot of land scott sabin Plant With Purpose’s next Vision Trip to Oaxaca
where he and his family draw sustenance. executive Director is scheduled for October 19 – 24, 2011. If you are
Visit our website,, interested in participating in this or any other
the media rarely talks about the poor except for the most recent update on our work in Haiti Vision Trip, please contact Doug Satre at doug@
to portray them as victims, helplessly await- and to donate toward these efforts. or call (800) 633-5319.

4 FORmeRlY kNOWN aS FlOReSta USa
DOuBle A group of generous supporters has offered to match all
gifts dollar-for-dollar up to $50,000. This means that your
yOur impaCt: gift can go twice as far to help farmers who are in desperate
need of your support.
Give Now aNd watch your gift of $10, doubled to $20, will plant two orchards to improve the quality of
Your Gift Grow soil and water, prevent erosion, and provide families with food and income.

your gift of $30, doubled to $60, will provide two fuel-efficient stoves to help
families and the environment.
By DOug SATre your gift of $50, doubled to $100, will plant two family gardens to provide nutri-
Director of Outreach and Development tious produce and a source of income to families in need.

Your donation will help communities like Sa- and loan groups that meet regularly to make Please help us continue our work of empow-
vane Bomb, which is located on the Haitian credit available to group members and to ering the poor to transform their lives and
side of the Haiti / Dominican Republic border. learn together how to improve their commu- have the ability to feed their families, send
It is impossible to overstate the depth of the nity. One farmer said, “In the past there was their children to school, have fresh drinking
environmental damage and poverty here. this another organization that supported us here, water, and experience god’s love and grace.
truly is one of the materially poorest corners but not anymore. and they did not really show thank you so much for you support. We are
of Haiti, the poorest country in the Western us how to do things for ourselves. Plant With deeply grateful!
Hemisphere. However, with Plant With Pur- Purpose has been here for five years now, and
pose’s training and support, Savane Bomb is teaching people to be successful by teaching You may donate online at plantwithpurpose.
and the surrounding villages have made tre- us how to work so that after they are gone, we org, or by mailing the enclosed envelop to
mendous strides. they now have ten savings will be able to do the work ourselves.” our office.

the sOWer issue #93 4903 morena Blvd. Ste 1215

San Diego, Ca 92117
editor-In-Chief: kate Nare
The Sower is published quarterly Ph: (800) 633-5319
Fax: (858) 274-3728 Please consider including Plant With
by Plant With Purpose. email: Purpose in your wills and bequests.

BreakiNg NeWs
Come experience the gala like never be-
fore at a fresh new venue with locally grown
gourmet food, exciting entertainment, live-
ly auction activities, a captivating video, an
exclusive opportunity drawing, and new tes-
timonies of transformation from our pro-
grams! Please save the date for Plant With
Purpose’s largest fundraiser of the year and
help us spread the word about this inspir-
ing evening. this is a great way for your fam-

save the date ily and friends to learn about Plant With Pur-
pose’s vital work of empowering the rural
plaNtiNg hOpe gala poor. to sponsor a table, donate an auction
oCtober 8, 2011 th
item, or volunteer, please contact our gala
Paradise Point resort Chair, kate Nare, at kate@plantwithpurpose.
org. We hope to see you there!

“trees please!” CampaigN aN plaNtiNg NeW partNerships teND tO yOur summer reaDiNg list
“uNBeleaFaBle” suCCess! Plant With Purpose has partnered with Project 7, looking for a good summer read?
We asked, “trees, Please?” and you an- a non-profit working to “change the score” and Tending to Eden: Environmen-
swered. thanks to your support, our april help other non-profits raise money through mer- tal Stewardship for God’s People
“trees Please!” campaign was an “un- chandise sales. Over half your purchase of Proj- by Plant With Purpose executive
beleafable” success! We raised a total of ect 7 mints, coffee, gum, and water, which are Director Scott Sabin is a quick,
$10,920, which means that nearly 11,000 available at airports (including the San Diego must-read. In Tending to Eden,
trees will be planted in the six countries airport), Walmart, and grocery stores around the Scott reflects on many of the lessons learned in
where we work to reverse deforestation nation, goes back to Plant With Purpose as a do- eighteen years of working to heal the land and its
and help transform the lives of the rural nation. through Project 7’s support, we have al- people around the world. Please help us spread
poor. thanks so much for your support!! ready raised funds to plant 86,087 fruit trees in the word by telling your friends and family about
Haiti! So next time you go to buy one of these this wonderful resource, or by sharing the Cre-

is yOur ChurCh lOOkiNg FOr a speaker? every day products, please look for the “Save ation Care Bible Study in the back of the book

Plant With Purpose’s executive Director, the earth” Project 7 brand and help support Plant with your small group or church.Tending to Eden

Scott Sabin, would love the opportunity With Purpose. was named a finalist in the Christianity Today

to speak at your church or home fellow- Book of the Year awards and the National Indie

ship. We are now booking appointments additionally, we are excited to announce that we excellence awards. If you purchase Tending to

for the fall and winter. Possible topics in- have partnered with Compassion International, Eden through our website, www.plantwithpur-

clude: “Understanding the Connection along with six other prominent nonprofits, an ef-, Plant With Purpose will receive a por-
Between Poverty and the environment,” fort to end extreme global poverty. the founda- tion of the proceeds from
the Biblical basis for Creation Care, what tion of this initiative is based off of Isaiah 58, part
works and what doesn’t when helping of which says: “and if you spend yourselves on BlOg Buzz
the poor (ideal for short-term mission behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the Stay up to date on the latest happenings at Plant
teams), “How Not to be a Hero” (how we oppressed, then your light will rise in the dark- With Purpose by signing up to receive blog posts
try to be the savior to a world that already ness, and your night will become like the noon- to your email inbox! Hear stories of peace and
has a savior), and tending to eden: envi- day.” Visit and join us as we work reconciliation in Burundi, receive “Ripple Re-
ronmental Stewardship for god’s People together to fast-forward the end of poverty. ports” about how news of our work is spreading
(an overview of Scott’s book). rapidly in Oaxaca, and other inspiring testimo-
nies from the farmers we work with. Our blog
For more information and to book a is also a great way to stay connected and hear
date, please contact kate Nare at kate@ about exciting upcoming events and ways you or call our office at can get involved. Visit www.plantwithpurpose.
(800) 633-5319. org/blog to keep up with the blog buzz.

6 FORmeRlY kNOWN aS FlOReSta USa

Village spOtlight:
Panasawan, thaiLand

“SAWAT DEE!” or “Greetings” family has seen great transformation in their

lives. Plant With Purpose taught him sustain-
from Panasawan, Thailand! able agriculture techniques, such as inter-
planting crops with trees and using organic
the village of Panasawan is rich in vibrant fertilizers and pesticides, which he applied to
colors and culture, yet plagued with extreme his farm.
poverty, environmental destruction, and the
despair of a displaced and disregarded peo- Now his thriving farm produces an impres-
ple. most of the villagers belong to the lahu sive variety of food year round—coffee and
hill tribe, and the younger generation is tea, corn and beans, mangos, bananas, and
forced to seek work in neighboring cities just pineapple, just to name a few. His land pro-
to keep their families afloat. duces enough to feed his family and he sells
his corn for extra income. In fact, his farm is
Plant With Purpose is working in Panasawan doing so well he no longer has to leave his
to provide the community with relevant and community to work as a day laborer to sup-
sustainable options that address issues of port his family!
poverty, lack of citizenship and related rights,
and the loss of access to and degradation of Visit our website,,
forests and fields. to learn how you can sponsor Panasawan for
$30 per month. With our matching grant, this
Jayaw licha, a member of this community, is amount will be doubled to $60 per month to
a dedicated farmer with a wife and a child. make an even greater impact in the lives of the
With the help of Plant With Purpose, his entire rural poor in Thailand.

Plant with Purpose
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plaNtiNg hOpe gala!
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risky BusiNess
read how Communities Lift themseLves out of Poverty
through viLLage savings and Loan grouPs

DOuBle yOur impaCt

give now and watCh your gift grow

plaNt With purpOse, FOrmerly kNOWN as FlOresta