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5700 Southview * Yorba Linda, CA 92887 * 443.255.7234 *

Highly talented and solutions-oriented programmer leveraging related training, p
racticum, and professional experience in managing day-to-day support processes.
Proven background in optimizing work performance and offering strategic solution
s to align technical resources to meet business objectives.
* Business Systems Analyst: Proven hands-on technical experience in supporting b
oth information security processes and technical development strategies. Adept p
roject leader; able to forge solid relationships with strategic partners to form
ulate and define system specifications to meet objectives.
* Web / Information Systems Application Development: Strong record of success in
developing robust IT infrastructures, optimizing and troubleshooting program re
sources. Experience researching and analyzing innovative program solutions for d
iagnosing and devising web application solutions.
* Systems / Application Solutions Architect: Skilled at identifying requirements
and assisting in shaping and directing both large- and small-scale integration
solutions in support of business objectives. Implement effective processes to su
pport distribution of mission-critical information.
* Key Strengths: Finely tuned analytical and troubleshooting skills with dedicat
ion to maintaining high levels of accuracy. Skilled leader, capable of successfu
lly interacting with diverse individuals and groups, utilizing strong communicat
ion skills to engineer innovative solutions.
Platforms: Windows XP / Vista, UNIX, Windows Server 2000 / 2002, C-HUMINT Classi
Applications & Tools: MS SQL Server, Dreamweaver, Visual Studio, Oracle, Cisco C
ommunication Software, MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access), MS
Project, MS Visio , Active Directory, Eclipse, Snort
Languages: Java, C#, C++,, HTML
Network: EIGRP, RIP, BGP, HSRP, VRRP, TCP/IP, Frame Relay, ATM
Hardware: Variety of servers, workstations / desktop PCs, multiple wireless and
infrastructure network devices, monitors, printers, and peripheral equipment
Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems (2010)
Business Owner, K-SOLUTION.ORG, Los Angeles CA, (2008 - Present)
Extremely motivated self-starter developing business while attending college. Da
y to day operations include marketing, client management, selling, tracking and
interacting with information from multiple fields and disciplines within IT.
Key Achievement:
* Successful leadership of a well rounded IT business capable of offering soluti
ons in over a dozen fields.
* Maintains high client satisfaction with a focus on customer support while prov
iding affordable quality results.
* Praised for interpersonal skills, dedication to clients, and strong work ethic
* Business Continuity Planning * Disaster Recovery / Data Backup Planning * Emer
gency Management and Recovery Team Planning * Security Policy Creation and Imple
mentation * Physical / Operational Security Planning * Access Control Strategies
* Cryptography Solutions * Firewall Planning * Intrusion Detection System Plann
ing * Network Threat Analysis * Implementation of VPN's * Web Server Setup * Ass
et Classification * Physical and Environmental Security Policy and Procedures *
Operations Security Implementation
Bachelor's of Science, Computer Information Systems, DEVRY UNIVERSITY, Anaheim,
CA (2005 - 2010)
Extensive training and project research in mastering fundamental application dev
elopment methodologies in such areas as Web Security, Information Systems Securi
ty Planning / Auditing, Business Continuity, and Data Privacy / Security. Develo
p and apply knowledge of progressive network designs and development strategies
to support project objectives. Leverage skill of several innovative systems anal
ysis and design methodologies to complete assigned tasks. Extensive training inv
olved Architecting Local Area Networks and Operation systems, Object-Oriented An
alysis and Programming. Examine wide variety of current systems, components, and
security related quality assurance practices.
Key Achievements:
* Demonstrated high level of dedication as project leader, responsible for guidi
ng team in designing a functional application through an entire "life cycle" for
real world software application.
* Consistently recognized as distinguished student, earning a position on the De
an's List many times.
* Gained reputation among peers and professors for proactively engineering varie
ty of technically complex research projects providing valuable recommendations f
or improving performance.
Counterintelligence Agent, US ARMY, Clinton, CT (1998 - 2001)
Charged with conducting protective operations both at home and deployed abroad i
ncluding surveys and investigations of individuals and organizations to identify
, assess, and neutralize national security threats. Served as point of contact a
nd military liaison to various foreign and US agencies to ensure proper planning
and operation of numerous investigations. Provided counter human intelligence (
C-HUMINT) support for multidiscipline counterintelligence (MDCI) products. Prepa
red reports and cost estimates, as needed.
Key Achievements:
* Recognized by senior officers for outstanding leadership skills, being first c
andidate to be promoted as an Instructor immediately following completion of Adv
anced Individual Agent Training.
* Successfully collaborated with peers and upper ranks to implement key CI progr
ams and investigations to support national counterterrorism operations.
* Granted Top Secret clearance, demonstrating high-level of military professiona
lism in handling complex situations and devising solutions to meet or exceed exp