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4th Medio How to read a newspaper

Text Miners
underground POST-READING

Activity 1: Read the text again and by

Skill Reading
Comprehension scanning answer the following
Schedule 4 hours
Adapted from Read the headline. Guess if a-h below are
Expecting Learning true (T) or false (F).

Students a. The miners were trapped underground

• show comprehension of the for a little under two months. T/F
information itself and the
communicative intension of the b. It took almost a day to bring all of the
message using linguistic and miners to the surface. T/F
textual keys and tips.
• Identify communicative intention of c. None of the miners had any medical
a text problems when they came up. T/F
• Find information through focused
reading (scanning) d. The article says more people watched
• Recognize the functional value of the rescue than the World Cup. T/F
the text, relating its informative
content with real situations e. There were a few problems with the
rescue which delayed things. T/ F
• Apply inferring strategies
• Shows comprehension following the
f. No one has spent longer so deep
logical order of the ideas
underground and survived. T / F
• Show comprehension of the learnt
topic through creating a short piece g. Chile’s president said the miners fought
of new too much while underground. T/ F
• Express opinion
Activity 2 Multiple Choice
Linguistic Content
Function All thirty-three miners trapped
How to face a newspaper underground in Chile for 69 days have
Give information, give opinion about a been rescued.
read piece of new. One by (1) ____, over a tense 22 hours, the
men emerged into freedom after
Morphosyntactic spending over two months 700 metres
Report Speech underground. The men were (2) ____ with
Verbal Form wild applause and hugs from rescuers and
Passive Voice family before being put on a (3) ____
Simple Past Perfect and taken to hospital for two days of
medical checks. They were all in (4) ____
good health, although one had pneumonia
PRE-READING and several had dental problems. Their
story had gripped the world since the mine
Activity 1 collapse in August. Their rescue
a.- Student will receive different attracted a TV audience (5) ____ a par with
newspaper. Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the
They will choose one and look for cognate moon or a football World Cup Final.
words Television stations across the globe were
b.- they will work in pairs reporting record viewing figures as people
c.-Std will check the newspapers and were (6) ____ to their TV sets.
identify different sections on it, ( National,
Local, International, Sports, Culture, etc.); 1. (a) two (b) ones (c) twos (d) one
numbers of pages designated for each 2. (a) met (b) set (c) get (d) let
section and its location. Once recognize 3. (a) stretch (b) stretchy (c) stretcher
each section, std will complete a table. (d) stretched
4. (a) surprised (b) surprisingly (c)
II Content surprises (d) surprise
a Show students that exists different 5. (a) in (b) on (c) to (d) at
communicative intentions, such as: 6. (a) pasted (b) taped (c) glued (d)
Informative, interpretative, the opinion pinned
styles, and instructional.

III Glossary Activity 3

Headlines Student will read a similar article and
Leading sentences identify:
Chronicle o the passive voice
Editorial o The past and present perfect
Article o Identify the communicative
Supplement intention of the article.
Activity 4
WHILE READING Students will write a piece of news and the
text should answer the 6 journalistic
Activity 1 questions:
Give students the piece of news Who?/ Where? / When? / What?/ Why?/
“All 33 Chilean miners rescued”. How?

Read the piece of news and underline the
phrases which answer to the 6 journalistic Passive Voice
Who? / Where?/ When? / What? / Why? Passive voice is used when the focus is on
/How? the action. It is not important or not
known, however, who or what is
Activity 3 performing the action.
Students through the headline will identify
the communicative intention of the article.
Example: My bike was stolen.
o Information
o Interpretation
o Opinion Subject + finite form of to be + Past

The one who receive the action +


The bank is stolen by experienced thieves

My sister is kissed by her friend


1.-Can you identify the communicative

intention of a piece of news?

2.- How many sections that appear in a

newspaper can you identify?

3.- What tense is normally used in


4.- what is your favorite section when you

read a newspaper?

5.- How could you appeal your friends to

read newspapers?