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Tricia, U.K
Taken from website

19th-26th March I designated:- This

phase is full of seismic features

Result: Burma EQ hit the headlines 24th


Tricia is an astrologer of over 40 years

application of tropical and over twenty five 26th March -3rd April
years experience in Vedic astrology.
I forecast:- Some unseasonable
She does natal, synastry as well as mundane and conditions arrive and EQ news arrives in
weather predictions, and has had many articles
on astrology and other topics published in her
the headlines.
lifetime. Amongst these are research pieces, one Result: Indonesian EQ hit the headlines
about widowhood and it's significations in 3rd April.
Vedic astrology, another about death and car
accidents, and significations in Vedic astrology.
These have been published internationally in
Gocara, the in-house journal of BAVA ( The
British Association for Vedic Astrology) 26th March -3rd April ( see also 3rd
April-11th where I emphasise the seismic
She is regularly featured on local radio at BBC nature of this era)
radio Leeds, where people phone in for instant
astrological readings, a role which can be
challenging and is a true test of an astrologer’s
Prediction:- Financial interests will still
ability to command insight into planetary be prominent and newsworthy, with
movement and give instant predictions. She has interest rates still low as in 1951 when
a unique feature ''a first in mundane astrology they were at an all time low. This week
on the web'' all about the Leeds astrological could also see news related to viral
chart on the local website at: illnesses.
005/02/08/living_stars_leeds_chart_capital_featu Result: accurate. Interest rates are still
re.shtml 0.5 per cent in England at May 2011
In England there was news of meningitis
virus spreading and measles, not to
mention that the interest rate was causing trouble due to the Bank of England keeping it
at an all time low! Read report on this viral outbreak at:-

Prediction:- ''Similar conditions to when EQ hit Windermere and Staveley last year
phase beginning 3rd August. ''

Result: An earthquake hit Blackpool in the NW region, the region of the UK where
Staveley and Windermere are. (More on earthquakes, and how they can be predicted can
be read on my blog at )

25th April-3rd May

Prediction:- 30th-1st Some drizzly outbreaks less wind today, some cloud drizzle at
start of 1st, this could be prolonged drizzle from yesterday, clearer conditions on 1st as
day progresses
Bankers could either be under attack around this time or taking the initiative in sorting
out the financial mess, terrorism could hit the headlines as well.

Result: Banker Fred Goodwin (considered responsible for the collapse of the Scottish
bank and the banking crisis) could have his injunction lifted by the MP who wants to use
Parliamentary privilege to name what the contents of the hush up injunction are all
OSAMA BIN LADEN is ASSASSINATED on 1 st May creating massive headlines on
news and social websites around the globe!

Royal Wedding Weather Prediction:-

Prediction:- For the Royal Wedding 29th April I predicted on various sites such as the
and UK Astrological Association blog:-
2011.html#comments :-

'' I have predicted, as the leading astro met in the UK, .......that the weather for Friday is likely to
be breezy, sun with cloud and likelihood of showers by evening. '' posted April 27, 2011 9:32 PM

I also predicted this on the astro-weather

(the official meteorological service along with major newspapers were all forecasting
rain and thunderstorms!!)
Result: the day was cloudy but the sun came out as the couple walked up the aisle to the
altar and the rest of the day remained dry and breezy with sun spells and cloud, even
though rain fell to the southern regions of London!!

Earthquake Predictions Winter 2010-2011

Some earthquake predictions (amongst many, I might, add too numerous to mention)
For example I expected one in January 2011 for Asia
Result:- Quetta EQ arrived 19th January at the time I expected news to feature an EQ
in the headlines.

This is an extremely seismic phase as I posted, on my weather predictions completed in

November 2010 and posted January 2011 on my website. I have already predicted the EQ
in Quetta and have written that from 12 March to 22nd March we are in an era of
EXTREME seismicity. ....
Result: - EXTREMELY large EQ, happened in Japan on 11th March

More About Tricia

M any years ago she was asked to take part in a TV programme focussing on a
dating agency which organised a dinner where people could meet. Tricia
successfully identified through looking at the synastry of those attending what
the likely outcome would be of those sitting next to each other.

Tricia also runs an astrology group for people wanting to share their study of the subject,
and works hard to link networking astrologers, locally, regionally, nationally and
internationally. In addition for some years now, she has been involved in organising
training and leisure events regionally that have enabled people to find out more of the
power of astrology on our relationships, as well as being asked to return yearly to a local
school where she talks about astrology to young pre graduate students.