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To ,
Premier Paper Products,
Plot No. 30, Sirgitti Indt. Eastate

Dear Sir,

Sub:- Supply of computer continuous stationary.

Ref.- RC No. 380 Dt. 14/03/2008 and letter No. 3603 Dt. 04/11/10
Our Order No.—SECL/GM/RGH/MMW/10-11/196 Dt. 05/12/2010

In reference to above cited order No. computer stationary of various size and parts
supplied by your firm. While using the 15X12X3 parts & 2 parts the paper movement on
line printer is not proper and getting struck causing wastage of stationary and reprinting
of the same.
Your representative Shri Bimal Kumar and the service engineer of printers both visited
on Dt. 05/02/11 and found the difficulties being faced by us.
It is therefore requested to please take up the matter on urgent basis and arrange to
replace the balance quantity of computer paper of -3 parts and -2 parts for carrying out the
work smoothly.

Yours Faithfully

Dy. MGR (System)

Raigarh Area

Copy to:-
1. GM(F) ARM, RGH for kind information
2. SO (MM) RGH for kind information
The HOD, GM Office, Raigarh
Sub-Area Manager, Chhal
Sub-Area Manager, Baroud

Dear sir,
Subject:-Maintenance of log book for new PC AT machines and
Old PCS machines.
22 No new PC-AT machines have been installed at different location of
area office, Chhal Sub-Area and Baroud Sub-Area. All the above machines
one installed on rental basis for 48 months. It is, therefore require to kindly
instruct the users to maintain a log book for each PC-AT machine at user level, in the
following format –

1. Break down component i.e. CPU Monitor, Printer or UPS.

2. Date of break down-
3. Time of break down-
4. Informed to service engineer on(date)
5. Break down rectified by the service engineer on(date) and
6. The total hours of break down.
Since, the old PCS machines have also been taken up for maintenance for one year
( from 18.09.10) the above log book
Is also required to be maintained by the user who one working on PCS machines. On the
basis of certification provided by the user the rental bills hill be accepted after imposing
penalty, as per agreement.

Yours Faithfully

Dy. Manager(System)
Raigarh Area
Copy to:-
1 . GM® for kind information
2 . GM(OPR) kind information
3. GM (F)

The Sub-Area Manager, Chhal
The Sub-Area Manager, Baroud

Dear Sir,

Sub:- Indent for Personal Computers.

Please find herewith the enclosed photo copy of letter No. SECL/
CMD/COMP/2011/69 Dt. 04/02/11 of GM(Systems), SECL Bilaspur.

It is therefore requested kindly arrange to send anindent for personal computers required
for your sub-area with proper justification, enable us to

Submit the same to Gm® for Personal and approval and onward submission to
GM(System), SECL Bilaspur, at the earliest.

Yours Faithfully

Dy. Managers(Systems)
Copy to:- Raigarh

1. GM®, for kind information

2. GM(F), Raigarh Area
3. Office Copy.