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Refugio Rochin Projects since August 2004

Monday, November 15, 2010

12:56 PM

Presenter Name: Refugio M. Rochín

Company Names Presented in Portfolio:
Nature Acoustical
Contracting to : Pirooz Barar and Associates, Dawson Wells Consulting, and Benico Construction
SOHA Engineers
Systems Engineering Limited

This Presentation Portfolio provides a retrospective view of work accomplished over the last 6 years + with a brief overview to 1994.

Portfolio Contents
1. 2009 - Present Resumé and Example Software
2. 2008 - 2009 Work With SOHA Engineers in San Francisco
3. 2004 - 2008 Work With Systems Engineering Limited in the British Virgin Islands


► Bachelor's of Science, University of California, San Diego in La Jolla, Received June 14, 1996, GPA 3.14/4.00
 Strong Subject Fields: Plates & Shells (Dr. E. Luco), Structural Analysis (Dr. Frieder Seible), Mathematical Physics (Dr. Nemat-
Nasser, Solid Mechanics (Dr. H. Murakami), Numerical Methods (Dr. R.J. Asaro), Steel Design (Dr. C-M Uang)
► Master's of Science, University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, Received December 16, 2000, GPA 3.66/4.00
 Thesis: Shape Control of a Composite Mirror Substrate Utilizing Shape Memory Alloy
 Graduating Advisor
 Dr. Arup K. Maji, Specialities in Smart & Adaptive Structures, Composite Materials & Nuclear Transport
 Thesis Advisory Committee Members
 Dr. Walter Gerstle (Prof. Computational Mechanics) & Dr. Peter Wegner (Prof. Composite Materials)
 Project Advisors at ATR Institute: Dr. Gordon McKeene & Lecturer Lary Lenke

Company Websites Throughout Career since B.S. at UCSD

 1997 O'Reilly and Associates and O'Neal and Associates both merged to build Posten.
 1997 Bay Ship & Yacht was probably not even a quarter the size of what it is now.
 1998 - 2000 & &
 2000 - 2003 What was Boyle Engineering Corporation has merged with AECOM
 2004 - 2008 Systems Engineering in the news
 2008 - 2009 Long-term established firm in San Francisco since 1965, original owner still going strong.
 2009 - Current website, conceptual framework, focus in engineering education
○ Pirooz Barar individually established PB&A in 1983 after 16 years into career.
○ Links to contact information for Benny Shalom of Benico Construction, long-term individual career as engineer and
○ Dawson Wells Consulting in current headline news BVI.

Experience Summary
 Structural Design Engineer with experience in the design, analysis, and detailing of office buildings, residences, retaining w alls, soil-
integrated walls (ie MSE and Soil Nailing), internal foundation improvement mix columns/piles, mat and strip foundations, und erpinnings
(concrete and steel), permanent and temporary shoring, demolition, strut-and-tie design for deep beams and walls, lateral load systems,
slab deck bridges, pre- and post- tensioned concrete bridge beams, seismic design of bridges, and buildings up to 8 stories. Experience with
ship rehabilitation, DNC/CAD inter-linkages, and Hull design. Experience with adaptable optics research, space systems, and composite
materials design, manufacturing, and assembly. Experience with underwater acoustical systems, passive receiving dishes, and sealed
underwater canisters. Experience with construction observation of concrete and masonry structures. Experience with Water -barriers
 Project Managing Engineer with experience leading design efforts in Resort Design, Technical projects with seismic and hurric ane loads
distribution, complex connection issues from non-matching materials, ie steel to masonry and concrete, and aluminum to protruded fiber
reinforced rods into a fiber-composite base. Design-Build work with 5-Story Concrete Building with SMRF : Infilled Masonry Walls Lateral
load system.
 Project Coordination for BART Utilities and Drafting standards.
 Project Quality Review for Glendale Seventh Day Adventist Hospital
 Construction Administration for large scale hospital shoring projects, and two small scale drilled shaft pile walls.

Monday, November 15, 2010
12:10 PM

Project Name: Wind Subjects : Hurricane Regions Project Name: Earthquake Subjects : High Seismic Zone Regions
Company Name: NAXUTL : Nature Acoustical Company Name: NAXUTL : Nature Acoustical
Presenter Name: Refugio M. Rochín Presenter Name: Refugio M. Rochín

Description Description
Description of Developed Programs : Wind Analysis Module Description of Developed Programs : Seismic with Gravity Loads Module

Project's Employed Project's Employed

 Cable and Wireless Monopole and Trussed Towers  Peeble's Hospital
 Multiple Residential Buildings  525 Golden Gate Avenue
 Fireside Barn at Point Reyes  Fireside Barn at Point Reyes
 Grisham-Clothier Residence  Grisham-Clothier Residence

Wind Loading Main Profile Input-Output
Monday, November 15, 2010
7:15 AM

Topographic Factors
Monday, November 15, 2010
7:19 AM

Cf Standing Tower
Monday, November 15, 2010
7:22 AM

This Program allows for the Calculations of Standing Towers, with Antennas, and fluxing modules.

Design Response Spectra & Equivalent Lateral Force Procedure
Monday, November 22, 2010
8:44 PM

Gravity, Live and Seismic Loads
Wednesday, November 17, 2010
12:42 AM

Wednesday, December 08, 2010
12:41 PM

Systems Engineering Typical Project Profiles
Monday, November 15, 2010
6:10 AM

Project Client Cost Completion Services Provided Project Description

JOMA Barracks Building JOMA Properties $2M 6/2006 Structural design Four story office building on plied foundation in
Road Town
Peebles Hospital B.V.I. BVI Government $45M 6/2007 Civil and structural design New 7 story hospital on very steep site. 155,000 sq
Construction starts 10/2005 Site supervision of civil and ft. in steel.
structural works.
Maria’s Office Building II Private Owner $5M 12/2006 Design Consulting New 5 story office building with piled foundations
in Road Town.
Veterans Housing Project St. USVI Government $19M 12/2006 Civil & structural design. New housing complex comprising 13 three story
Thomas USVI bungalows and one 6 story building.
Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor R Penn & Associates $15M 10/2006 Structural Design and Field Two 3 Story office complexes in Virgin Gorda on
Buildings I and II Services piled foundations, Banco Popular regulations in 2nd

JOMA Properties
Monday, November 15, 2010
5:56 AM JOMA Properties : O'Neal Building JOMA Properties : Barracks Building

The O'Neal Building is still the most interesting building that I have The JOMA Barracks was my first on island project, and the
worked on in my career as a Civil-Structural Engineer for several reasons. building was under construction when I arrived. The
First of all, the building suffered from 5 structural irregularities building piles had begun to be driven, and I worked on
incorporating a weak story at the lower two floors, differential masses at coordinating the construction work with the drawings,
all of the floors greater than code differentials, different materials at each while renderin a few design details with sketch work.
floor, level, and vertical and horizontal load path irregularities. The
building gets longer moving up towards the 4th floor, due to the setback
in the hill. And, the materials are very interesting, with an enormous
column approximately 4 feet in diameter. Thus I began to develop a
dynamic evaluation of the building to satisfy analysis requirements with
irregular buildings, which became rather cumbersome to minimize in
detail language. The experience was a terrific learning experience. I am
currently undergoing final analysis computations. The client postponed
these analyses, now I am conducting the work for educational purposes.

JOMA Properties : Commerce House

Note: The model The JOMA Commerce House was my
and drawing is last assignment before leaving the
actually mirrored island. I created a full scale model in
from the actual Visual Analysis and STAAD, and had
configuration. created a first round of analyses and
The jutting drawing renderings, however, some of
The walls around the basement are mostly made of portion on the the architects ideals were constantly
placed rock with mortar in the joints, not a usual right is a separate changing in highly pertinent stability
masonry style although it appears to be masonry. building attached points for the structure. Therefore, I
The Next floor is a similar material, yet it is very light at a small bridge left the island with the mere model
containing mainly timber framing, while the floor with a flexible and a batch of computations loaded to
above (3rd Floor) is a very heavy floor with many connectivity. the gills. Upon my return to the island
internal wall cubicles, and a terrific number of 2 years later to work with Dawson
internal block walls. The top floor is closer in style to Wells, the building was almost
the 3rd floor, except that the backside contains a complete in construction. The
complete car parking lot. The main building connects contractor moved the architect to
to a flexible building at the backend. change the structures mode
completely, removing the flat slab for
I believe it must be partially the great faith of the a basic steel pan composite decking. I
Tortolian islanders that keeps the building standing, was pleased with the structure's
because it is one of the oldest buildings in Road overall configuration, impressed by the
Town, and there are frequent earthquakes of mode for the front pane installation,
magnitudes ranging from 3.5-4.5 on the Richter scale. although dissatisfied with the
The building appears to survive with a wit from the precautions of the crew.
chemist that designed and built it in 1967.

Peebles Hospital - Community News of Construction Progress
Monday, November 15, 2010
12:44 PM

Peebles Hospital Design Phase 2006-2007

After several years of negotiations with BVI

Officials, Peebles Hospital Design finally
progressed beyond a mere skeleton, and by 2006,
our company was maneuvering the design phase
of PEEBLES HOSPITAL coordinating with PAGE
SOUTHERLAND PAGE's architects, mechanical
outfitters, and Hospital design experts. Design of
a hospital especially for the government sector
which is planning for the entire country as well as
other regions of the Caribbean, such as ST. Kitts
and Nevis, and perhaps Montserrat in emergency
events. The hospital is a 7-story steel moment
frame with concrete encasement for fire and
corrosion protection, with lateral restraining
further composed of shear walls, bracing and

My involvement was to complete the seismic

system, complete for essential earthquake
standards, and to complete approximately 70% of
the details, including the core walls, and the
foundation, and the dual-directional moment
frames including a number of the appurtenances,
while keeping the CAD-Architectural changes up
to date.

At the time of my departure from the BVI, the

footings had been cast, while a large segment of
a wall that was not tested by geotechnical
engineers due to the governments decisions,
came to crumble costing a tremendous setback at
Pasted from <
the time..

SKN VIBES : St. Kitts and Nevis Online Periodical : January 2009

SKN VIBES : St. Kitts and Nevis Online Periodical : September 2008
Screen clipping taken: 11/15/2010 12:46 PM

Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor Buildings
Thursday, November 25, 2010
5:42 PM
Selected Details (2005 - 2006) Constructed in 2007

Scrub Island Resort
Monday, November 15, 2010
12:22 PM

Scrub Island

Systems Engineering Limited has been working on high scale residential

buildings in the Caribbean for the last 15-20 years, among all of the BVI Islands,
including Cooper Island, and Guana Island, as well as Mustique one of the
Grenadines, Nevis, and Anguilla among othersand this project with OBM was
one of the biggest projects taken to date, completely branding Scrub Island
with the Resort Marina and an entire fleet of new homes. All the while,
Richard Branson was working on his neighboring island Mesquito.

For Scrub Island, our company divided the work, and I worked on the design
for approximately 10 of the residential buildings. Most of the work our lead
drafter , Architect/Engineer Mitchell designed, however, my key role was
constantly keeping up a number of the facilities at the level of the accelerating
projet whilst the sea-bed found a harsh damage due to the interferences of the
dusting of the grounds.

In the meantime I worked on a number of conciliatory efforts for much

previous financial damages wrought by hurricanes in ensuing regions.

Screen clipping taken: 11/15/2010 12:25 PM

Screen clipping taken: 11/15/2010 12:26 PM

Tiwanee Resort in Anguilla
Thursday, November 25, 2010
12:28 AM

My work at Tiwanee Resort involved

Design of Building D, and conducting
some calculations for Building blocks G
and A. I built the scale Finite Element
model of Building D (at left), and sized
the shear walls in the building.

Other Projects at Systems Engineering Limited
Tuesday, November 16, 2010
4:09 PM

Sterling House , owner Donna Sterling

I worked with Donna on this project, it was one of the

most interesting projects I had for detail and design.
We came into the project to modify the existing design,
and to update the design to current International
standards. I built a full scale finite element model of
the residence, it was most interesting because Donna
constantly made changes, and enjoyed working on the
job with us and the contractors. Most of my drawings
were hand drawn sketches, however, the model was
very intricate, utilizing STAAD for plate element
feedback,and Visual Analysis for columns designs.

Structural Features

Flat Slab Construction.

Intricate pool layout over pool house building.
Tower with stair winding around.
Multi-level building with steps internal.
Retaining walls incorporate deadman into hill.

Seismic Design Features

Internal beams in flat slab for punching shear spread.

SOHA Typical Project Profiles
Wednesday, December 01, 2010
5:01 PM

SOHA Page 20
SFGH Excavation and Moat Wall Installation
Monday, November 15, 2010
1:10 PM

An interesting project, including our shoring

portion as our President and Principals decided
to invest in the company to train the entire
engineering and CAD staff in BIM using Revit.
This was our first project putting Revit to the

In the SFGH Moat Wall Project, I gained a

preliminary comfort level in interacting with
the government partnerships for our opening
meetings within the project scheduling and
coordination group. My first duties involved
identifying existing building information
provided through the internal network of
government documentation detailing all of the
prior, existing and new construction within the
vicinity. Subsequently we identified seismic
and gravity lateral earth pressures to be
applied to the proposed moat wall.

Screen clipping taken: 11/15/2010 1:11 PM The Moat Wall provides a separated shoring
Current Construction Effort Web Cam : SFGH WEB CAM : Excavation Phase
wall, separate from the new hospital building,
which inevitably supports the load from the soil
and surroundings, and isolates the building
from moisture and ground movement.

With a team of 4 engineers and three

draftsmen, we utilized the Revit class to
complete the entire Moat Wall and design
process within a span of less than 3 months
from the initial team meeting.

My final contribution involved engineering the

tunnel to enter into the existing hospital
building, and to provide shoring for such
tunnel. I utilized RISA for a multiple shoring
configuration, and Strut-and-Tie design for
demolition and entrance design into the
existing building. The demolition portion took
a fair portion of calculations to support the less
conservative older designed hospital
particularly for seismic considerations while the
excavation would be open.

Screen clipping taken: 11/15/2010 3:39 PM

3-D Perspective and Plan Vision

SOHA Page 21
Lower Crystal Springs Dam Improvement Program
Monday, November 15, 2010
3:54 PM

A Temporary Soil Nail Wall to Support Rehabilitation Efforts

The California Department of Water Resources, Division of Safety of Dams (DSOD), is responsible for regulating all dams
in California. In 1983, the DSOD restricted the amount of water the SFPUC could store in Crystal Springs Reservoir because
of concerns that the dam could be overtopped, and subsequently be damaged and/or even fail, during the Probable
Maximum Flood (PMF). The PMF is the theoretical flood event predicted to occur under the most severe and extreme
combination of meteorological and hydrological conditions in a particular drainage area, and the DSOD includes the PMF
as part of its design requirements to ensure the safety of the LCSD. Although the PMF has a very low probability of
occurrence, design for the PMF event is mandated by the DSOD as a “fail safe” design for lesser flood events.

The Lower Crystal Springs Dam Improvement Project is a project that SOHA acquired through the ongoing relationship
with URS and SFPUC contract services, particulary for SOHA's strengths in Shoring and Trenching. We came into the LCSD
Improvement Project to provide shoring for the new stilling basin designed by URS at the toe of the dam. The figures
below provide a brief visual of the relationship of the dam improvements to the Hetch Hetchy overall project base.

Our involvement concerned providing a temporary

shoring wall for the stability of the land slopes upon
demolition of the existing stilling basin, excavation, and
reconstruction of the new stilling basin. Assumptions were
provided that the Dam itself requires no external support
during the construction. The Dam controllers may serve to
limit the water levels in the reservoir.

With the dam on the active San Andreas Fault, I examined

the temporary shoring wall with a probable expectation of
a 50-year seismic event which has been gestured to occur
anytime in the present based on experimental data
relating the occurrence of earthquakes in the past century
and for the pertinent susceptability of the region.

We utilized soil nail construction design to assist in top-

down construction and to minimize damage to the natural
landscaping. The soil nails will remain after the stilling
basin is cast. A portion of the design project is
demonstrated next in this tabular documentation.

Major Environmental Analysis - SFPUC Cases - CEQA Documents

SOHA Page 22
Excerpts from the Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Lower Crystal Springs Dam Improvements Project

Hetch Hetchy Reservoir System

Existing Lower Crystal Springs Dam

Screen clipping taken: 11/15/2010 4:10 PM

SOHA Page 23
LCSDIP : Soil Nail Wall Calculations with Preliminary Drawings
Monday, November 15, 2010
5:42 PM

SOHA Page 24
SOHA Page 25
SOHA Page 26
SOHA Page 27
SOHA Page 28
SOHA Page 29
SOHA Page 30
SOHA Page 31
SOHA Page 32
SOHA Page 33
SOHA Page 34
SOHA Page 35
SOHA Page 36
SOHA Page 37
Marian Medical Center Excavation and Shoring Portion
Monday, November 15, 2010
5:18 PM
Clients : Catholic Healthcare West
Managing Engineers : URS Corporation
Architect of Record : Moon Mayoras Architects, Incorporated, San Diego, CA
Structural Engineer of Record :
Geotechnical Engineer of Record : Rutherford & Chekene, San Francisco, CA
Shoring Engineer of Record : SOHA Engineers
General Contractor : Kitchell Corporation

I was brought into the Marian Medical Center Project towards the beginning of construction phase, with the
responsibility to evaluate the existing plans for the shoring of the hospital starting at the basement level. This was
my first true Construction Administration project, where I was evaluating the work of another engineerat the
construction phase, particularly to coordinate the boundaries, to verify with all other disciplines involved, to
complete the drawings and to finalize the engineering and construction documents and hand them over to the

The contract engineer worked on the preliminary drawings and calculations. I then served as a communication
medium working between the general contractor and sub-contractors and the clients, finalizing a hand-over of the
documentation to the clients. My accomplishments comprised of gathering the information from all of the specific
disciplines, matching building set points, cleaning up the drawings to match standards, verifying the calculations for
correctness and for additional loading, to issue revisions, to investigate any interferences of both construction
mobilization and structural issues, and most importantly to verify with geotechnical engineers certain data pertaining
to soil conditioning and consolidation, particularly with regards to high impact pressure points due to prestressed
anchoring above the base footings. Nearing a first round completion, we were struck with a new Appendix J
component to OSHPD standards which required a complete revision of the Geotechnical calculations sets.

I finalized providing a new set of calcs after revising for the high impact loads,and upon finding certain further
shoring necessities.

The discussions proceeded with the contractors and the clients, and we put forth the final requirements such that
the contractors would take the assignments with the client's interests at a preconstruction meeting in Santa Maria.
The OSHPD Engineer of Record finalized the approval of the contract documents.

SOHA Page 38
Screen clipping taken: 11/15/2010 5:18 PM

Marian Medical Center

Santa Maria, California
This 195,000 square foot 4-story replacement facility will relocate services from an antiquated
1964 patient tower into a new innovative patient-centered care environment. This facility is
designed to be contextual with the surrounding Santa Maria mission-style architecture and is
organized around a two-story public lobby zone, which will house a Gift Shop, Information
Resource Center and multiple Public and Outpatient Waiting Areas for the entire medical
The facility will consist of 167 beds and will provide the following services:
Critical Care Unit
Telemetry Unit
Intermediate Neonatal Nursery Unit
Medical/Surgical Unit
Postpartum Unit
Pediatric Unit
In addition, this project will also include the complete replacement of the existing Central
Energy Plant.

Square Footage: 358,000

Project Cost: $110 M
Completion Date: Dec 2012
Location: Santa Maria, California

Pasted from <>

SOHA Page 39
Other Projects at SOHA Engineers
Monday, November 15, 2010
5:41 PM

CCSF North Beach Campus Temporary Soil Nail Wall : See Description Below

SFPUC525 Golden Gate Avenue Building : Cladding, Diaphragm, and Internal Frame components including elevator well :
See Description Below

Lake Merced Buttress wall : See Description Next Tab

St. Mary's Garage Underpinning and Pre-construction investigation of cracks. : See Description Below

Mercy Housing, Construction As-Built Documentation assembly. : Adjust drawings with all RFI information for final archival.

166th Avenue at Hannah and Cull Canyon : Drilled Pier Retaining Walls for landslide decay.

Galileo High School Bleacher's Temporary Support for Rehabilitation work. : Site field decay identification, timber shoring.

Parkside Branch Library : Shear Wall and roof design calculations for extension to library.

Pt. Reyes Fireside barn : Wind Evaluations at Fireside barn for positionings on embankment.

Prada Showroom Renovation Shoring : Pipe Column Shoring for stabilizing showroom floor construction.

SOHA Page 40
CCSF North Beach Campus Temporary Soil Nail Wall Description SFPUC 525 Golden Gate Avenue Building
Deemed the world's Greenest Building. My tasks involved cladding design, internal
elevator framing, and photovoltaic panel
I designed shoring using soil nails for a temporary excavation . The framing supports including seismic and
excavation sequence next to a high-rise building was performed in two gravity analysis.
steps. First a set of steel piles were drilled in next to the existing building,
while in the meantime, the excavation was established top-down to begin
a first phase excavation. Subsequently this first phase soil nail wall would
be completely removed to continue the excavation up to the drilled piles.

The below description describes Treadwell & Rollo's team of engineers

whom we worked with on the Shoring Project for the CCSF
Chinatown/North Beach Campus excavation.

Further description
St. Mary's Garage Underpinning and
Preconstruction Investigation
A "new building" zone
requiring underpinning of
the existing buildings at the
demonstrated walls, the
zone is within the
demarcation lines of the
walls. The walls were
investigated for all existing
cracks prior to any work
involvement as a part of
pre-construction litigation

SOHA Page 41
Lake Merced Pump Station Installation of Secant Piles
Wednesday, November 17, 2010
2:35 AM

Overlapping Secant Soil Cement Piles with Embedded Wide Flange Internal Soil Buttress Wall

For the Lake Merced Pump Station Redesign, a complete geotechnical soil improvement program was
implemented around the entire premise due to vast quantities of liquefiable soil. Prior to soil
improvements, the region is susceptible to liquefaction, and thus the entire support system of the main
building could heave into Lake Merced with a seismic event. This soil cement buttress wall provides
stability to the main portion of highly susceptible liquefiable soil in the region, and particularly focuses on
the zone surrounding the Lake to Pump Station exchange piping system.

The secant piles are overlocking zones of soil-cement grout with embedded steel piles. The entire soil-
cement grout zone serves as a barrier to water and soil flow, thus partially preventing entrance hydraulic
flow of ground water into the region, as well as preventing soil movement. Further soil improvements
conducted by the geotechnical modifications have provided for further densification. Pretensioned
Deadmen with high strength tensioning bars tying into a concrete cap beam are utilized to restrain the 30
foot depth of shoring soil lateral earth pressures considering the portion of soil at the lake bank

My main tasks involved the engineering design for the buttress wall, on-site measurements, client
coordination meeting attendance and scheduling, and CAD drafting with CAD management.

SOHA Page 42
SOHA Page 43
SOHA Page 44