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Petra Rollins

4111 Wellington Blvd

Alexandria, Louisiana 71303
Cell: 858.717.1013
11/9/09 to 2/14/10 - Customer Service Home Agent
* Executing product orders
* Providing customer support with problem resolution
7/27/09 to 9/8/09 - Customer Service Representative
* Trouble shooting phone services for AT&T wireless customers
* Responsible for one on one problem resolution for customer calls
California Bank & Trust - 8/26/91 to 5/29/09
San Diego Private Banking Group
11/29/06 to 5/29/09 - Lending Assistant
* Immediate and efficient client support and communication
* Order and review preliminary title policies, order appraisals
* Order and review loan documents specific to loan terms
* Responsible for Reg. B, CRA and HMDA compliance and reporting
* Credit file maintenance to insure compliance with FDIC
* Monitor daily, weekly, monthly loan reports (also for compliance and transacti
on accuracy)
San Diego Division Administration
11/13/00 to 11/26/06 - Administrative Assistant
Reporting to Division Manager and Credit Administrator
* Timely facilitate communication between Division Management and Loan Officers
for loan approval
* Manage reports pertaining to the division's loan portfolio
* Create custom reports showing the division's status on delinquent loans versus
profitable credits
* Schedule meetings - in house or client
* Assisting the division's Financial Analyst generating profit and bonus reports
Commercial Loan Operations
1/4/99 to 11/12/00 - Loan Servicer/Loan Processor
* Produce commercial loan documents
* Maintain credit files
* Execute reconveyance of trust deeds on paid loans (as a CA notary public)
La Mesa Branch
8/26/91 to 1/3/99 -Operations and Consumer Loans
* Interview loan applicants, review applications, run credit reports, order loan
documents, notarize Deeds of Trust, loan file maintenance, general loan custome
r service
* Handle branch cash as vault teller, ordering and shipping cash, buy from and s
ell to tellers, monthly auditing of teller cash.
* Monthly certification of branch operations reports
* Safe deposit clerk duties
* General customer service, operations duties, daily overdraft processing, stop
payments, holds.

Education: High School, some college courses in business, business correspondenc

e and psychology. I received certificates of completion for Microsoft Word, Exce
l and Access.
Languages: German and English
Abilities: Typing 35 w/m, operation of all office equipment
Honors: Recipient of the 2005 All Stars Award for formatting a clear and user fr
iendly GAR form (Gross Annual Revenue), used in categorizing lending clients. Th
is, among other tools, is used by banks to be in compliance with Federal and Sta
te Banking Regulations.