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140 20TH Avenue #103

San Francisco, Ca. 94121
(916) 968-5107
Executive Manager with hands-on experience in Training Management, Public Relati
ons and Organizational Management. Effective leader with superior communication
skills, negotiation skills and interpersonal skills. Demonstrated expert ability
with public speaking, teaching, developing a curriculum, performance management
, and developing others. Excels at negotiation and communication with ability to
diffuse highly charged situations.
2005 - M.A. in Speech and Communication, SF State University
(Graduated Cum Laude)
2003 - B.A. in Speech and Communication, SF State University
2001 - Real Estate License
Executive Manager, October 2005 - 2009
Target Corporation. - Folsom, CA
Develop and manage programs that insure an excellent guest experience. At the sa
me time, I successfully managed a team of 8 Managers, 3 Specialists and 50 hourl
y team members. Identify, design and implement training needs and assess effecti
veness. Oversee all day to day operations. Increase sales and attendance numbers
through the company's mission statement.
Some of my duties included:
Management: 40% percent of my time was spent as the Leader on Duty. I would over
see the day to operations of the entire sales floor and logistics department. 60
% of my time was overseeing my departments which included Cashiers, Guest Servic
es, Food Avenue, Starbucks, Cash Office, Cart Attendants, Day Porters, and Photo
Performance Management: Daily coaching and documentation of performance issues.
Identify training issues and put together training maps. Write and deliver corr
ective action. Review writing and promoting. Write and deliver performance revie
ws, promotions, corrective actions and terminations.
Team Development: Identify training needs and implement action plans to meet com
pany objectives. Train entire store staff on new company programs.
Schedule Writing: Write a weekly schedule for 61 team members to meet the sales
floor needs as well as maintain a profit.
Payroll Maintenance: Perform cost analysis and trim or add hours to budget as ne
cessary to remain profitable.
Hiring: Recruiting, interviewing, deliver job offers, and deliver orientation an
d training. Put together shadow schedule and pair with a mentor.
Ongoing Training: Assess training goals, developing training, deliver training a
nd asses training effectiveness.
Conflict Resolution: Perform investigations dealing with employee relations issu
es, intake, interviewing, moderate group discussions and take action.
Forecasting: Review sales, current trends in business and forecast hours to meet
the needs of the business.
Increase Sales Revenue: Responsible for increasing sales by being in stock, bran
d, and promoting an excellent guest experience.
Quality Assurance: Generate weekly survey reports; send to executives with any n
ecessary action plans.
Monitor safety: Manage safeness issues for the guests as well as the team member
Achievements and honors:
Worked as a District Assessor.
Sales in 2009 increased to 44 Million Dollars as compared to 39 Million in 2008.
Acted as a Group Recruiter, speaking at colleges and recruiting events.
Acted as a mentor to newer executives.
Spoke to Executives in Training at Business College.
Top numbers for REDCards, Cashier Speed and Survey Scores in the district in 200
Top numbers for Cashier Speed in the district 2006.

Speech and Communication Teacher, 2004-2005

San Francisco State University - San Francisco, CA
As a college teacher, I instructed on the arts of speech delivery and interperso
nal communication at the University level. I am an expert at formulating an argu
ment, presentations, public speaking, training, working in groups and interperso
nal relationships.
Classes included:
Fundamentals of Oral Communication: Basic formulation of speeches, informative,
persuasive, introductory and impromptu. This is the required course for all stud
ents wishing to obtain a four or two year degree at the University level.
Oral Interpretation: The fundamentals of using literature to form and perform a
rhetorical argument. Mediums used would be oral histories, poems, historical spe
eches, newspaper articles or personal experience.
Group Communication: The art of working well with groups. How to be a productive
member of a group in order to obtain goals. Understanding your role in a group.
Verbal and Nonverbal Communication: The differences and similarities of verbal a
nd non verbal communication and how it affects our lives in business, interperso
nal and intrapersonal relationships.
Interpersonal Communication: Effective and non - effective communication used in
interpersonal relationships. How to use different communication styles to reach
personal goals.
Gender & Communication: Historical look at gendered issues with communication, f
rom gender movements to roles in gender.
Persuasive Speaking: The art of forming a rhetorical argument, understanding eth
os, pathos and logos. Impromptu speaking and every day persuasive arguments.
San Francisco Forensics Speech & Debate Team Coach: Coached pre-graduate and pos
t graduate students with developing arguments and their performance of persuasiv
e speaking at University competitions.
Achievements and honors:
San Francisco State University Forensics Team Nationals Champions 2005.
Real Estate Sales, 1996-2003
Zephyr Real Estate West Portal - San Francisco, CA
Handled all aspects of the buying and selling of a home. I was part of a produc
tive real estate team that maintaining a minimum average of 5 million dollars in
sales annually.
Some of my duties included:
Contract Writing: Wrote, delivered, received contracts and counter offers, and w
orked on contracts to their completion. I was responsible for maintaining contra
cts to the standards of the department of real estate.
Escrow processing: Set up escrow accounts, delivered monies and completed paperw
ork to meet closing deadlines. Set up and assisted clients though the inspection
Advertising: Placed ads in Real Estate Magazines, prepared marketing pictures an
d fliers, and listed homes in the Multiple Listing System.
Selling: Held open houses, showed property, and prepared marketing analysis for
pricing homes.