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Green Technology/ Mechanical Engineer / Engineering Simulation / CFD/ Thermal En

ergy / Alternative Energy

____________________SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS____________________
A dynamic Mechanical Engineer recognized for excellent organizational and interp
ersonal skills. Possess significant engineering experience in design, analysis,
and simulations.

____________________RELEVANT EXPERIENCE____________________
Mechanical/Simulation Engineer
* Developed a virltual lab using Labview which can be used in Graduate schools t
o make students undertand the working charecteristic of hydraulic hybrid ,which
was done with colaboration with EPA.
* Introduced an intermediate process during CNC machining of an engine block, re
ducing process time by 70 % and incresing the safety of worker.
* Researched and developed an experiment to understand the effectiveness of alum
inum foam on heat storing capacities of phase change materials. This experiment
will give initial data for more complex problems.
* Developed a concept air-car Simulink model on which a small sized sedan can tr
avel for 65 miles
* Conceptualized an energy storing shock absorber for capturing the waste energy
. which resulted in Thesis
____________________EMPLOYMENT HISTORY____________________
2006 - 2006 - Trainee Engineer
FleetGuard Filters Pvt.Ltd, Pune, Maharastra
2007 - 2007 - Design Engineer
Tata Technologies, Pune, Maharashtra
2009 - Master of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
University of Detroit Mercy, Detroit, Michigan
GPA: 3.6. Development includes extensive training in inovative ideas while emplo
yed at University of Detroit Mercy as a research assistant. Also an independent
study course on aluminum foam conductivity improved my experimental aspect of re
2006 - Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune, Maharashtra, India
GPA: 3.0. Organize and participated in college events for ASME student chapter a
s a class representative. Launched a College Magazine "MITVishwa" and chaired as
a chief editor for the same .Course Emphasis: Machine Design and Thermodynamics
and Fluid Mechanics.
* CatiaV5R18, Fluent
* MATLAB/Simulink, LabView 8.5
* Minitab 15, Gambit
* AutoCAD
Class Representative
ASME, Pune, India
2005 - 2006
Indian Student Association , Detroit, Michigan
2008 - 2009
International Student Union, Detroit, MI
2009 - 2009
"A Virtual Laboratory for Understanding Hydraulic Hybrid Technology"
ASEE NCS Conference Proceedings, ASEE NCS
April 2009, 12
The paper describes the physical test stand, present the governing equations and
LabVIEW program, introduce student laboratory exercises, compare the results of
simulated experiments with actual lab tests, and discuss plans for assessing st
udent learning
"An Improved PCM Heat Storage Technology Utilizing Metal Foam"
ITHERM 2010 Conference, LasVegas, ITHERM
July 2010, 10
The paper tries to undertand experimentally the effect of aluminum foam on the h
eat storage capacities and charge/discharge of heat in phase change materials.
Second place in Monster Vehicle Competition
SAE, Pune
2003 - 2004
Excellence in leadership and services
Awarded for two consecutive years
International Services, Detroit,Michigan
2008 - 2009