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Brad Cookson

8225 S. Trenton Way

Phone: (720) 489-0711
Centennial, Colorado 80112

20 Years Experience in Training and Instructional Design
1998 December 2009 Senior Instructional Designer - Qwest Communications/US West
, Denver CO
Instructional Designer and Training Project Manager
Developed web-based training materials using a new web-based training developme
nt tool. This tool allows the course developer to use basic HTML skills, a vari
ety of preset page templates, and direct-to-page text and graphics insertion to
create interactive WBTs that included extensive use of Captivate movies. Nine W
BT projects developed and implemented over the last 2 years.
Delivered an average of 30 projects annually during the period 2005 and 2009.
This included maintenance, updating due to legacy system releases, changing old
courses to Wholesale approved template, research and development of new courses;
including ILT, blended learning, and WBT.
Selected as the Wholesale Training Project Manager for CWA strike contingency p
lanning team in 2005 & 2008. Consulted with center clients, created logical wor
k assignments, developed training plans, designed training curricula, authored/c
ompiled training materials, maintained manager assignment lists, and communicate
d training schedules prior to deployment. Training plans applied to 200+ Wholes
ale managers in five billing/provisioning centers located in four states.
Hired and managed three contract instructional designers and two student intern
s tasked with development/maintenance of paper-based and web-based training mate
rials in support of five Wholesale operations centers. Responsible for setting
project plans, scheduling progress reviews, coaching contractors in negotiation
methods and assisting in project implementation.
Compiled business requirements and created Request for Proposal documents for e
ight training development projects, ranked and rated RFP responses, and selected
vendors. Project Manager responsible for vendor interactions including negotia
ting Statements of Work, Change Orders, and authorizing vendor payment. Combine
d budgets for these projects totaled $3.7 million.
Developed comprehensive competency models for management and occupational posit
ions; identified course curricula and training paths for eight distinct job titl
es. Created an assessment of initial cost and projected return on investment fo
r the training plan prior to implementation.
Consulted with operations center management to design and develop an occupation
al training program that included the first position-specific certification prog
ram within Qwest Wholesale Markets. Final testing required 95% correct to pass o
n to probationary period for the position. Opportunities for coaching and a fin
al retest were allowed for a limited number of candidates.
Selected as project manager tasked with creating a center consolidation plan cl
osing of two operations centers, redistributing job functions to three other cen
ters over a four month period. Presented plan to director level managers, opera
tions center management team, and operations center personnel in four states to
achieve buy-in. Plan implemented in 2005 requiring development of two six-week,
position specific training tracks,
Daily user of MS Office Suites, Photoshop, and Macromedia Captivate. Currently
using Captivate on projects to create interactive system emulations, lesson rev
iew tests, and end of course evaluations. Utilized Captivate to create SCORM co
mpliant tests and evaluations with data compiled and cataloged in searchable for
mat via LMS reports; four years experience using Captivate ver. 1-4.
Project manager of RFP and selection process tasked with providing internal tra
ining on root cause analysis/statistical analysis tools. Compiled business requ
irements, screened vendor responses, and negotiated delivery of a three-day cour
se (Colo. State Univ. Denver). Provided guidance on customizing course content,
and managed delivery of training to 98 process specialists.
Brad Cookson

1989 to 1995 Internal Organizational Development/Quality Curriculum Trainer and

Facilitation Manager US WEST Communications, Denver,
Team Training/Facilitation and Instructional Designer
Trained team members in data gathering and problem solving methods utilized in
process management and redesign efforts. Team nominated for an award, competed
with six other teams and given first place award for implementing system and pro
cess changes in Network assignments and scheduling of delayed orders, saving ove
r 200K per quarter in 1991.
Trained a mixed TQM curriculum to over 500 employees in the Network, IT, Retail
Markets, and Operator Services organizations. Primary skill sets included; pro
cess identification, team problem solving, statistical analysis, and solution im
Provided on-going facilitation to six process teams during the investigation, s
olution development, improvement test and implementation phases of quality team
Developed and delivered a four-hour seminar on Change & Transition for managers
and occupationals during corporate surplus efforts. Audience consisted of engi
neering, operations, and customer service work groups; a total of 170 employees
1985 to 1989 Information Technologies Operations Center US WEST Communications,
Denver, CO
Operations Manager
Managed 45 occupational employees in a 24/7 environment with the following job
duties; automated/manual tape mount, IBM high capacity print center (Payroll Mag
netic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) and general documents), and microfiche pr
oduction. Because these individuals were unionized, this position required work
ing closely with union stewards and local officers to resolve issues ranging fro
m overtime schedules to termination for cause.
Personal Training, Certifications, and Organizational Affiliations
Organizational Development; NTL Institute for Personal & Professional Developme
Consultation Skills; NTL Institute for Personal & Professional Development
Past Treasurer and Secretary of the Colorado Organization Development Network
Past member of National and Denver Regional ASTD
Certification in Course Development and Training Management; Langevin Learning S
Certified Process Management Instructor; Marshall Qualtec Quality Systems
Certified Team Problem Solving Instructor, Marshall Qualtec Quality Systems
Certified Team Leader; Marshall Qualtec Quality Systems
Metropolitan State College/CU Denver; Aviation Management/Business,
Reference and Captivate project examples available upon request