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Jason Melancon
Email: 303.907.7721
40 W Littleton Blvd #210-55 Littleton CO 80120
Accomplished Senior Program/Project Manager
Energetic Communicator -- Focus on Fact Based Clarity -- Proven Team Buildin
g Skills
Career centered on the Assessment, Turnaround and successful Recovery of under-
performing Projects comfortable and effective with difficult situations.
Strong Delivery performance leading complex and often widely distributed teams
of 50+ professionals, including offshore contractors.
Created a Program Management Function in various organizations and industries
from design and training through facilitation and delivery.
Have generated $50M in new business and account development even though never i
n a dedicated sales role.
Successful in Diverse industries: Behavioral Health, Wholesale Distribution-Wa
rehousing, Business Intelligence Software, Retail Store, Electronics Manufacturi
ng, Web/Internet, Aerospace, Printing, Engineering Test and Construction/Wood Pr
oducts Manufacturing.
Visible Government Online Inc.
Portland ME and Denver CO, 2008Present
Vice President Internet Services Startup Open Government/Transparency
Co-founded this innovative web based startup, using Business Intelligence to an
alyze public data. Defined market and business development initiatives, and led
successful initial projects. The company now has completed thirty projects, ha
s five active clients and a backlog of work in the Open Government and Transpare
ncy market as well as the interest of potential investors.
Breakthrough Inc. - now Inara Inc.
Boulder CO, 20052008
President Information Services Startup
Designed, sold, and delivered multiple successful Behavioral Health Organization
software projects:
Census, Outcome Reporting, Client/Case Tracking, Performance Assessment, and Bi
lling systems for multiple Social Service organizations, including Savio House,
a national leader in evidence based home/community based programs.
Volunteer Management system for the Denver Rescue Mission, a $23M nonprofit ser
vices leader. Program is now in demand by other organizations with similar needs
Parolee tracking system for the Colorado Division of Youth Corrections.
Recruited by VP Logistics of $3B Wholesale distributer to assess and then resolv
e various issues with EDI and SCM processes
Cap Gemini Ernst & Young Seattle
WA, Cupertino CA, Portland OR, 19982005
Senior Manager International Business and Technical Consulting and Servic
es Firm
High Tech Industry On the High Tech Team led the successful transfer of Europea
n service offerings to the US, primarily in support of Hewlett Packard. Recruit
ed, hired, integrated and led 50 professional staff across multiple projects wit
h international teams.
Manufacturing Test, SCSI Device Driver Development, infrastructure support team
s: worldwide Hewlett Packard programs serving work station, laptop, and tape dri
ve divisions. The $25M+ Test Program was expanded even as Hewlett Packard was r
educing their overall employment of external consulting and contracting staff.
Managed the eLink infrastructure support team for Hewlett Packard, which was th
e highest rated HP services Project over multiple years.
Wholesale Distribution Recruited to turn around a failing project in the wholesa
le Tire industry in North Carolina with 14 Distribution Centers across the South
eastern US.
Over a two year period recovered the project and released a Business-to-Busines
s full service portal, which quickly became the dominant channel to market for t
his company.
EDI implementation with international suppliers.
Teamed with the clients VP of Operations to design and implement both the techn
ical and the operational aspects of a custom Warehouse Locator System. This sys
tem resulted in measurable improvement in every measurable aspect of warehouse o
perations, from service levels (+25%) to capacity utilization (+30%).
Electronic Manufacturing: Selected to assess and recover a complex enterprise ma
nufacturing project with Matsushita/Panasonic that was in danger of being cancel
ed. Resolved the problematic issues, with a revenue recovery of over $1M in yea
r one.

Image Technology Inc.

Redmond WA, 19921997
Principal Consulting and Software Development Firm
Project - Dataprint Inc., a Specialty Printer later acquired by Harland Inc.:
Hired to evaluate a large underperforming project to support direct-to-printer
functionality for their most significant client, Intuit Inc. Then asked to lead
the project, and delivered that capability and related functionality for Inuit
and others.
Project - Heart Technology Inc., a Medical Device (Rotoblator) Manufacturer:
Facilitated FDA requirement based Product Development Process Review and Revisi
Project - TVI, a retail clothing corporation:
After an initial assessment became Acting CIO, designed and implemented a moder
nization of both corporate information systems and retail center systems. The l
argest project was a custom Point of Sale application in 120 US and Canadian ret
ail outlets, which was rolled out successfully on time.
Project USAF Medical Facility in San Antonio Texas:
Custom CardioLab software Electrophysiology visualization tools.
Norton Opax PLC / Interchecks Inc. later acquired by Harland Inc. Se
attle and Bothell WA, 19881991
Due diligence M&A IT systems and integration assessments for the holding company
Vice President of Information Systems, Corporate Officer Mid-sized ($80M)
Financial Document Printer
Modernized the IT infrastructure at Interchecks, which included 21 printing plan
ts across four regions of the US. Led various project and operations teams, a t
otal of 50 professional staff.
Implemented a leading edge fault-tolerant manufacturing system across the compa
ny with no disruption of ongoing production, which included lead type to electro
nic printing conversions.
Re-designed and consolidated nine different legacy Billing application systems
into one, using what was at the time cutting edge database technology.
Designed and implemented a successful Automated Order Entry System, used by a n
umber of significant customers including Washington Mutual, and Boeing Employee
Credit Union.
Achieved higher retention rates than industry norms with Innovative Training Pr
Developed well regarded comprehensive iterative test programs for software rele
Martin Marietta Inc. - became Lockheed Martin Inc.
Denver CO, Washington DC, 19811988
Sr. Manager, Project Manager, Technical Lead, Programmer Aerospace and De
fense Contractor
Led IT assessment section of the Martin Marietta Data Systems M&A team. Was rec
ognized for successful project management with this group.
Turned around the Program Management Tools and Services group in the $1B FAA Sys
tems Engineering and Integration contract. This group had incurred severe punit
ive fees for non-performance under a highly leveraged performance contract.
One year later this group of 40 professionals was receiving the highest possibl
e positive performance awards, and in the second year was removed from the incen
tive structure of the contract because the performance grade was always at maxim
Led Red Teams Project Assessment and Turnaround for under-performing projects.
Recruited into a central Project Planning Group, then joined small team that dev
eloped and delivered technical project management training internally and to var
ious Martin Marietta defense and federal customers. This project training was w
ell recognized and became required for many programs.
Led Planning information systems groups for Military Space Programs, including t
he $3B Shuttle related program directly supporting over 100 professional planner
Standard Structures Inc.
Santa Rosa CA 19761981
Manager IT Department, Manager Estimating Department, Programmer Wood Pro
ducts Manufacturing
Led initial development and deployment of custom administrative and manufacturin
g information systems.

Public Speaking and Teaching

Professional Meeting and Conference Speaking Engagements - Topics Including:
* How to Recognize and Recover a Project That is in Trouble
* Integrating the Technical Team with the User Community
* Cost Accounting is Productivitys Public Enemy #1
Theory of Constraints Throughput Accounting
* Managing Project Managers
* Fearless Conflict Resolution
Taught Undergraduate and Graduate Students at Sonoma State University
Systems Analysis and Design
General Systems Theory
Information Technology Management

M. Jason Melancon Email:

40 W Littleton Blvd #210-55 Littleton CO 80120
Resume - Additional Information:
Professional Memberships
Currently Active:
CUEC Consortium for Untangling Enterprise Complexity
A creative new professional organization focused on the cost of and remedys for
unnecessary Complexity, primarily with enterprise architecture and software desi
gn, but more widely in organizational processes.
AGILE Denver Agile/Scrum Development Methods
Previous active/leadership participation with the following:
TDWI The Data Warehousing Institute (Business Intelligence)
PMI Project Management Institute
IMA Institute of Management Accountants
APICS American Production and Inventory Control Society
ACM Association for Computing Machinery
Various Business Intelligence including QlikView courses
ERP Oracle, SAP & Various Smaller and Custom ERP Systems
UML, Use Case
CMMI - ISO 9000
Dynamic Facilitation Training
Theory of Constraints
Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma
Kaizen Incremental Improvement
Many Development Methodologies: Formal Waterfall, RUP through Agile/Scrum
B.A. State University of New York Regents Program Liberal Studies/Sciences
Graduate Work at Sonoma State University of California - 30+ graduate hours 4.0
Management, Finance, Operations Research, Systems Theory
Member Lions Club International
Currently a Director of the Denver Lions Club and Foundation
Active work with the KidSight Program