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Bookkeeping sB accountant

Thrive at utilizing out-of-the-box strategies to develop performance

toward service excellence
Dynamic, hardworking, and detail-oriented professional, with more than
20 years of progressive experience in the accounting and finance
industry, combined with in-depth knowledge in staff
supervision/performance evaluation and business function management.
Proven track record of driving revenues and maximizing efficiencies
while ensuring service standards. Continually seek opportunities to
develop skills and knowledge, such as participating in seminars and
trainings, to advance to accounts payable manager, jr. accountant.
* Possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills, sound
judgment, vendor/customer relations, and crisis
prevention/intervention and ability to complete tasks in a
professional and efficient manner.
* Uphold superior performance and resourceful problem-solving
abilities with solid business acumen and strong work ethic
* Experienced in using technology to enhance speed and accuracy of
administrative and accounting tasks, with excellent knowledge on
all matters of finance and accounting.
* Proficient in Microsoft Dynamics AX, MAS 90, Coins, QuickBooks
Pro, Word, Excel, and Outlook, Notary, and Calculator by touch,
with a typing speed of 65+ wpm.
Functional Skills
Accounts Payable Management
* Provided expert oversight to all accounting processing, such as
A/R, A/P, bank reconciliations, payroll, payroll taxes, sales tax,
general ledger posting, collections, job costing, and inventory.
* Engaged in planning and developing payroll checks, which include
all payroll taxes, garnishments, and any health or 401 (k)
deductions. Offered support concerning benefits and deductions to
various employees.
* Efficiently reconciled all statements through verifying punctual
delivery of all purchases authorized by controller's signature.
Personnel Administration / Performance Optimization

* Assumed human resource responsibilities, including managing,

training, and motivating staff to meet corporate objectives;
evaluating personnel performance and development; along with
developing and implementing procedures for staff training and
consistency in customer service, product handling, inventory
control, quality assurance/control, as well as safety and
equipment maintenance.
Business Operations Management
* Ensured proper supervision and coordination of diverse training
processes; handled any problems related to communication and
* Skillfully managed and prioritized administrative and program
development duties.
* Capable of overseeing budget, ordinances, policies, and municipal
* Promoted upbeat working relationships with clients and colleagues
utilizing high-caliber customer service.
Professional Customer Service
* Enhanced collection procedure to ensure quality and achieve the
highest level of customer satisfaction.
* Sustained excellent customer relations by assisting customers in
recognizing needs and developing solutions.
Career Highlights
Bookkeeper Truland Systems / Service Inc., Richmond, VA: 2006-2010
Spearheaded satellite of $111M privately owned electrical contractor.
Rendered efficient performance in processing A/P, A/R, AIA billing,
lien releases, payroll, collections, office equipment, checkbook,
coding, GL research, expense accounts, and statement reconciliations.
Oversaw entire accounting and bookkeeping functions, including
processing all accounts payable and personal billing, as well as
conducting month-end data entries. Assumed additional office
functions, including customer service, data entry, and documentation.
* Orchestrated and implemented the A/P system within satellite
office, from requisition to purchase order, to payment, through
discrepancy resolution, along with vendor relations.
* Productively yielded the enlargement of margins by 5% in the
Service Department through implementation of PO system and staff
Bookkeeper / Office Manager Pack and Ride, Inc., Richmond, VA: 2006
Streamlined daily office operations through broad and proficient
administrative support. Effectively processed bank reconciliations,
receipts, and data into the computerized system. Generated a routine
customer follow-up system that encouraged regular on-time payments and
assured continuous cash flows. Oversaw monthly bank reconciliations,
trial balance, and year-end reports.

* Authored vital procedures to coordinate various tasks, including

A/R, A/P, payroll, JE's, job costing, bank reconciliations,
maintaining ck book balance, and financial spreadsheets.
* Established accuracy of documentation pertaining to balance
through verifying receipts daily.
* Ensured accuracy, proper compilation and processing of all
accounts payables; administered timely payment or transactional
processing of company bills and expenses.
Sales Assistant / Customer Service Coordinator-MAS 90 Air Filters,
Inc., Richmond, VA: 2004-2006
Effectively coordinated all warehouse personnel and products on all
service jobs; enhanced system to ensure all service was accomplished
on time. Managed, programmed, and maintained ordering of product
receipt. Tracked all declining sales orders and purchase orders.
Single-handedly supervised all phases of daily deposit, including
input and balancing of accounts, as well as preparing customer special
requirements billing through Excel. Productively communicated with new
customer demonstrating and requiring the service.
* Generated purchase orders and followed up with vendors to
guarantee prompt delivery and execution of customer service.
* Successfully improved and implemented a 24-hour effective order
tracking system between sales and the warehouse.
* Acquired adeptness at implementing