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Summary of Qualifications
A professional manager with broad and deep experience in the natural gas distrib
ution industry including: engineering, operations, budgeting, construction, flee
t, federal and state compliance, damage prevention, procurement and sales activi
ties. Responsibility for all local Human Resource issues in concert with Corpora
te Human Resources. Career encompasses managing gas distribution operations in f
ive states in nine different locations. Growth/sales conscious with an eye towar
ds reducing administrative expenses and improving bottom line results. Successfu
l negotiator and relationship builder with particular expertise in union contrac
t negotiations and labor relations.
Possess a very thorough knowledge of Pipeline Safety and Compliance Regulations
. Strong background in recruitment and management of diverse workgroup with part
icular emphasis on performance management and monthly reviews of performance, Ha
nds on and visible leader who seeks the input of entire team by being easily ap
proachable. Experience would indicate that a trusting environment is easily esta
blished through actions rather than words. A keen eye towards safety and enviro
nmental are indicated through field visits and an attitude of importance that is
essential in environments that require this cultural shift.
Extremely familiar with providing high level updates to senior management throug
h informal and very formal presentation environments.
Professional Experience
Natural Gas Consultant
State of Maine Governor's Office of Energy Independence and Security, Augusta,
Maine 2010 - Present
Provide natural gas consulting to the Governor's Office in collaboration with th
e Director and his Staff. Provide expertise to potential large industrial and c
ommercial customers. Arrange meetings with Director's Staff, clients and stakeh
olders such as natural gas distribution and transmission companies.
Gas Operations Manager
Bay State Gas/Northern Utilities/Unitil, Portland, Maine-2002-2009

An autonomous manager with overall accountability in providing natural gas servi

ce to 26,000 customers for Maine's largest natural gas utility.
Lead the successful replacement of approximately 60 miles of cast iron pipe in t
he Lewiston/Auburn area as part of a Maine Public Utilities Commission (MPUC) Ma
ndate. This initiative reduced Operations and Maintenance expenditures by approx
imately $200,000 per year. Converted the City of Lewiston Public Schools to nat
ural gas along with numerous other residential and commercial customers as part
of the replacement.
Successfully managed annual construction budget of $17MM and Operations and Mai
ntenance Budget of $2.5MM consistently within 5% tolerance.
Played a key role in the acquisition of Northern Utilities by Unitil in 2008.
Participated and testified in the acquisition approval hearings in Maine and New
Negotiated successful labor contracts in 2005 and 2009.
Partnered with the City of Lewiston on the cast iron replacement program and re
ceived statewide recognition award for utility and municipal cooperation.
Prior to acquisition of Unitil, successfully lead contract extension negotiatio
ns with union and NiSource.
Key member of a team that resulted in construction contract bidding award proce
ss of $9MM contract
Reduced third party damages by 50% over a three year period through high risk a
ssessments, Dig Track ticket management and collaboration with excavators as par
t of MUST (Managing Underground System Training).
Operated and maintained over 600 miles of distribution piping along with 36 mil
es of transmission line.
Managed the annual operations and maintenance of 57 pressure reducing stations
along with a propane and liquified natural gas peak shaving stations
Reduced Preventable employee vehicle accidents and injuries by 75%. This was a
ccomplished through increased employee awareness and dedication on the part of s
upervision. Corrective discipline and recognition of accomplishment methods wer
e also employed.
Responsible for all aspects of cathodic protection and pipeline integrity. Was
part of New England Gas Association Team that developed the Public Awareness co
mpliance language for the RP 1162.

Managed 45 employees, three supervisors and two engineering/technicians.

Compliance Manager
Columbia Gas of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia-2001-2002
Collaborated directly with the Virginia State Corporation Commission (VSCC) on e
nsuring overall compliance in pipeline safety arena.
Member of Miss Utility Board of Directors; the One Call Center for excavators.
Directly involved in negotiating settlements with the VSCC.
Worked hand in hand with the VSCC on maintaining third party damage rate to fir
st quartile levels while providing service to over 300,000 customers.
Operations Manager
Columbia Gas of Virginia, Portsmouth and Chester, Virginia-1996-2001
Overall accountability in providing natural gas service to over 100,000 customer
s. Managed 100 employees with specific objective to perform site search and man
age design and build-out of two operations centers.
Negotiated two successful labor contracts preventing a work stoppage.
Played a key role in the site search, building design and construction of two 1
0,000 square foot operating centers. Result: reduced long-term lease costs.
Lead Sales/Marketing Staff to achieve annual growth rate 6%.
Responsible for overall Construction and Operations and Maintenance Budgets.
Lead presenter of recommendations for Project Phoenix; a twelve-month assignmen
t away from regular duties to decentralize corporate operations.
General Manager - Western/Northern Regions
Columbia Gas of Virginia, Lynchburg and Manassas Virginia-1991-1996
Managed the post acquisition of Lynchburg Gas by the Columbia Gas System.
Directed the 5-year infrastructure upgrade of the Lynchburg natural gas system t
hus eliminating a potential $800,000 fine by the Virginia State Corporation Comm
Area Manager
Columbia Gas of Virginia, Manassas/Culpeper Virginia - 1987-1991
Managed overall operations, including billing and collections and sales in the f
astest growth area that Columbia Gas served. Located outside of Washington, DC,
this operation experienced growth levels in excess of 10% per year.
District Plant Manager - Operations Engineer
Columbia Gas of Virginia, Staunton, Virginia - Columbia Gas of New York and Penn
sylvania, Binghamton, New York-1975-1987
Managed Construction and Operations and Maintenance budgets, Fleet, Warehousing
and Enginnering. As an engineer, performed duties including design of gas syst
ems, large volume measurement and regulating stations and cathodic protection.
Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering - Oregon Institute of Technology
Institute of Gas Technology - Gas Engineering, Chicago, Illinois
Matriculated in State University of New York at Binghamton MBA Program
Member of Society of Gas Operators, New England Gas and Southeast Gas Associatio
Member of numerous Chamber of Commerce Boards; former Rotary Club President