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June 2011

Save the date Independence Day Celebration

Upcoming AmSoc events
As we told you all in our last Forum, We have put a link on our website
July 2nd - 4th of July celebration this year we’ll be celebrating United ( for your use to
Aug - Welcome back event (date TBA) States Independence Day on Saturday complete the reservation form including
Sep 24th - AmSoc Vida Jovem Benefit (note change July 2nd. We want to thank Thomas the food you are bringing, names and
of date) Kelly, Counsel General and acknowledge numbers.
the American Consulate as our Co-Host. You can also email the information
The event on Saturday July 2nd will take to the or call at
place at the Consulate in the sporting area 5182-2074. If you call, please have all the
The Health Issue within the
names and
The Gates numbers
Pollution in São Paulo will open
at 12:30pm
r e a d y
with drinks we’ll need
Page 4: How bad is it really, what
is being done and what can you and games to write
do to protect the health of your available. everything
family and yourself? Opening d o w n
ceremonies for you.
with the Children’s
M a r i n e document
Brazilian superfoods Color Guard numbers
will start will NOT be
Page 6: Heard about Brazilian at 1:30pm. necessary
superfoods yet? What are they Lunch will for this
and how can you benefit from be served event.
them? after the T h e
opening ceremony, the President’s Consulate staff will will be joining us for
message, and a few words from our the picnic and all our kids will be playing
Consul General etc. together. We are hoping to have fireworks,
The flu It comes complete with a play area for pending approval and sponsorship for this
children where we’ll have some extra type of spectacular event.
Page 10: Get all the info on the special games and slides, hot dogs and Remember, each family must bring a
flu and this year’s flu vaccine drinks, face painting and activities to salad or fantastic dessert to accompany
right here! last the whole afternoon. We’ll have a the traditional hamburgers and hot dogs,
sporting area for adults, tennis, soccer and we’ll continue this tradition at the
kicking, egg toss, Tug-O-Rope, three Consulate.
legged races and of course some prizes Since this is a Members Only event,

Our Mission
for those outstanding performers. invite your friends to JOIN AMSOC and
Since we’ll be inside the Consulate come to our first Independence Day Event
gates we’ll need to conform to the strict at the American Consulate. Just click the
security regulations, so if you don’t have “Join Now” button on our website, you
The American Society of São Paulo a reservation you will not be allowed past can use your credit card or PayPal for
promotes friendship by organizing security. The security documents required your Annual fee.
social, cultural and athletic events for are simple and normal (just like you’d Your Independence Day Committee
its diverse membership; encourages use to enter an office building): Name of is working hard to ensure you have a
integration with the Brazilian society; all attendees (maids as well), document GREAT picnic, so come prepared for
and supports the American traditions type and number (Passport, RG, RNE good food, good friends, good weather
of education, philanthropy and etc). There is plenty of street parking on and a fantastic event.
volunteerism. Saturdays and there is a parking lot at the
end of the street. See you on Saturday July 2nd at 1:30pm
The President’s Corner
First of all, and we were married after our university Guarapiranga Golf and Country Club
I would like studies in the U.S. We then moved to as Captain for four years, President four
to thank those Brazil in 1975 and our two daughters, years, and President of the Board three
whom elected Angela and Melissa, attended Chapel years. I have been on the American
the Officers and and Graded, and then off they went to Society Board for three years and
Board members the US for college. Both girls now live am looking forward to next year as
at the AGM and work/study in California. Sadly President of this great organization!
last month. I Marilyn passed away in 2005, a victim I am an Elvis Presley fan and my
By Joe Sherman, AmSoc president
look forward to of breast cancer. daughters have given Connie and I
working with Jennifer, Jacques, Ruth I have known my fiancée Connie tickets to see the Cirque du Soleil
and the Board in continuing to fine tune Herbert for many years; her husband Viva Elvis show in Las Vegas for our
what the American Society does and Brandon and I go back to elementary at 60th birthdays. So we are off at the
offers in these changing times. Graded; and he unfortunately was also end of the month to Las Vegas and
Secondly I would like to introduce a victim of cancer. We will be married California. Connie’s daughter, Aline,
myself to those that do not know me after she retires as an elementary will be joining us on the California leg.
personally. principal at the Swiss School in Unfortunately I will not be at our 4th of
I was born here in São Paulo and August. July celebration which I am sure will
am a third generation American. My My business experience is in the be a great success.
grandfather first came to Brazil in agribusiness area having worked for For those on vacation in July have a
1916, initially working in Rio Grande two large American grain companies, good time and see you in August at our
do Sul in the coal mining business. a Brazilian cooperative, European pancake breakfast.
He later moved to São Paulo with agrichemical businesses, and an
my grandmother working with the international ethanol trade association. Abraços,
Canadian Light and Power Company. Most of my work experience was in Joe
My grandmother was a teacher and the São Paulo plus two year expatriate
elementary principal at Graded having tours in New York and Minneapolis at
graduated from Columbia University the home office. I currently work on
with a Masters in Education. agribusiness consulting projects on a
My father and uncles grew up in case by case basis.
São Paulo, attending Graded and In terms of volunteering, the
later Mackenzie as Graded was only American Society is not new to me,
elementary at the time. My father was coaching Little League T-ball, Girls
working in Rio when he met my mother Softball-PACA at 8:00 on Saturday
who was working at the US consulate. mornings…. I was on the Board of our
I also went to Graded until my father neighborhood owners association for
was transferred to Buenos Aires. I met many years and as an active golfer have
my wife Marilyn in high school there participated in the management of the

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2 Forum June
The American Society
of São Paulo

Welcome to our New Members

Please welcome the following New Members who joined us in April 2011. We are very grateful for their support, and that
of all our members! See you at our next event!!! WELCOME TO THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF SÃO PAULO! Your
Membership Committee


Lesley OLSON & Mario ZEBIC Family Patron American

Yamin CHIANG Single Patron Brazilian RP Import e Export

Joseph & Cecilia TRIPICIAN Family American

Jeffrey Andrew MAYER Junior American Chapel School

Health Insurance in Brazil -

Do I have what I need?
While many of us are familiar with the extent of your coverage is important.
health care costs and medical coverage, Perhaps a local or international policy
living in Brazil can cause you to double would be better for your needs.
check that you are your family have the If you would like to learn more about
coverage you need. both local and international insurance
Local insurance policies are policies available in Brazil, American
generally limited to the country in Society has arranged for a group policy
which you live, whereas international to be extended to its members at a
policies generally provide coverage discount.
worldwide. We picked a broker who speaks
Listed below are important items fluent English and can explain selected
that our often treated differently in local insurance policies and products to you.
and international insurance coverage If you would like to learn more, please
policies. contact the AMSOC office or visit our
The question of insurance coverage website for additional information.
can be complicated but understanding

Local International
Reference List of Doctors/Lab tests/Hospital Free Choice of Providers Around the World
Limit of reimbursement for procedures No limit (UCR – Usual, Costumary, Reasonable)
No coverage of prescribed medications Coverage for prescribed Medications
Some products do not offer Home Care Home Care coverage
Limit of Medical Technology Cutting-edge medical technology
Brazil Coverage Worldwide Coverage
Limit of Cancer Treatment 100% coverage for Cancer Treatment
Limit for appliances implanted during surgery 100% for appliances implanted during surgery
No air ambulance Air ambulance coverage

2011 Forum 3
Hazy Daze: São Paulo’s Pollution Problem
By Ernest White II, staff writer

One of the biggest events to hit combination of carbon exhaust and dirt São Paulo state such as Ribeirão Preto,
town this year is the C40 Large Cities in microscopic particles small enough São Francisco Xavier, and even far-
Climate Summit, a biannual reunion of to get by the body’s built-in respiratory flung Presidente Prudente.
leaders from the world’s largest cities defense system, commonly known Air isn’t the only contaminated
joined in an effort to combat climate as nose hair – stirred up by moving element in the São Paulo area. The
change, happening at the World Trade vehicles, but the two-year delay in the city’s biggest suppliers of drinking
Center São Paulo from May 31st to commercial availability of cleaner- water, the Billings and Guarapiranga
June 2nd. reservoirs, at the far end of
São Paulo makes an Zona Sul, contain unsafe
interesting, if unconventional, levels of lead, copper, nickel,
choice for host city of the and zinc, among other heavy
conference: with a population metals, according to USP.
in the greater metropolitan Sabesp, the state-run
area of twenty million sanitation company in charge
people, a growing fleet of of delivering potable water to
over seven million cars, and the populace, isn’t equipped
a well-established industrial to filter the water completely,
sector, the city often finds so traces of these metals can
itself shrouded in a Venusian indeed be found in water
haze, producing spectacular, coming from the tap.
apocalyptic sunsets as well as Long-term exposure to the
persistent coughs. In fact, the air elements have been known
pollution in São Paulo, caused to cause decreased fertility
mostly by vehicle emissions, and cancer. Meanwhile, a
has been found to shave three two-year project in which
years off an otherwise healthy person’s burning diesel fuels in Brazil, which water from the Rio Pinheiros was to be
life, in addition to causing all manner had been slated for 2009, is expected treated before flowing into the Billings
of health problems, including asthma, to cost R$30 million in public health Reservoir by a special floating filtration
bronchitis, emphysema, heart disease, care costs and at least 14,000 deaths system that would concentrate toxins
and lung cancer, according to the nationwide by 2030, according to and waste into a removable sludge was
Pollution Laboratory at the University figures by USP. deemed a complete failure last year
of São Paulo (USP), which constantly As temperatures drop in the Southern by the state government, at the cost of
monitors pollution levels and their Hemisphere, the overall amount of air R$80 million.
effects on the citizenry. pollution in São Paulo increases, since This is in addition to contamination
This same citizenry, while seemingly the air itself becomes drier and toxic of the Guarapiranga Reservoir by raw
attached to a steadily growing car gasses, including carbon monoxide sewage seeping and being dumped
culture, are increasingly dissatisfied and nitrogen dioxide, are less likely to from illegal squatter settlements along
with official efforts by municipal, state, dissipate, forming a noxious force field the shoreline.
and federal government agencies to over the city that traps heat, causing Though these issues may make
effectively deal with the problem. further unnatural climatic fluctuations. São Paulo seem incredibly toxic and
Last year, according to research done In fact, last August proved to be the virtually uninhabitable – the city’s air
by the NGO Nossa São Paulo, 36 per driest month in São Paulo since records pollution index is nearly twice that
cent of paulistanos questioned indicated began to be kept in 1943, according of New York – it’s actually less of a
being “totally dissatisfied” with the to the Brazilian National Institute of polluter than Mumbai, Shanghai, or
city’s pollution controls, and the same Meteorology. even Buenos Aires. And, São Paulo
number believe that air quality in the Not only that, but scientists at the produces less carbon emissions per
area has gotten worse over the last few National Institute of Space Research capita than New York, Toronto, or
years. Still, with woefully inadequate in São José dos Campos found that Washington, D.C.
public transportation, many of these atmospheric pollutants produced in the In an attempt to honor its oath to
same citizens add to the problem by São Paulo metro area can easily spread reduce the amount of carbon released
driving. up to 600 km away, or more, creating into the air by thirty percent of 2005
Not only is “toxic dust” – a a layer of harmful ozone over towns in levels by the year 2050, the city has

4 Forum June
The American Society
of São Paulo

become more focused on taking cars for hosting a global environmental

off the road through a slow but steady summit, but by attempting to tackle
metro expansion program, opening a few of the developing world’s
most of the stations along the new ecological issues, from recycling to
yellow line, Linha 4, by the end of the public transportation, the city may
year, as well as breaking ground on indeed show that it is just as serious
another subway line – Linha 6 – by about saving the environment as it
the start of 2013. has been about polluting it.
Also, almost 10,000 buses, which
constitutes about 65 per cent of the
city’s entire bus fleet, have been Protecting Yourself from Pollution
replaced with models that burn more
environmentally-friendly fuels. While São Paulo’s air might
The city’s Secretaria do Verde e be hazardous to someone’s health
Meio Ambiente, the governmental (typically young children and the
body responsible for environmental elderly), there has been no call for the
initiatives in São Paulo, have wearing of surgical masks – SARS-
organized the 100 Parques program, style – by doctors or the government.
with an aim of establishing 100 parks Still, there are some pre-emptive steps
and green spaces in the city before you can take to try and minimize the
the end of next year. negative effects of poor air quality,
Parks tend to provide a cooling especially during the approaching
effect on cities, especially those with dry season, when pollutants are at
vast tracts of concrete structures their worst.
and pavement that generate extreme Many people forget that water is
heat in the sun. São Paulo has been an essential ingredient in making
especially creative by establishing your body run smoothly, and drinking
linear parks along stretches of sufficient water on especially dry days
is the most important and
effective way of combating
negative effects of polluted
air on the body.
Skin lotions, sunblock,
and humidifiers – which
could be as simple as hanging
a wet towel in a warm area
to generate humidity – also
work wonders.
Children and the elderly
need special attention and
should be kept hydrated.
Avoid heavy physical
roadways and canals that serve the exertion, especially in the hours
dual purpose of cooling down the city when the sun at its highest point and
and calming down its inhabitants. the air is at its worst. Keep abreast of
Other initiatives include carbon the weather and news reports on air
credits made available for sale to quality and plan accordingly.
other countries based on the efficient Regarding water, always drink it
operation of some of Latin America’s from the bottle, or another trusted
largest landfills on the outskirts of source. There are no guarantees about
town and to be used for establishing how much filtering tap water has had,
other green projects, installing less- and if that’s your only source for
wasteful LED lights around the drinking water, use a pitcher with
city, consciousness-raising about a built-in filter to try and reduce as
recycling, and a solar water heating many impurities as possible. And
scheme made affordable for lower- try to swallow as little tap water as
income households. possible while showering or brushing
At first glance, São Paulo may your teeth...ok, that might be going a
not seem to be the obvious choice little overboard.

2011 Forum 5
Brazil’s Wealth… of Nutritional Health
By Jane Posner

Brazil’s economic wealth is well only for special occasions. Recently, This natural feature places coconut
reported throughout the world, but not when her granddaughter turned three water into competition with Gatorade.
everyone is familiar with Brazil’s vast she splurged on 2 liters of acai mush Additionally, the website Cocotap,
array of antioxidant rich superfoods. for R$20, 7 percent of her monthly claims that coconut water reduces
Acai berries, Brazil nuts, coconut water, household income. problems for children with intestinal
Guarana plants, Yerba Mate tea and Some people attribute the boom in disturbances, contains growth
coffee are just a few of the nutritional acai’s popularity to Oprah Winfrey who promoting properties and kills intestinal
opportunities available to us every discussed the berry on her show with worms. It is useful as a blood plasma
day here in Brazil. Although some of famed doctors such as Mehmet Oz and substitute, as an intravenous solution,
these superfoods have exaggerated and Nicholas Perricone. On her February and can be used topically to prevent
hyperbolized health claims, that should 2008 show, NY cardiologist Dr. Oz, prickly heat rash and relieves rashes
not detract from the scientific facts that presented his anti-aging checklist caused by small pox, chicken pox and
these foods provide a diverse variety of which included acai. Additionally, he measles. It furthermore is an urinary
vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. was quoted saying, “It (acai) has twice antiseptic and eliminates poisons in
Acai berries are perhaps the most the antioxidant power of a blueberry” cases of mineral poisoning, and it helps
well known or, more specifically, the Connecticut based dermatologist, Dr. to naturally keep the body cool.
most highly marketed of the Brazilian Perricone, included the Brazilian fruit Now living in Brazil, I can be
superfoods. Most Americans are in his “10 Superfoods list.” selective by only drinking the delicious
familiar with US brands like MonaVie, While the extreme claims of rapid coconut water fresh from the fruit after
which is sold through independent weight loss, flattened tummies, and being entertained by the vendor with
distributors much like Avon, and enhanced sexual energy are still being the machete who meticulously chops
Sambazon which is sold in 15,000 researched, acai berries still remain off enough of the fruit to fit my straw.
grocery stores throughout the US. an excellent source of delicious Another Brazilian superfood, which
Additionally, acai products have antioxidants. has maintained a steady popularity, is
flooded the internet with various After recently moving here the Brazil nut. A large nut, shaped like
overpriced “miracle acai pills”, from Orange County, California, a quarter moon or oval is famous for
virtually all of which turned out to headquarters of the US company its high selenium content. The RDA
be placebos and financial scams. That Sambazon (short for Saving and (Recommended Daily Allowance) for
being said, acai pulp provides more Managing the Brazilian Amazon), I adults is 55 micrograms a day. One
protein in relation to its weight than was eager to try the authentic highly Brazil nut delivers 95.8 micrograms,
eggs and milk, and has high levels of touted native fruit. After realizing that well over the daily requirement.
of anthocyanin, an antioxidant, as well I could not actually buy acai berries, I Selenium, aids the body in producing
as vitamins E and B1, potassium, iron bought some frozen acai pulp, which antioxidant enzymes that protect
and calcium, according to Embrapa, was surprisingly similar to the way it human cells from free radical damage.
Brazil’s agriculture research company. is sold in the US. My first homemade Free radicals are molecules responsible
Unfortunately, the popularity of this attempt to serve acai pulp to my three for aging and tissue damage.
super berry has become a social issue children did not go over so well, since A double-blind, placebo controlled
for Brazilians as the price has soared. it was not sufficiently sweetened with study, known as the Nutritional
Farmers in Brazil typically sold the sugar and banana, nor sufficiently Prevention of Cancer, noted that
acai in a wicker basket that holds thinned out with a little water. At first in populations where selenium
about 14 kilograms (31 pounds) for taste, it was a thick bitter paste, but after consumption was low, there was a rise
R$1 wholesale. Today the price has further experiments and improvements in the incidence of cancer. This long
risen to as much as R$60, according to my kids now ask for it every night for term trial involving 1312 people found
Embrapa. dessert. supplementing with selenium reduced
The strain is making it harder for Gaining in US marketing exposure the total cancer incidence by 48% to
local people who depended on acai currently, is coconut water. I was 63%, especially prostate, colorectal
as a source of food. For example in recently handed a juice box size and lung cancer.
Igarape-Miri, an Amazon village 1,100 container of ice cold coconut water on a The Brazil nut also possesses trace
miles north of Brasilia, a local woman, blazing hot summer day in Washington amounts of thiamine, riboflavin, and
Francisca Neves, who sells manioc D.C. during a street fair. The marketing niacin, along with high levels of folate
flour to neighbors and restaurants, representatives were touting not only and Vitamin E. It is natural then for
says that the bitter pulp she used to eat rapid rehydration but also a natural people to assume that if one Brazil
twice a day is now a luxury reserved electrolyte replacement. nut a day is that good for their health,

6 Forum June
The American Society
of São Paulo

than doubling, tripling or even eating infused custom that is mostly found in According to the LIVESTRONG
five times this amount would be even Southern Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, website, coffee is high in antioxidants,
better. and Paraguay. and it may decrease your risk of type
Whereas this theory works well for Most people drink Yerba Mate in a 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, liver
dark leafy greens, it does not apply to hollowed out gourd cup with a special cancer, and heart disease.
Brazil nuts. Overdosing on selenium filtered straw called a bombilla. Some Conversely, without proper moderate
causes a toxic condition known as people in Brazil and in many other places habits in consuming these beverages,
selenosis, causing symptoms like hair in South America drink the mate all they can also become dangerous in large
loss, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, day long, actually walking everywhere amounts leading to increased heart rate,
fatigue, irritability and nerve damage. with their “mate kit” usually including sleep disturbances, anxiety, restlessness
This is why the Brazil nut is sometimes a mate gourd cup, bombilla and a huge and upset stomach and in extreme
referred to as the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. thermos of water (can be hot or cold) to situations an overdose of caffeine can
Hyde of the nut world. continually refill the gourd throughout cause seizures and convulsions.
What are we to do with such diverse the day. Some people even travel with Variety and moderation are important
health advice? Limit yourself to one special carrying cases for their thermos aspects of a healthy diet when it comes
or two a day. It is the old advice of and mate supplies. Recently, a friend to any foods, including these Brazilian
everything in moderation. told me than in most mate drinking Super Foods.
On the caffeine front Brazil grows areas, even motorcyclists drive with I feel very fortunate to live in
three distinctly popular products, their water thermos and cup under their Brazil, a country with such a vast
Coffee, Yerba Mate tea and Guarana. arm, refilling their gourd with water array of delicious and exotic fruits and
Now whether or not these products at each red light. They are committed vegetables at every turn. I am looking
are consumed within families has as to the habit. So you can’t drive and forward to including many more
much to do with cultural upbringing as talk on your cell phone but you can healthy and Brazil exclusive foods in
scientific evidence. Guarana has the coordinate all this tea drinking with no our family’s daily meals.
most caffeine of the three, 3.6% to 5.8% problem?!?!
by weight vs. coffee at only 2%. This Yerba Mate contains caffeine and
caffeine provides alertness, energy and antioxidants, but fans of the tea claim
combined with other supplements can that mate is easier for the stomach to
promote weight loss, according to the digest and provides more vitamins than
US health website WebMD. Guarana coffee. According to K. Simon Yeung,
is derived from the seeds of a tropical a research pharmacist at
South American tree. Aside from the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer
seed itself, there are no natural food Center in NY, Yerba Mate contains
sources of Guarana, but it has become B Vitamins, Vitamin C, manganese,
a common additive in food and drink. potassium and zinc.
It is most commonly seen in Brazilian Finally, the classic beverage and
soda, appropriately named, Guarana. standard in almost every culture
Personally, I am not a fan of sodas so I around the world is coffee. Brazil is
am going to wait for food producers to the largest coffee producing country
come up with a more natural way to in the world. The Brazilian terrain is
consume it. perfect for growing both Arabica and
Yerba mate is an herb grown in robusta coffee. Recently, scientific
Brazil that many people drink instead studies have come out about the health
of coffee. This is a very culturally benefits of moderate coffee drinking.

Fellowship Community Church

The Welcome Place since 1921
Phone (11) 3253-7609

09:00 am - Walking in Faith Classes (English and Portuguese)

Sunday’s 10:30 am – Worship Service (English only)

06:00 pm – Culto em português

Conveniently located on Rua Carlos Sampaio, 107 – Bela Vista

Just a block and a half from the Brigadeiro Metro station on the Avenida Paulista

2011 Forum 7
Brazil Travel in Winter - Serra Gaúcha
By Melissa Sabella Harkin, AmSoc member

center is compact and a stroll cars, towers, lakes, waterfalls and

taking in the streets famed for houses. There are various models based
their flowerbeds and Bavarian- on famous buildings and structures,
style buildings is a must. including the Neuschwanstein castle
There are many shops selling in Germany. Addition to the model
traditional Gaúcho hand-made continues to this day and recent
products, such as leather and inclusions are representations of the
woolen clothing. Andes mountain range, the Argentinian
Arts and crafts and local airport of Bariloche and the Hamburg
produce are also in abundance, metro system.
including the famous Gramado
chocolate. Every second shop Canela
boasts chocolate in hundreds
Picture timber-framed buildings, of different shapes and forms, Canela city center is similar in
flower-lined streets, chocolate shops and cups of thick hot chocolate are even atmosphere to that of Gramado, with
and snow in winter, and you probably served in winter at the city’s sidewalk its flowerbeds and chocolate shops.
don’t picture Brazil. Yet the sister cities cafes. The majestic stone cathedral at the top
of Gramado and Canela in Rio Grande There are many events in Gramado of the main road provides a focal point
do Sul are just that. throughout the year. In winter, the city for its tidy streets and well-kept shops
It all seems a million miles away hosts the most important film festival in and houses.
from Rio’s palm-fringed beaches, Latin America and at Christmas the city However, the real draw for tourists
São Paulo’s hectic business life or the streets are garlanded with decorations to Canela are rather the various parks
Amazon rainforest, but the longer time and twinkling lights in a festival called outside the city, offering scenic walks,
one spends in Brazil, the more one “Natal Luz” (Christmas Light). trails for hiking and sites for camping
learns about such stark contrasts. Other attractions in Gramado include and barbecuing outside of the short
Gramado and Canela form part of the “Lago Negro” (Black Lake), so winter.
what is known as the “rota romântica” called because it was constructed after The most famous of these parks is
(romantic route). This is a scenic a fire destroyed the existing forest and “Parque do Caracol” (Snail Park),
itinerary of thirteen cities in Rio trees imported from the Black Forest named after the breathtaking “Cascata
Grande do Sul first colonized by in Germany were planted at its edges. do Caracol” (Snail Waterfall).
German immigrants in the Nineteenth Nowadays it’s a peaceful spot for The waterfall is 131 meters high and
Century. They cultivated this colder, having a picnic or renting a pedal boat is picture-perfect against a backdrop
mountainous part of the state and built in the form of a ubiquitous swan or of forest and basalt rocks. The park
houses reminiscent of the Bavarian curiously, a mini-pirate ship. includes various viewpoints, camping
style from Germany. Their identity has “Mini-Mundo” (Mini-World) is facilities and stalls selling craftwork
been preserved to the present day in the another popular tourist attraction. gifts such as ponchos, hats and
regional dialect, traditional music and Created in 1981, it represents a city barbecue tools. There are also 927 steps
local festivals. in miniature, replete with castles, leading to the base of the waterfall,
Gramado and Canela can be reached railways, windmills, churches, cable- open in high season.
in a day trip from Porto Alegre (capital
city of Rio Grande do Sul state), at
a distance of 150 kilometers from
it, and lie just six kilometers apart.
They are popular resorts not just for
Brazilians, but also for Argentineans
and Uruguayans, seeking what the
romantic route’s website describes as
“the most European cities in Brazil”.


Arriving from Porto Alegre, your

first stop should be Gramado. The city

8 Forum June
The American Society
of São Paulo

The Business - Copy & Paste

My former co- car features - all for a lower price. A procedure by following a “plant-based
worker at Dell, Rudy female co-worker of mine recently told diet” taken from a famous doctor at
Luna, used to say that me she wouldn’t buy a Chinese car the Cleveland Clinic. His revelation
all the best ideas in the because the Chinese imitate the design will surely lead to many other copy &
world have already of others – and don’t pay royalties. pastes. In fact, I have decided to follow
been invented, and Royalties, smoyalties! No need to pay the same program after watching a
By Shay Coker, that all we need to someone else for a simple exercise of documentary called Eating by Mike
AmSoc board member do now was copy and copy and paste. Anderson and reading Rip Esselstyn’s
paste. While I used to book “The Engine 2 Diet”. I will let
laugh it off back in the days when his Technology you know the preliminary results of
daily programming routine was filled The runaway leader in the tablet my program next month – so you can
with a lot of Ctrl C/Ctrl V, upon further computing sector, Apple has sold decide whether to copy and paste into
reflection, I find it a fascinating concept almost 20 million iPads. This has your life. No royalties needed.
today. inspired a copy & paste frenzy in which
HP, RIM, Motorola, and Samsung have The Business is a monthly column
Business desperately tried to copy the iPad’s written by Shay Coker, a sports-
Corporations, non-profit organizations, design and make a dent in Apple’s loving economist making a living as a
and leadership councils are filled with dominance. Not many of those iPads are commercial real-estate consultant at
“best practices”. These best practices sold in Brazil, due mainly to sky-high Jones Lang LaSalle in São Paulo.
always involve a copy and paste import duties. However, the Brazilian The Forum does not take responsibility
concept, which take the best idea or Ministry of Science and Technology for opinions or advice expressed in this
process and replicate it. Six Sigma recently let slip that Apple will begin column.
business management strategies? Copy producing the iPad and iPhone through
and paste. Performance reviews based its partner FoxConn, in the municipality
on SMART goals? Copy and paste. of Jundiaí starting in July. Guess what
There is almost nothing corporations happened immediately thereafter.
do today that does not involve the Samsung announced that it will copy
copy and paste mantra! And what Apple and begin producing its Galaxy
about franchises? The basic premise tablet in Brazil.
of almost any franchise is based on
copying a concept and pasting it in Sports
another location, such as Subway NFL teams hire assistant coaches
recently pasting over 400 sandwich from successful franchises in an attempt
shops in Brazil. to copy and paste the same success for
their teams. Offensive coordinators still
Automobiles employ the pass-happy “West Coast
Have you noticed that a large majority offense” that Bill Walsh successfully
of automobiles today look alike? While employed in San Francisco during the
there are clearly trend setters, almost 80’s. One of Brazil’s biggest soccer
every car company copies and pastes clubs, Corinthians, copied and pasted
the best ideas developed by others. the name of an English amateur team
Just think about airbags, the steering that went undefeated in a tour of São
wheel, electronic door locks, and flex- Paulo and Rio. Top tennis players are
fuel technology. Every car company instructed to hit open-stance forehands
employs those features in a strikingly – copying and pasting the technique
similar fashion. from great clay-court players who
Perhaps some of the most successful could generate more torque and recover
modern day copy and paste examples more quickly towards the center of the
come from China. Incredibly, in only the court.
last 12 months, auto companies such as
JAC and Chery have increased Chinese Health
market share of imported vehicles into Former President Bill Clinton
Brazil from 8% to 25% - mainly by recently announced that he lost 24
copying and pasting the most desired pounds and recovered from a heart

2011 Forum 9
Influenza - ‘Tis the Season
By Dr. Christian Dornaus, MD, FAAP Pediatrician and Director of SPAC FAMILY CLINIC

WHAT IS INFLUENZA (FLU)? WHO IS AT HIGH RISK FOR DEVELOPING flu by touching a surface or object that
COMPLICATIONS FROM INFLUENZA (FLU)? has flu virus on it and then touching
Influenza (flu), as opposed to the their own mouth, eyes or nose.
common cold, is a contagious illness - Children younger than 5, but especially
usually causing respiratory symptoms children younger than 2 years old
additional to systemic manifestations - Adults 65 years of age and older HOW CAN IT BE PREVENTED?
that can involve any organ system, - Pregnant women
causing mild to severe disease and - People who have underlying medical - Yearly influenza vaccine
sometimes significant morbidity and conditions - Cough hygiene: cover coughs and
death. It is caused by a family of - People who live in nursing homes and sneezes with a tissue, throw the tissue
viruses called influenza viruses that other long-term care facilities in the trash after using it
are subdivided in - Stay away from people who
groups and subtypes. are sick
There has been an - Wash hands often with soap
impressive amount and water or alcohol hand rub
of publicity and even - Avoid touching your eyes,
a greater amount nose and mouth
of misinformation - If someone in the household is
circulating the media, sick, try to keep the sick person
causing confusion in a separate room from others.
and raising many - Do not sleep with your sick
questions, especially child in the same bed or share
in the mind of those silverware
not directly involved - Keep surfaces like bedside
with the health care tables, bathroom surfaces,
system. kitchen counters and toys clean


People who have the flu often feel - People who live with or care for those The seasonal flu vaccine protects
some or all of these symptoms: at high risk for complications from flu, against the three influenza viruses
- Fever or feeling feverish/chills. But including: that research suggests will be most
not everyone with flu will have a fever - Health care workers common.
- Cough - Household contacts of persons at high The 2010-2011 flu vaccine will
- Sore throat risk for complications from the flu protect against 2009 H1N1 swine flu
- Runny or stuffy nose - Household contacts and caregivers of virus, and two other influenza viruses
- Muscle or body aches children younger than 5 years of age (an H3N2 virus and an influenza B
- Headaches with particular emphasis on vaccinating virus). There are 2 types of trivalent
- Fatigue (very tired), not coming out contacts of children younger than 6 vaccines, one inactivated and injectable
of the bed, not playing months of age (children younger than 6 (TIV) and a second life and nasal
- Some people may have vomiting and months are at highest risk of flu-related (LAIV).
diarrhea, though this is more common complications but are too young to get In Brazil, only the injectable TIV
in children than adults. vaccinated) vaccine is available in private and the
- Respiratory difficulties monovalent H1N1 vaccine in public
HOW DOES IT SPREAD? immunization services. TIV vaccine
Complications of flu can include is an inactivated vaccine that contains
bacterial pneumonia, ear infections, Most experts believe that flu viruses viral antigens but no live virus and,
sinus infections, dehydration, and spread mainly by droplets made when therefore, cannot produce an active
worsening of chronic medical people with flu cough, sneeze or talk. virus infection.
conditions, such as congestive heart These droplets can land in the mouths The most common adverse events
failure, asthma, or diabetes. or noses of people who are nearby. after administration are local pain
Less often, a person might also get and tenderness. Fever is also seen

10 Forum June
The American Society
of São Paulo

within 24 hours after immunization in

approximately 10 – 35% of children
younger than 2 years, but rarely in older
children and adults. Mild systemic
symptoms such as nausea, lethargy,
headache, muscle aches and chills can
also occur.
On February 24, 2010 vaccine experts
voted that everyone 6 months and older
should get a flu vaccine each year
starting with the 2010-2011 influenza
season. CDC’s Advisory Committee on
Immunization Practices (ACIP) voted
for “universal” flu vaccination in the
U.S. to expand protection against the
flu to more people.
While everyone should get a flu
vaccine each flu season, it’s especially
important that certain people get
vaccinated either because they are at
high risk of having serious flu-related
complications or because they live
with or care for people at high risk for
developing flu-related complications.
Minor illnesses, with or without
fever, are not contraindications to the
use of influenza vaccines, particularly
among children with mild upper
respiratory infection symptoms or
allergic rhinitis.


- Those younger than 6 months

- Those who have a moderate-to-severe
febrile illness
- Those who have a history of known
anaphylactic reactions to chicken or
egg proteins, to any previous influenza
vaccine dose, or to any of the vaccine
- Those who are known to have
experienced Guillain-Barré syndrome
(GBS) within 6 weeks after a previous
influenza vaccination

2010, pp. 816-826 WWW.CDC.GOV / INFLUENZA
pages and personal experience.

Christian Dornaus, MD, FAAP

Pediatrician and Director of SPAC
FAMILY CLINIC, Av Vereador José
Diniz, N.3707, 6.andar, Campo Belo ,
São Paulo, Tel. 011-5538-0099

2011 Forum 11
CAC Volunteer Day Huge Success!
Saturday April 9th, 2011 was the The ten staff of the Helen Drexel a local soccer school shared their
American Society’s second Volunteer home and the Projeto Sol organization expertise. After playing hard for quite
Day collaboration a while, children took a
with the U.S. break from the fun and sat
Consulate. Thanks down to eat. What a feast:
to great weather, 55 hamburgers, hotdogs,
dedicated volunteers, potato chips, soft drinks,
and 70 enthusiastic and homemade desserts!
children, the event There was quite a cooking
was an overwhelming and serving crew who
success. made sure everyone got
Never have the at least one full plate of
consulate grounds food, if not two!
been so thoroughly All involved felt
enjoyed as when these the effort was truly
deserving children worthwhile. This event
descended on them. can be an example of
One of the most using the resources at
beautiful moments was watching a enjoyed themselves as well—some of hand to give a gift to children who truly
young girl play tennis for the first time. them landing in the pool themselves. It deserve every moment of wholesome
Another breathtaking moment was was as if the consulate had turned into outdoor fun they can get. Thank you to
seeing 50 excited children jump straight a water park! all who helped make it such a special
into the pool—swimming skills or not! On the soccer field, members of day.

Angel Party 2011

Every year the American Society you’re interested, write Sue Banman of all sorts, from food to prizes for
throws its gala event for kids, the Sileci at for the name games. If you’d like to help us out
Angel Party. This year the party will and clothes sizes of a child. with the party, let Eileen Tasso know at
be held on Saturday, November 5, at And, of course, the Angel Party
Chapel School. Our invited guests are Planning Committee needs donations
250 children from orphanages, daycare
centers and educational programs that
the Community Action Committee of
the American Society supports.
We need your help. The gifts that
Santa gives each child at the party
are, in many cases, the only Christmas
presents these children receive. Would
you like to be one of Santa’s helpers and
sponsor a child? This means buying the
items for one child that Santa will give
at the party. These items are: a pair of
pants, a T-shirt, a jacket or sweatshirt, a
pair of socks, three pairs of underwear,
a pair of tennis shoes, a backpack, a toy
worth R$50 or more and some candy.
Sometimes shopping is easier and
faster and if you’d like to do some
shopping in July while traveling
abroad. One quick trip to your local
discount store and you’re done. If

12 Forum June
The American Society
of São Paulo

Organic food in São Paulo

By Maureen Kennedy Alves, AmSoc board member

There are a few things about me food. Not to mention eco-friendly - Parque da Água Branca (Perdizes)
you may want to keep in mind while cleaning products like BioWash and Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 7 am to 12
reading this article. One: I don’t wear Ecobril. pm, Avenida Francisco Matarazzo, 455
Birkenstocks. In fact, I don’t even like But that’s just the beginning. - Alta Boa Vista, Thursdays from 6 am to 12 pm
them. Two: Same goes for patchouli Happily, there are many places in São Rua São Benedito, (between Rua Américo
oil. I’ve never worn it and never will. Paulo where organic food and products Brasiliense and Rua Alexandre Dumas)
Three: At the risk of being too personal, are the main event, not just a side
I never, ever, allow hair to grow on my distraction. You can even order organic Restaurants
underarms. food over the Internet to be delivered These restaurants serve organic vegetarian food.
Why am I telling you all this? Well, to your doorstep. I was delighted. Who Some also offer cooking courses so you can turn out
because I think it will make you more knew São Paulo was an organic lover’s your own organic extravaganzas.
receptive to what I have to say. You see, paradise? - Fulô (Vila Madalena)
I’m a vegetarian. And yes, it’s partly Still, ever the skeptic (I sometimes
because I don’t like the way the animals suspect the mineral water delivered - Anna Prem
are treated. I also like green juice for to our home is just tap water in a
breakfast. And when I say green, I sealed bottle), I wondered what the - Vegethus
mean green as in vegetables. Perhaps accreditation requirements were like
more importantly, I’m passionate about in Brazil. But, rest assured, just as
organic food. with most countries, Brazil follows Delivery
I started buying organic fruits and guidelines set by the International São Paulo is the land of delivery and organic food
vegetables a few years ago after reading Federation of Organic Agriculture and is no exception. Many sites require you to order in
a book about traditional farming. Not to Movements. advance, so be sure to check out the site’s policy
get all preachy on you, but knowing that So throw out that stereotype that says before you buy.
the food on my plate was sprayed with only hippie types are into organic food
pesticides and grown in fertilizer-rich and check out some of the organic hot - Hortifruti Orgânico
soil became, well, difficult to swallow. spots in São Paulo. Maybe you’ll even
While it’s true, as my husband can attest see me there: I’ll be the well-groomed - Organic Delivery
(or more like protest), that organic lady in high heels.
food is often more expensive than its - Sítio Terra & Saúde
‘regular’ counterpart, eliminating all Where to buy organic in São Paulo?
those toxic chemicals from your diet The places listed here are just the tip of the iceberg.
may be cheaper in the long run. For more information and ideas, go to www. Maureen Kennedy Alves is a writer,
Back in New York, I was able to buy personal yoga instructor and mom to a
organic everything at the neighborhood beautiful baby boy. She can be reached
health food store. Needless to say, I Stores at
was worried about what I would find These organic stores have it all –
– or more like what I wouldn’t find organic produce, meat, bread, dairy
– in São Paulo. I knew being a non- products and more.
carnivore in the land of churrascaria - Ponto Verde
wouldn’t be that difficult and that the
green juice would be flowing as long as - Empório Siriuba
I had my juicer. But organic? In Brazil?
I wondered if the word was even part - Melinda & Julius
of the local lexicon.
What I didn’t know then is that
Brazil is actually among the top 10 Feiras
countries in the world with the most No need to do what I did the first time I went to an
organic farmland. And that in recent organic feira – that is, ask each vendor if the food
years the organic market here has they were selling was indeed organic. Turns out
grown exponentially. Just walk into the association that organizes the feira does the
any mainstream grocery store like Pão checking for you.
de Açúcar, even Extra, and you’ll see - Ibirapuera, Sundays starting at 6 am
whole sections dedicated to organic Rua Tutóia (at Igreja do Santíssimo Sacramento)

2011 Forum 13
H ousing S ervices

Taylor Real Estate Personal Trainer American-Licensed Expat Psychologist

Luxury spacious houses, apartments and pent- I will come to your home, office, or workout fa- Richard Morhaime, Psy.D., offers skilled psy-
houses. Sales and rentals. Ten years experience cility and create an exercise/fitness program tai- chotherapy for children and adults. He also pro-
with expatriates. Furnished and unfurnished. lored to your health concerns, fitness goals, and vides complete diagnostic evaluations in Eng-
Trilingual Real Estate agents. References from schedule. For adults and children, individuals lish for children with academic or behavioral
consulates and multinationals. Photos sent by or groups. Sessions in English, Spanish, or Por- difficulties, featuring individualized recommen-
email. Relocation Service. Consult the site: tuguese. For more information please contact dations for school and home. For more infor- Email - taylor@tay- Daniela Franco at (11) 9739-6191 or dsf29@ mation, contact Dr. Morhaime at 5538-0099 or Phone: 5511 3079 8888 and 9669-8057 or visit
5511 8774 5100 (Maria Elisa).

Furnished apartment for rent Selling Up American-Licensed Psychotherapist

Vila Nova Conceição. São Paulo’s Best place Go with a pro! We have been selling household In this busy and ever-changing world, people of-
to live. Near Ibirapuera Park. Modern building goods for families, individuals, and companies ten feel stressed and overwhelmed with no place
with sports facilities, heated swimming pool, for more than 20 years in São Paulo and Brasil- to turn. Psychotherapy/counseling can provide a
three bedrooms (one suite), a living room with ia for embassies. We have hundreds of pre- safe place to receive professional guidance and
terrace, complete kitchen, maid’s bedroom and selected clients wanting to buy from you, safe support. Brief or longer-term therapy offered
bathroom, big service area, two parking spaces. and sound! Send an e-mail to meredithsales@ depending on your needs, goals and expecta-
Fully furnished with all appliances. Call Alex or or or call (11) tions. Services: individual, couples, child/ado-
Eliane at (11) 3849-7085 or (11) 8635-7788, or 5908-1144 or (11) 7997-8808. Ask for Ms. Za- lescent. Certified to conduct Adoption Home
send an e-mail to quie Meredith. Study for American Citizens. Contact: Pamela
Wax, MSW/LCSW at 5051-5988 or 9656-2106
Apartment for rent in Jardim Paulista Argos Dog Kennel or send an e-mail to Lo-
cated in Moema.
Completely renovated in small 1970s build- Traveling? What about your dog? Argos Kennel
ing on quiet street in the heart of Jardins. 140 Hotel could be his second home in the coun- American-Licensed Clinical Psychologist
sq mts, partially furnished, one per floor, hard try. Food, water, and shelter with lots of love
wood floors, barely used fixtures and applianc- and personal care. No lonely kennel for him, Heloisa Garman, Psy.D. U.S.-licensed Clinical
es, lrge windows with great light, two bedrms, but our home and the freedom of a spacious Psychologist (covered by U.S. health insur-
two bathrms, half bath, TV room/office, living garden. Fetch and carry service. English and ance). Bilingual, with extensive private practice
rm and dining area, kitchen, laundry rm, small French spoken. Call Jean or Christiane at (11) in Chicago and former therapist at the Family
maid´s rm, one garage with parking available on 4661-1430 or (11) 7143-0837 or send an e-mail Institute at Northwestern Uni. Treats individu-
the street. Call Ann at 8578-9134 to Embu Guaçu, SP. als, couples, and families. Specialized in anxi-
ety, depression, cultural issues, and adjustment
Math and Science Tutor disorders. Call Dr. Garman at (11)7179-9723 or
Furnished apartment for rent in Bela 3898-2330 or send an e-mail to
Vista Former Graded and Chapel teacher, with 25-
years experience, tutors Math, Physics, Chemis-
Brand new apartment and building a few blocks try, and Science for all levels, including but not
from Paulista and the Metro. 52 sq mts, hard limited to the IB, IGCSE, SAT-I & II, AP and
wood floors, all new fixtures, appliances, two Brazilian vestibular. Elementary and middle
bedrooms, one bathroom, living room and open school students are also welcome (all subjects).
kitchen, balconies, laundry room, two garage Call Fernando Knijnik at (11) 9134-6700.
spaces. Building amenities include garden, gym
and common living/receiving space downstairs, Psychotherapist for Ex-Pats
rooftop swimming pool and bar. Call Ann at
8578-9134 Serving Adults, Children, and Families (also A classified of up to 350 characters costs
couples) struggling with all adjustment issues. R$55 for AmSoc members and R$80 for
Place a

Specializing in issues of divorce, separation, non-members. To place a classified please

and reconciliation. Many years experience with call (11) 5182-2074 from 8:30 a.m. until
drug/ alcohol issues. USA licensed as MFT. Jun- 1 p.m., or send an e-mail to amsoc1@
gian Analyst experienced in Sandtray, Dream-
work (groups also), and Cognitive/ Behavioral
therapy. Please call/ email Matthew: 7734 5793
or for a free initial
Forum does not check all of the advertisers
Our Readers

appearing in this newsletter. We urge you

A Note to

to use these services; however, thoroughly

check prices and services prior to finalizing
any service or purchase agreement.

14 Forum June
The American Society
calendar of São Paulo

Learn more about this month’s AmSoc events (highlighted) at

June 2011 Important Dates: 19 Father’s Day (US), 23 Corpus Christi (BR)

01 Wednesday Avishai Cohen At Sala São Paulo, Praça Júlio Prestes, 16. Start at 9pm. Click on www.
International Jazz from Israel to buy your ticket.

01 Wednesday INC Coffee At Emporio Santa Maria. For more information, visit

03 & Friday and João Bosco Acclaimed Brazilian musician of MPB will play at Café Paon - Av. Pavão, 950 –
04 Saturday MPB Moema, start at 10:30 pm. Click on to buy your

06 Monday Scottish Country Dancing Club 1st Monday of every month, outside Drake’s Pub, in the Brazilian British Centre in
Pinheiros, at 8 pm.

13 Monday Philharmonic Bachiana SESI João Carlos Martins conduct Beethoven and Astor Piazzolla at Shopping Bourbon
- Rua Turiassu, 2100 - Piso Perdizes. Start at 9pm. To buy your ticket click on www.

18 Saturday Music at Fellowship Recital of Clarinet (Thiago Ancelmo de Souza) and Piano (Daniel Inamorato). At
Fellowship Church start at 4pm.

18 Saturday Milton Nascimento Acclaimed Brazilian musician of MPB will play at Via Funchal - R. Funchal, 65.
MPB Start at 10 pm. To buy your ticket click on

04 - Saturday and O Fantástico Circo das Pulgas A pair of fleas survive in a circus without color, but are tired of his reality they do a
26 Sunday Elétricas em O Despertar das magic number that works so well that makes one of then disappear for real. Now
Cores the two fleas will travel to go back home and win the colors that will brighten
Infant Play their new lives. To get your ticket click on

Until 6 Bilhões de Outros Created by photographer, journalist and French environmentalist Yann Arthus-
10 Video Exposure Bertrand and GoodPlanet Foundation shows the cultural diversity through the
July planet faces, language, facial markings and adornments. More informations at

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2011 Forum 15
Sports Injuries
By Ruth Hollard, AmSoc board member, and Claudio Cotter

Amsoc has a lot to offer for the athletic shoes, the problem can often be resolved this type of physical effort.
expat: From basketball to tennis, from golf by taking a treadmill test to determine Luckily São Paulo has a very athletic
to softball. If you read the April Forum, which part of your sole is taking the most population and therefore an excellent
you may have begun running at some of impact. Once this is resolved, you can choice of orthopedic clinics and physical
the lush green parks that São Paulo has to choose the running shoes best suited for therapists and specialized shoe stores.
offer. Regardless of your sport, anyone your particular stride. Here are a few of my own personal São
who works out has had it happen at some Most amateur athletes’ pain is due to Paulo addresses for the Amsoc athlete:
point- you wake up one fine morning, get biomechanical alterations, often caused
out of bed, put your feet on the floor and by genetics or by repetive movements. Running Shoe Test
feel pain shooting through your body- it’s Here in Brazil, it is common practice to
sports injury time!! What is happening? correct these alterations using techniques This store has a computer hooked up
Where did it come from? What now? to improve posture such as RPG to a treadmill to test the runner’s stride
Pain in amateur (Reeducação Postural to determine which shoes offer the best
athletes’ (especially Global), certain manual support. The test is called ‘Test run’.
runners’) lower legs therapy techniques, Fast Runner
is very common, and a technique called Tel 3846-6625
whether in the feet, Força Dinâmica, a Rua Dr. Alceu de Campos Rodrigues,
ankles or knees. technique which aims 519 Itaim Bibi
Muscular pain should to correct movements
not be considered used in walking, Orthopedic doctors
normal. Factors which thus improving the (from tennis elbow to bad knees)
can cause pain are efficiency of running.
1) inadequate shoes Often muscular Clinica Ortopédica Cidades Jardims
2) biomechanical lesions can be caused as Avenida Cidade Jardim, 114 - São Paulo
a l t e r a t i o n s a result of over training Tel. 3085-9330
(articulation or a lack of paying
deviations) and 3) adequate attention to Physical Therapists (including RPG, Pilates)
over-training. The what the body is telling
pain can be caused by any one factor or you. It is quite common for athletes to Claudio Cotter / Marcelo Costa Massaia
by a combination of these factors. feel muscle pain while training and
What about stretching? According to instead of stopping the training to find Av. Cidade Jardim, 114
Claudio Cotter, Physical Therapist, “In out what is happening, he/she continues Jardim Europa - SP
practice we find that certain stretching to train while taking anti-inflammatory Tel.: 3016-8970 / 2389-8970
excercises help prevent lesions and medication which only treats the pain but
patients with large muscle retractions do doesn’t treat the problem. As the athlete R. Conde de Porto Alegre, 1589
tend to have more lesions, but no known continues training, without feeling the Campo Belo - SP
study has yet proven that the absence of pain, the problem worsens. In this case Tel.: 5041-4331
stretching causes lesions, and no study it is best to stop training altogether and
has yet proven that stretching can prevent seek professional help. If the muscle is Life in São Paulo is too fun to sit on
lesions.” “complaining”, this is almost surely a sign the sidelines. So heal the pain! Get out
When the lesion is caused by inadequate that the training needs to be improved for of bed, and hit the floor running.