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John Charles Lima

4 Sunflower Circle, North Providence, Rhode Island 02911 Busine

ss & Mobile (401) 286-9677 H
ome (401) 383-6506 Email: jl95f85a@westpost.
To obtain a full-time position in a growth-oriented company utilizing my skills
and experience listed below in order to continually enhance my professional and
personal goals, while reaching and surpassing the company's/agency's set goals.
A detail-oriented, self-motivated professional with extensive experience in the
business automation and technology, consulting, development and solutions, suppo
rt, marketing, management, personal development, investment, banking, brokerage,
and property management industries. Works well independently, as well as a stro
ng team member, and in the role of leader and manager.
Academic background in Marketing Management & Economics; Financial Markets & Ser
vices; Business Administration; Securities Sales, Service, & Compliance; experie
nce in positions requiring excellent communication (oral and written), research,
analytical and problem solving skills. Establish and maintain excellent relatio
nships with customers and associates. Special talent for relating easily with pe
ople at all levels. Strengths include problem analysis and resolution, project m
anagement, testing and auditing, spreadsheet development, research, and analysis
. Well organized, creative, energetic, positive, and conscientious. Initiative t
o learn and grow in the field of finance, government, management, and marketing,
business solutions consulting, personal development, and entrepreneurship.
Business Solutions Consulting/Entrepreneur, Owned & Operated by John C. Lima, Se
lf-Employed 10/07-Present
Home-Based Business/Small Business Consulting & Automation Solutions
Joint venture and consult with a team of experienced business professionals to m
arket, finance, train, consult, educate, manage, and sell our services, expertis
e, and experiences to start-up, research, expand a business, automate business p
rocesses to be successful with internet marketing and teach time management in o
rder to grow and be successful in business endeavors, and market via the interne
t a product and/or service. An independent distributor, Liberty, and,
m to support business automation. Also a member of TheWorksTeam,, and
Wildflower Condominium Association - Volunteer Work
Wildflower Condominiums, Sunflower Circle, North Providence, RI
Secretary 6/08 -9/09 Minutes & notices distributed to association members, atten
ded monthly board meetings to provide services conducive to community living, ab
ide and follow set Bylaws & policies and procedures, rules & regulations, and ma
intain the physical property and value of it for the members of the association.
President 9/09-7/10 CEO of the association and preside at all meetings of the me
mbers and Board of Directors.
Member 7/10 Present Attend all monthly meetings.
Operational Risk/Principal Review Team Manager, AVP Investment Center Operations
Banc of America Investment Services Inc. Investment Center, Lincoln, Rhode Islan
d - 10/06 - 10/07
Licensed Brokerage Supervisor & Principal
Managed, trained, & supervised a team of licensed principal review associates re
sponsible for the account review and opening of new self-directed brokerage acco
unt applications, ancillary documents including margin and option trading accoun
ts, accounts changes and updates, email communications with self-directed broker
age account clients, trade review via automation of online trading system receiv
ed for execution and sent to trading floor of the various exchanges, and high ri
sk accounts to minimize the risk and exposure of the investment firm. Responsibl
e for the daily operation of business, project management to automate and stream
line and improve the above noted operations and processes, and review and decisi
on on every communication (including complaint reporting) received from the self
-directed brokerage clients, internal and external clients, all in accordance wi
th the rules and regulations, policies and procedures that the NASD set forth to
run and govern the business. Also responsible for all actions and decisions mad
e by the team of principal review specialists, their continuing education and co
mpliance with NASD guidelines, and preparing, reviewing, and any additional trai
ning necessary for their quarterly and annual reviews and any disciplinary actio
ns needed within their position and to minimize risk to the overall company and
broker dealer. Supported and interacted with the VP, SVP, and EVP of the Self-Di
rected Brokerage Operation and Marketing on a daily basis to report any issues,
risks, trends, and feedback to ensure the business operation and success with re
gard to marketing efforts, fraud, and system automation processes.
Operational Risk Investment Specialist
Investment Center Operations
Banc of America Investment Services Inc. Investment Center, Lincoln, Rhode Islan
d - 12/05 - 10/06
Licensed Brokerage Principal
Responsible for analyzing and approving new self-directed brokerage account appl
ications, ancillary documents, and high risk accounts to minimize the risk and e
xposure of the investment firm in the capacity of an investment principal. Imple
mented and developed the risk team principal
review new account opening processes in the Lincoln, RI Investment Center. Train
ed all risk team associates, as well as Investment Center management staff on po
licies and procedures in new account principal review. Directly involved in proj
ect planning and management, targeting impacts and issues that may evolve and ca
use risk in new investment account opening. Also, was directly involved in the d
ay-to-day management and review of new account opening principal review ancillar
y documents, and high risk Know Your Customer accounts as defined by BAI AML Com
pliance. Work directly with Investment Center management and Compliance on devel
oping new account opening principal review policy and procedures. Act in the cap
acity of Principal Risk Review team lead with regards to NAO, and a team lead an
d team player with regards to all operational functions within the BAI Operation
al Risk team. Assist the Operational Risk Unit Leader and Market Director for th
e self-directed channel with all team efforts, training, processes, workflow, da
y-to-day activities, issues, management, policy and procedure development and im
plementation, system maintenance and development, and UAT testing. Coach and dev
elop risk team associates on a daily basis to meet and exceed expectations and g
oals set by risk management and investment center operations and management. Obt
ained working knowledge of the Email Response system and Email Principal Review
procedures within the operational risk team.
Registered Representative, Sales and Service, NE Money Manager Team
Banc of America Investment Services Inc. & Quick & Reilly Inc., A FleetBoston Fi
nancial Company Investment Center, Lincoln, RI 06/00-12/05
Licensed Brokerage Registered Representative
Recognize sales opportunities and transfer warm sales leads into new and upgrade
d accounts with regards to client suitability in bank and brokerage products ava
ilable at Bank of America and Banc of America Investment Services Inc., previous
ly Quick & Reilly Inc., A FleetBoston Financial Company. Handled and processed f
or submittal to the trading floor equity, option, and mutual fund orders for exi
sting and new clients. Had daily interaction with high net worth individuals and
institutions and act as liaison between client and personal financial consultan
ts. Aided in training other
agents to perform daily tasks and adhere to company policies and procedures. Rev
iew and analyze daily performance reports to help in adherence with investment c
enter guidelines. Troubleshoot website issues and aid in technical use of websit
e and touch tone telephone system for order entry of investment products and ser
vices. Assist clients with qualified and non-qualified retirement products. Calc
ulated margin buying power and review account and tax statements with clients. H
andled back office issues (i.e. Reorganization, Dividends, Margin, IRA, and Acco
unt Transfer departments.) Provided current research and quotations, representat
ive of marketing and promotions team, and provide qualified referrals to persona
l financial consultants of clients who want or convey a need for special product
s, investment advice, and portfolio diversification. Cross sell bank and brokera
ge products to develop client relationships with company. Provided operational,
service, and compliance support to external and internal clients in order to obt
ain and build assets under management in an investment banking atmosphere. Direc
t contact for several initiatives created during brokerage conversion to notify
and update clients of problem resolution.
Banker, Citizens Bank Of Rhode Island, 11/99-06/00
Demonstrated ability to provide exceptional customer service by understanding th
e customer experience, building relationships through the sale of bank products,
and promoting alternative delivery options as a service support Proactively ide
ntify and retain "at risk" customers. Team player to meet and exceed personal an
d branch success through effective customer profiling and follow-up. Actively de
velop and solicit additional relationships (personal and business) to obtain new
business. Adhere to the Bank's policies and procedures regarding branch operati
ons, employment practices, code of ethics, and all federal, state, and local law
s. Manage and promote franchise visibility and recognition in the community thro
ugh special assignments and community service. Telemarketing existing and new cu
stomers to retain and increase deposit base. Refer qualified leads to Citizens F
inancial Services Inc. for investment needs to build customer base. Consistently
participate and succeed in customer service, product, and sales training.
Senior Loan Analyst, Citizens Bank Of Rhode Island, 8/98-11/99
Manage and service multi-state commercial loan portfolios (participations,
syndications, and special assets). Duties include: supervise and prioritize the
flow of system processing; customer and inter-bank contact analyzing loan docume
nts and financial statements; payment processing; new loan set-up; maintain syst
em; monitoring delinquency reports; recognize, research, analyze, and resolve is
sues with regards to loans, systems, and products; daily interaction with other
financial institutions; training existing personnel on new concepts and new hire
s in portfolio service and bank systems; handling billing inquiries; providing l
oan systems support with respect to acquisitions and conversions; monitor and re
concile general ledger accounts.
* Received "Performance Plus" awards for resolving conversion related issues reg
arding payment flows.
* Participated in Y2K proiects that were successful and completed within strict
time 'Frames.
* Created procedures to facilitate the process flow of operations from the lendi
ng sites.
Senior Commercial Customer Service Specialist, Citizens Bank Of RI, 1996- 1998
Provided exceptional customer service by resolving customer inquiries in an accu
rate and timely manner. Additional duties included: daily telephone and written
contact with internal and external commercial loan customers; receiving, logging
, researching, analyzing and resolving customer inquiries within established dep
artmental time frames; pro-actively advising management team of any impending pr
oblems, either customer or staff related, working with various departments in th
e resolution of problems, either system or perception related; setting an exampl
e of professionalism for entire Commercial Customer Service staff; supporting ma
nagement staff on special projects; training new employees; tested and assisted
with the conversion of acquired bank data.
* Received numerous Service Stars for "going the extra mile".
* Resolved ten research calls per day.
Loan Officer Assistant, Citizens Mortgage Corporation,1995- 1996 Counseled custo
mers on mortgage product line; collected information pertinent to application an
d referred it to the loan officer; analyzed credit reports; involved in cross-se
lling and up-selling various mortgage and bank products. Back-up for mainline cu
stomer service inquiries.
* Generated five mortgage applications daily.
* Conducted marketing survey with regards to quality of
service provided by the Direct Consumer Mortgage representatives.
Market Research Interviewer Telemarketer; Macintosh Survey Center, 1994
Conducted surveys for various products and services; promoted new concepts; tabu
lated and analyzed information generated; communicated survey results with senio
r level management; set appointments for sales staff; sold products via outbound
* Recognized as a top producer and reached goals set by management.
PROVIDENCE COLLEGE, Providence, RI 2004 - 2006
Oprius Email Response Software , BAI's & Fidelity's Proprietary
Software, Account Express, Visio Presentation Software, Iris &
Socrates Database Management Systems, MS Word, MS Excel, MS
Outlook, MS Access, MS PowerPoint, MS Publisher, Lotus Notes*
Database Management. Proficient in the above and have an
intermediate level of knowledge.
Sailing To Success - Fleet & Quick & Reilly - Fall 2003
Who's Who Among American College Students - 1996 Junior Achievement of Rhode Isl
and - Educator of Business
Education & Economics - 1996