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pm 4 Campuses, 13 Facues, 9 consuen coeges, over 63 Deparmens, Cenres,
Insues, and 500+ affaed coeges.
pm I has over 620 permanen facu members nvoved n eachng/research and over
30,000 on campus sudens.
pm nnua here are abou 350 exams for 450,000 sudens.
pm I has a 35km ong fber opc cabe neork.
pm „ generaes 70% revenues of s on,, hereas 30% are generaed by Governmen.
pm „ suden eacher rao s 30:1, hch shoud be 10:1.

pm Improvemen n quay and sandard of educaon o conform he naona/nernaona
pm „romoon of deveopmenorened apped research.
pm ccounaby n fnances and academc programs.
pm Characer deveopmen h emphass on moray and groh of maury.

ëhe vson s o see nversy of „unab n goba rankngs. For hs dfferen organaons
have ad don crera¶s o evauae a he unverses n he ord.

For nsance,Ñ       

       ×se, focus on
research, academc repuaon, empoyer repuaon, facuy suden rao, nernaona
facuy, nernaona sudens, caon per facuy.

ëhese crera refec he need for more aboraores, faces, human capa and research
nensve envronmen. n academc nsuon rees heavy on s facuy. ëhey need
fnances o deveop and rean hem. Hence, comes an mporan ssue:


-egeabes are rch source of vamns, carbohydraes, sas and proens. Increased heah
aareness, hgh popuaon groh rae, changng deary paerns of ncreasngy affuen
mdde cass and avaaby of packaged vegeabes, has herefore generaed a year round
hgh demand for vegeabes n he counry n genera and n maor cy ceners n parcuar.
Hoever, our farmers have ye no been abe o encash hs opporuny and s foo
radona song and pckng paerns. Lack of deveoped vegeabe processng and sorage
facy robs our farmers from her due share of prof margns.

In he absence of sorage nfrasrucure and vegeabe processng ndusry n he counry, off
season vegeabes farmng s he ony vabe opon ha can add vaue o he farmer produce. m


Due o o emperaure and fros from Dec o February,  s no possbe o cuvae crops n
he open feds. ëunne farmng s nroduced o ge eary and hgh producon of summer
crop of vegeabes. s unne s covered h pasc shee, he emperaure nsde he unne
remansnorma n severe cod. For hs reason of severe cod and fros he groh of he
pans connuesëmm

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Hgh unne facaes easy access for so preparaon, pckng and s
dh and hegh. ëhe crop yed s maxmum n hs ype of unne.
Suabe for grong omaoes, cucumbers and see peppers.

m Î  m mm  m
Îakn unnes are oer han he hgh unnes bu hey are ganng
popuary as hey provde hgh yed compared o o unnes. ëhe
unne s suabe for grong omaoes, cucumbers, see pepper and
ho pepper.

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I s cheaper han hgh unne bu creaes dffcuy for so preparaon,
sprayng and pckng.ëhe unnes are suabe for cucumber son fa
bed, meons, aermeons, bergourds, squashes, and snake gourds ec.
ëhe crop yed n hs ype of unne shoever o compared o hgh
unnes ëm

3  ë   ë 

pm îore panaon per Kana.
pm îaxmum prof on eary crop.
pm se of hybrd seeds ha gve maxmum producon.
pm åes use of urea and rrgaon.

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ëhere s a huge demand for fresh vegeabes n he oca as e as nernaonamarkes,
hch ncudes Europe, îdde Eas, and Far Easern markes bu due o her pershabe
naure  s dffcu o expor hs commody. ëhe facy of grong offseason vegeabes
aso aos for grong nonconvenona varees and vegeabes, hch are n hgh demand
n he nernaona marke.m

åenefs from yearround producon ncude
pm Income of farmers ncrease
pm hgher prces a mes of he year hen oher oca groers (ho have ony unproeced
fed crops) do no have produce.
pm Empoymen opporunes generae
pm Duraon of avaaby of vegeabes ncrease hch causes prces o be sabe
pm hgher yeds and beer quay. In summers for off season vegeabes cuvaon hgh
quay ndeermnae
pm ëunne farmng has ncreased he producon of pans n even smaer areas, hch
| m m m mm |
pm In pasc unne farmng, probems due o ess suppy of aer are aevang by
 | m|m   m||

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pm ncreased managemen demands, m
pm hgher producon coss, and m
pm pasc dsposa probems
pm no break n he yeary ork schedue

!"#$ #ë


 presen, he unne echnoogy s beng used a nversy of he „unab, Lahore.

%$ % 
Hybrd -egeabe Research Farm has been se up h a ve o creang aareness ho he
agrcuura ncome can be ncreased by sma farmers. I s panned o educae farmers on
hs echnoogy. îasers programs n grcuura îanagemen has been nroduced o hep
enhance he agrcuura producvy n rura areas so ha mgraon from rura areas o urban
areas s curaed. Comparave daa s gven as foos:m
& # '3    

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In hs prefeasby sudy, cuvaon s recommended h he
  unnes on he bass of
s o and hgh producon capacy. For unne cuvaon, F1 hybrd seed bred for unne use s
used, because hey have he aby o ress mupe dseases. ëhe producvy and quay of he crop
s ensured from quay of hese seeds. ëhe crop yed acheved from hybrd seeds s J o mes more
han o he ordnary
ë   ë "
pm Crop faure n any year.
pm Effec of change n he governmen reguaons.
pm bsence of crop nsurance.


pm Hybrd seeds ha provde hgher yed can ead o oer un cos
pm Offseason cuvaon of hgh vaue vegeabes  fech beer prce andprovde
connuous suppy o he processng ndusres.
pm Hgher prces can be obaned by producng he rgh crops, a he rgh mes andof beer
quay. ëhey may aso depend on negoang sks and argeng hghprce buyers.

m m

One canno deny he necessy of food for a human beng. åu hen  comes o ase, e a
kno ha    m m m m m mand our focus s on ³Ho o generae funds for
„  So budng a food cour n „ ne campus  be an effecve ay o acheve our

s e a are aare of, „ has a arge amoun of unued and. ëhey can use some of s
area for budng a food cour. nd for hs purpose some nernaona and naona food
chan resaurans  be aoed o make bds o operae n he food cour area. nd he
hghes egh bdders among hose  be aoed o ener he food cour area and serve he
„ popuaon h her respecve menus.

pm Revenue generaon for „unab nversy
pm ëhs  resu n prof generaon for hose resaurans as em
pm Ease and comfor he popuaon of „ hch s over 30,000m

„ can nve he foong food brands o come and make her bds
a.m Kfc
b.m îcdonads
c.m „a hu
d.m åundu khan/ e gr
e.m åaoch sa
f.m Suden åryan
g.m Lahore broas/ Yasr broas
h.m Kchen cusne
.m Fne resauran
.m  corner  be aocaed o
a.m Dah bhaa
b.m Go gappay
c.m Goa ec

ëhe reason behnd akng hese brands s o cover he maxmum varey of food ha can be
served qucky o arac maxmum cusomers.

noher am s o cover a varey of food ha ranges from cheap  cosy as hs  be hep
us n achevng our goa o arac maxmum cusomers.

„  ao a and for hs purpose. I can be a square food cour comprsng of covered
sng arrangemen n he cenre and resaurans on he ousde

Or hs proec can be a fu covered one .e. a budng  conan resaurans and he sng
arrangemen. Of he above o suggesons, he aer shoud be preferred o avod dsrupon
by seasona changes hch may dver he cusomer or he resauran

„ can charge fee for hs purpose or can ease he and o every resauran and have a fxed
poron of her saes every monh.

ëhe proec s cos nensve bu   hep „ n ong run and  s very effecve for prof

    %     )
ëhe resaurans oud be neresed n comng o „ premses because many deparmens
don¶ have her on cafe and hey are resrced o ener he oher deparmens.

îoreover, n deparmens havng her on cafeera, sudens ge bored of he o quay
and cosy producs due o hch a arge no. of sudens from every deparmen order food
from fas food chan resaurans (especay on some speca evens) for devery.

Hence, here s a demand for hese brands and hese resaurans kno ha as e. Gvng
hem access o ener „  be a grea opporuny for hem and hey  be ng o ener
a marke of over 30,000 popuaon.

Îë # 

pm    : Our food cour  be paced n such an area hch can be easy accessbe
from a deparmens.
pm ¬  m : experenced saff of every resauran  hep us n provdng quay
food servce o „ popuaon.
pm  m m  : ëhe feeng of beng n her nave pace he dnng s sef a
peasure experence hch gves us an advanage over ohers.m
pm  m m  mamos everyone s aare of hese brands and her good  n
marke so here on¶ be a probem n aracng cusomersm

pm r    a very hgh amoun of fnancng s needed for hs purpose. I  consume a
o of cash of „
pm   m m  m s a sarup and „ may face dffcues n s compeonm
pm w  m   :  resaurans marke s grong a a fas speed and demand for quay
food s never endng.
pm „  m  m  m m  m m   m because of he experenced and e
knon brands „ can dever a varey of quay food producs o s popuaon a he
same pace

ëhere may be organaons/ unons nsde he unversy (ama ec) ha oud ress he
dea. ëhey mgh consder eng esern fas food franchses n unversy premses as
unehca. Food chans mgh have secury ssues as „ has a nessed some unforunae
evens ke srkes and vandasm.


nversy can earn revenue by makng more socees .e. debaes, dramacs ec and hose
ho sh o be a member of any socey  pay membershp fees
Insead of gvng food corners o ousders, unversy can manage hem on s on and
appon s on chefs and aers. ëhs oud be much profabe han renng ha area o

î *  + 

nversy can rase funds by sponsorng a popuar move on campus. åascay hs nvoves
renng a move and shong  one evenng n an audorum on campus. nversy expenses
 ncude ren for he fm and adversemen coss ony as  has s on proecors
resung n huge cos effecveness.
ëhs dea nvoves a e rsk  „ubcy, mng, and choce of he move are ha 
deermne your success.

ëhe oher ay s o organe an open ar move ngh by spreadng a he shee on he a
and hen arrangng a proecor. åu hs oud be e cosy han he prevous one and may
resu n reavey o prof and oher ssues ke secury ssues ec.

ëhs shoud be noed here ha  s an ongong process and  benef unversy n for a
connuous/onger perod

nversy can arrange a marahon every year. Each parcpan  pay an enry fee and n
reurn ges a shr commemorang he marahon. „res  be aarded o he nners.m

nversy can aso ge sponsors o donae he pres for hs even. I can be a very successfu
f organed and managed propery.

ë Î** ëmm
Cosey reaed o hs marahon approach s he akahon dea. Each parcpan n he
akahon ges peope o pedge o gve hm a ceran amoun of money per me. fer he
akahon, he aker coecs he money from hs sponsors. So  s an aracve ay o
arac he parcpans and revenue

nversy can organe open ournamens every year hch  ao ousders o ake par
as e. ëhese open ournamens can be of dfferen spors .e. ahecs, smmng, crcke,
abe enns, badmnon ec. nversy  ao enry fee for audence and parcpans ±
generang revenue and  announce pres for he nners of each ournamen, hence
aracng a arge no. of parcpans.


Receny here has been a change of pocy regardng unversy smmng poo.
îanagemen has resrced ousders o ener he poo hch resued n a decne n revenue.
s unversy charges ony Rs.2 from unversy sudens and  as chargng Rs.50 from
îoreover unversy shoud ncrease smmng hours. Curreny,  has ony 2 sessons .e.
from 2pm4pm and 4pm6pm. I shoud sar smmng hours from mornng

Hosng a coffeehouse can be anoher fun ay o rase money. Îha unversy needs o do s
o nve a group of vouneer muscans, guarss, vocass, panss, hoever, and have
hem perform for her group. nversy can make money off admsson or by he sae of
coffee, ea, ho cder h cnnamon scks, ho chocoae, popcorn, donus and cookes. ëhe
aen used n hs ype of even doesn' have o be resrced o muscans. Comedans, acors,
uggers, mmes: a hese are possbes. ëhs can be a grea soca even and effecve
revenue generaon mehod.


nversy can ue s vacan area by easng  o a fue pump hch  have a car ash
facy. s unversy has he popuaon of over 30,000 sudens, hs coud be a very
effecve mehod for generaon of unversy ncome. s sudens and professors on¶ have
o go ou for fueng her vehces and hey  urn o a nearby pump ha  be n he
unversy. So  s very easy o arac any fue pump conracor.

nversy can go for budng a orkshop hn he unversy premses. Curreny, here s
no proper orkshop for vehces needng repar ork.


ëhe sae of foers can be a bg money raser. nversy can make a foer shop ha 
cover a good varey of foers a cheaper raes. s hs oud be very usefu a some speca
occasons ke moher¶s day, ed ec.

   %   

nversy can aso esabsh a donaon booh n every deparmen. s hs oud hep
unversy o fnance he burden of schoarshps and ease her expenses o some exen.

nversy has arge grounds hch  can be hred for varous purposes e.g. coeges ha
don¶ have a ground can use unversy ground for her annua spors, funcons ec. Renng
ou ground for he marrage purposes s a hghy profabe dea.

nversy can conac research frms and hep hem n her purpose .e. unversy sudens
 survey ndusry; perform daa coecon and anayss for he requred frm and he
suden  ge a reasonabe compensaon for ha ob. In reurn o hch he  gve a
ceran sum of money as compensaon o he unversy. ëhs s profabe for a .e. he
research frm, suden and he unversy

nversy can hep brands n her brand promoon by chargng a sum of money for hs
purpose and aong hem o ener he marke of 30,000 peope for a day .e. hey can make
sas for a day or o n unversy premses.


navaaby of course books s a rea ssue hch s faced by sudens. nversy can bud
s on bookshop here hey can cover he range of enre course books beng augh n he
unversy. s e a kno ha openng a bookshop s a very profabe dea   hep
unversy n generang s ncome