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John S.

11518 Overbrook Lane, Houston, TX 77077
E-mail: Mobile Phone: 713.724.2003

~Proven, Certified Property Management Professional ~

Commercial * Multi-Family * Quality Assurance * Project Management * Customer Re
PROFILE: Detail-oriented manager of Quality Assurance, property and project mana
gement for multi-family and commercial building construction. Expertise lies in
analyzing construction projects and developing new acceptance procedures in ord
er to achieve the desired results of a quality product, within specifications, o
n time, and on, or under budget.
* Project Manager * Renovations Manager * Excellent Team Builder * Expense Contr
* Budgetary Oversight * Property Mgmt. Professional * Customer Service Champion
* Revenue Generation * Quality Assurance Manager * Agile Negotiator


MONITORED the overall quality and acceptance of 17 newly-constructed projects in
seven cities containing approximately 5,000 units. Established a building turn
inspection and acceptance procedure that allowed the company to deliver high qua
lity projects with consistency across a broad, geographic area.
HIRED and MANAGED all third-party consultants to perform preconstruction plan re
views for FHA / ANSI, waterproofing building code requirements, and their subseq
uent field inspections during construction to ensure projects were completed wit
hin compliance, plans and specifications, local codes, accessibility guidelines
and Greystar-established standards. The result was a reduction in latent defect
law suits from 33 cases down to 4.
COMPLETED five concurrent renovations on time and within budget utilizing HUD an
d Community Development Funding acting as Project Manager. Exceeded the City of
Houston minority participation contracting requirement by almost 50% thus promot
ing community goodwill with great talent.
CONCEIVED of a new management plan for a distressed acquisition. Recommendations
were presented and accepted by Owners and implemented these plans as the Projec
t Manager and General Superintendent.
DEVELOPED the management plan for and supervised the renovation work of a Commun
ity Development Project between Bank of America and Wheeler Avenue Baptist Churc
h. Identified serious, previously unknown deficiencies through due diligence whi
ch generated substantial cost savings and increased efficiencies.
ACCURATELY VERIFIED the quantity billed by a sub-contractor which resulted in sa
vings of more than $100K annually. The properties were being overcharged for bot
h material and labor and by accurately verifying the true square footage involve
d, a new vendor was immediately selected.
Institute of Real Estate Management - Certified Property Manager - Member 1994 t
o Present

Bachelor of Arts; Economics - Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA