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Frank J.

Murdola III
Home Phone: (808) 664-9252
Cell Phone: (520) 234-7725
3107 Calamondin Way
Honolulu, HI 96818
Seeking Position as a Surgical Processing Technician. Remarkably dependable, tru
stworthy and hard-working Surgical Processing Technician with more than five (5)
years experience as Surgical Technologist in the US Army and (5) years experien
ce as a Medical Specialist. Demonstrated outstanding skills in handling surgical
instruments and assembling surgical tools; possesses superior working knowledge
of assembly and function of surgical instrumentation and equipment. Empathetic,
gregarious, and easygoing; has shown ability to provide in-service programs, an
d attended continuing education on a regular basis. Able to acquire technical kn
owledge and skills rapidly, with exceptional research, analytical, and problem s
olving skills; upholds an unyielding commitment to safety. Self-motivated, versa
tile and meticulous; has mentored and supervised the performance of employees to
guarantee high level of workmanship. Displayed willingness to accept responsibi
lity with close attention to details, and has shown strong desire to learn and p
erfect skills. Has excellent ability to communicate with doctors, circulating nu
rses and other medical staff, as well as with patients in relation to the perfor
mance of job functions. Core competencies include:
Surgical Technology
Medical Techniques & Procedures
Analytical & Problem Solving Skills
Interpersonal Relations & Communication Skills
Logistics / Technical Processes
Research Skills & Medical Knowledge
Professional Experience
United States Army
Jul 2007 - Feb 2009
Light Wheeled Mechanic
Schofield Barracks, HI
Performed and carried out skilled mechanical and electrical repair to military v
ehicles and replacement of parts to ensure maximum working condition of vehicles
Conducted periodic mechanical safety checks and preventative maintenance on mili
tary vehicles as mandated by US Army regulations, following systematic procedure
s to get job done accurately and in a timely fashion.
Assessed, recommended, and advised sufficient and sophisticated tools to be used
for the upkeep and maintenance of military vehicles.
United States Army
Aug 2002 - Jul 2007
Surgical Technician
Miesau, Germany / Sierra Vista, AZ
Developed, improved, and maintained a working knowledge of assembly and function
of surgical instrumentation and equipment, with upkeep of new technological bre
akthroughs in the same subject areas.
Managed personnel and maintained operational readiness of Central Material Suppl
y with the 212th Mobile Surgical Army Hospital Miesau, Germany and the Raymond W
. Bliss Army Medical Center at Fort Huachuca, Arizona.
Supported the United States Army in the role of Operating Room Technician / Surg
ical Processing Technician in multiple deployments to include Iraq, Africa, Denm
ark, Kuwait and several Army hospitals in Germany.
Sterilized instruments using a wide assortment of autoclaves and sterilization t
echniques to include Sterrad NX, steam, and cold sterilization liquids.
Ensured that all instruments are inspected for defects and routinely performed p
reventative maintenance on OR / CMS equipment.
Assisted in determining the need for instrument repair, replacement, and / or ot
her maintenance so as to ensure proper care of these instruments.
Operated and handled carefully hospital instruments and machines, including soni
c cleaner and washer; observed and maintained aseptic technique at all times.
Observed and maintained properly the use of case cart system to effectively cont
rol the location of contaminated instruments and supplies to prevent the spread
of infection. * Prepared and equipped case carts and sets with necessary supplie
s and sterile instruments using doctor's preference cards for next day's cases;
Prepared and equipped case carts for add on cases.
Directed a team of four staff to deliver carts to the main operating room.
Set up the operating room for procedures in the role of Scrub Tech.
Anticipated and foresaw surgeon's needs during a wide range of surgical cases, a
nd prepared in advance for these occasions.
Monitored instrument and equipment utilization; gave recommendations for product
and / or inventory par level changes to the appropriate area Manager.
Assisted with orientation of new personnel, provided in-service programs, and at
tended continuing education on a regular basis.
Coordinated research and development activities within computational groups; ens
ured adherence to OSHA and JCAHO regulatory guidelines; maintained confidentiali
ty of patient, family, physician and staff concerns.
United States Army
Apr 1997 - Apr 2002
Medical Specialist
Fort Hood, TX
Assisted and helped in triaging, strictly prioritizing patients with severe cond
itions; took vital signs and aided in minor surgical procedures in a military fi
eld / clinical environment.
Maintained, kept, and took care of medical records of patients; provided a syste
m of accessibility and preservation to ensure safety of these medical records.
Provided emergency response and care to patients with bone fractures, heat exhau
stion, falls, and all associated injuries to U.S. Army personnel.
Trained advanced trauma life support skills to medical soldiers to arm them with
necessary helpful skills in cases of emergency.
Herald College, Honolulu, HI, Apr 2010
Associate in Applied Science Degree in Electronic Technology
Academy of Health Sciences, Fort Sam Houston, TX, Aug 2002
Operating Room Specialist Course
Certification & Technical Skills
BTLS Certified
Windows 98 / 2000 / XP / Vista/ Windows 7 *Microsoft Visual Basic * Java
Notable Highlights
Recipient of the Herald College Professional Image Award for two (2) times; grad
uated from Herald College with High Honors; consistently included in the Dean's
List Awardees for six (6) times; member of the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society.