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10136 White Water Lily Way - Boynton Beach, Florida 33437
(561) 212-2940
Detail-oriented and hands-on Business Intelligence and Database Manager with 10+
years of solid experience in database and network administration, application d
evelopment and business intelligence. Hands-on professional, highly skilled in t
raining and mentoring team members and interdepartmental staff to produce optima
l results. Aptitude for forging effective and strategic relationships with vendo
rs and internal/external clients resulting in successful contract negotiations.
Business acumen with the ability to align the business objectives with the techn
ical functions needed. Superior communication skills, effortlessly interacts wit
h executives, clients, vendors and staff.
SQL 2008, 2005, 2000 SQL Reporting Services (SSRS) SQL Inte
gration Services (SSIS)
VB.NET Informatica Visio
ASP.NET MicroStrategy Windows Server
UNIX Visual Basic Microsoft Projec
Oracle Data Warehousing Business In

- Present
Sr. Managing Consultant - Data Warehouse / SQL Database Project
Led a project to create a database structure and reporting platform to allow us
ers to report and analyze data in a more effortless manner than available prior,
from their transactional systems. Created numerous ETL procedures to migrate d
ata from various sources to a central repository, including data cleansing and d
e-normalization of the source data to a new target schema.
* Handles the analysis and development throughout the project, providing analysi
s reports to all stakeholders in order to determine the proper direction of the
* Worked with outside hosting companies responsible for legacy systems to establ
ish methods for efficient data extraction and mitigating any security issues.
* Created new logical and physical database models based upon user and project r
equirements. Utilized SQL Server tools as well as ERwin to design and push mode
ls to physical form and provide printable schemas to end users.
* Demonstrated reporting capabilities by creating a proof of concept star schema
to show the benefits of utilizing fact and dimension tables.
* Responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of data throughout the project, a
s it is brought in from various county sources.
* Utilized SQL Server 2008 R2 as the data source for the target repository. Ins
talled and coded SQL Server Reporting Services and Report Builder 3.0.
* Provided training and explanations of various Business Intelligence products a
nd planning, including utilizing SQL Server and MicroStrategy.
* Created proof of concepts utilizing existing data, to demonstrate the pros and
cons of reporting tools, such as Crystal Enterprise, SQL Server, MicroStrategy
and Cognos. Created star/snowflake schema data marts to demonstrate the speed d
ifferences between a true data warehouse design and a transactional database des
* Provided updates to council directors and leadership as to project status, fin
dings, and issues.
NEXTWEB MEDIA, Plantation, Florida 11/2008 - 12/2009
Senior Manager of Business Intelligence and Database Administration
Responsible for planning, architecting, acquiring and administering the databas
e infrastructure for this worldwide provider of mobile and online services to mi
llions of customers as well as managing a staff of database professionals.
* Extremely hands on in all aspects of database administration, as well as manag
ed a team of database administrators and data warehouse developers.
* Architected numerous databases to handle thousands of transactions per minute
without any latency.
* Utilized SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) in all aspects of development, mo
dularizing all code within database objects or by utilizing XML data types.
* Redesigned existing data models to provide increased efficiency and reporting
capabilities by introducing fact and dimension tables in small data marts.
* Performed the migration from a few SQL 2000 servers to over fifteen servers, u
pgrading them to SQL 2008 Enterprise 64-bit, all in an active/passive clustered
environment. Also implemented transactional replication for reporting and analy
sis purposes, so as to not affect the primary systems and transactional database
s. Moved the database storage from logical partitions to physical LUN's on a SA
N, separating data, logs, and indexed for increased performance.
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* Developed new stored procedures, triggers, views as well as re-engineering exi
sting objects utilizing Transact-SQL.
* Created disaster recovery plans in the event of various circumstances, taking
advantage of clustering, backup/recovery, database replication and database mirr
* Revamped security on all database servers to ensure all data is secured from e
xtrernal and internal threats. Created procedures to monitor object and securit
y changes, logging them to tables and dispatching alerts via text message and em
ail in the event of violations. Utilized change data capture to assist in objec
t change monitoring.
* Hired a world class team of database administrators, database developers and d
atabase architects, responsible for the development of an abundant amount of dat
abase objects, reports, integration packages, and scheduled processes.
* Identified numerous issues in the systems, which caused constant downtime. Up
on fixing these issues, uptime increased to four nines (99.99%) on all systems,
which in turn increased revenue.
* Created database coding standards and naming conventions, followed by all deve
lopment staff and database administrators.
* Assisted developers and project managers with database architecture to ensure
projects were delivered on-time, while utilizing the functionality of SQL server
to its fullest.
* Implemented a business intelligence (data warehouse) project, allowing data an
alysts in the corporate office to analyze and report on data in a fashion never
provided to them in the past.
* Led a project to recreate all existing transactional reports, ensuring data wa
s being reporting on accurately and all calculations were in accordance with bus
iness rules.
* Revamped numerous processes including backups, restores, storage retention, se
rver configurations, cluster configurations, and others in order to provide a be
tter database architecture to support all of the company products and processes.
* Migrated numerous DTS packages to SSIS, as well as built new SSIS packages to
assist with processes which were previously handled manually.
* Performance tuned stored procedures to reduce average query time from 3 second
s to less than 1 second on an important and highly used corporate accounting sys

BLUEGREEN CORPORATION, Boca Raton, Florida 09/2002 - 11/2008

Senior Manager of Business Intelligence and Database Administration
Headed up the business intelligence group for the leading international vacatio
n ownership resort and residential real estate business, housing 6,000 employees
in conjunction with handling the full lifecycle of the business intelligence (d
ata warehousing) project.
* Worked as a hands-on member of the team as well as in a managerial role.
* Handled schema creation and changes, as well as design of both OLTP and data w
arehouse designs.
* Created project plan and direction for a large scale, multi-million dollar bus
iness intelligence project, including selection of vendors, coordination of proo
f of concept, evaluation, negotiation, and final selection.
* Managed the daily tasks of a team of database administrators and business inte
lligence developers in addition to recruiting, hiring and conducting performance
* Maintained compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley and Gramm-Leach-Bliley Acts, as well
as PCI compliance for protecting credit card information.
* Provided data analysis tools and training to employees throughout the company
via visits to various locations as well as web based.
* Supervised the business intelligence team consisting of ETL developers, report
developers and database architects.
* Evaluated and maintained the yearly budget for additional hardware and softwar
e purchases.
* Worked with all departments and executives to attain proper direction of proje
cts, provide scheduled briefings to provide status, and ensure all information n
ecessary for a proper deliverable was being received by the architects and proje
ct managers.
* Delivered all successful phases of the business intelligence project, on time,
and within budget, providing reporting, scorecards, and dashboard to all users
which allowed them to analyze data as they had never been able to in the past.
* Guaranteed uptime on numerous database servers located in various data centers
to ensure a flawless execution for staff and resort guests as well as minimal d
* Developed documentation that details policies and service level agreements bet
ween departments.
* Mentored and trained staff members in addition to scheduling hands-on training
to increase knowledge.
* Championed a company-wide upgrade of various SQL Server versions, led the recr
eation of numerous DTS packages to SSIS packages in conjunction with the creatio
n of numerous SSRS applications.
* Worked closely with developers, team members, and the project management offic
e to design database structures and ensure objects are created efficiently.

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DEBT MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES, Boca Raton, Florida 04/2001 - 09/2002
Database Manager
Managed the technology/architecture, planning, development and operational funct
ions for the association in addition to directing technology advancement for sit
es in Florida, Spain and the United Kingdom for 700+ users.
* Supervised 20+ employees in application development, network administration, h
elp desk and internet marketing.
* Developed and implemented a fault-tolerant production environment utilizing Fo
undry network, Cisco equipment and fiber-based connectivity.
* Conducted presentations to the executive team in order to attain budget and pu
rchasing approval for the technological strategy efforts.
* Assisted the database administrators with a hands-on approach to development w
ith several SQL Servers, creating various objects, DTS packages and coding.
* Worked in Barcelona, Spain for 30 days in order to construct the back-end tech
nology needed for a new company; procured servers, network switches, cabling des
ktops and hardware/software to bring the office up to full functionality.
SINGER ASSET FINANCE, Boca Raton, Florida 2/1998 - 3/2001
Information Technology Manager
Directed the operations of the IT department for both the Florida and New York o
* Oversaw several district teams who provided a wide range of services in divers
e technical areas.
* Increased productivity in all departments in conjunction with handling project
s in-house rather than outsourcing.
* Improved communications between the Florida and New York offices through direc
t network connections.
* Reduced costs by instituting voice over IP which allowed direct calls between
offices and alleviated the need for a long distance service.
* Performed upgrade to desktops systems which resulted in a decrease of office s
taff downtime.
* Installed a help desk contact management system which allowed an immediate res
ponse for any issues.
* Established a web development team to enhance the full life cycle project mana
gement and tracking systems with intranet accessibility.
* Assisted with relocating offices to a new building which involved coordinating
communication, network and telephone switch companies.
* Purchased, installed and programmed a new telephone switch to be utilized in t
he new offices.
BURGER KING CORPORATION, Miami, Florida 3/1997 - 1/1998
Lead Application Developer (Contract)
* Developed, designed, and implemented a module based networked system centraliz
ing data for company and franchise restaurant information.
* Served as project leader for six other programmers, providing technical Visual
Basic, SQL, and system architecture support, as well as, procedural information
* Hired, interviewed, and reviewed programmers within the team.
* Instituted programming standards for Visual Basic development, as well as, SQL
Server object creation, which included Microsoft naming convention and GUI stan
* Employed the Remote Data Object and ActiveX functionality of Visual Basic 5.0
to create standalone and intranet applications.
* Utilized Remote Data Objects for transferring data between Visual Basic 5.0 an
d SQL Server 6.5.
FIRST USA PAYMENTECH/BANK ONE, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 7/1996 - 3/1997
Senior Developer / Analyst
* Designed and developed the in-house applications for tracking customer informa
tion, merchant charges, as well as, chargeback and retrieval information for Tra
nsGlobal systems, an international credit card processing company.
* Employed Remote Data Object and OLE Server functionality of MS Visual Basic 4.
0. Utilized Microsoft naming conventions for variables, controls, and source co
de commenting.
* Created OLE client/server applications utilizing the Watermark Imaging system
for storage and retrieval of chargeback/retrieval images and documents faxed in
from merchants and Mastercard/Visa networks.

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Bachelor of Science Degree - 2001
Major: Information Systems
Other areas of concentration include Business Administration, Finance and Databa
se Management
Management Training
Ken Blanchard Situational Leadership II Workshop
Ken Blanchard Coaching Essentials for Leaders
Technical Training
TDWI Project Management for Business Intelligence
Administering and Monitoring Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Administering and Automating Microsoft SQL Server 2005 databases and servers
Designing a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Infrastructure

Data Warehouse and BI Professionals, Professional Association for SQL Server, Th
e Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI)