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Roger Risinger

3632 Piedmont Dr.

Plano, Texas 75075
(H) 972-596-3588
(C) 214-729-9072

Professional project manager with extensive hands-on experience in proposing, pl

anning, and execution of product development and deployments.
Desired Objective:
Senior or mid-level project management position which could fully utilize my PMI
/PMBOK based management philosophy and a triple-threat skill-set (project manage
ment, project scheduling, and project resource, performance, and cost data analy
sis) to optimize organizational efficiency and competitiveness.
Demonstrated Management Competencies:
* Software and hardware development programs management. [E-Systems,MCI, and TI]
* Software and hardware deployment programs management. [MCI and Raytheon]
* Product marketing and proposal generation. [MCI and TI]
* Customer service and supplier management. [MCI, TI, & Foxconn]
* EVMS cost, performance, and analysis. [TI and Raytheon]
* Budget and schedule management. [TI, MCI, and Raytheon]
* Team leader, coach, and facilitator. [TI and MCI]
Proven Technical Expertise:
* Generate project documents using MS Project, Excel, and PowerPoint: 15+ years.
* Generate functional, flow and process diagrams using Microsoft Visio, 10+ year
* Generate analyses using databases/pivot tables, Microsoft Access, 5+ years
* Generate budgets and manage cost metrics using EVMS methods , 20+s
* Manage and plan technical projects using PMI/PMBOK, or best practice methods,
20+ yr
* Generate proposal and management documents, technical writing, using Word 15+y

Professional History:
Program Manager & Cost Analyst Richardson, Texas
General Dynamics C4: Satcom Technologies (VertexRSI) 11/2008 - Present
Management & Division Level Resource Data Analysis
* Managed the design and deployment of infrastructure equipment improvements to
an existing large dish antenna system.
* Assumed Subject Matter Expert (SME) role for application of the PMPlan Enterp
rise Application Suite to the resource data management and GAP analysis needs fo
r proposals, and active programs, which permitted accurate and timely revenue an
d resource forecasting. My goal was the development and user application of an
integrated management toolkit.
* Managed the cost management and project scheduling IMS support (Integrated Mas
ter Schedules) to numerous large antenna programs. This effort included the gen
eration of high scoring DCMA schedules, and the use and customization of schedul
e scoring tools such as SteelRay Analyzer.
Master Scheduler McKinney, Texas
Raytheon: Space and Airborne Systems 2/2008-11/2008
Business Process Management
* Managed the generation of complex Integrated Master Plans (IMP, WBS, and IMS)
for numerous development and production programs.
* Conducted the weekly/monthly maintenance of the IMS's for development and prod
uction programs in order to determine their earned value performance (EVMS).
* Coordinated and supported the resource leveling and GAP analysis across a fami
ly of advanced aircraft and helicopter borne imaging and targeting systems.
Project Manager Garland, Texas
Raytheon: Corporate IT 8/2006-12/2007
Factory Automation Software Deployment
* Managed a team responsible for the planning/scheduling and deployment of appli
cations such as the Visiprise Manufacturing (VM) MES system to Raytheon factorie
s nationwide.
* Developed several new management systems within the Enterprise Solutions Cente
r (ESC). These included a Non-Production Support Forecasting system, an MS Acc
ess based VM Supplier Management Database, and an MS Excel based comprehensive p
roject estimating, performance tracking, and management tool-kit.
* Generated numerous plans and presentations in support of above managed project
s. These included Program Management Plans, Statements of Work, Change Manage
ment Plans, Security Plans, Risk Management Plans, Gate Review Presentations, Qu
ality Management Plans, Stakeholder Management Plans, and many others.
Data Network Engineer Richardson, Texas
Verizon Business
Telecom Data Network Engineering
* Generated data network installation specifications. Success in this position r
equired the ability to use all of the MS Office applications, enterprise resourc
e systems, facilities data bases, and numerous other internal and supplier provi
ded data bases. It also required the ability to successfully manage numerous s
uppliers and network support organizations, while maintaining the flexibility to
react to dynamic situations.
Project Manager Richardson, Texas
MCI Telecommunications 06/2005-10/2005
Proposals / Technical Writing
* Managed the fast-track generation of, and contributed content to, the Prelimin
ary-Transition Management Plan, part of Team MCI's response to the GSA's $20 Bil
lion Networx RFP. Success required translation of multiple RFP requirements i
nto a fully compliant, easy to read, document covering every aspect of the trans
ition to Networx from FTS2001. The major areas included subjects such as network
planning, scheduling, staffing, data inventory management, cut-over coordinatio
n, and risk mitigation techniques.
Program Manager Greenville,SC
Nuvox Communications
10/2004 to 02/2005
Software Project Management
* Scheduled and managed a time constrained software development (part of SDLC) a
nd testing project for an enterprise application known as Sales Force Automation
(SFA), for the Nuvox IT group. This Java/J2EE based Web application require
d management and coordination of 25 architects, development, and test engineers
located in Greenville SC, St Louis MO, and Delhi,India. This position required
the extensive use of MS Project/Project Server, Excel, and Visio, to generate t
he tracking and status tools necessary to manage an international team within th
e IT organization.
Program Manager Fort Worth, Texas
FoxConn International Group 03/2003 to 01/2004
Manufacturing Program Management and Business Analysis
* I improved our chances of winning new contracts by allowing more aggressive co
st quotes with lower risk. I accomplished this through Implementation of new p
rocedures to identify accurate and complete costs for materials and methods used
in the manufacturing of precision molded plastic components for cell phones.
* Managed and contributed to the generation of a winning $20 million proposal.
This effort included generating the cost estimates with supporting detail, as
well as, proposal text and graphics using MS-Word, Excel, and Visio.
* Championed and coordinated, with international partners (China and Finland), t
he implementation of a new global process management system in collaboration wit
h corporate executives.
Program Manager Richardson, Texas
MCI Telecommunications 03/1994 to 06/2002
Network Infrastructure Development and Software Project Management
* Managed a team responsible for the complete software development life cycle (S
DLC) of a C++ based, multi-platform, enterprise application known as RTR, Real-T
ime Restoration. This required management of business and technical requirem
ents gathering, generation of specifications, software development, network test
ing, and subsequent deployment. The software efforts were concurrent with the de
ployment of 100 broadband digital cross-connects into MCI's nationwide long-dist
ance SONET mesh network which was controlled by the RTR application. This effor
t was being reported directly to a corporate executive vice president.
* Responsible for the planning and maintenance of departmental budgets over many
years, some as large as $36 million.
* Chaired a multi-company working group responsible for determining how Micro El
ectro- Mechanical Systems (MEMS) photonic optical cross-connect switches (switch
ing light beams) could best be utilized in the MCI network.
* Prepared many presentations and analyses for comparative market analysis in a
multi-supplier environment.
Program Office Manager, Project Engineer, and Systems Engineer Lewisville, Texas
Texas Instruments, Defense Systems & Electronics Group (Raytheon) 15 years
Weapon System Development and Business Management
* Managed a team responsible for the business (cost and schedule) aspects of a l
arge avionics development program using MS-Project, Primavera, and EVMS.
* Managed numerous development programs for missile and UAV avionics using metri
cs, TQM, 6-Sigma, Risk Management, and Systems Engineering techniques.
* Formed and lead many inter-disciplinary groups using team facilitation techniq
* Managed and contributed to large proposals to major defense prime contractors
and government customers using MS-Word, Excel, and Project.
* Managed and designed, tested, and deployed simulation test systems, factory te
st systems, and field test equipment to Military customers.
Electronic Systems Engineer and System Engineer Greenville/Garland, TX
E-Systems Aircraft & Advanced Systems Divisions (L3 Comm/Raytheon)
10 years
* Designed and supported flight test of airborne and ground based elements of th
e command and control and fail-safe systems for a HALE mission RPV called the L-
* Designed data display system for a dedicated high-speed data processing system
* Systems engineer during initial deployment of a dedicated data processing syst
* Designed numerous flight-line test sets for SAM aircraft.
* Designed and tested a high-speed, digital ground based radar pulse data system
Education: (BSEE) at the University of Texas at Arlington.