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13 Kittiwake Ct. RES: 281-362-0632

The Woodlands, TX 77380 Cell: 713-992-0464
Credited with personal contributions in global business development, investments
and deal structuring critical to supply chain, logistics and multimodal transpo
rtation worldwide. Extensive knowledge of the market, global political and econ
omic climates, and the "players" in US and foreign governments, and public/priva
te investment community. Expertise in developing and orchestrating multi-millio
n dollar projects from concept to full-scale operation. Highlights:
* Leveraged US and European investment network to secure an equity position and
operating partnership in a $1.5 billion pound Rail System project connecting Nor
thern England to Continental Europe.
* Represented corporate interests in the largest multipurpose Marine Terminal in
the Port of Buenos Aires.
* Structured funding for a new Rail & Ocean Land Bridge Project in Central Ameri
* Structured a joint venture with the Nigerian government to lead multiple High
Speed Rail, Urban Mass Transit, Airline, Port & Waterway projects.
* Designed and implemented a New Multi Purpose Terminal in the Port of Buenos Ai
* Negotiated the Civil works upgrade with a German concern for the largest Multi
Purpose Terminal in the Port of Buenos Aires...
* Implemented cost reduction programs while improving efficiency. All Operations
came in under budget.
* Managed fleets of varying sizes.
* Coordinated World wide logistics for major oil Company building a new facility
in China.
Houston, TX (
EVP Global Operations
* Established these Companies after Cesmec USA was sold by its Chilean Holding C
* Provided "Turn Key" Transportation to our client base.
* Negotiated with Port Authorities, Terminal and Stevedores a variety of prefere
ntial contracts.
* Special attention to Project Cargoes and Petroleum Products.
* Worked with the World Bank in regards to the Panama Project.
* Designed and manufactured specialized lifting gear.
* Dealt with Washington in regards to relief cargo into Haiti.
* Utilized Union and Non Union facilities.
* Negotiated with PETROCOM and other majors to carry their Petroleum Products.
* Entered into Joint Ventures to cover the transport of containers.
* Traveled to Us Naval station Guantanamo Bay Cuba to carry out an assignment fo
r the military
* Loaded Heavy duty weapons out of Sunny Point for the Middle East.
* Implemented full Supply Chain procedures.
* Reputation as a problem solver and able to deliver as promised.
* Managed Vessels for European consortia

CESMEC USA, Inc. 2005 to 2008

Director, US Operations and EVP/CEO of Trading and Marine Transport
* Established US operations for CESMEC, then expanded into projects in Europe, t
he Far East and North America
* Established a client base representing major global maritime, petroleum and na
tural gas corporations
* Managed vessel planning and Port Captain role
* Hedged planned product purchases and transport through the commodity markets
* On behalf of clients, purchased commodities such as oil and cement to support
shipping operations
* Completed heavy vessel chartering for projects, transport of clean petroleum p
roducts in bulk and the transport of other product by vessel
* Chartered the Antonov Aircraft to successfully move generators for ConocoPhill
ips from the US to an overseas production plant
* Chartered 747s to nose load OWS from Europe to China
* Managed vessels on behalf of owners to meet Impact shipping requirements
* Successfully moved oil rigs and other oil related supplies by ship, air transp
ort and helicopter to projects and platforms in the Gulf of Mexico and the North
* Managed worldwide logistics for the Bohai project in China and the Kora Kora p
roject in Venezuela for COPC, and Praxair and Quintana Island for DHL
* Supported US military operations through managing logistics, shipping and disc
harge of munitions and supplies
* Purchased and transported large quantities of product for clients for multiple
projects in multiple locations
* Led a team of professionals located in multiple locations to manage transactio
ns and logistics
* Managed successful spin off of CESMEC USA to successor company, Impact Trading
/Exxel Ship Fleets, Inc.
SCM Lines USA, LLC , Houston, TX 2004 - 2005
Operations Manager
* Recruited to establish US operations, including managing all stevedores, termi
nals, and equipment control for North and South America
* Directed stowage for north and south bound vessels, vessel rotation, cargo pre
p and securing of cargos
* Assumed responsibility of Port Captain for the loading of project vessels in a
ll US ports
Granaway and Associates, LLC, Houston, TX 2002 -2004
* Developed transportation packages for project cargos for projects financed thr
ough the World Bank, and the African and Asian Development Banks
* Consulted with the Federal Executive and Legislative branches on a variety of
issues related to these projects
* Secured funding for all assigned projects

LANCO International, Houston, TX, Buenos Aires, Panama, Middle East, Africa, Far
East & world Wide 1993 - 2002
Senior Executive, 1995 - 2002
* -Directed all logistics and the supply chain of all construction materials int
o Panama for the rebuilding of the Panama Canal Railway, including vessel charte
ring, service contracts, engineering of special stowage, in-country equipment an
d materials movement requiring locomotives, passenger cars and double stack cars
, and liner agreements with Maersk
* Successfully located and charted a vessel to lift 200 m/t at 20 meters outreac
* Created technical team to overcome berth challenges in Panama
* Completed project with no insurance claims and $200 million under budget
* Oversaw a joint venture between the World Bank and its Argentine partner to bi
d and win the concession for the largest multi-purpose marine terminal in the po
rt of Buenos Aires
* Led the arbitration which allowed the formation of the Exolgon Terminal
* Reviewed multiple port expansion opportunities, including rail and trucking in
frastructure, throughout the world
* Negotiated the successful Bid for Terminal 3 during the Port Privatization Ten
* Came to Terms with the Unions for the first contract by a Private Terminal in
the Port of Buenos Aires.
* Negotiated a Redundancy agreement with the Unions.
* Terminal handled Passenger, Break Bulk, Heavy Lift, Car and Container Vessels.
* Opened talks with the Government of both the US and the Argentine Republic on
Breach of Concession agreement. (Well publicized by the World Press.)
* Filed against the Government of Argentina under the Bi-Lateral Investment Trea
ty for Breach of Concession.
* Testified before Congress of Argentina's Breach of Concession.
* Put together a team of international lawyers to argue the Arbitration before t
he World Banks Center for Resolution Dispute.
* Dealt with the highest levels of both Governments to resolve this issue.
* Won the Arbitration 3-0
* With the Help of the Clinton Administration the Argentine Government allowed u
s to sell our stake in Terminal 3.

General Manager, Laredo, TX

* Managed the Trucking/Rail Division and the Container Yard and Warehouse for th
e US terminals and Mexico. 100 Drivers, 10 Dispatchers, Security (Web County She
riffs) Container Yard, M&R, Equipment Control, Documentation, All back office su
pport, UP Ramp, Nuevo Laredo, Secretary Laredo Transport Association.
* Coordinated the movement of cargos with the West Coast Vessel Service
Stevedore Superintendent, Houston, TX
* Directed vessel planning, warehousing cargo preparation, labor orders and all
requirements for on time movement of cargoes
1977 - 1993
* Sailed as Officer on all types of unlimited tonnage vessels.
* Served as Port Captain directing the Break Bulk Service and Project Carrier Se
rvice for Aramco at US load ports and Saudi discharge ports
* Served as Operations Manager directing container, project and charter fleets

Norton Lilly
Operations Manager for the West Gulf
MAHER Terminals
Manager of Administration
In charge of all ILA clerks. Dealing with grievances from the ILA, Also responsi
ble for clearances of containers and resolving all documentation problems. Direc
t oversight of all lines equipment
Created a Chassis pool as well as a leasing pool of containers. Coordinated rail
moves. Had a staff of 120 Non ILA and ILA reporting to me.
3RD Officers License, 1976 - 1979
Maritime Officers Training School, Cunard Line
Southampton, England
Contract Negotiations, 1986
Farleigh-Dickenson University
Madison, NJ
HCE/GCE, Economics and International Banking and Finance, 1972 - 1976
St. George's College (Cambridge University Syndicate)
Current Top Secret Security Clearance
T.W.I.C. Certified
Officers Safety Certificate (SOLAS)
Steering Certificate Unlimited Tonnage
Fire Fighting Certificate
Heavy Life Certificate 350 m/t
Cal-OSHA CPR and First Aid Certificate
Bureau Veritas and Cal-OSHA Hazmat Certified (through 1998)
Fluent English and Spanish

Key Note Speaker 3 Times at the Association American Port Authorities.
Expert Witness for LLOYDS OF LONDON
LDA Certified to U.S. House and Senate
Security Clearance For Guatanamo Naval Base Cuba