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* Sr. Software Engineer with 7+ years of analysis, design, development and imple
mentation experience through the Software Development Life Cycle of web and wind
ows based projects.
* Experience with development using Object Oriented Programming concepts and des
ign methodologies.
* In depth experience of how to design for, test, and improve scalability in dat
abase and web-based applications ensuring the best practices for performing code
reviews and providing technical assistance as needed.
* Capable of handling any critical tasks with high degree of understanding and w
ithout constant follow-ups. Good communication and interpersonal skills.
* Extensive experience with client Server, Multi-Tier applications using on the
cutting edge technologies like ASP.NET, C#.NET, VB`.NET, AJAX, ASP, JSP, VB, XML
, XSLT, HTML, C, C++, Web Services and SQL Server 7.0/2000/2005/2008, SQL Report
ing Services, and Oracle 9i/10g/11i database.
* Hands on experience with .NET Framework 2.0/3.0/3.5, Windows SharePoint Servic
es / developing custom web parts for library usage.
* Proficient in WCF and .NET 2.0 Web services.
* Hands on experience with LINQ-to-SQL, LINQ-to-XML, LINQ-to-Object, ADO.NET Ent
ity Framework.
* Extensive experience in performance tuning using ANTS Profiler, Win Runner and
Load Runner and Application Stress tools.
* Experience with office productivity and authoring tools including: MS Office,
Ms Visio, MS Project and outlook.
* Hands on experience with relational database internals, query language, data i
ntegrity and consistency issues and transaction processing.
* Proficient in GUI development tools like Visual studio 2003/2005/2008, Express
ion Studio and Macro Media IDE.
* Experience with Crystal Reports 8.5/9/10. SQL Reporting Services and ASP.NET i
ntegration to generate reports.
* Ability to innovate and approach solutions optimally and differently and also
provide process and technical consultancy along with strong troubleshooting skil
ls. A versatile team player and enjoys being on top of cutting-edge technology a
nd loves challenges.
Languages C#.Net, VB.Net, ASP.NET, Python, Core Java,PHP, C, C++
IDE Visual Studio 2010/2008/2005, Expression Studio, Eclipse, NetBeans, SharePoi
nt Designer 2007
Framework .Net Framework 3.5/3.0/2.0/1.1, Web Services, WCF, WPF, Silverlight, S
Scripting Languages JavaScript, VBScript
Markup Languages HTML, DHTML, XML, AJAX, XSLT, CSS
RDBMS MS SQL Server 2000,2003,2005,6.5, Oracle 8/8i/9i, and MS-Access
Reporting Tools Crystal Reports 9.0, SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services(SSRS)
Version Control Tools Microsoft Visual Source safe, SVN, WinCVS
Operating System WINDOWS VISTA/XP/2000/NT/98
Utility Softwares Microsoft InfoPath/Office/Visio/Project, Cygwin, ANTS Profiler
Bachelor of Computer Engineering, India
Microsoft Certified Professional
Exam 70-536 - Application Development Foundation
Microsoft Certified Professional ID: 7447745
Motorola Inc, Chicago, IL
Senior Software Developer
Involved in design, code, testing and implementation of various Internet/Intrane
t/Windows Applications. Developed applications using .NET Framework 3.0/3.5, C#.
NET, ASP.NET, LINQ-to-SQL, VB.NET, WCF, XML, and HTML. Responsible for design an
d implementation of website using ASP.NET. Responsibility included Information g
athering and data analysis for various projects. Written and Published Web Servi
ces to integrate heterogeneous applications and to allow for distributed computi
ng. Written stored procedures, Triggers, and function in both SQL.
* Designed classes for attaching files with tool and save to database, reduce ti
mings in loading of grids and reduce timings in code execution using ANTS Profil
* Involved in Requirement gathering and Joint Application Development (JAD) Proc
* Integrated SQL Reporting Services into Issue Manager System to generate on-dem
and reports.
* Responsible for implementation of Testing Data Access using LINQ-to-SQL.
* Implemented Data Access layer (SQL Server and Access) in .NET 3.5 implementing
Provider Pattern, which allows for a pluggable Data Access Layer.
* Web application in ASP.NET and C#.NET.
* Designed the Web interface for the TestStudio Application.
* Developed Web Service to add results to Test studio database through web servi
ce application.
* Deployed the project on the web server for Motorola Employees.
* Developed WCF for getting details from database by LINQ and used WPF to displa
y data in Silverlight controls.
* Consumed XML web services to transfer data from one application to another.
* Wrote Custom Web User controls and Web Control Library. This user controls are
used in different application to handle the common application related routines
* Written database access Application class to handle the common database functi
onality like connection, executing a stored procedure, passing parameters to the
stored procedure, querying the database.
* Done Analysis, design, coding, testing and implementation of the TestStudio ap
plication. Involved in TestStudio application maintenance. The application is a
testing management tool.
* Working on adding new features and upgrades to the TestStudio application.
* Done SQL server 2000/2005 database administration. Created DB Logins, DB Roles
and DB tables,
* Procedures, triggers, constraints, indexes and cluster to improve the performa
nce of the queries.
* Maintain IIS 6.0 server on the Development and test environment.
* Coded the data push and pull routines to gather the information from different
data source like XML and Databases.
Environment: .NET Framework 3.0/3.5, Microsoft Visual Studio.NET, C#.NET, ASP.NE
T, LINQ, ADO.NET Entity Framework, JavaScript, AJAX, IIS 5.0/6.0 Server, SQL SER
VER 2008/2005, Crystal Reports 8.5/9, WCF, XML Web Services, XML, XSLT, Windows
XP Professional, Windows 2000 Server, SQL SERVER 2000/2005 databases.
Continental Airlines, Houston, TX Oct 07 - Aug 08
Change Management System FastTrack
.Net Developer
Continental Airlines is a U.S. certificated air carrier. Based in Houston, Texas
, it is the fourth-largest airline in the U.S. and the fifth-largest in the worl
d by revenue passenger miles. CMS(Change Management System) is the tool built fo
r the users of Financial Systems to create CR(Change Request) along with many fu
nctionalities including Release Mangement, Role Management.
* Designed user interface screens and implemented application logic under Micros
oft .NET framework 2.0 using C#. NET to use .NET features powered with CLR.
* Implemented ADO.NET Programming using Connection, Command, Data Reader, Data A
dapter and Dataset objects by implementing System.
* Involved in writing various SQL/T-SQL queries/Stored Procedures/Triggers/Views
for building standard functionality. Server validation controls, and JavaScrip
t used for client side validations.
* Fixing Bugs and Enhancements of the application in ASP.Net.
Environment : .NET Framework v 2.0, WinForms using ASP.NET & C#.NET, Windows For
ms, Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005, JavaScript, , WebServices
Enhance Portfolio Lifecycle, Checkfree, NJ May 06 - Sep 07
Senior .NET Developer
EPL is an enhanced version of existing APL application used by Check Free for Po
rtfolio management. Check Free is a leading Service provider and a pioneer in el
ectronic bill payment and investment management sector. This application will he
lp Check Free and Business partners, Money Managers, Investment Managers etc. to
manage SMAs(separately managed account) created with Check Free. This Applicati
on is built on SO (Service Oriented Architecture) SOA and conforms to the latest
EDRA proposed by Microsoft. Performance and Security has been a driving factor
in this application development, and has been taken care up in every technical a
nd design decisions. Ell is built on .Net platform with ASP.Net and SQL Server 2
005 is the major technologies used in the development.
Role & Contribution:-
* Used the WF for defining, executing and managing Workflows.
* Was involved in implementing rich control, design and development of the Visua
l aspects of the Windows programs by using WPF.
* Developed forms and user controls in C#.NET.
* Developed, deployed and published web services in ASP.NET.
* Developed Reports using Report Viewer Control.
* Testing - unit testing for Data Load Utility tool.
* Involved in Defect Fixing in Infrastructure module. Performed timely design,
development and maintenance tasks as required and according to scheduled deadlin
* Timely and accurate report development and ad hoc reporting based on user requ
Environments: C#.NET, .Net Framework 2.0,ASP.Net, Java Script, UML, IIS, SQL- Se
rver2005, XML , METASTORM BPM / EWORK, Web Services, XML, XSL, ADO, WCF, WWF, WP
Sr.Net Developer Verizon, Dallas, Texas Feb 05 - Apr 06
Project: DNAFrameWork
DNAFramework is to develop an abstract layer between client applications and Bac
kend systems to avoid need for each development team to know about complex backe
nd systems of Verizon. Provides inter application communication. DNA makes all V
erizon applications loosly coupled. This is basically built with config driven a
rchitecture. Remoting is used for App to App communication, Back ground processe
s are run using WindowsNT services.
* Actively involved in applications design and architecture.
* Developed all configuration files template and schemas.
* Developed assemblies to allow VB clients to communicate with .NET application.
* App to App communication is built using .NET remoting technology for Peer-To-P
eer communication and Broadcasting.
* Built WindowsNT service to maintain Logging service across processes.
* Developed components to communicate with Webservices Asynchronously.
* Actively participated in developing Assemblies in c#.
* Developed Singleton objects for improving system efficiency and to maintain st
* Developed Serviced components.
* Designed and developed GUI screens for User Interface using c#.
* Actively involved in developing Components for Inter process communication com
* Participated in developing Wrappers for communication between VB client/Server
& C#.
Environment: C#, Web Services, Remoting, Reflection, COM, VSS, Application Block
s, VisualStudio.Net 2005, XML, XMLSchemas and WindowsXP.

PepsiCo, Chicago, IL Jan 04 - Jan 05

.Net Developer
PepsiCo is the world's premier consumer products company focusing on convenient
foods and beverages in the United States. Registered clients can utilize the ava
ilable online web site (intranet).It provides a centralized ordering system for
its clients worldwide.
* Used the DataGrid and DataList Component extensively to display, update and de
lete data in a very professional, consistent and user-friendly manner.
* Wired the required UI components with the code in the code-behind file using e
vent handlers.
* Achieved data validations in the UI ASP.NET data validators.
* Built Report Screens for various functions that includes refining, retrieving
and displaying of data based on specific search criteria keyed in by the user.
* Developed provisions in the Classifieds sub-module to place advertisements for
trading equipment. Extensive use of ADO record sets was made to interface with
the SQL Server 2000 database and worked with the Query Analyzer to query the dat
Environment: ASP.Net, VBScript, ADO, IIS, SQL Server 2000, Crystal Reports, .Net
Framework, VB.Net.
HDFC Securities Ltd, India Mar 03 - Dec 03
Rebate Information System (RIS)
Role: Sr. Developer
Rebate Information System (RIS) is a supporting system, which generates monthly/
quarterly bills for clients. This system provides facility to the user to define
various rebates, and brokerage schemes with various parameters. The User can at
tach these schemes to the clients. As per the attached schemes system will gener
ate the bills. The application will extract data from PRECISION system and save
it in the .DAT file format, which will then be imported in the system for proces
sing bills, and generating reports. This application serves as a supporting syst
em to the main systems, which generates client wise bills. User can define vario
us rebate and brokerage schemes and set various parameters for bill calculation.
* Analyze, design, develop, test and implement Risk Aggregator System using HTML
, Java Script, VB. Net, ASP.Net and ADO. Net.
* Involved in developing the Business Layer in C#.NET, where all the Business Ob
jects are written in developing the whole Application.
* Developed screens for user registration and authentication. Used ASP.NET valid
ation controls for validating user data input.
* Designed and developed screens for User Interface & Interaction also developed
various Search Screens for different strategies. Formatting of the user interfa
ce screens is done using CSS classes.
* Worked extensively on web forms and data binding controls like data list and d
rop down boxes and Mapping page fields to the database fields also implemented s
equential workflow (WF) logic for the application.
* Involved in Generating Reports like PCRM Contract, Limit & Daily Counter Party
Group through SSRS.
* Implemented the Upload screens to upload a spreadsheet containing either new e
ntry to be added to the database or containing updates to existing one.
* Generated detailed Report pages.
* ADO.NET (SQL Client) was used for Database interaction. Used Dataset, Data Vie
w and Data Reader objects for data retrieval and manipulation.
* Used Data View Object for Sorting and Filtering of data on data reporting page
* Extensively involved in developing Reports, generating Application Responses a
nd identifying the responses with issues and incomplete status and generating er
ror pages. The upload summary page will indicate the new records and records wit
h problems.
* Completely involved in maintenance, module testing, unit testing and documenta
Environment: VB.NET, C# ASP.NET, .NET framework 1.1 ADO.NET, MS Visual Studio. N
ET 2002, XML, XSLT, UML, SSRS, JavaScript, SQL Server 2000