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Deborah Boyer, MSN/Ed.

, RN
101 Woodland Drive
Oil City, Pa. 16301
(814) 677-4412
Dear Sir or Madam:
I am writing to apply for a position of online nurse educator. Online universiti
es have become fast-moving educational institutions that have pioneered the abil
ity to facilitate cognitive and affective student learning knowledge, and promot
e the use of that knowledge in the student's workplace.
As a recent graduate of the University of Phoenix with significant experience in
the field of nursing, I bring the energy, knowledge, and commitment to excellen
ce necessary to thrive in the online nursing educational environment. I received
both my undergraduate and graduate degrees through the online learning environm
ent and feel confident and competent to teach in the online environment.
As a nurse whose experience has spanned 33 years, I am a seasoned professional w
ho recognizes the need to encourage a student's critical thinking and decision-m
aking abilities by expanding evidence-based research and nursing theory in a stu
dent's professional capacity. I embrace evidence-based research and nursing theo
ry in my own practice and believe in the need for lifelong learning. My experien
ces in clinical nursing are vast and range from in-hospital nursing with experie
nce in ICU, Med/Surg, and pediatrics, post-op, to office nurse and community nur
sing. These different employment experiences allow me to assist students to comp
rehend the vastness of the nursing profession. These strengths, combined with my
nursing experience, prepare me to make a strong and immediate impact as a membe
r of the nursing faculty. I feel my experiences and education have made me comp
etent to assist the next generation of nurses to tackle the problems that patien
ts and families face today.
Graduate practicum involved curriculum development for a local Christian high sc
hool to assist students to transition emotionally and academically from high sch
ool to the college environment. The high school has used this curriculum since i
ts development. I teach health promotion classes at the local literacy council,
and have mentored students in undergraduate and graduate programs. I also unders
tand the need to update and revise curriculum to stay current with changing tren
I would be proud to be a faculty member in the online nursing learning environme
nt and uphold the mission, vision, and philosophy of your university as it moves
forward to teach the next generation of nursing professionals. I respectfully a
sk that you give me a chance to prove myself and my teaching abilities.
Thank you for your time and consideration and I am available for an interview at
your earliest convenience by telephone.
Deborah Boyer, MSN/Ed. RN
Professional Resume
Deborah Boyer
101 Woodland Drive
Oil City, Pa. 16301
(814) 677-4412 (H) (814) 673-4719 (C)
Professional Objective: To make a positive difference in educating future nurses
Encourage lifelong learning among students and myself.
Teach novice nurses to become autonomous practitioners who incorporate critical
thinking skills and nursing theory into practice
Honest, hard-working, compassionate, fair, loyal, non-judgmental, a good listene
r, and have a healthy sense of humor. Excel at encouraging a student to do his o
r her best and am willing to make time to help students exceed and excel. I embr
ace change.
Extremely competent in critical care areas, emergency situations, post-op and re
covery, medical surgical, ICU, office and community nursing.
Possess a broad understanding of nursing theory and its importance to nursing pr
actice. Use nursing research to validate evidence-based practice.
Great communication skills both in person and through writing, and competent wit
h conflict resolution.
Competent with computer technology, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Blackboard, and
Graduate School: University of Phoenix
Degree: MSN/Ed
Graduated September 2009
Major: Nursing
GPA 3.9
College: Penn State University
Undergraduate Degree: BSN
Graduated: May 2008
Major: Nursing
Nursing School: Sharon General School of Nursing
Degree: Diploma
Graduated: May 1977
Major: Nursing
Work Experience:
1. (2003-present)-Full-time private in-home nurse for a client with multiple he
alth problems. The client arrived home on a ventilator, trach, g-tube, and urost
omy. The primary physician is clearly impressed with my skills to care for this
client in the home environment.
2. (1980-2002)-Family Practice of Dr. Walter E. Boyer, Oil City, Pa. 16301- Job
title- Office Nurse/Office Manager. Responsible for patient teaching, nurse Liai
son- phone patients after hospitalizations, discuss test results, help with refe
rrals, call in prescriptions, supervise ancillary staff, supervise billing and i
nsurance claims, and supervise day-to-day operations. All evaluations excellent.

Professional Resume
Deborah Boyer
101 Woodland Drive
Oil City, Pa. 16301
(814) 677-4412 (H)
(814) 673-4719 (C)
Work Experience:
3. (1977-1987)-Oil City Area Health Center, Oil City, Pa. 16301
Job Title- Staff Nurse- Relief Charge Nurse Full/Part-time
Provide direct patient care and patient teaching in ICU, Med-Surg, Pediatrics, a
nd post-op
Relief charge nurse duties, staffing, and supervising patient care plans. Provid
e monthly continuing education seminars for floor nurses on various topics. Sup
ervise new staff nurses during the orientation period. Evaluations received were
excellent-received monetary bonuses to reach top of pay scale and noted to be a
great team player.
Professional Memberships:
National League of Nursing
Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society, Beta Tau, Penn State chapte
Pennsylvania Medical Society Auxiliary
RN License:
Licensed to practice nursing in Pennsylvania, license # PA-222689-L. License in
good standing through October 2011. I am willing to obtain an out of state licen
se at my own expense.
Professional Achievements:
Teach health promotion classes at local literacy council
Curriculum development for Venango Christian high school to help students transi
tion from high school to college promoting healthy behaviors and learning to mak
e good decisions. The curriculum is now permanently used at the school.
Mentor graduate students through practicum experiences since 2009
Mentor BSN students since 2008
Future Achievements:
Obtain a PhD in nursing within the next five years
Become a certified nurse educator
Author two papers
Connie Casente, PhD, RN, University of Phoenix
Cindy Guers, RN, MSN, University of Phoenix
Kathleen Mastrian, RN, PhD. Penn State University
Sheila Rucki, RN, MSN, CNRN, University of Phoenix
Holly Stenerson, RN, MSN University of Phoenix
These are professional references from instructors- character references are ava
ilable if requested.

Teaching Philosophy for Deborah Boyer, MSN/Ed., RN

Dear Sir or Madam:
This letter will describe my philosophy of teaching, my desire to become an onli
ne nursing instructor, and my reasons for wanting to be a nurse educator.
Nurses are the front-line healthcare providers, and therefore often the first to
view the client and or family members, and the healthcare problems presented. N
urses must possess critical thinking skills in order to apply skillful reasoning
as a guide to practice. Nursing educators must help novice nurses learn to thin
k like a nurse and learn to base their decisions based on evidence-based researc
h by teaching the skills of nursing concepts and theories. The next step for the
nurse educator is to assist students to develop their intellectual capacities a
nd become self-directed, disciplined, critical thinkers.
Learning strategies, especially in the online environment can include a plethora
of activities to hone critical thinking skills. These strategies can include co
ncept mapping to increase cognitive abilities to connect important details, or c
ase studies and carefully worded questions to ascertain a student's ability to w
ork through problems in a logical manner. PowerPoint presentations allow student
s to show evidence of learning material and creative thinking. Having students w
ork together as a group or in teams teaches students to appreciate cultural dive
rsity and avoid bias. Nurse educators should encompass the nursing process throu
ghout the learning process because the nursing process will be integral to the c
are of each patient a student encounters: assessment, diagnosis, planning, imple
mentation, and evaluation. As a nurse educator, I would consistently bring into
question the value of the nursing process to stimulate critical thinking and fos
ter great classroom discussions between the students and myself through the disc
ussion links. Written tests provide evidence of learning through essays, multipl
e choice and true/false questions. Most important, by offering students a variet
y of teaching strategies, I can ensure that the students have an equal opportuni
ty to learn.
I will make myself available to my students through email or phone for questions
, advice, encouragement, or to assist with problem-solving on a daily basis thro
ughout the day and evening (7 days/week). I will grade assignments promptly and
post grades, and teach the curriculum assigned to me as directed by the universi
ty. I will stay in contact with university superiors and report any student issu
Nurses must become patient advocates, not only in the workplace, but in the comm
unity. Nurses must strive for lifelong learning, and now, more than ever, nurses
must become involved in politics with regards to healthcare policies on the loc
al, state, and federal level to ensure patient safety for the coming years to pr
otect the nursing profession and the patients they care for.
I decided to further my education because I have a responsibility to my professi
on and my community. I am an excellent nurse with superior critical thinking ski
lls and possess the passion, commitment, time, and values that describe the esse
nce of nursing. I wish to pass on this passion, knowledge, and critical thinkin
g skills to future students. I also realize my need to continue learning and int
end to pursue a doctorate in nursing within the next five years.
I am very interested in becoming a faculty member of your university's nursing d
epartment. I know I will be an asset to your nursing program because I possess t
he enthusiasm, the energy to teach, a working knowledge of the nursing process,
and I am an excellent nurse. I can be reached at (814) 677-4412 or (814) 673-471
9(c), or Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you
Deborah Boyer, MSN/Ed., RN