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Marion Ensz

5582 Chatsworth Street North

Shoreview, Minnesota 55126

Sales manager with over 20 years of documented success with medical sales which
capitol equipment, pharmaceutical and diagnostic testing. Demonstrated ability t
o exceed
objectives as a direct result of comprehensive strategic thinking, leadership an
motivational skills. Extensive and successful new product launch success.
Professional Experience
AstraZeneca LP 2000 to 2010
District Sales Manager-Minnesota based
Led a team of 10 sales specialists who sell to specialty and primary care physic
Districts have covered five states in the Midwest based out of Minnesota. Traini
ng and sales focus
has been in the therapeutic areas of respiratory, gastroenterology, cardiology a
nd the central nervous system.
o Launched Crestor (Cardiology), Symbicort (Asthma/COPD), and Seroquel XR (CNS)
o District sales ranked at the top of region sales ranking 2009
-Symbicort sales grew at 3.38% vs regional average of 2.48%
-Seroquel XR sales grew at 2.26% vs regional average of 1.51%
o Recognized in West Business Center for SXR launch excellence in 2009
o Top Respiratory District in the Chicago Region in 2003
WebMD 1999-2000
Regional Sales Manager-Midwest Region
Web based medical solutions for the physician. Sales efforts were focused on la
rge hospital system
contracts with focus on their specialty physicians. Led a team of 10 covering th
e states of Minnesota,
Iowa, Wisconsin, the Dakotas and sections of Illinois and Michigan.
o Launched WebMD 1999
o Region rose to 5th of 13 regions nationally during 2000 in overall sales
o Region ranked 3rd of 13 regions for signing up 6,000 physicians in 2000
Sigma Diagnostics 1990-1999
Regional Sales Manager-1994-1999
Medical diagnostic equipment and testing to hospital and clinic laboratories of
all sizes. Areas of focus
were coagulation and chemistry testing. Led a team of 13 sales specialists with
over 6 million in sales.
o Achieved ranking of 2nd of 6 regions in overall sales 1996-1998
o Region ranked 1st in national equipment sales in 1997, awarded Germany trip
o Region grew by 62% in 5 years - 4 million to 6.5 million
o Launched new line of Toa coagulation equipment for medium to large laboratorie
o Launched the first direct measurement for LDL
Territory Sales Manager (Sigma Diagnostics)-1990-1994
Sold diagnostic equipment and testing to hospitals and clinics in Minnesota, Iow
a, N., S. Dakota and
parts of Wisconsin. Created a new territory and grew this into one of the highe
st producing territory
in the country.
o Promoted to Regional Sales Manager in December 1993
o Grew business by 20% in 1990, 45% in 1991, twice the company average.
o President Club member in 1990, 1991 and 1992
o National Field Advisory Panel member in 1992
o Grew business from 450,000 to 1.1 million in 4 years

Amersham Diagnostics 1989-1990

Territory Sales Manager-Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, N and S Dakota
Responsible for the sale of specialty diagnostic tests and equipment into large
clinic and hospital laboratories.
Focus was selling tumor markers and a new enhanced chemiluminescence system for
reproductive, hormone and
thyroid testing. The Amerlite system was positioned to medium and large laborato
ries. Pathology and Oncology contact.
o National Territory Manager award 1989
o 108% of target in a sales division averaging 95% on a national basis
o Launched the Amerlite system for thyroid and reproductive endocrinology testin

Whitehall Laboratories 1986-1989

Territory Manager-Southern Minnesota
Launched Advil along with sales of other over-the-counter drugs to the drug and
food retail marketplace in
Minnesota. Responsible for both direct and indirect sales activity.
o Launched Advil
o Ranked 1st in the Midwest Region (22 territory managers)
o Top 10% of sales force during the entire time at Whitehall Laboratories
o Responsible for bringing in 660,000 in direct sales from pharmacies
Education and Training Highlights
Grace University, Omaha, Nebraska
Bachelor of Science, Communications
o Discover your Strengths
o Interactive Strategic Selling System 1, 2 and 3
o In depth management and therapeutic training provided by AstraZeneca
Miller Heiman, Inc., Reno, Nevada
Strategic Sales Trainer Certification for Sigma Diagnostics
-Focus was on complex large account selling