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Glenn Stout

166 Big Sandy Rd

Elizabethton, TN 37643
Home Phone (423) 474-2739
Over twenty-seven years of broad-based manufacturing / management experience ris
ing to the position of plant manager with several companies. Previous assignment
s included managerial positions in capital planning, purchasing, sales, marketin
g, logistics, human resources, engineering, maintenance and production manager.
Experienced in working in union and non-union environments and all levels of man
Self Employed /Contractor - Elizabethton, TN 2003-present
Building new houses, remodeling homes. Layout work, meeting building codes, orde
ring all supplies for construction. Work with customers to meet their expectatio
Southern Impressions - Olanta, SC 2000-2002
Plant/Human Resources Manager - Responsible for production management, quality c
ontrol/set up lab to comply with customer requirements, monitoring Shipping and
Receiving processes, purchasing all products required for the production, compl
yance with all state and federal regulations concerning air and water discharge,
rotary screen, flat bed, and hand printing using pigment, acid, and thermosol c
olors. Improved operation by cutting cost by $250,000 in raw materials, increase
d production and improved customer service, reduced costs by working with colori
st on accurate formulas and procedures, and improved overall bottom line profita
bility of the operation. Direct supervision of 100 employees and 7 supervisors 2
Home pride Inc, Fiberglass Division - Bristol, VA
Plant /Production Manager - Total operational and financial responsibility for a
$4 million, 30-person, non-union, two-line cut, assembles; spray, sanding lines
producing 100 steps /day. Improved operation by reducing waste by 50% during fi
rst six months, doubled inventory from 500 to 1250 by creating high volume manuf
acturing, orchestrated the ramp-up of production components for a 50% output inc
rease to a highly successful assembly facility, improved productivity 20% throug
h improvement in fabrication and flow, developed plans for ISO 9000 implementati
on, guided the creation of empowered hourly/salary team to improve product quali
ty, fostered open communications by practicing management by walking around, ini
tiated Total Quality Management, and successfully handled all dealings with Gove
rnment Environmental agencies. Types of machines used Panel saws, spray guns f
or fiber glass, router.
Waverly Textile Inc, Richmond, Va
Quality Manager/Prep Manager - Quality manager of a textile printing and finish
ing facility with annual sales of $33 million, directed department of inspectors
responsible for quality assurance and product acceptance. Customer base consist
ed of Walmart, Kmart, and Wellington Outdoor Furniture.
Improved quality, reducing lot rejection by 30%, worked directly with customers
and sales people to develop comprehensive quality action plan which addressed ma
rket weakness and recaptured lost business, set up continuous preparation range
(formulas, set temperature and speed of equipment)
Parthenon Prints - Panama City, FL
Plant Manager/Production Manager - Responsible for a $30 million annual sales o
peration with 120 employees involved in printing wall paper and fabric for home
fashion industry. Responsible for profit and loss, engineering, purchasing, inve
ntory control, building facilities and production. Customer base consisted of Kr
avet, Waverly, Schumacher, and Strohemin Roman. Results consisted of installing
new production methods cutting cost by 15%, expanded plant bringing in new equip
ment and processes resulting in cost savings/down time, compliance with OSHA and
EPA regulations, and restructured production operation to reduce management and
supervisory personnel saving company $200,000 per year.
Hampton Print Works Inc - Johnson City, TN
Interim Plant Manager/Assistant Plant Manager - Reported directly to CEO/Owner.
Responsible for the total operational and financial responsibility for a 120-per
son non-union printing operation including daily operations of printing of pigme
nt and heat transfer production, coordinated the prep of all woven fabric for pi
gment printing, construction of additional 30,000 square feet to fulfill product
ion demand, hiring and training new employees, compliance with all OSHA standard
s, interaction with all environmental regulatory agencies. Carters and Walmart w
ere among various customers. Reduced chemical costs by $150,000 annually. Lamin
ated fabric for certain customers. Sales of 82 million.
Baldauf, Inc - Johnson City, TN
Finishing Manager /Print Manager - Responsible for supervising the daily finishi
ng of fabrics, hot calendar, tenter frames, cold calendar, napper, butt breaker.
Set up and trained all personnel on frames, washer (cascade washer) cold pad bl
each, Wonsotch napper for nap hand. Artos pin/clip combo, Kenyon frames. Set up
pad tint (formulas, operation procedures, check shade).

Watauga Industries, Inc - Elizabethton, TN

Held various positions such as Logistics, Expeditor, Customer Service Rep, Finis
hing /Coating Supervisor.
Human Resource Management Certificate 2005
Trinity College and University - B.S. Business Management
Tri-Cities Technical School - Welding
Steed College - Business Management
Elizabethton Business College - Management/Marketing
Military: U.S. NAVY Radioman E-4 Honorable Discharge