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Melvin D.

Newby 1311 East Humphrey Street

(757) 842-0873 Tampa, Florida 33604
Seeking a challenging career position in the Electronic/Electrical Field with a
progressive organization that will fully utilize acquired skills, abilities, pot
ential and past experience.
CRC Qualified
Hold a Secret Clearance
Satellite Communications
A Senior Electronics Technician
A Highly Proficient Problem Solver
An Effective Manager/Supervisor/Trainer
Six Years Military Experience and Schooling
Regents University - Albany, New York
(Associates Degree - Applied Sciences, Technical)
Electronic/Electrical Repair - Secure Network Connectivity - Defense Satellite
Global Terrestrial Control - Earth Terminal Projects - Installation/Testing - F
iber Optics - Organization
General Dynamics - Chesapeake, Virginia - 2001 to Present
Associate Field Engineer - Supervised up to eight personnel. Under the USAISEC
TRADOC contract, led installation teams for SIPRNET extensions on numerous Army
posts throughout the United States. The task order for the U.S. Army Informatio
n Systems Engineering Command assures secure network connectivity in accordance
with the IEP and Engineering Drawings. Provided installation support for Defens
e Satellite Communication Systems (DSCS) Teleport Gen II Phase I, Gen II Phase I
I and L-Band (LBIU) projects, and Global Terrestrial Critical Control Circuit (G
TC3S), as well as 52/78 Earth Terminal Projects.
Have knowledge and ability regarding the installation and testing of the followi
ng systems: Multiplexer Integration - Digital Communication Satellite Automation
Systems (MIDAS) - Enhanced Bandwidth Efficient Modems (EBEM) - Promina 800 - Tr
unk Encryption Devices (KIV-19A) - TRANSEC (KIV-7M)
Ancillary Equipment Racks (Firebird 8000) - Firebird 6000 - Defense Information
System Network -
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Tactical Edge (DISN-TE) - Ka-Stars - L-Band IF Patch and Equipment Racks - Seria
l Port Extension for BBS-1000, PSAX and ATM. Tasks for these projects include
the installation and testing of fiber optic and copper extensions, as well as eq
uipment racks, Cisco Switches and TACLANES. Familiar with the removal and dispo
sition of legacy modems and equipment racks after the completion of each install
Work directly with On-Site Engineers regarding network changes that may affect a
ny circuits. Provided updated (red line) drawings per the current Project Engin
eering Plan (PEP), and/or Project Concurrence Memorandum (PCM) updates over all
installation progress. Submitted status reports to upper management for job per
formance accountability.
Shipboard Electronics Technician II - Experienced in the principles of electrici
ty/electronics for naval and Coast shore installations, antenna/support structur
es and Lab environments. Activities included overall installation, troubleshoot
ing, repair, operation and installation testing. Worked directly from blueprint
drawings, red line drawings, technical manuals, handbooks and other technical d
ocumentation. Consistently produced work above Military Specifications Standard
s (MILSPEC). Conducted tests or experiments that required minor modifications i
n test setups or procedures. Experienced in subjective judgments concerning mea
surements, selections, set up and operations. Utilized standard test equipment
and recorded test data. Recognized for superior performance as a Task Leader on
many projects.
Electrician - Responsible for operation, maintenance repairs, installation and t
roubleshooting of electrical generating and distribution systems and related equ
ipment. Utilized switchboards and voltage/frequency regulators. Maintained an
d operated power/lighting circuits, electrical fixtures, motors, generators, con
trollers and a variety of test equipment. Rebuilt electrical apparatus to maint
enance standards. Operated metering equipment including: multi-meters, voltmet
ers, ammeters, ohmmeters, oscilloscopes, stroboscopes and power meters. Made st
andard wire splices. Detected and located grounds, and open/short circuits for
lighting and power systems which included micro-miniature repairs for soldering
Combating Trafficking Awareness - Connector Certification - Automatic Degaussin
g Systems
All positions required extreme accuracy, thoroughness, and attention to detail t
o ensure all aspects of systems operations. Possess keen analytical abilities f
or problem solving approaches to management.
Have Volunteered Time to the Community
"Motivated - Persistent - Precise - Effective"