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John Rivers
11 Bittersweet Circle Cell: (585) 490-2712
Penfield, NY 14526
OBJECTIVE: School Administrator
Accomplished professional with a track record of improving educational and opera
tional performance through vision, leadership, and team building. Skilled educat
or and excellent communicator with a strong, decisive, and established teaching
Sound knowledge of middle/secondary education and broad-based experience creatin
g and implementing dynamic interactive programs to address students' academic an
d behavioral needs. Ability to forge strong, sustainable relationships with pare
nts, students, and faculty members.
* Provided professional development in data analysis & interpretation, action pl
anning, and goal setting to 6th, 7th & 8th grade English Language Arts teachers
that resulted in a significant increase in student achievement across all grade
levels on the New York State English Language Arts Assessment.
* Leadership resulted in Athena Middle School being removed from New York State
list of schools in need of academic improvement, two years after being appointed
* Implemented Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS) which resulted
in a 25% decrease in student disciplinary referrals.
* Implemented SMART (specific, measureable, attainable, result-based, time-bound
) Goals within the context of professional learning communities across all grade
levels and content areas resulting in increase student achievement.
* Created a community group that examined the achievement gap between minority s
tudents and their Caucasian counterpart that resulted in increase parent involve
ment and student academic achievement.
* Created a partnership with STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathema
tics) Education through the University of Rochester to increase student's awaren
ess and interest in STEM.
* Implemented Second Step program which seeks to foster the social and emotional
development, safety, and well-being of children through education and advocacy.
State University College at Buffalo Doctorate of Education (2007)
Major: Education Administration
State University at Brockport Masters in Education Administration (1997)
Major: Education Administration
State University College at Brockport Masters in Secondary Science (1993)
Major: Secondary Science
State University College at Brockport Bachelors in Science (1986)
Major: Biology/Minor: Psychology
Professional License: New York State Certification in Education
Administration (C.A.S., S.A.S., S.D.A.), Permanent Certification in Biology &
Professional Experience
Athena Middle School/Greece Central School District, Greece, New York
Principal, 2006-Present
* Implement instructional process Smart Goals which increased student performanc
e and resulted in Athena middle school being removed off of the New York State l
ist of school in need of improvement after two years.
* Implemented benchmark assessments, aligning teaching and formative and summati
ve assessments to allow for early interventions.
* Directly responsible for all personnel, curriculum, instruction, and daily ope
rations of a middle school (grades 6-8) of 973 students. Manage $200,000 budget
for facilities and operations
* Introduced staff-development programs to support the implementation of Ardith
Davis Cole's "Better Answers" model, a school-wide English Language Arts literac
y program which resulted in significant gains in student performance
* Created a three step attendance policy which resulted in a 30% reduction in s
tudents absenteeism
* Implemented Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports process which resul
ted in 25% percent reduction in student referrals
Monroe Community College, 1000 East Henrietta Road, Rochester, NY 14623
Adjunct Professor of Biology, 2008-Present
* Teaching lecture/lab for Biology 120, The Living World
* Integrating components of Instruction for All, Paula Rutherford
Spencerport High School/Spencerport Central School District -Spencerport, New Yo
Assistant Principal Alternative High School & Special Education Supervisor, 2005
* Supervise, hire and direct staff of teachers, educational assistants, and admi
nistrative support for Alternative high school and Special education program- Pr
ovide fiscal management -Implemented Special Education Inclusion-Administer stud
ent discipline.
* Committee on Special Education chairman. Oversee annual evaluations and implem
entation of IEPs.
* Implemented "READ 180" program-increase of 30% in students reading at or above
grade level.
* Implemented student discipline program resulting in 40% reduction of student d
iscipline for referrals.
* Converted period schedule to full-block schedule, allowing greater freedom and
flexibility for students.
* Created a brochure defining Special education programs in regard to student ch
aracteristics, which increased the level of understanding of faculty and communi
ty members.
* Spearheaded Positive Behavioral Intervention & Support process, resulting in p
artnerships with 17 area business in Spencerport and a $400.00 New York State gr

Spencerport High School/Spencerport Central School District-Spencerport, New Yor

Assistant Principal, 1998-2005
* Supervise instructional goals and objectives. With staff, developed new course
offerings and aligned Spencerport curriculum with New York State curriculum in
the areas of foreign language, science, social studies, and technology.
* Served as a member of the Instructional Support Team, responsible for working
with teachers on the development of intervention programs for children, prior to
special education. Reduce the number of referrals to the Committee on Special e
ducation by 30%.
* Coordinate all school-site testing programs. Worked collaboratively with teach
ers to increase the number of students taking AP courses.
* Created fair and consistent behavior management plans, placing responsibility
for appropriated behavior on students. Worked directly with students, parents, a
nd staff to assist in solving student issues, arrange for counseling, and follow
district discipline protocols.
* Implemented short-cycle assessments, aligning teaching and testing with mandat
ed test standards and enforcing bi-weekly reporting to allow early intervention.
* Empowered teachers, gained their support for changes, and percolated culture o
f performance excellence into the classroom.
* Actively interviewed, evaluated, and recruit instructional staff.
* Provide in-service training in Inquiry-Based Instruction, Cooperative Learning
, Classroom Management, Positive Behavioral Interventions, and Instructional Sup
port Teams.
Edison Tech. and Occupational Ed. Center/Rochester City School District - Roches
ter, New York
House Administrator, 1997-1998
* Observe and evaluate teacher performance.
* Work collaborative with faculty to expand and refine school curricula.
* Supervised student discipline.
* Effectively managed budget
Professional Development
Supervision Across the Content Area * What Works In Schools * Classroom Instruct
ion That Works * Inquiry-Based Instruction * Differentiated Instruction * Streng
thening Student Learning In Block Scheduling * Multiple Intelligences in the Cla
ssroom * Integrating Curriculum & Assessments * Educating Oppositional and Defia
nt Children * Autism* Special Education Law * Interpreting IEPs * Cooperative Le
arning * Summative & Formative Assessments * Looking At Student Work .
Professional Affiliations
Member, Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development Current
Member, National Association of Secondary School Principals Current
School Administrators Association of New York State Current
American Association of School Administrators Current
Association for Middle School Principals Current
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Current