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2793 Rosewood Crossing

Lindenhurst, IL 60046
(847) 356 3089

Energetic and motivating leader with proven ability to effectively manage both p
ersonnel and projects. Self-starter and strong independent worker. Excel at ana
lyzing data and information to implement appropriate procedures in order to gene
rate new ideas to improve efficiency, quality, and accuracy. Highly adaptable to
ever changing circumstances. Key member in any team developing and executing st
rategic business plans.

2000 - 2010 Veterans Administration (VISN 12 Northern Tier), Milwaukee, WI

Deputy Program Manager, Prosthetics & Sensory Aids Service
* Oversees and manages administrative and budgetary control programs for VA Milw
aukee, VA Tomah, VA Iron Mountain, and VA Madison; implements and enforces VA po
licies; responsible for all departmental administrative matters including staff
supervision; monitors inventory and cost control; assists Prosthetic Representat
ives with administrative, budgetary and technical support; oversees prosthetic p
articipation in Spinal Cord Injury Center, Nursing Home Care Unit, Blind Rehabil
itation Clinic, and PolyTrauma and Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center; implemen
ts and evaluates Home Respiratory Care Program including therapist recommendatio
ns and assignments; conducts home visits with therapist to ensure vendor contrac
tual compliance as promulgated under the VISN QM/PI Program.
* Manages procurement and contracting for prosthetic services and equipment; res
ponsible for all budgetary control and purchase authorization
* Prepares, presents, and manages fiscal forecasts and budgets; assists and reco
mmends budgetary advice and control to other VA representatives; performs cost a
nalyses, prepares reports thereon, renders recommendations on actions to be take
* Works directly with patients, caregivers, VA Medical Staff, VA Hospital Primar
y Care Staff, and others in administering a uniformed and compliant program as d
efined by the VA, VISN 12 and the Joint Commission.
1991 - 2000 Veterans Administration, North Chicago, Illinois
Chief of Prosthetics & Sensory Aids Service
* Instrumental in establishing Prosthetic Service at VA North Chicago; establish
ed Amputee Clinic Team, PACT Program and Major Medical Equipment Committee; inte
rpreted and complied with Public Law 104-262; interpreted and complied with VA D
irective 96-069 regarding eligibility for sensory neural aids; drafted new depar
tmental policies; created Quality Assurance Programs; established Home Oxygen/Du
rable Medical Equipment contract with other VA Hospitals
1988 - 1991 Homex HealthCare Corp., Elk Grove Village, Illinois
Corporate Manager of Material Management for Medical Durable Equ
ipment Company
* Responsible for procurement of inventory, equipment and supplies for eight com
pany divisions in Illinois and Wisconsin; negotiated various purchasing contract
1972 - 1988 Veterans Administration, Chicago, Illinois and Hines, Illinois
Program Clerk, Prosthetic & Sensory Aids
Administrative Assistant to Fiscal Service Chief
Supervisor, Prosthetics


American Legion Award - 1986

Hammer Award - 1996
PVA Award - 2004


Accounting and Business law, Wright City College, 1974 - 1976

Warrants for Purchasing Training - 2009-2010
Official Contract Technical Advisor Certification - 2008
Contract Officer Training - 2009
Ethics training - 2010
Medical Billing and Coding Certification, Kaplan University, 2009 - 2010