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JUNE 2011

A Tribute to “The King”

Remembering Elvis Presley

Women of Power
Showcasing Shakti through dance

Stage to Screen
National Theatre London brings
Frankenstein to NCPA’s stages

Danny Boyle’s
On Stage June 2011
On Stage June 2011

from the
A facility that members, as well as col-
laborators and supporters have been
constantly requesting, is a proper theatre
breakfast to dinner time. Its vast spaces
should be filled with events that will make
it an attractive destination for people
tions abroad, so that the best interna-
tional offerings are available for viewing
by NCPA members and the public.
restaurant and café that would cater, from all walks of life.
not only to young visitors to the NCPA The NCPA will also embark on a new prop-
and members before and after perfor- An exciting event this month is the first ma- erty named NCPA Legends, where we
mances, but also to the general public, jor collaboration the NCPA will have with will ask current artistes in various genres
to spend time in pleasant surroundings a prestigious foreign organisation, the Na- to pay tribute to legendary performers in
and enjoy culinary delights over a wide tional Theatre in London. Although we are all spheres of music. The first concert will
range of cuisines. In accordance with offered direct broadcasts of their plays, feature the popular Gary Lawyer, paying
these requests, a new restaurant, chris- this would obviously be inconvenient due tribute to the King of Rock and Roll – Elvis
tened Amadeus, will be opened around to the time difference. We have therefore Presley. We will also screen Elvis films a
mid-June. decided to show these unique events few days prior to the performance.
very soon after the actual performance
One of the areas that need attention at in London. The NCPA is equipping one of In Indian dance, we will be highlight-
the NCPA, is the inability to provide suf- its theatres to ensure a thrilling experience ing the Devi, the female character of
ficient entertainment facilities for its mem- and theatre goers will be surprised at Indian Dance.
bers during the day. `We are basically a the quality of the presentation provided.
bunch of theatres that come alive in the Watch out for the announcement in this We have also decided that we will be
evenings and have hardly any activities first series of performances with Danny highlighting future performances in each
during the day. This is a situation we seek Boyle’s Frankenstein. issue of On Stage, so that members can
to remedy by gradually creating pro- mark their calendars well in advance,
grammes and facilities, which will make In the future, we hope to have many such and also arrange for early openings at
the NCPA a desirable venue to visit from collaborations with prestigious organisa- the Box Office.

Khushroo N. Suntook
On Stage June 2011

J une 2 0 11

Frankenstein Danny Boyle’s

to the editor
Danny Boyle’s Frankenstein will send shiver’s down
Mumbai’s spine this summer!

NCPA – On Stage Magazine

Relationship Manager: Lily Shroff

Consulting Editor: Anushree Chatterjee It was indeed an ecstatic experience attending the Mudra Dance Week, 2011.
Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Jaideep VG
The entire range of performances, with such great dancers from various styles,
Editorial Co-ordinators: Divya Mishra, Priyanka Mathur
Hilda Darukhanawalla
was beautifully organised and presented. I thoroughly enjoyed the flavours of
Art Director: Rahul Das each of the genres and will look forward to the same in the forthcoming events.
National Photo Editor & Art Director: – Amrita Mukherjee
Chirodeep Chaudhuri
PR Manager: Rashmi Dhanwani NCPA’s Mudra Dance Week truly showcased some of the finest artistes who
Senior RM Sales (West): Vishwanath Shanbhag
are exploring the depths of Indian classical dance today. In particular, Margi
Designers: Brijesh Gajjar, Chittaranjan Modhave
Vijayakumar’s Poothana Moksham was a spectacular performance. One was
Digital Imaging: Devang H Makwana
left completely mesmerised, forgetting that the dancer was a male, in sthree
Published by Deepak Bajaj for vesham!
The National Centre for the Performing Arts,
Also, it was a rare treat for Mumbai’s dance lovers, for whom Kathakali perfor-
NCPA Marg, Nariman Point,
Mumbai 400 021.
mances in their home town is quite a rarity.
– Purnima Patni
Produced by

Please feel free to write in with your comments to Lily Shroff (Relationship
Manager – On Stage). We are committed to providing you with an enjoyable
Project Management Team
Editor in chief: Naresh Fernandes
magazine and look forward to your feedback after each issue. We’d
Chief Operating Officer: Rajnish Rawat like to know what you think about our programmes and our stories, and look
Chairperson: Smiti Kanodia forward to bringing you exciting events on an ongoing basis. You may send
Editorial Office
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Essar House, 11 KK Marg,
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Mumbai 400 034.

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Fax (022) 6622 3830.
10 A tribute to the
King of Rock ‘n’ Roll
The NCPA pays tribute to Elvis Presley. Lily Shroff
takes us through this musical journey.

12 On Stage Explores

04 14
– Shringar rasa
Isabel Putinja studies jewellery, one of the
prime aspects of an Indian dancer’s couture.

On Stage Global
Stage to Screen – World Views
A look around the world for the most exciting
Deepa Gahlot tells us why watching performing arts events in June.
the theatre broadcast of Danny Boyle’s
Frankenstein is a must-do this month.
15 Programme
All of June’s events at the NCPA.

29 Glimpses of
April and May 2011
All that was memorable in the last
two months.

08 30 July 2011
What to look forward to in the coming month.

Women of Power
Odissi and Bharata Natyam dancers pay
homage to the eternal Shakti through their
performances. Karanjeet Kaur tells us more.
New developments at the NCPA.
On Stage June 2011

Stage t
A collaboration between the
NCPA and London’s National
Theatre allows Mumbai
audiences to experience
the best of British Theatre.
Deepa Gahlot tells us more

he NCPA always endeavours to bring
its audiences the best theatre proj-
ects from across the world. For the first
time in India, a collaboration with the UK’s
National Theatre will enable audiences in
Mumbai to see what the world is watch-
ing — not on stage, but through high qual-
ity digital recordings shot live. The National
Theatre Live (NT Live) is a ground breaking
initiative to broadcast the best of live British
theatre around the world. The first NT Live
production, which will be showcased only
at the NCPA, is Danny Boyle’s smash hit,
Frankenstein. This grand stage version of
the Mary Shelley classic, adapted by Nick
Dear, has a cast led by Benedict Cum-
berbatch and Jonny Lee Miller alternating
the roles of Victor Frankenstein and the
Creature. Audiences will have the
chance to see both combina-
tions. Described as “visionary,”
“mesmerising,” “stunning” and
“brilliant,” the production by the
Oscar-winning Slumdog Million-
aire director, has garnered rave
reviews in the press.
On Stage June 2011

Danny Boyle's Frankenstein comes to send chills down Mumbai's spine

In this gothic horror story, a scientist makes of the story have denied it to him. Start-
a human creature out of separate body ing from the Creature’s point of view was "Once you get going,
parts and brings him to life. Then, horrified
at the sight of the monster he has cre-
the key to unlocking the adaptation. The
key to then getting the production up and
you need to balance
ated, he casts it away. The ugly innocent running was to rebalance the story. Once the Creature with his
creature encounters hostility and cruelty you don’t start with Victor Frankenstein, it’s
wherever he goes and in desperation, fantastically refreshing because it means obsession, his creator.
then sets out to track down his creator…
“Urgent concerns of scientific responsibil-
that you have to rethink everything. Once
you get going, you need to balance the
So we rebalanced our
ity, parental neglect, cognitive develop- Creature with his obsession, his creator. So approach by
ment and the nature of good and evil are we rebalanced our approach by coming
embedded within this thrilling and deeply up with the idea of double casting the coming up with the
disturbing classic gothic tale,” reads the NT
Live release.
actors. If you are going to do that, Victor
ultimately has to be an equal. So the first
idea of double
half of the play, the first 20 or 30 minutes, casting the actors."
The first ten weeks of Frankenstein were is very much from the Creature’s point
sold out in advance; after its resound- of view. And then it shifts to being this David Sabel, Head of Digital Media and
ing success, the production run was ex- great debate between the two of them. Producer, NT Live, says, “The concept be-
tended. The performance of the play has We wanted to get away from movie im- hind Danny Boyle’s Frankenstein is that the
been broadcast to 375 screens around ages of the Creature and also the idea two lead actors are alternating the roles
the world so far. According to estimates, that he is a stitched-together series of of the Creature and Victor Frankenstein.
over 100,000 people worldwide watched parts, he’s a whole body that has been The concept is to look at the duality and
the shows. Upto eight cameras were operated on internally. You’ll see evi- fusion of these two characters – the rela-
employed to capture the broadcast the dence of his internal organs in the play. tionship of master/servant and creator/
same and make it dynamic and visually Shelley clearly based Frankenstein on creation, how they affect each other and
exciting. In an interview with The Times, Percy Bysshe Shelley and Lord Byron, the what they learn from each other. It’s a re-
London, Boyle said, “I haven’t directed extraordinary men in her life. They were ally fascinating approach and many peo-
plays for 15 years but Frankenstein has egotistical romantics who were obsessed ple are booking to see both versions here
been on my mind for a long time. I first with science. Of course, the play em- at the theatre – the scripts are the same,
talked to the playwright Nick Dear about phasises that by putting two men at the but the staging and performances vary.”
the idea of doing an adaptation of Mary heart of creation, women are excluded.
Shelley’s novel when we worked on The And in reality, there was Mary Shelley con- Now Mumbai audiences will see this
Last Days of Don Juan at the Royal Shake- stantly going through pregnancies, losing breathtaking production on screen, mark-
speare Company. Nick’s first drafts were children and writing this incredible book. ing the start of high quality screenings of
faithful to the novel until we came up with Whenever she got pregnant, she fell ill! National Theatre's productions at the NCPA.
this idea of opening the play from the He couldn’t stand her having all the at-
Creature’s point of view. Doing so gave tention. And so Frankenstein became a Frankenstein is on June 17, 18 and 19.
the Creature his voice back; Shelley gave brilliant depiction of the self-importance For more information see page 24 of
him a voice, but so many manifestations of men.” the Programme Guide.
On Stage June 2011

Reviews of Frankenstein
***** The Times
‘This taut, thrilling play runs with hardly a moment for breath.’
‘Lee Miller is physically wild, free of the slightest self consciousness...’
‘To see (Cumberbatch) hurling himself into the agile physicality and awkward strangeness of the Creature is
revelatory, a quantum leap for his reputation.’
‘... they’re both teriffic...‘It is a theatrical coup.’
‘Mark Tildesley’s stunning design and Bruno Poet’s remarkable lighting effects use the Olivier’s vastness with
controlled, imaginative strength.’
‘The music, by Underworld, is perfect.’
‘... it is rather wonderful: thoughtful, exciting, moving.’

***** Sunday Express

‘Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller lend both gravitas and a frightening physical immediacy’

**** Independent
‘Boyle’s role-reversal twist a shocking, haunting success.’
‘Danny Boyle’s extraordinarily haunting production.’
‘Johnny Lee Miller’s astonishing Creature.’
‘Lee Miller gives a whole new lease of life to the term “shock to the system”...’
‘Cumberbatch is brilliant at conveying the blackly ridiculous aspects of the hubristic scientist.’
‘These are imaginative productions that pack a devastating cumulative punch and score a singular success.’

**** Evening Standard

‘The National Theatre has a hit on its hands.’
‘The opening 10 minutes are stunning. They are as atmospheric as theatre ever gets.’
‘The scenes that concentrate on Cumberbatch and Miller are powerful. There is a compelling chemistry
between them...’

**** Guardian
‘Cumberbatch’s Creature is unforgettable... It is an astonishing performance.’
‘The actors complement each other perfectly.’
‘Boyle’s production is a bravura triumph in which Mark Tildesley’s design provides a whole series of visual coups.’
‘A stunning evening.’

**** Daily Telegraph

‘Boyle... pulls off something truly spectacular here.’

**** Daily Mail

‘Boyle draws terrifically gutsy performances from his two leads.’
‘The visceral nature of the performances is tremendously impressive...’
‘... this is a memorable production and will doubtless be spoken of for years to come.’ 
On Stage June 2011

The spirit of Shakti,
the feminine force,
is celebrated in the
performances of
Priya Venkataraman
and sisters Leena
and Leesa Mohanty,
writes Karanjeet Kaur

or a country with such a de-
pressing gender ratio and a his-
tory of violence against women,
our present belies our collective past.
Our traditional arts and culture, inextri-
cable from our spiritual beliefs, has al-
ways valourised Shakti, or the feminine
force. Classical dancers have referred
to the epics and ancient Indian texts
to illustrate this – and two upcoming
performances at the NCPA this month,
offer fresh perspectives on the same.
Bharatanatyam dancer Priya Venkata-
raman presents Devi, with episodes
culled from Ananda Lahiri and Kalida-
sa’s Kumarasambhavam, while sisters
Leena and Leesa Mohanty perform
a portmanteau Odissi recital Ambaa,
inspired by the Mahabharata. 
On Stage June 2011

Priya Venkataraman, born and raised in their father took note of a shloka in the
Delhi, was expected to take lessons in Bhagavatam, which enjoined devotees to
classical music and dance like any good enact the Krishna Leela, as the only way
South Indian girl. “I hated my music les- of reaching God in Kalyug. This was also
sons and tried to run away from them all the philosophy behind the creation of the
the time,” she quips. But she gradually cultural organisation Bansi Bilas, a non-
discovered it was in solely dance that her profit organisation, which was established
interest and her heart lay – she took a brief in 1984 by their father, with the mandate to
break during Class 12th to focus on her preserve and propagate Odissi.
studies, and decided she never wanted
to give it up. During her early years, she The organisation engendered several
trained with Guru Saroja Vaidyanathan. productions – including Basanta Raas,
Now, even as she juggles teaching young choreographed by the legendary Guru
disciples in Gurgaon, she keeps shuttling Debaprasad Das, who also taught the
to Chennai to train with A. Lakshman and girls – which travelled from one village to
Bragha Bessell. the next. The troupe then graduated to
performing in temples across Vrindavan,
After her marriage, Priya moved to Illi- especially during the Dussehra holidays.
nois, USA, where she established a dance Meanwhile, Basanta Raas was also pro-
school named Kalakriti. At Kalakriti, she
“Kumarsambhavam was duced as a film that went on to win several
trained over seventy childern, of Indian the only sringara text I State awards, including a best child artiste
diaspora parents, as well as Americans. could find, where the trophy for Leesa.
She straddled teaching with performing all
across the country and abroad, in places Devi is also a lover.” Now, after graduating from the presti-
as diverse as Canada, Colombia and (Priya Venkataraman) gious IRMA (Insitute of Rural Managament
Trinidad and Tobago. She also conducted Anand) in Gujarat, Leesa straddles a ca-
residencies in American schools, where reer in HR by training youngsters, while
she choreographed pieces for children’s Leena trains professional dancers. Along
performances, and even collaborated with their individual practice around the
with the Tony- and Emmy-winning play- world, together they run Bansi Bilas, orga-
wright Terence McNally on A Perfect Ga- nising festivals, such as the First Interna-
nesh in 1993, where she had to “teach a tional Odissi Festival, held in the capital at
pot-bellied man some dance moves”. the Habitat Centre in 1999. Simultaneously,
Leesa also runs the Powai-based Nirguna
Priya’s repertoire is primarily traditional and Centre for Excellence, which trains children
rarely includes any contemporary stylis- in Odissi and Hindustani music.
tic influences. In her latest performance
as well, the dancer has a rather modern The sisters say that most of their perfor-
thematic consideration, but her choreog- mances are oriented around Krishna, often
raphy and the flow of the performance re- highlighting the ‘Shyam-Shyama’ dichoto-
main traditional. The recital is a combina- my inherent in the character. “But we had
tion of heterogeneous set pieces in praise never explored the ‘she’ part in detail, so
of the Devi as the mother, as the protector we decided to dedicate this performance
and as Shiva’s consort. She commences to Ambaa, the feminine force,” says Lee-
with verses from the scripture Ananda La- Page 8: Priya Venkataraman; Page 9 sa. The recital begins with a traditional in-
hiri by Adishankara, followed by a varnam Leesa Mohanty and Leena Mohanty vocatory mangalacharan, dedicated to
in praise of the Devi wherein Parvati is re- Kali – the rest of the performance follows
ferred to as Vishnu’s sister, composed in in the USA. The two will have only a few her in her numerous avatars. Pallavi, set to
Raga Todi. The latter half, or the abhinaya days ahead of the final performance to Raga Basanta, explores the sensuous and
part of the performance has been culled rehearse together, but mercifully, technol- lyrical side of Odissi. As Leesa puts it, as
from Kalidasa’s Kumarsambhavam and ogy has come to their rescue. The sisters sensuality rises, one loses the ability to take
was especially composed for the recital. have been rehearsing and exchanging objective decisions – this part segues into
“This was the only sringara text I could find, notes over Skype. Distance is but a minor the abhinaya bit, where Kunti’s dilemma is
where the Devi is also a lover,” she says. quibble when you’ve spent your childhood focused on. The second part of abhinaya
The evening concludes with a thillana in dedicated to the arts. is the Dasamahavidya, or “the ten forms
Raga Nalinakanthi, composed by mridan- of primordial creative female energy”. The
gam maestro Karaikudi Krishnamurthy. Born in Bhubaneshwar to industrialist and performance fittingly concludes with
Krishna devotee Rabi Narayan Mohanty, Moksha, a dance of release.
If Priya had trouble finding a conceptual the sisters inherited their father’s zeal to be
text, the Mohanty sisters had basic logis- involved in and promote traditional arts. Ambaa is on June 9 and Devi is on June
tical problems – younger sister Leesa is They recall being taken to Vrindavan at 16. For more details see page 20 and
based in Mumbai, while Leena is based a young age, following an incident when 23 of the Programme Guide.
A tribute
to the
King of Rock and Roll
The NCPA presents a tribute to this iconic artiste, whose
immortalised vocals have transcended generations
together. Lily Shroff takes us through this
musical journey.
Famous Quotes on Elvis
Bob Dylan
When I first heard Elvis’ voice I just knew that I wasn’t going
to work for anybody; and nobody was going to be my boss.
Hearing him for the first time was like busting out of jail.
Johnny Cash
Elvis was so good. Every show I did with him, I never missed
the chance to stand in the wings and watch. We all did.
He was that charismatic.
Mick Jagger
He was a unique artist-an original in an area of imitators.
George Klein
Let’s not think of how Elvis died, but how he lived…
the man wasn’t just a star he was a damn galaxy!!’…
Elton John
It was Elvis that got me interested in music. I’ve been an
Elvis fan since I was a kid.
On Stage June 2011

hen you have a legendary per- drive millions crazy. In an attempt to find of these evergreen composers and sing-
former’s music and songs, cou- privacy post his enormous success, Presley ers to create new waves of entertainment
pled with a rocking band where bought Graceland in Memphis his home, among the Indian audiences. In fact the
in the lead you have Mumbai’s premier which was a 23-room, two storey mansion whole first week of June starting with the
pop-rock artist paying a tribute to this im- in 13.8 acres of ground at 3764, South Bel- 6th, 7th and 8th, will involve Elvis themed
mortalized star you can’t help but want levue Boulevard in the Memphis suburb events at the NCPA, one of them are the
to be a part of the action. Add a dash of Whitehaven. Today Graceland is the most 3 film screenings at the Little Theatre within
the best performance location in Mum- famous address in modern music history. the NCPA.
bai, couple it up with some fine American The famous music gates of Graceland
cuisine, rocking music and you can’t ex- were installed in April of that year.  It was The 6th will screen the 1957 hit film, Jail-
pect anything less than a glorious evening open to the public only after Elvis’s death, house Rock which showcases Elvis’s leg-
of fun and endless entertainment. That’s and an estimated 1 million people still visit endary portrayal of Vince Everett a pris-
whats in store this 11th of June , 2011 at it yearly. oner who turns his life over to become a
the Tata Theatre, NCPA where we superstar. On the 7th the renowned film
have live in concert Gary Lawyer This was just the beginning of an icon that ‘This is Elvis’ will be premiered in the Little
performing a Tribute to the exceeded mortality. The vast expanse of Theatre. In this biography concert movie
‘King of Rock and Roll- Elvis his musical works from rock, blues, and rare behind the scenes footage will be
Aaron Presely!’ pop to gospel tunes captured the hearts shown covering the life and story of this
and minds of millions. Elvis created waves great icon. The highlights will further in-
Theres not much that with his first single Heartbreak Hotel in the clude Elvis’ first TV appearance in 1956,
can be written about El- year 1956, and later that same year also scenes from his most popular movies,
vis that people are not made his film debut in the English film, “Love Me Tender” and “Loving You”, plus
already aware of, his fan Love me Tender. Some of his greatest hits concert scenes from his 1968 show, That’s
following is unmatched even included Jailhouse rock, Let me be your the way it is, Aloha from Hawaii, and from
today. In his 42 years (January 8, Teddy Bear, Hound Dog, and Are you his last filmed show in 1977 as well.
1935 – August 16, 1977) he man- Lonesome Tonight, among many others.
aged to create glorious musical It becomes difficult to attempt to ape this Fans get to see him perform live with all
and fashion trends and completely great artist, and only a humble effort can the essential hits – from the early rock n
changed the face of American and be made, many artists over the years have roll tracks (Hound Dog, Don’t Be Cruel) to
world music. Born in Mississippi, Presley paid their tribute through performances to the soulful ballads (Love Me Tender, Can’t
moved to Memphis, Tennessee, with his this icon one such artist is Mumbai’s very Help Falling in Love) right down to his per-
family at the young age of 13. He began own Gary Lawyer. sonal favorites (Heartbreak Hotel and Blue
his career there in 1954 when Sam Phillips, Suede Shows). Finally on the 8th will be a
(the then owner of a company called Sun When asked, ‘why Elvis?’ Gary replies documentary screening of ‘ Elvis by the
Records) was eager to bring the sound of quite promptly ‘there can be no other; Presleys’ where for the first time his wife
African American music to a wider audi- he was the most influential entertainer of Priscilla and daughter Lisa Marie offer an
ence and saw in Presley a way to fulfill his mankind’ Going on he adds, ‘His music intimate look at Elvis’s life.
vision. There was no limit to the sponta- exceeds genres and having performed
niety and moves of this creative genius, twice in Pune to the similar theme, he Over the years artists have shaped differ-
outrageous dress codes, long side-locks, knows the fan following in Mumbai will love ent aspects of civilization and vice versa,
puffed up tresses ( his secret was a combi- to hear his tunes’ With the expanse and but few have managed to transcend gen-
nation of Vaseline and rosewater) and an over powered support for Bollywood within erations with their popularity and talent.
ever so handsome face the Indian media, Gary feels the need to The magic of stardom and a fan following
could easily give create a space for Western Music across is addictive and limitless. The Elvis fan club
any Hollywood genres is a must. With the finest indoor set started online, is one such example of this
icon a run for up for performances at the NCPA (Nation- and is run in India by 107.1 FM, RJ and a
his money, al Centre for Performing Arts), an Indian die-hard Elvis fan, Fali Singara who gathers
add to it artist along with many international ones information from across India, connects
a voice can create high quality live performances with fans and gives a thorough account of
that to enthrall audiences. Elvis’s life, films, songs and memorabilia.
This initiative is part of a new property cre- Of all the performers across generations
ated at the NCPA called, ‘NCPA Legends’ inspired by Elvis and those bowed down to
where recent artists will perform tributes to his talent , attitude and music one quote
great musical legends. The first one in its sums it up as aptly as it could: Before Elvis
series is the Elvis tribute and may be fol- there was nothing! – John Lennon
lowed by tribute performances of Frank
Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Mohammed The NCPA Legends – A Tribute to
Rafi among many others in the years to The King of Rock and Roll concert
come. This initiative by the creative de- by Gary Lawyer is on June 11. For
partment at the NCPA has commenced more information see page 22 of the
to expose and reignite the fan following Programme Guide.
On Stage June 2011
On Stage Explores

rom the rakkodi on the crown of her vals. It was also worn by the resident tem- finish. Jewellery is very important for a
head, to the nupura adorning her ple dancers, a tradition which is continued dancer. The belt enhances the waistline
feet, the classical dancer is literally to the stage, today. Traditional jewellery and the nose ring makes the dancer look
bejewelled from head to toe. Jewellery is was made of pure gold and embedded very feminine and beautiful. I have a few
an essential part of the dance costume. with uncut diamonds, rubies, emeralds pieces of temple jewellery which are my
It adds sparkle to a dancer’s appearance and pearls. Today replicas are made in sil- favourites: I have a long necklace made of
and enhances the visual effect and aes- ver, then coated in gold leaf and embed- gold and diamonds with mango shapes.
thetic appeal of her dance, invoking rasa ded with semi-precious stones. Many traditional pieces are inspired by na-
in the observer. ture. Also, during my initial dance perfor-
“I find that the quality and craftsmanship mances, I would wear my mother’s gold
South Indian temple jewellery has a very of temple jewellery has declined over the belt. This piece is very special for me and I
long tradition dating back over 5,000 years,” reveals actress and dancer Hema still have it and cherish it.”
years. It was traditionally made for temple Malini. “Of course, real jewellery is too ex-
idols by master craftsmen who worked pensive to wear, so dancers wear artificial Temple jewellery not only adorns and em-
within the precincts of these temples. jewellery. But after a few shows, it loses its bellishes a dancer; it is also believed to
Nagercoil, a temple town in Tamil Nadu, shine and charm. For my dance ballets have a deeper significance. Pure gold is
is famous for its jewellery, that is used to I get special jewellery made. It’s artificial believed to promote well-being. The surya
adorn the deities during important festi- but very beautifully done, with an antique worn on the right side of the head and the

Isabel Putinja explores the

history of jewellery traditionally
worn by Indian dancers of the
past and present
On Stage June 2011

chandra on the left, are believed to impart bengapatia was first introduced. A bro- men, there are over 38 for women, includ-
a positive energy to the dancer, allowing ken and discoloured bengapatia was ing six for the hair and head, eight for the
her art to flourish. The rokkodi worn on the found in an old box of jewellery belong- ear, six for the neck, at least two garlands
crown of the head protects the brain. ing to the mother of a Brahmin from Puri. of jewels and pearls for the breast, eight
Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra painstak- for the hands and fingers, five for the hips,
For leading Bharatanatyam dancer Rama ingly rethreaded the belt and meticulously and three for the ankles and feet!
Vaidyanathan, the sheer resplendence of cleaned it with tamarind. It was first worn
South Indian temple jewellery is a good by legendary dancer Sanjukta Panigrahi at Bedecked and bejewelled in this way, it
reason not to wear too much of it. “I love the All-India Dance Seminar held in Hyder- is difficult to imagine how a dancer can
temple jewellery because its vibrant co- abad in 1963. Now it has become a hall- attempt even the simplest dance move-
lours are very striking. It’s the ideal jewellery mark of the Odissi costume. ment! However, after this detailed descrip-
to wear with Kanchivaram saris because it tion, the ancient text does concede that
matches so well. But because it’s so strik- The use of costume and jewellery is called too much jewellery can restrict movement
ing, I don’t want to clutter myself. The less I aharya abhinaya, one of the four types of and defeat its very purpose: “Too many or-
wear, the more it stands out.” Rama gives abhinaya described in the Natya Shastra, naments are not to be used lest the artists
much thought and importance to her jew- Bharata Muni’s classical treatise on the per- feel tired or hindered in free movements.
ellery: “I choose my jewellery to match the forming arts. It mentions the different types Weighed down with heavy ornaments one
costume I’m wearing, but also according of jewellery or ornaments to be worn by a cannot move much and one is likely to
to the theme of the performance,” she feel exhausted.”
explains. “For example, one of my recent
productions, Akhilam Madhuram, is based It is no surprise that many dancers prefer
on Krishna and the symbolism of Mathura a minimal use of jewellery. Real jewellery
and Vrindavan, and explores the theme of made of pure gold and precious stones is
bhakti. I used Rudraksha beads, which are heavy and cumbersome – and exceed-
significant for their healing powers, and ingly expensive. “I don’t wear any jewel-
matched it with a Tanjore pendant. I like lery when I’m performing contemporary
old, traditional pieces and I often come dance,” explains renowned danseuse and
up with my own designs. My inspiration choreographer, Aditi Mangaldas. “But I
comes from temple sculptures, old Tanjore like to wear jewellery when I’m doing tra-
paintings and Ravi Varma paintings.” ditional Kathak. Traditional Kathak jewellery
is made of gold, uncut diamonds, emer-
In contrast to the opulent temple jewellery alds and rubies. Most of the jewellery I use
of South India, the silver jewellery used by is Jadau jewellery which I find in Ahmed-
Odissi dancers is elegantly understated. abad, Hyderabad and Lucknow. When I
Cuttack in the state of Orissa is famous for wear a beautiful piece of jewellery, it gives
its silver filigree work. Oriya tribal jewellery me a sense of grandeur, even if it’s just a
is also made of silver. “Odissi jewellery has small piece.”
a distinct style,” explains celebrated Odissi Page 10 & 11: Hema Malini displays
dancer Sujata Mohapatra. “It adds beauty jewellery worn for her traditional and ballet “I think jewellery adds embellishment to
and elegance to the dance. The tahia Bharata Natyam performances a dancer: the tikka frames the face and
(crown) is unique to this dance style and bangles bring attention to the wrists be-
resembles a temple spire. The bengapa- cause we use a lot of mudras and wrist
tia (silver belt) is also unique to Odissi. The
maharis, who had danced in the temples,
The surya worn on the movements. I like to keep the look minimal
but classy. I don’t like heavy, overbearing
had worn many necklaces around the right side of the head jewellery. For me, jewellery has to be as
neck and several chains around the waist. light as possible but it also has to look real. I
The leading gurus had come together and and the chandra on wear only a tikka, earrings and slightly thick
decided on the aesthetics of the Odissi
costume and jewellery. It should not be
the left, are believed bangles on each wrist. I don’t wear long
necklaces anymore. I don’t like wearing
too heavy. The beauty of the body has to to impart a positive rings or anything on my feet.”
be seen.”
energy to the dancer, For practical and aesthetic reasons, there
Inspiration for the Odissi costume came
from temple sculptures, as well as the Ab-
allowing her art to seems to be a trend among dancers to-
wards reducing the ‘covered from head-
hinaya Chandrika, written in the 15th cen- flourish. to-toe’ look to one of minimal elegance
tury by Maheswara Mohapatra. This text which responds to the dictat that less
mentions the costume, ornaments and is certainly more. Dancers agree that
make-up to be used for Odissi and de- dancer, which “if used properly and with jewellery should embellish the dancer
scribes a silver belt to be worn around the understanding, add beauty to the body.” but not hamper the dance. After all, as
waist. In her biography of Guru Kelucharan It then illustrates in detail the specific or- Bharata Muni cautions in the Natya
Mohapatra, The Making of a Guru, Odissi naments to be worn by male and female Shastra: “Decoration not done properly is
dancer Ileana Citaristi recounts when the performers. While these number to 16 for no decoration at all.”
On Stage June 2011
On Stage Global

Israel Opera Festival
June 1 – 9
A look at this most poker faced ones around, as Jarred
Christmas, Milton Jones, and Mitch Benn,
The base of the Masada Mountain, near month’s most exciting among others, all take the stage. If that
the Dead Sea, transforms into an epic weren’t enough, visitors even have the op-
stage for glorious theatrical productions by peforming arts tion of registering for the Open Mic Night
the Israeli Opera this June, for the yearly
Israeli Opera Festival. This year, the Israeli
events from around on June 6, giving them a maximum of
eight minutes to perform on stage.
Opera will join hands with Italy’s Arena di the world
Verona Orchestra as they take the stage Saskatchewan Children’s Festival
at Sultan’s Pool in Jerusalem, to perform June 5 – 8
Verdi’s famous Messa da Requiem. Thou- Since 1988, the Saskatchewan Children’s
sands of visitors, both local and interna- Festival has been attracting thousands of
tional, will get the opportunity to witness visitors as it aims at involving children in ar-
acclaimed Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli tistic and creative endeavours, expanding
performing. The Israel Symphony Orches- their horizons and promoting the perform-
tra Rishon LeZion will also be presenting ing arts. For this year’s edition, puppetry
a rendition of  Aida  with the Israeli Opera, has been singled out as the primary per-
and other highlights include the Jerusalem forming art, so the festival will showcase
Symphony Orchestra accompanying the this art form in full vigour as performers
Opera for Verdi’s Jerusalem. from across the world – including Australia,
Mexico, West Africa, and the US – will take
Auckland Festival of Photography the stage to enthrall kids and adults alike.
June 3 – 26 Also featured, aside from puppetry, are
The trauma and suffering experienced by theatre performances, dance, storytelling,
New Zealand over the past year serves as circus acts, as well as music.
inspiration for this year’s Auckland Festival
of Photography, as the artists and man- Glastonbury Festival of
agement look to channelise the misery Contemporary Performing Arts
towards a positive outcome through art. June 24 – 26
Themes interpreted by the artists include This June will see thousands of hippies and
Culture, Identity, Participation, and Art. music lovers flock to Glastonbury for the
Displays include works by international annual Glastonbury festival, one of the
photographers as well as established and most distinguished and easily recognised
emerging artists from New Zealand for a music festivals in the world. This year’s edi-
collection of exquisite images from across tion is set to feature hundreds of prominent
the world. Highlights for this year include artistes from across the world, playing on
works of the upcoming photographer Ro- several different stages. The headliners for
berta Thornley, which will be displayed for the three days are U2, Coldplay and Be-
the first time at the festival, having been yonce respectively. While close to 200,000
commissioned by the management itself. unkempt fans let loose in vast open fields
could well be a recipe for an environmen-
Guernsey Festival of Comedy tal disaster, the Glastonbury management
June 3 – 11 remains keen on organising a ‘green’ fes-
A few laughs will always go a long way in tival with several provisions available, such
cheering up the most miserable state of as solar panels, green tractors and the
mind. And what better way to wish your presence of the Green Police. In fact, last
woes away than nine days of incessant, year, half of all waste generated at the fes-
roll-on-the-floor comedy? The Guernsey Israel Opera Festival, Glastonbury tival was recycled, and the management
Festival returns in its fifth year, with a line-up Festival, Saskatchewan Children’s Festival, is aiming at increasing the number to 60
promising to knock the socks off even the Auckland Festival of Photography per cent this year.
On Stage June 2011

Programme guide
Adhe Adhure
Hindi play (120 mins) icons)  so gripping, is that one is
Experimental Theatre never sure whether he admires
Wednesday, 1st to Sunday, 5th her rage to get a grip on her life,
– 7.30 pm or whether he suggests that she
is a woman caught in her own
An Artistic Exclusive Event destiny and circumstances in the
manner of a tragic Greek heroine.
A tragic comedy  about mar-
Starring:  Rajendra Gupta, Lillete
riage, this brilliant classic that broke
Dubey, Ira Dubey, Rajeev Sid-
the bounds of Hindi theatre in the
dhartha and Anuschka Sawhney
‘60s, remains an incisive portrayal,
even today,  of contemporary so- Original music by Gandhaar
ciety and a middle class family on Sangoram
the brink of collapse. Sets designed by Bhola Sharma   
   Lights designed by Pradeep
Savitri, a middle-aged woman, is Vaidya
dissatisfied with her circumstanc-
es – an unemployed son, an  un- A Primetime Theatre Co.
settled newly married daughter, a Production
rebellious teenager, and above
all, a husband who has failed to themes of incompleteness at the indi- Tickets (on weekdays): `300, 250 &
provide her emotional and financial vidual and social level with humour and 200/-
security. She seeks to fulfill herself in re- uncanny insight. Tickets (on weekends): `400, 300 &
lationships outside marriage, only to re- 200/-
alise that  men are the same beneath What makes Mohan Rakesh’s portrait of Box Office: May 26 for Members and May
different faces.  The play explores the Savitri (one of Hindi theatre’s first feminist 29 for the Public

The Sound of Music Workshop

Children’s theatre workshop this much-loved musical. This will encour-
Sea View Room age children to engage with the songs
Wednesday, 1st to Sunday, 5th – and story of a young postulant and her
11.00 am to 1.00 pm love for music.

Through this workshop, children will dis-

As one of the best acting academies in
cover themselves through improvisations,
Mumbai, Raëll Padamsee’s Academy for
climb out of their shells through theatre
Creative Expression (ACE) for children be-
games, stretch their vocal cords through
tween four and twelve years of age, has
song and perform like never before,
been committed to developing children’s through acting.
acting skills for over 15 years. ACE uses in- After the immensely successful The Sound  
novative techniques in developing their of Music presented at the NCPA this year, Registration Fees: `3,000/- per child. Please
speaking skills, creative thinking, self-es- parents expressed a strong desire to have contact Ace Productions on 2284 2845 – 8 or
teem, confidence and social interaction. their children attend a workshop based on Email:

Tel: +91 (0)22 2282 4567, 6654 8135, 6622 3724
Exhibitions – Art, Photography
Film Screenings
Indian Music
National Centre for the Performing Arts, N.C.P.A. Marg, Nariman Point,
Mumbai 400 021. Tel: +91 (0)22 6622 3737
Presentations & Discussions International Music
On Stage June 2011

Japan Tsunami Benefit Concert

Western music concert Nicolai von Wilm – String Nonet, Op.150
Symphony Orchestra of India
Tata Theatre Ryunosuke Akutagawa
Thursday, 2nd – 7.00 pm
An NCPA Presentation  
W.A. Mozart – Symphony No. 29
This benefit concert will be held for the Allegro moderato
relief of victims of the devastating earth- Andante
quake and tsunami that struck the north- Menuetto: Allegretto
east coast of Japan on March 11 this Allegro con spirito
year. Proceeds will go to the Indian Red
Cross Society. There will also be an op- Edward Elgar – Serenade for strings
portunity to make additional donations. Allegro piacevole
Programme:  Allegretto

Karl Jenkins – Passacaglia from Palladio Dag Wiren-- Serenade for Strings
Op 11
Edward Elgar – Salut D’Amour                            
Tickets: `1000, 800 & 600/-
Henryk Wieniawski – Valse caprice (piano)
Box Office: May 14 for SOI Members,
David Popper – Requiem for three cellos May 17 for NCPA Members and May 20
and piano for the Public.

Two English Girls

French film with English subtitles he gradually falls in love with Muriel. But
(Col – 108 mins – 1971) both families lay down a one-year-long
Dance Theatre Godrej separation without any contact before
Friday, 3rd – 6.30 pm agreeing to the marriage. So Claude
goes back to Paris where he has many
In collaboration with Taj Enlighten love affairs before sending Muriel a break-
Film Society off letter.

Truffaut's classic adaptation of the novel Directed by Francois Truffaut

of the same name by Henri Pierre Roche Cast: Jean-Pierre Léaud, Kika Markham
is set in early 20th century France. Claude and Stacey Tendeter
Roc, a young middle-class Frenchman,
meets in Paris Ann Brown, a young Eng-
lishwoman. They become friends and and her sister Muriel, for whom she intends Admission on a first-come-first-served basis
Ann invites him to spend the holidays at Claude. During these holidays, Claude, (NCPA and Taj Enlighten Film Society
the house where she lives with her mother Ann and Muriel become very close and members will get preferential seating)

Hindustani music recital
Janhavi Phansalkar (Vocal)
Kaushik Mukherjee (Sarod)
NCPA Umang Series
Little Theatre
Friday, 3rd – 6.30 pm

Supported by Narotam Sekhsaria


Janhavi Phansalkar trained under Dr. Kaushik Mukherjee has trained under Dilip Both artistes will include in their presenta-
Usha Parkhi and Veena Sahasrabuddhe, Patra and Tejendra Narayan Majumdar. tion, a special repertoire to welcome the
both of whom rank among the most dis- He has won the National Scholarship for much-awaited rains.
tinguished and talented artistes of India. Outstanding Artists and has also per-
She has many public performances and formed at a number of prestigious music Admission on a first-come-first-served basis
awards to her credit. festivals. (NCPA members will get preferential seating)
On Stage June 2011

Apples and Walnuts

English play (80 mins) a mantra of how to bring about change
Dance Theatre Godrej during troubled times.
Saturday, 4th – 5.00 pm and 7.30 pm
An Artistic Exclusive Event Written and directed by Troy Ribeiro
Cast: Madhuri Bhatia, Ashish Chawla,
This play, set in Mumbai with a backdrop
Mini Ribeiro and Akshay Dogra
of Kashmir, portrays the catharsis of two
mothers who have lost their sons to a
A Litmus production
meaningless war.

Through the four characters, Apples and Tickets: `200/- (for Members)
Walnuts encapsulates the state of af- `225/- (for the Public)
fairs in Kashmir and how it has changed Box Office: May 26 for Members and
their lives. It ends on a positive note with May 29 for the Public

Dinner with Friends

English play (105 mins) Production design and costumes:
Tata Theatre Sonya Khan
Sunday, 5th – 7.00 pm Music composer: Piyush Kanojia
Cast: Tisca Chopra, Vinay Jain,
An Artistic Exclusive Event Joy Sengupta and
Perizaad Zorabian Irani
This Pulitzer Prize-winning play is about four
friends: two married couples. Both couples A Moving Platform Production
are at different stages of their lives. We wit-
ness the effects of the break-up of one STRICTLY FOR ADULTS ONLY
couple on the other, who first feel com-
pelled to choose sides, and then begin to Tickets: `1,000, 750, 500, 300 & 200/-
question the strength of their own seem- Written by Donald Marguiles Box Office: May 26 for Members and
ingly tranquil marriage. Directed by Feroz Khan the Public

Gujarati play (135 mins) now awaits death just like his father rule rather than the exception, the mis-
Dance Theatre Godrej did and watches the gallows’ structure use of euthanasia is very likely, since we
Sunday, 5th – 7.00 pm through the hopeless window. have a large number of illiterate popu-
lace and rampant unethical medical
An Artistic Exclusive Event So how do we exactly define a murder? practitioners. But can this helplessness
It can’t just be the act of taking another and corruption of our existence deny us
Korat, that’s the way he pronounced individual’s life. There should be certain a life devoid of pain?
the word "court". His inability for the cor- peculiarities of the act that deems it a
rect pronunciation for the law house murder. Euthanasia can never be com- The play is a hope to have the above
matched his scepticism for what was pared with a murder. No one wants to questions echo in the huge rooms
going on there…in the court! suffer, no one wants to feel pain and of ‘Korat’.
misery, and no one wants to see their
What the law labels as a brutal murder, loved ones suffering. On the contrary, we Written by Dr. Shankar Sesh
for him was just a rational way to end dedicate our lives just to be away from Gujarati Adaptation by Paresh Vora
an individual’s agony. He had killed his it, all of our efforts are directed only to Directed by Pritesh Sodha
father, rather a patient of carcinoma of relieve ourselves of any sort of pain and Produced by Kamlesh Mota
lungs in his last stage pleading for death end the suffering of our loved ones. Cast: Pratik Gandhi, Mihir Trivedi and
every day. His poor house awaited the Paresh Vora
uninvited guest by the name of death, The arguers will want one to consider the
which was already on its way. mental makeup of our country, and will A Utopia Communications Production
quote that acceptance of euthanasia
Poverty and the label of being an anti- for people who are tired of life, will further Tickets: `225/- (for Members)
social element from the society is what put a social and domestic pressure on
he got with the grief of his family for the those who feel themselves to be a bur- `250/- (for the Public)
so called murder of his father. Locked den to others, and to ask for euthanasia. Box Office: May 26 for Members and
behind those rigid iron bars of law, he In India, where abuse of the law is the May 29 for the Public
On Stage June 2011

at a glance
Day Date Time Programme Theatre

Adhe Adhure
Wed. to Sun. 1st to 5th 7.30 pm
Hindi Play

The Sound of Music

Wed. to Sun. 1st to 5th 11.00 am to 1.00 pm Sea View Room
Children’s theatre workshop

Japan Tsunami Benefit Concert

Thu. 2nd 7.00 pm
Western music concert by the SOI

Two English Girls

Fri. 3rd 6.30 pm
French film with English subtitles

Fri. 3rd 6.30 pm
Hindustani music recital

Apples & Walnuts

Sat. 4th 5.00 pm and 7.30 pm
English Play

Dinner with Friends

Sun. 5th 7.00 pm
English play

Sun. 5th 7.00 pm
Gujarati play

Sun. to Tue. 5th to 14th 12.00 pm to 8.00 pm
Photo exhibition by Sham Manchekar

The King in Cinemascope

Mon. to Wed. 6th to 8th 6.30 pm
Film screenings

Casa de Goa’s Ekvat Group from Portugal

Thu. 9th 7.00 pm
Traditional Goan music and dance

Thu. 9th 6.30 pm Rain Raga by Subhra Guha

Ambaa - The Feminine Force

Thu. 9th 7.00 pm
Odissi duet by Leesa Mohanty and Leena Mohanty

Nilesh Singha
Fri. 10th 6.30 pm
Bharata Natyam recital

NCPA Legends - A Tribute to the King of Rock 'n' Roll by

Sat. 11th 7.00 pm Gary Lawyer
Western music concert

Sat. 11th 7.30 pm Famous Last Words

Sun. 12th 4.00 pm and 7.30 pm English play

Chhandam - A Journey
Sat. 11th 7.00 pm
Kathak recital by Seema Mehta

Tumhari Amrita
Sun. 12th 7.00 pm
Hindi Play
June 2011
Exhibitions – Art, Photography
Film Screenings
Indian Music
Presentations & Discussions
International Music

Day Date Time Programme Theatre

Thu. 16th 7.00 pm
Bharata Natyam recital by Priya Venkataraman

Fri., Sat. and 17th, 18th 7.00 pm The Class Act

Sun. and 19th 4.00 pm and 7.00 pm English play

Fri. and Sat. 17th and 18th 7.00 pm Frankenstein

Sun. 19th 4.00 pm and 7.00 pm Theatre broadcast

Fri 17th 6.30 pm
Hindi Film

Sat. 18th 6.30 pm
Short film screenings

Little Leaders
Sat. 18th 10.00 am to 2.00 pm Sea View Room
Children’s theatre workshop

History of India: VIRitten

Sun. 19th 6.30 pm
Stand-up comedy in English

The Child Prodigy

Wed. 22nd 8.30 pm French film with English subtitles

Thu to Sat. 23rd to 25th 7.30 pm The Sound of Music

Sun. 26th 4.00 pm and 7.30 pm English musical

Nad Ninad
Fri. 24th 6.30 pm
Guided Listening session on Shobha Gurtu

Bed and Board

Fri. 24th 6.30 pm
French film with English subtitles

Sat. 25th 7.00 pm Miss Beautiful

Sun. 26th 6.30 pm Hindi play

Past Forward
Sat. and Sun. 25th and 26th 7.00 pm
English plays

The Dualities of Liszt - Saint or Sinner?

Tue. 28th 7.00 pm
A lecture-recital by Karl Lutchmayer

Pant on Fire
Wed. 29.6.2011 7.30 pm
Stand-up comedy

Vision of Forever
Thu. 30.6.2011 7.00 pm
Odissi recital by Ramli Ibrahim and troupe
On Stage June 2011

Photo-exhibition by Sham Manchekar tree in India – located in the botanical
Piramal Art Gallery garden at Kolkata. These photographs are
Sunday, 5th to Tuesday, 14th -- 12.00 pm
not about scientific shooting, but rather
to 8.00 pm
the revelation of beauty. He appreciates

Tree’ppreciation, the forthcoming exhibi- the aesthetics of a tree through his lens.
tion of internationally renowned photog-
rapher Sham Manchekar, is a celebration The exhibition is not the first of its kind to
of the beauty of trees around us. The tree, be organised. Manchekar has many to
which is an integral part of our life, is often
his credit, such as Moss-scapes, Ladakhs-
neglected by mankind. Manchekar takes
capes, Land and Water and Auto-graphs.
us through different places and sights,
such as the branching of a coconut tree His love for the abstract is clear in his
on the Sindhudurg Fort, to the oldest ficus latest exhibition.

The King in Cinemascope

Film screenings scenes footage finds Elvis at the peak of
Little Theatre his powers. The highlights: Elvis’ first TV ap-
Monday, 6th to Wednesday, pearances in 1956, scenes from his most
8th – 7.00 pm popular movies, Love Me Tender, Loving
You and Jailhouse Rock, plus concert
June 6 scenes from his 1968 show, That's the
The King At The Movies – Jailhouse Rock way it is, Aloha from Hawaii, and from his
last filmed show in 1977 are here as well.
Filmed in black-and-white, it’s the first Fans get to see him perform live all the
movie that comes to mind when “Elvis” essential hits – from the early rock ‘n’ roll
and “movies” are mentioned in the same (Hound Dog, Don’t Be Cruel) to the bal-
sentence. Elvis plays bad boy Vince Ev- lads (Love Me Tender, Can’t Help Falling
erett who’s in jail and turns his life over In Love) to his personal favourites (Heart-
to become a rock ‘n’ roll superstar. This break Hotel, Blue Suede Shoes).
  insight that only his family can bring. His
1957 flick became one of the most suc-
career ups and downs, his kindness and
cessful films of The King’s career – thanks June 8
generosity and his human frailties are all
to classic songs like Jailhouse Rock, Treat The King Revealed! – Elvis By The
brought to light as well as a reflection on
Me Nice and (You’re So Square) Baby I Presleys
his place in entertainment history and his
Don’t Care.
enduring legacy as the world’s greatest
  For the first time, The King’s wife Priscilla
June 7 and daughter Lisa Marie offer an inti-
The King In Concert – This Is Elvis mate look at Elvis’ life in this riveting doc-
umentary. Different aspects of Elvis’s life, Admission on a first-come-first-served basis
Fantastic and dazzling – this biography including his tours, his time in Hollywood (NCPA members will get
concert movie and rare behind-the- and his home life, are depicted with the preferential seating)

Casa de Goa’s Ekvat Group from Portugal

Traditional Goan music and dances around one hour, with traditional harvest
Tata Theatre
dances, Deknnis and Mandos and also
Thursday, 9th – 7.00 pm
songs and dances of Ekvat´s own creation
In collaboration with Indian Council for
Cultural Relations inspired on the traditional ones. A Bharata
Natyam dance is also included, from whi-
Casa de Goa’s Ekvat Group of Traditional
Goan Music and Dances founded in 1989, ch some of the Goan dances originated.
in Lisbon (Portugal), has the objective of
making the traditional music and dances
of Goa known to a wider audience. A limited number of admission passes can be
collected by Members from the Box Office
In the concert tour to be held in India in Mumbai and New Delhi, Ekvat will be pre-
June 2011, covering Goa, Bengaluru, senting in each concert a programme of from June 6 onwards.
On Stage June 2011

Rain Raga
Hindustani vocal music recital and especially her thumri renditions in
Subhra Guha the Poorab Ang.
Dance Theatre Godrej
Thursday, 9th – 6.30 pm The Benares Poorab Ang style she
follows is that of Siddheshwari Devi, Ra-
In collaboration with ITC-Sangeet soolan Bai, Badi Motibai and Girija Devi.
Research Academy (Western Region)
Her collection of rare thumris, dadras,
kajris and chaitis in pure Benares tradition
Subhra Guha is regarded as one of the
is impressive, as is her exhaustive collec-
finest female exponents of the Agra gha-
tion of rare ragas and compositions.
rana. Hailing from a music loving family,
she received her early training from the
A regular artiste on AIR and Doordarshan,
Late Satish Bhowmick and subsequently Guha has been performing regularly at
trained under Pandit Sunil Bose, a vet- prestigious events and festivals both in
eran of the Agra gharana. India and abroad.

Today, Guha has gained recognition Admission on a first-come-first-served basis

for her exemplary gayaki with her open- (NCPA Members will get
throated akar, her taans, her bol-bants preferential seating)

Ambaa – The Feminine Force

Odissi Duet Programme:
Leena and Leesa Mohanty Mangalacharan – An invocation to
Little Theatre Goddess Kali
Thursday, 9th – 7.00 p.m. Mangalacharan is an invocatory item
paying salutations to a diety and finally
The Mohanty sisters, Leena and Leesa, concluding with three salutations – to the
are internationally acclaimed artistes Mother Earth, to the Guru and to the au-
and disciples of the late Deba Prasad
gust audience.
Das and Durga Charan Ranbir. Together,
they run Bansi Bilas, an NGO dedicated
Pallavi – Raag Basanta
to the development and dissemination of
“Pallavi” means “blossoming”. It begins
Oriya Culture.
with a slow pace and gradually gains
Leena, the Artistic Director of Bansi Bilas, is momentum. Based on raag Kedar Ka-
a dancer with an impeccable command modi, this is a pure dance piece that ex-
of technique; her greatest asset is her joy plores the softer side of Shakti. It gives us
which she transmits to her art. A versatile a glimpse of the secular and sacred im-
dancer with a vision, she is known for the ages of the female energy.
graceful intricacy of her gestures and
eloquent expressions. Leesa is a multi- Abhinaya – Bibasaa Kunti
faceted personality. She has worked as an This piece captures the state of mind of
called the Divine Mother. The Mahavidyas
actor and a dancer, and today juggles Kunti, widely known for her beauty and dy-
her time as a choreographer, a manage- namism. Saint Durbasa, pleased with her reveal a tantric world that is different,
ment consultant, a writer and an entrepre- devotion, blessed her with the boon that awakening in us the understanding of the
neur. She is known for her footwork of clar- she could invoke any god and would be world as it really is. The Dasa Mahavidya
ity and precision. blessed with his child. are  Kali, Tara, Sodashi, Bhuvaneswari,
Bhairavi, Chhinnamasta, Dhumavati, Ba-
On seeing the Sun God, Kunti is attracted gala, Maatangi and Kamala.
to him, invokes him and conceives Karna.
The virgin mother, afraid of society, wants Moksha
to hide the child and secretly sets him This is a pure dance, one of joyful release,
afloat in the Ganges. with a verse dedicated to Shakti, the fe-
male creative energy.
Abhinaya – Dasa Mahavidya Admission on a first-come-first-served basis
Dasa Mahavidya are the ten forms of the (NCPA Members will get
primordial creative female energy, also preferential seating)
On Stage June 2011

Nilesh Singha
Bharata Natyam recital also been titled Nritya Shivali by the Shivali
Horizon Series Cultural Society of India.
Little Theatre
Friday, 10th – 6.30 pm He is the recipient of the SRI Saurabha
award for his outstanding contribution in
In collaboration with the Indian Council the field of art and culture. He has present-
for Cultural Relations ed several duets as well as group perfor-
mances at festivals like Natyanjali, Maha
Nilesh Singha, an accomplished Bharata Shivaratri Mahotsav, Shri Durga Parmesh-
Natyam dancer from Mumbai, has been wari music and dance festival at Kateel,
currently undergoing advance training in Mangalore. He has also produced several
dance and also studying the intricacies of dance ballets like KrishnaLeela, Dashava-
Nattuvangam under Padmini Radhakrish- is also the recipient of the Vishnu Digam- taram, Ramayanam, etc.
nan. He has been awarded the National bar Paluskar award, for the best dancer
Cultural Scholarship by the Government of by Sharda Sangeet Vidyalaya. He is an Admission on a first-come-first-served basis
India in the field of Bharata Natyam and empanelled artiste of the I.C.C.R. He has (NCPA members will get preferential seating)

NCPA Legends - A Tribute to the King of Rock 'n' Roll

by Gary Lawyer
Western music concert lar music. A bass baritone, who sings
NCPA Legends – A tribute to the king just as easily in the tenor range, Gary is
of rock ‘n’ roll by Gary Lawyer equally comfortable across Western mu-
Tata Theatre sic genres – be it rock, pop, jazz, country
Saturday, 11th – 7.00 p.m. or folk.

In collaboration with the Bombay So- With his varied musical influences and
ciety for the Prevention of Cruelty to classically trained voice, Gary began
Animals (BSPCA) and supported by Tata his singing career in New York in the 80's,
Sons Limited and is now one of India's finest musi-
Gary Lawyer needs no introduction.
Tickets: `1000, 750 & 550/-
Often called the ‘man with the golden
voice’, he is regarded as the finest In- Box office: May 26 for Members and May
dian artiste in the field of Western popu- 29 for the Public

Famous Last Words

English play (105 mins) Anil Shah is a critically acclaimed writer. they care about him might just be the
Experimental Theatre The problem is, he hasn’t written a word ones who lead him to his doom. Which
Saturday, 11th – 7.30 pm and Sunday, in five years. Instead, living off his fading leaves him wondering just who will be the
12th – 4.00 pm and 7.30 pm fame, he’s cutting a swathe through so- one to stab him in the back? Literally.
ciety with a glass in one hand and a girl
on each arm. Faced with an unexpect-
Written by Anish Trivedi
ed turn of events, he finds his only help
Story and direction by Dipika Roy
comes from his ex-wife, Sandy. But the
Cast: Anish Trivedi, Sahil Jaffrey, Amrita
help comes with a catch: to clean up his
Puri/ Nandita Dubey and Dipika Roy
act and finish the novel he promised his
publishers five years ago.
A Banyan Tree Production
Shah does write, finding along the way
An Artistic Exclusive Event Tickets: `300, 250 & 200/-
that it’s true about the path to hell, since
A new comedy from the creators of Still he’s unlikely to go to heaven, being paved Box Office: May 26 for Members and
Single and One Small Day with good intentions. The people who say the Public
On Stage June 2011

Chhandam – A Journey
Kathak recital she continues her training, she has also dancer will be singing a rhythmic cycle of
Seema Mehta opened a Chhandam branch in Mumbai. seven beats; taal roopak, and perform-
NCPA Umang series ing various tihaais and chhands with her
Little Theatre Programme: feet. In this traditional Kathak solo, Mehta
Saturday, 11th – 7.00 pm Seema Mehta is intrigued with the phi- will share her journey as a kathaka and
losophy behind Sanatana Dharma. She her experience in developing the four ele-
Supported by the Narotam Sekhsaria shares, through her dance, the idea that ments; tayaari, layakaari, khoobsoorti and
Foundation beauty is not found in destinations, but it
lies in the journey itself. In Kathak, the jour-
A student of Chitresh Das of the Chhan- ney of playing with rhythm is eternal. Her
dam School of Kathak, Seema Mehta has guru, Chitresh Das’ unique innovation of Admission on a first-come-first-served basis
trained intensively for eleven years. While Kathak yoga will be featured, where the (NCPA members will get preferential seating)

Tumhari Amrita
Hindi play (90 mins) Written by Javed Siddiqui
Tata Theatre Directed by Feroz Khan
Sunday, 12th – 7.00 pm Cast: Shabana Azmi and
Farooque Shaikh
Inspired by A. R. Gurney’s English play, Love
A Platform Production
Letters, Tumhari Amrita is a funny, poignant,
melancholic chronicle of two people
would not come together and could not FOR ADULTS ONLY
stay apart.
Tickets: `750, 570, 375, 300, 240 &
Theatre veterans Shabana Azmi and Fa-
rooque Shaikh read the love letters written 150/- (for Members)
by their characters to each other, over a `1,000, 760, 500, 320 & 200/-
span of 35 years. The two thespians man- (for the Public)
age, with consummate ease, to convey
friendship, love and heartbreak with mere Box Office: May 26 for Members and
inflections of voice, tone and expression. May 29 for the Public

Bharata Natyam performance her contribution to the field of dance.
Priya Venkataraman For her upcoming performance, Devi,
Experimental Theatre Venkataraman has specially choreo-
Thursday, 16th – 7.00 pm graphed selected verses from the
Ananda Lahiri by Adishankara, which is
Priya Venkataraman, currently training in praise of Shakti, the consort of Shiva.
with A. Lakshman and Bragha Bassell She will commence the evening’s recital
of Chennai, has intensively trained in with an invocatory item followed by a
Bharata Natyam from the age of five
Swarajati which is the central piece of
and has been performing for the last two
her performance. Selected verses from
decades. While based in Illinois, she trav-
the Kumarasambhavam by Kalidasa to
elled all over the United States and per-
highlight the Shiva and Shakti elements,
formed and was also actively engaged
are also part of her repertoire this eve-
in teaching students and training them in
ning. The performance will conclude with
the Bharata Natyam Margam repertoire.
a thillana composed by Karaikudi Krish-
Now settled in Delhi, she continues to namurthy in raga Nalinakanti.
perform, choreograph, teach and takes
time out to travel to Chennai for her own Tickets: `180 &   90/- (for Members)  
training. She has performed at many              `200 & 100/- (for the Public)
prestigious venues all over the world and Box Office:  May 26 for Members and May
has won several coveted accolades for 29 for the Public
On Stage June 2011

The Class Act

English play (110 mins) herzad Patel, Danesh Khambata, Lucky
Experimental Theatre Vakharia and Max Fernandes
Friday, 17th and Saturday, 18th- 7.00 pm
and Sunday, 19th – 4.00 and 7.00 pm A Silly Point Production

This play is based in an acting class Tickets (on weekdays): `225, 180 & 150/-
conducted by Mr William. The students (for Members)
come from different religious, caste `250, 200 & 150/- (for the Public)
and class backgrounds and have con- Tickets (on weekends): `270, 225 & 200/-
flicting views on almost everything. (for Members)
Through these “actors”, the play hopes to Original Script Written by Meherzad Patel `300, 250 & 200/- (for the Public)
depict the pitiful situation of how we still Directed by Meherzad Patel Box Office: June 9 for Members and June 12
don't know how to co-exist peacefully. Cast:   Sajeel Parakh, Danesh Irani, Me- for the Public

Theatre Broadcast (120 mins) mines to track down his creator and strike Directed by Danny Boyle
Dance Theatre Godrej a terrifying deal. Cast: Benedict Cumberbatch, Jonny
Friday, 17th and Saturday, 18th Lee Miller and others
– 7.00 pm Urgent concerns of scientific responsibil-
Sunday, 19th – 4.00 and 7.00 pm Suitable only for 15 years and above
ity, parental neglect, cognitive develop-
ment and the nature of good and evil Tickets: `300/-
For the first time in India, National
are embedded within this thrilling and Box Office: June 9 for Members and June
Theatre Live will broadcast the perfor-
mance of the production Frankenstein deeply disturbing classic Gothic tale. 12 for the Public
at the NCPA. Written by Nick Dear and
based on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein,
the play is directed by Oscar-winner
Danny Boyle (127 Hours, Slumdog Mil-
lionaire) and is a visionary new produc-
tion, with actors Benedict Cumberbatch
and Jonny Lee Miller alternating the
roles of Victor Frankenstein and the
grotesque being he creates.

Childlike in his innocence but monstrous

in form, Frankenstein’s bewildered crea-
ture is cast out into a hostile universe by
his maker. Meeting with cruelty wherever
he goes, the friendless creature, increas-
ingly desperate and vengeful, deter-

Hindi film - Fresh Pix Series An NCPA Presentation this new routine is for Avneesh to catch a
(Col – 90 mins – 2009) glimpse of a girl, he is dismayed. Bantu
Little Theatre This film screening is a part of the NCPA plays cupid for Avneesh and Mrityu but
Friday, 17th – 6.30 pm Fresh Pix Series, started to create an soon tires of the candy that Mrityu rewards
audience for regional and indie cinema him with. Something strange is afoot; he
that does not reach the lay audience, begins to frequent the forest trying to out-
outside of film festivals. wit an unforeseen pursuer.
In a listless town, ten-year-old Bantu goes Directed by Paresh Kamdar
through the routine of cajoling his friend, Cast: Arhan Wilson, Gauri, Sumit
Avneesh to fly a kite with him. Instead, Sharma, Garima Shrivastav and
Avneesh takes him to the bazaar where Chittaranjan Giri
they sit day after day. While Bantu savours
ice candy, Avneesh restlessly awaits his Admission on a first-come-first-served basis
‘mrityu’ (death). When Bantu realises that (NCPA members will get preferential seating)
On Stage June 2011

Short film screening (120 mins) to provide exposure to short and small screen little-known movies to a wider audi-
Little Theatre budget filmmakers. ence and initiate constructive discussions.
Saturday, 18th – 6.30 pm
Everyone is invited irrespective of whether
Many of us might have dreamt of making
In collaboration with Friends of Cinema a movie that would force the world stand you are a filmmaker or not. All you require
up and take notice. Few of us went one is a zest for cinema.
Friends of Cinema (FoC) is a network of step ahead and made it but due to sev-
people who like and love short and small eral constraints could not show it to an au-
budget cinema. Kalpana, the brain- dience. Kalpana, is for these filmmakers.
Admission on a first-come-first-served basis 
child of Friends of Cinema is a venture The objective of the group is simple – to (NCPA Members will get preferential seating)

Little Leaders
Children’s theatre workshop leaders.  Drawing on examples from fa- Children from 6-12 years of age are eligible for
Sea View Room mous personalities like Gautam Buddha, participation.
Saturday, 18th – 10.00 am to 2.00 pm Kabir, the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa,
Registration Fees: `2,500/- per child
Mahatma Gandhi, Dr Ambedkar, Nelson
As existing structures of leadership come Mandela, Rabindranath Tagore, William (inclusive of lunch and materials)
tumbling down around the world, and new Shakespeare, Helen Keller, Joan of Arc Entry on Registration. Please contact Shivani
systems are set up in their place, the world and Anne Frank among others, the work- Tibrewala on 98201 27247 / 93202 91157
is redefining what it needs, wants and ex- shop will introduce children to the chal-
Or e mail: For
pects in a leader.  This workshop seeks to lenges of being leaders in all contexts,
imbibe lasting leadership values in chil- through a series of role-play and various online registrations, log onto http://www.
dren that will mould them into tomorrow’s theatre games.

History of India: VIRitten

Stand-up comedy in English (105 mins) with impeccable comic timing, makes for
Tata Theatre a hilarious evening that warms your heart
Sunday, 19th – 6.30 pm as it gently pulls your leg.

Ashvin Gidwani’s History of India promises Directed by Vir Das

to be the funniest, wittiest and most sen-
Cast: Vir Das and Kavi Shastri
sational relook at India’s history. History is
An Ashvin Gidwani Production
hugely funny; we just haven’t read it right.
But this history so twisted, so funny, so out-
Tickets: `1,125, 750, 570, 375 & 225/-
of-the-box, so completely unbelievable, (for Members)
you can’t be sure it actually happened. `1,500, 1000, 760, 500 & 300/-
(for the Public)
This delightful mix of fact, fiction, humour Box Office: June 9 for Members and June 12
and some good old patriotism, delivered for the Public

The Child Prodigy

French film with English subtitles by Academy Award-winning produc- Admission starts at 8.15 pm on a first-come-
(Col – 99 mins – 2010) ers, Denise Robert and Daniel Louis. first-served basis.
Experimental Theatre
(NCPA members and Consulate invitees will
Wednesday, 22nd – 8:30 pm Young hands fly rapidly over a keyboard
get preferential seating)
creating hauntingly beautiful melodies.
In collaboration with Bureau du Québec These hands belong to six-year-old Andre
(Québec Office), Mumbai Mathieu who won his audiences and fired
up concert halls in London, New York, Paris
Marking the occasion of the Fête Na-
and around the world. Adulated, hailed,
tionale du Québec (Québec National
praised, the child prodigy seemed to
Day), The Child Prodigy (L’Enfant Prodige),
is one of Québec’s most celebrated have every ingredient to succeed. But an-
movies, based on the passionate and other destiny was awaiting him.
tragic life and career of composer An-
dré Mathieu, who has been described Directed by Luc Dionne
as the  little Mozart of the 20th century. Cast: Patrick Drolet, Marc Labreche,
The movie is based on his fantastic origi- Macha Grenon, Karine Vanasse, Guil-
nal music compositions and is produced laume Lebon and Lothaire Bluteau
On Stage June 2011

The Sound of Music

English musical mainstream schools, Raell Padamsee’s Choreography: Karla Singh and Sandeep
Tata Theatre Academy for Creative Expression (ACE) Soparrkar
Thursday, 23rd to Saturday, 25th – 7.30 and eight NGO’s: Happy Home  and Set Design:  Fali Unwalla
pm and Sunday, 26th – 4.00 p.m. and School for the Blind, Central Society for Vocals Director: Marianne D’Cruz Aiman
7.30 pm the Education of the Deaf, Society for
the Education of the Crippled, Asee-
An Ace Production in aid of THE CREATE
An Artistic Exclusive Event ma, Salaam Bombay Foundation, Seva
Sadan, Muktangan and ADAPT. Foundation
The final collaboration between Rodgers    
& Hammerstein was destined to become Producer: Raell Padamsee Tickets: `1,000, 760, 500 & 260/-
the world’s most beloved musical. When a Technical Director: Alyque Padamsee Children below the age of 3 not permitted.
postulant proves too high-spirited for the Director: Advait Hazarat
Associate Director: Karla Singh Box Office: June 9 for Members and June12
religious life, she is dispatched to serve
as governess for the seven children of a Music Director: Merlyn D’Souza for the Public
widowed naval captain. Her growing rap-
port with the youngsters, coupled with her
generosity of spirit, gradually captures the
heart of the stern captain, and they marry.
Upon returning from their honeymoon they
discover that Austria has been invaded by
the Nazis, who demand the captain’s im-
mediate service in the navy.
The family’s narrow escape over the
mountains to Switzerland on the eve of
World War II provides one of the most thrill-
ing and inspirational finales ever present-
ed in theatre.
Starring: Dalip Tahil, Delna Mody,
Lucky Morani, Darius Shroff,
Marianne D’Cruz Aiman
and an integrated cast of children from

Nad Ninad: From Our Archives

Guided Listening Session on Shobha Gurtu
Dance Theatre Godrej
Friday, 24th – 6.30 pm
In collaboration with the Indian Musicological Society
This is a programme that makes available to lovers of Hin-
dustani classical music, some of NCPA's archival record-
ings.  This month, it's the music of the late Thumri Queen
Shobha Gurtu.
With equal command over pure classical and light classical
idiom, Shobha Gurtu created a new style of rendering
semi classical forms such as thumri, dadra, kajri and hori.
Influenced by the music of stalwarts like Begum Akhtar and
Bade Ghulam Ali, she created a niche for herself with her
full-throated effortless renditions in abhinaya ang.
This audio-visual session will be conducted by Tushar Bha-
tia, a senior disciple of Arvind Parikh, Dinkar Kaikini and Y. M.
Mahale.  The session will also include live demonstrations by
Sraboni Chaudhuri and Aditi Bannerjee, senior disciples of
Shobha Gurtu.

Admission on a first-come-first-served basis.

(NCPA members will get preferential seating)
On Stage June 2011

Bed and Board

French film with English subtitles In collaboration with Taj Enlighten meeting, he meets a beautiful Japanese
(Col -100 mins -1970) Film Society woman named Kyoko (Mademoiselle Hi-
Little Theatre roko) and they have an affair. When Chris-
Friday, 24th – 6.30 pm The fourth part of Truffaut’s Antoine Doinel tine accidentally discovers that Antoine
cycle is a curious entry in Truffaut’s oeuvre has a lover, they separate. Once sepa-
and a masterful study of Doinel’s entry into rated, they begin to miss each other and
adulthood. Antoine Doinel (Jean-Pierre realise that their love still exists.
Léaud in one of his best performances)
and Christine Darbon (Claude Jade) are Directed by Francois Truffaut
married and Antoine dyes flowers for a liv- Cast: Jean-Pierre Léaud, Claude Jade
and Hiroko Berghauer
ing, while Christine is pregnant and gives
private violin classes. With Christine in the
family way, Antoine decides to find a new Admission on a first-come-first-served basis
job, and he succeeds due to his em- (NCPA and Taj Enlighten Film Society
ployer's misunderstanding. In a business members will get preferential seating)

Miss Beautiful
Hindi Play (135 mins) Directed by Makrand Deshpande
Experimental Theatre
Saturday, 25th - 7.00 pm, Cast: Nagesh Bhosle, Divya Jagdale,
Sunday, 26th - 6.30 pm Makrand Deshpande, Ahlam Khan, San-
jay Dadhich, Ananda Karak and Vineet
An ailing mother and father ask their son Sharma.
to find himself a beautiful girl. The son,
wanting his parents to die peacefully,
brings home Miss Beautiful. An Ansh Theatre Production

With a theme that centres on ideas of fam- Tickets: `270, 225 & 200/- (for Members)
ily, loyalty and identity, this play promises `300, 250 & 200/- (for the Public)
to be a charming and thought-provoking Box Office: June 9 for Members and June 12
experience. for the Public

Past Forward
Two plays in English
Dance Theatre Godrej
Saturday, 25th and Sunday, 26th
– 7.00 p.m.

An Artistic Exclusive Event

Scarborough Fair
English Play (50 mins)
A young man has to choose between English Play (60 mins)
his two first loves – his girl and his writ-
ing. Helping him make the choices are An Indian adaptation of Douglas Hill's
his constant companions – the three supernatural comedy, Roulette is the
voices in his head. Set to the music of bizarre story of a young couple who are
Simon and Garfunkel, this play explores stuck in a never-ending road trip from
the coming of age of a confused young Tuscon to Vegas. 
man as he discovers inspiration, happi-
ness and meaning in life. Adapted and directed by Spandan
Cast: Spandan Mishra and Sohini Das
Written and directed by Yudhisthir
Agrawal Last Minute Productions
Cast: Yudhisthir Agrawal, Rahul Prakash,
Rashi Mal, Preeti Vangani, Ashtiaq Dal- Tickets: `150/- (for Members)  
ton and Biswamitra Ray              `200/- (for the Public)
Box Office: June 9 for Members and June
INTERVAL 12 for the Public
On Stage June 2011

The Dualities of Liszt – Saint or Sinner?

A lecture-recital by Karl Lutchmayer Karl Lutchmayer enjoys an international conductors that include Lorin Maazel
Experimental Theatre career as both a pianist and lecturer. He and Andrew Davis, and performed at
Tuesday, 28th – 7.00 pm has studied at the Royal College of Mu- all the major London concert halls. He
sic where he won numerous prizes and has broadcast on BBC Radio3 and Clas-
An NCPA Presentation scholarships, and later held the presti- sic FM, and his regular recital series at
gious Constant & Kit Lambert Fellowship the Warehouse has been received with
Even in his own lifetime both friends and critical acclaim. A regular chamber per-
awarded by the Worshipful Company
critics debated the apparent dualities of former, particularly with his own ensem-
of Musicians – the first time in its history
Liszt’s life and work – artiste or showman, ble, Dialogos, he is also a passionate
saint or sinner, prophet or charla tan, that it was awarded to an instrumental-
advocate of contemporary music, and
friend or rival – and two hundred years ist. Karl has given recitals and played
has given numerous premieres and had
after his birth the arguments concertos across the world, working with
many works written for him.
still continue. Karl Lutchmayer
invites you to join the debate, Programme:
as he plays and talks his audi-
ence through the arguments in
Liszt: Totentanz (Liszt’s own ar-
an exciting lecture-recital. Mix-
rangement for solo piano)
ing the well-known with a gen-
Liszt: Cypress aux Villa D’Este I
erous helping of Lisztian rarities
Liszt: Mephisto Waltz No. 1
almost never heard in concert,
Berlioz-Liszt: March to the Scaf-
and juxtaposing late and early
fold from Symphonie Fantastique
works and original conceptions
with stunning transcriptions, this Liszt: Jeux D’eaux aux Villa D’Este
promises to be a fascinating Mozart-Liszt: Fantasy on Mozart’s
journey of discovery showing Marriage of Figaro
how the young firebrand con-
quering all before him turned Tickets: 500 & 300/-
into the gentle priest and musi- Box Office: June 9 for Members
cal visionary. and June 12 for the Public

Pant on Fire
Stand-up comedy in English (105 mins) Pant on Fire, which mixes stand-up com- Written and directed by Sorabh Pant and
Dance Theatre Godrej edy with one of a kind characters like Kunal Rao
Wednesday, 29th – 7.30 pm Pantjot Singh Sidhu and Sorabh Pun. The Starring: Sorabh Pant and Kunal Rao
show invites you to watch as  Pant  goes
An Artistic Exclusive Event through the challenges of being an Indian Tickets: `250/- (for Members)
Obama, why women need batteries and `300/- (for the Public)
Stand-up comedian Sorabh Pant has how he would die happy if he could just Box Office: June 9 for Members and June 12
travelled across the country with his show burn his girlfriend’s large purse. for the Public

Vision of Forever
Odissi recital The performance exemplifies the works
Ramli Ibrahim and Sutra Dance Theatre of the late Odissi pioneer Deba Prasad
Tata Theatre Das. It unleashes powerful images from
Thursday, 30th – 7.00 pm the Shaivite and Tantric traditions, bring-
  ing out the terrifying beauty associated
In collaboration with VIDYA  with the repertoire of Ramli’s late guru.
The work focuses on the spiritual awak-
NCPA in collaboration with VIDYA pres- enings of an acolyte who eventually en-
ents a spectacular evening to light up counters the vision of glory of the univer-
the lives of many. In a show of both sal spirit through dance.
warmth and fervour, watch Malaysia-
based Odissi exponent Ramli Ibrahim In Vision of Forever, Ibrahim has chosen
perform his breathtaking production Vi- an Odissi repertoire from three major gu-
sion of Forever, to raise funds for the edu- rus of this tradition: Durga Charan Ran-
cation and empowerment of less privi- bir, Gajendra Kumar Panda and Deba point of Vision of Forever will be the Ar-
leged children across the country. Prasad Das. dhanariswara performed by Ramli and
26 years ago, VIDYA was created on a Most of the works were commissioned by
verandah at IIT Delhi with six children Sutra over the past 25 years and will fea- Tickets: `1,000, 800, 600 and 400/-
from the nearby slums. Since then, it has ture Sutra’s principal dancers: Rathima- Box Office: June 9 for Members and June
transformed the lives of over 2,00,000 lar, Geethika Sree, Nishah Devi, Michelle 12 for the Public.
families through its programmes. Chang, Thrisherna and Guna. The focal All proceeds will go to VIDYA.
On Stage June 2011

of April and May 2011

April 11 and 12: The Kodaly Quartet giving a western music recital at the
Experimental Theatre.

NCPA Photo/ Harkiran Singh Bhasin

April 12: Anupam Kher performed his autobiographical one-act play April 22: Pandit Jasraj enthralled the audience during his Haveli Sangit
Kuch bhi Ho Sakta Hai at the Tata Theatre NCPA. performance at the Tata Theatre.
NCPA Photo/ Narendra Dangiya

NCPA Photo/ Narendra Dangiya

April 17: Classic Milds revisited famous English playwrights, at the May 2: Young participants at the NCPA Summer Fiesta dance work-
Experimental Theatre. shop at the West Room, Jamshed Bhabha Theatre.
On Stage June 2011

July 2011
NCPA Tata Capital Bandish: Festival of Legendary Composers
Festival of Indian Music
Tata Theatre
Thursday, 7th to Saturday, 9th – 7.00 pm

Indian music, be it art, semi-classical,

light, folk, devotional or popular music,
centers around well structured melodic
compositions known as bandish. A com-
poser (vaggeykar, nayak, rachnakar) as
the creator of both lyrics (sahitya) and
melodic or rhythmic content is a much re-
vered figure in the Indian tradition.

The second edition of this festival will show-

case some of the most treasured works of
the great composers, presented by emi-
nent artistes.
Thursday, July 7, 7.00 pm
Composers: Faiyaz Khan,
Inayat Hussain Khan
Artistes: Ghulam Hussain Khan
(Raja Miyan), Rashid Khan
Genres: Bada & Chhota Khayal, Tarana

Friday, July 8, 7.00 pm

Composers: Kabir, Surdas, Tulsidas
Artistes: Shubha Mudgal, Anup Jalota
Genres: Doha, Pad, Bhajan

Saturday, July 9, 7.00 pm

Composers: Alladiya Khan,
Kumar Gandharva
Artistes: Ashwini Bhide Deshpande,
Vasundhara Komkali
Genres: Bada & Chhota Khayal, Pad

Daily Tickets: Rs.760, 500, 300 & 120/-

(Public); Rs.570, 375, 225 & 90/- (Members)
(Clockwise from top left: Faiyaz Khan, Inayat Husain Khan, Kumar Gandharva, Alladiya Khan) Box Office: June 9 (Members) and June 12 (Public)

The Real Tom Stoppard’s The Real Inspector Hound.

Nayantara Kotian directs the delightful

Inspector Hound comedy that twists, turns and somersaults

its way through all the conventions of
a murder mystery. The play is about the
July 30th and 31st police searching for a madman at large.
Experimental Theatre Inspector Hound, who is masterminding
the operation, has a secret plan...
A Quaff Theatre production
Starring: Neil Bhoopalam, Ali Fazal,
Kalki Koechlin, whose film The Skeleton Ratnabali Bhattacharjee, Tariq
Woman won rave reviews a while back, Vasudeva, Suhaas Ahuja, Prerna
returns to the stage with a production of Chawla and Gulshan Devaiah.
On Stage June 2011

New List of Books:

• Natya-mitra
By Dr. V.B.Deshpande
Pune, Continental Prakashan, 2010

• Ganucha Sadra
By Dr. Shriram Lagu

List of CDs Kankavali, Pandit Pub. 2003

• Char Ekankika
• Marvels of sculptured sound: • Live Vocal Concert: Pt. Yashwantbuva By Vasantrao Acharekar Pratishthan
Jaijaiwanti & Shudh Kedara Joshi: Ragas: Shivmat Bhairav, Bibhas, Kankavali, Pandit Pub. 2008
Dum Dum, Komal Rishabh Aasavari, Shuddha
Gramophone Company Sarang, Gavati
• Natarang
of India, 1980 Mumbai, Meera Music
By Manoj Kolhatkar
• Himalayachi Sawli (Marathi play) • Vocal: Pt. Balasaheb Poonchwale Kankavali, Pandit Pub. 2003
Mumbai, Rudra Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Ragas: Devranjani, Kalingada,
Shankara Bhairavi • Kalagi-Tura
• Surya Pahilela Manus (Marathi play) Mumbai, Meera Music By Dr. Dhondiram Wadkar
Mumbai, Rudra Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
Pune, Padmagandha Prakashan,
• Vocal: Tappa: Pt. Balasaheb
• Samarpan: Tribute to Jaipur- Poonchwale Ragas: Khamaj
Atrauli Gharana (5 Tappas), Jhinjhoti, Kafi (3 Tappas),
Mumbai, Wamani, 2007 Sindhu Kafi, Bhairavi (4 Tappas) • Natak: Swarup Va Sameeksha
By D. B. Kulkarni
• Chit Anand: Pt. Chidanand Nagarkar • Vocal: Shruti Sadolikar Katkar Ragas: Pune, Padmagandha Prakashan,
Ragas: Todi, Miyan Malhar, Kafi, Marwa, Jayant Malhar, Shudh Nat 2010
Thumri, Bhairavi- Bhajan and Tarana Mumbai, Meera Music
Mumbai, Meera Music
• Flute: Pt. Devendra Murdeshwar • Vedh Marathi Natya Sangeetacha
• Chit Anand: Pt. Chidanand Nagarkar Raga: Puriya Kalyan, Jhinjhoti, Pilu By Jayram Potdar
Ragas: Bhairav, Bairagi, Ramkali Thumri Pune, Diamond Pub. 2010
Mumbai, Meera Music Mumbai, Meera Music,
• Sarjanshil Shataki Pravas
(The listed books and CDs are available at the NCPA Library.
By Leni Rifenshtal
For membership details call 66223715)
Thane, Param Mitra Pub., 2010

• Wah Pahala Aadami

By Albert Camus
New Delhi, Wani Prakashan, 2009

• Awara Masiha
By Vishnu Prabhakar
Delhi, Rajpal & Sons, 2010
On Stage June 2011

Letters to Editor
Your feedback is important to us, please feel free to write in with your comments on On Stage and events at the NCPA to me,
Lily Shroff at Alternatively, if you’d like to advertise with us, you may email me at the same address
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Online booking for members

Online booking for members will be starting soon. Kindly look out for the step-by-step process from next issue onwards. We are
confident that this will facilitate greater ease and accessibility of ticket bookings.

New Library timings

The NCPA Library timings have been changed w.e.f. May 1, 2011. New timings are – 10.00 am to 6.00 pm, Monday to Friday.

NCPA – CITI Scholarship

Applications are invited from students in the age group of 18 to 28 years, for a scholarship to pursue advance training in
Hindustani Music (Vocal). The selected candidates will appear for audition at the NCPA, Mumbai, at their own expense. The
value of the scholarship is `2,000/- per month for one year (2011-2012). With an application, sent in an envelope marked
NCPA – CITI’s Scholarship for Indian Music, containing details of training, background and other particulars should reach the
National Centre for the Performing Arts, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021 or mailed to on or
before July 30, 2011.

Contacts at the NCPA

Advertising and Editorial in Lily Shroff 66223827 10am to 6pm
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Membership queries
We sincerely hope that you avail and enjoy all your benefits as an NCPA member and be assured that we will work towards
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On Stage May 2011

Changes in NCPA Membership rates

We would like to inform you of a few changes which have been implemented in the Membership rates, w.e.f May 15, 2011.

Please find below the revisions in rates:

Life Membership:
Life Membership will be converted from the current ‘life term’ to a period of 25 years. This will be effective for fresh applicants from
May 15, 2011 onwards. Kindly note, members who are already registered with the NCPA as Life Members, continue to enjoy the
same benefits and the ‘life term’.

Limited period Life Membership offer:

With reference to the above point, those wishing to avail of Life Membership for more than 25 years could do so before
May 15, 2011. Post this date, the Life Membership Conversion regulation will apply.

Revised fee Structure from May 15, 2011:

Category: Fee (`)

 Individual 5000

 Couple 8000

 Student (6 – 25 yrs) 2000

 Senior Citizen (60 yrs & above) 2000

 Couple Senior Citizen 2500

 Handicapped 500

 Life Member (for 25 yrs) – Individual 125000

 Life Members (for 25 yrs) – Couple 200000

Defence and armed forces personnel membership:

We have introduced a new package for the Indian armed forces – Army, Navy, Air Force and Police. Therefore we would urge
you to spread the word and avail of these special rates if you meet the relevant criteria.

Category: Fee (`)

 Individual 2500

 Couple 4000

 Student (6 – 25 yrs) 1000

 Senior Citizen (60 yrs & above) 1000

 Couple Senior Citizen 1300

 Handicapped 250

You may call us on 66223719 or email us at if you need any further clarifications.
Way to NCPA
We are at the southernmost tip of Marine Drive, adjacent to Hotel Oberoi.
The NCPA is easily accessible by bus or taxi. Share-a-taxi rides are available
from C.S.T. and Churchgate stations to Nariman Point, next to NCPA.



& floorplan
On Stage June 2011

MEMBERSHIP Membership Categories:

Category: Fees:(`)


TT *Couple
TT *Student
Membership to the NCPA opens a window to an exciting world (6 yrs – 25 yrs)
of modern theatres, art galleries and attractive open spaces. TT *Senior Citizen 2000
The performing and visual arts can be a creative, enjoyable (60 yrs and above)
TT *Couple Senior Citizen 2500
and fun learning experience. TT *Differently Abled 500
TT Individual
Primary member name: ______________________________________________ Life Member (25 yrs) 125000
• Couple Life
Joint member name: __________________________ (in case of couple membership) Member 200000

Membership No. (in case of renewal): _________________________________ Call 66223719 for:
• Special rates for defence
Referred by: __________________________________________________________ personnel (Army/Navy/Air Force)
• Corporate Membership packages
Address: _____________________________________________________________
Membership Benefits:
___________________________________ Zip Code: _______________________ • Generous discounts on all tickets
for NCPA productions
Tel: _______________________________ Mobile: _________________________ • A copy of our monthly arts
magazine, On Stage
E-mail: ____________________________ Date of Birth: ____________________ • Priority booking up to 3 days in
• Access to exclusive members’
Occupation: _______________________ Company:_______________________ only events
• Free use of NCPA library facilities
Date: ______________________________ Signature: _______________________ • Exclusive offers on select brands
*Annual membership from 1st April - 31st March

Your contribution of `10,000/- will be

Be a Friend eligible for income tax deduction

under Section 80G of the Income
Tax Act. Each friend of the SOI is also
One of the great pleasures of music is sharing the experience with entitled to the following benefits:
friends. Become a Friend of the Symphony Orchestra of India and • Acknowledgment in the brochure
of SOI Season concerts
join the NCPA on this exciting musical journey of developing the SOI
• Two complimentary tickets to any
as an outstanding cultural resource for Mumbai. one performance each Season
• Priority booking advantages
Membership to ‘The Friends of the Symphony Orchestra of India’ (6 days before the general public,
3 days before NCPA Members)
Dear Sir,
• Invitation to at least one private
I wish to become a friend of the Symphony Orchestra of India reception
• Opportunities to meet artistes
Name: _______________________________________________________________ after concerts
Membership No. (in case of renewal): _________________________________ • A copy of our monthly arts
magazine, On Stage
Referred by: __________________________________________________________
• Free access to the NCPA Library
Address: _____________________________________________________________ • Exclusive offers on select brands
___________________________________ Zip Code: _______________________ Cheques for both NCPA and SOI
should be drawn in favour of
Occupation: _______________________ Company: ______________________ ‘National Centre for the Performing
Tel: _______________________________ Mobile: _________________________ Arts’ and submitted along with
a stamp sized photograph to:
E-mail: ____________________________ Date of Birth: ____________________ The Membership Department,
Tata Theatre, NCPA, NCPA Marg,
Cheaue No.: _______________________ Date: ___________________________ Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021.

Drawn On: _____________________________________________________________ E-mail:
Date: ______________________________ Signature: _______________________ Tel: 022 - 66223719
On Stage June 2011
South Asia's
On Stage June 2011

South multi-arts
finest multi-arts and and
entertainment venue
entertainment venue

With a prime location in the

heart of Mumbai's downtown
business district, Nariman Point,
the NCPA houses an impressive
complex of structures, modern
facilities and outside spaces
suitable for all occasions.

For further details contact:

The National Centre for the
Performing Arts
Marketing Department, NCPA Marg,
Nariman Point, Mumbai 400021.
Tel: +91 (0)22 66223737