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In the traditional motion picture story,

the villains are usually defeated, the ending is a happy one.
I can make no such promise for the picture you are about to watch.

The story isn’t over.

You and the audience are part of the conflict.

President Ronald Reagan

“More human beings were slaughtered in the twentieth century

than all previous centuries combined!”

“We’re talking congressional record: 135 million dead!”

“Their entire purpose was to detach our culture from any moral anchors whatsoever.”

“You look at the changes in America since 1960 perhaps –

the whole culture’s been transformed.”

“They’re coming out of the belief that the village should raise the child.
And the village means the government.”

“They have deliberately destroyed the American family,

understanding that’s the foundational block that builds a society.”
“We’ve come from Norman Rockwell’s America to Hugh Hefner’s America.”

“If we lose the Judeo-Christian framework, we’re lost…forever!”

The left wants you to think that the cultural changes that have taken place in America since the 1960s
have done nothing but progress us forward toward a brave new world.

“They look at what holds society together.

They understand it. But they don’t want that. They want change.
And they will subvert and rot every good and decent thing we believe in
because they have a vision for a new society,
and that must mean the replacement of the old society.”

This film will show that the brave new world they seek is nothing more than the failed policies and
ideologies of the communism that enslaved over a third of the world’s population during the twentieth
century. It will show that most people on the left aren’t communists -- just the useful idiots Lenin spoke of
being used to promote a socialist agenda which is the first and necessary step toward communism.

“They basically try to say that the state itself is ultimate,

that there’s nothing -- no law higher than the state.
If there’s no law higher than the state, there’s no appeal against it.”

History has proven beyond any doubt that the free enterprise that freedom produces provides more for
anyone willing to work than any other system! So why would the left still be pushing their socialist agenda
on us? I mean, it’s really just microwave communism!

There’re only two possibilities: they’re either ignorant or they’re evil. From my investigation over the last
two years into what has caused America’s drastic decline I’m sorry to say the left won’t be able to use the
ignorant card. They’ve left too much evidence of their agenda in their books, articles, and speeches. No,
America has an enemy that is getting very close to accomplishing its plan of destroying the greatest
country in all world history.

“Once people figure it out, they’re going to do what people everywhere do

– they’re going to start protesting, and they’re going to start revolting.
And when that happens…
that’s when the powers that be feel threatened
and they use the power that they have.”

Grinding America Down
A film by Curtis Bowers


Curtis Bowers – This story really begins for me back in the summer of 1992. I got a phone call from an
older gentleman I knew who was a writer. And he asked me if I’d go attend a meeting for him at the
University of California Berkeley. He told me that the Communist Party U.S.A. recently split over
differences of how to best take America down. Some wanted to still work toward a violent revolution while
others were wanting to focus their efforts on using public policy to subvert America from the inside. He
was curious what they had to say. I mean, after all the Berlin Wall had just come down, the Soviet Union
had dissolved, the whole world was saying communism is dead! So why were they meeting, and what
were they up to?

I was in graduate school at the time, and the whole idea of slipping in under cover to a communist
meeting sounded pretty neat. So I decided to go. The first surprise I had was when I walked into the
auditorium. I was expecting it to be filled with college radicals. But instead it was fifty, sixty, and seventy-
year-olds…I mean grandparents, professionally dressed with briefcases. And I realized, this might be a
little more serious then I thought!

As the weekend unfolded I listened carefully as they outlined their plan and agenda, and how they were
going to infiltrate the institutions of America to influence us in the direction they wanted us to go.

To destroy our families they wanted to promote cohabitation instead of marriage. They wanted to try to
get children away into government programs at the earliest age possible. And they also said they’d like
to get behind the feminist movement because they felt it had been very successful in making women
discontent with marriage and motherhood.

To destroy business they wanted to get behind the environmental movement. And in 1992 in
environmental movement was very modest. But they thought it was the only vehicle capable of creating
enough regulations and red tape to discourage business growth.

And finally to destroy our culture of religion and morality, they said, “If we can get Americans to accept
homosexuality”…they thought it would begin to extinguish our traditional moral values Americans held.

I remember thinking at the time…this plan doesn’t seem very realistic. It’s not something I’ll need to worry
about in my lifetime.

It was fifteen years later I was appointed by the governor to be a state representative in the legislature.
I’d only lived in my district two years. So I thought it’d be a good idea if I wrote a monthly letter to the
editor. Each month I wrote on a different topic. In January 2008, as I was contemplating what to write my
letter on, I thought back to that meeting in 1992. And I thought of the goals they’d outlined and where
America was today. And I couldn’t believe how successful they had been! I mean our families were
totally disintegrating. The environmental movement had become the most powerful force for destroying
our free markets. And hate crimes legislation was being considered in Washington D.C. that made it a
crime to even say anything against the homosexual movement! I realized people needed to know what
was going on.

After I wrote this letter, within days people were protesting at the capitol, it was a feature story on the
evening news:

“Controversial comments have state legislators buzzing tonight!”

“After a freshman legislator alleges the communist agenda has infiltrated mainstream America…
It’s the big story, live at six!”

And over 40 letters to the editor had been printed in response to what I had said!

“Hey, I just wanted to give you support on your newspaper article. Don’t let ‘em grind you down! Bye.”

I realized then I hit on something. One of those letters written in my defense stated that a book from 1958
had outlined a similar agenda. And this got my attention. The book was The Naked Communist by Cleon
Skousen who had been a former FBI agent. And inside the book it documented forty-five current
communist goals, from 1958! And as I slowly read through the list, seeing how specific their agenda had
been to subvert us on the inside, I couldn’t believe it!
The Naked Communist
Goals from 1958

Goal #28: Eliminate prayer in the schools on the grounds that it violates the principle of
“separation of church and state.”

Goal #40: Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.

Goal #17: Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism… soften the
curriculum. Get control of teacher associations.

Goal #24: Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of
free speech and free press.

Goal #25: Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography in books,
magazines, motion pictures, and TV.

Goal #26: Present homosexuality, degeneracy, and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”

Goals #20, 21: Infiltrate the press. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.

Goal #27: Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the

They’d accomplished almost every single one of them! And nobody seemed to be noticing! For at least
the last fifty years they’d been working actively behind the scenes, in the shadows, trying to move our
people and our culture in a direction that was designed to destroy us!

Someone needed to find out the truth of what had happened to our country. Could all of these very
specific goals have been accomplished by accident? Or was there something there under the surface
intentionally rotting away America’s culture?

I decided to go and get the facts from some of my favorite writers and speakers around the country.

[Writers/speakers interviewed:]
Dr. Jim Bowers (Professor (Ret.) - University of South Florida)
Dr. Robert Chandler (Former Strategist – White House, D.O.J., C.I.A., Colonel (Ret.) – USAF)
Beverly Eakman (Former Director – National Education Consortium, Author – “Walking Targets”)
M. Stanton Evans (Former Director - National Journalism Center, Author - “Blacklisted by History”)
Bryan Fischer (Executive Director – Idaho Values Alliance, Host – “Focal Point” (American Family Radio))
Dr. David Gibbs, Jr. (Founder/President – Christian Law Association)
Cliff Kincaid (President – America’s Survival, Inc., Editor – Accuracy in Media Report)
The Hon. Steve King (U.S. Congressman (Iowa’s 5th District))
Trevor Loudon (Researcher/Author,
The Hon. Ed Meese, III (U.S. Attorney General (85-88), Author - “The Heritage Guide to the Constitution”)
Dr. David Noebel (Founder/President - Summit Ministries, Author - “Understanding the Times”)
The Hon. Howard Phillips (Chairman - The Conservative Caucus, Former Dir - US Office of Econ Oppor)
Brannon Howse (Founder/President – American Family Policy Institute)
Janet (Folger) Porter (Founder/President - Faith2Action)
The Hon. H.L. Richardson (California State Senator (66-88), Founder – Gun Owners of America)
Phyllis Schlafly (Founder/President - Eagle Forum)
Jim Simpson (Research/Writer, Former White House Staff Economist)
Mike Smith, Esq. (President – HSLDA)
John Stormer (Author - “None Dare Call It Treason”)
Tim Wildmon (President – American Family Association)
Wendy Wright (President – Concerned Women for America)
These are a few of the questions I asked them…

Is communism dead?
“The common myth is that communism is dead. But there are more communist party members in
the world today than there ever have been.” – TL

“One of the things the communists are doing world-wide is not using that name. And so what we
have is people with some of the same ideas masquerading in the United States under a variety of
names. They’re even trying to get away from the name ‘liberal’ to describe them. And they’re
trying to call themselves ‘progressives’. -- EM

“If you go to the American Communist Party website all of the programs and policies they support
are ‘progressive’.” – JS

“So progressives are anything from a hardcore liberal to a communist to a socialist. They all call
themselves progressives and they all have broadly the same values, and work together.” – TL

“Jay Edgar Hoover called them ‘Masters of Deceit’. And a good magician raised one hand in the
air while he’s doing his dirty work with the other hand. And while everyone is saying,
‘communism has died’…they moved through much of Africa…” – JSt

“Communism is resurgent in South Africa…” – TL

“Into South and Central America…” – JSt

“Right now six countries in Latin America are now communistic…” -- DN

“Communist China, we have Cuba, North Korea, we have Vietnam…” – MSE

“It still dominates behind the scene in Russia. It’s still very strong in Easter Europe. It is strong in
the E.U. It is strong in virtually every country in the world.” – TL

“Whitaker Chambers said that, ‘Communism succeeds because most people that promote
communist causes are not communists. ‘The useful idiots’ that Lenin called them, it gives it an air
of legitimacy it would never have if it was identified with communists and communism.’” – JS

Curtis -- So why has it been so easy for them to get people on the left who aren’t communist to
push forward their agenda? Once I looked at the political scale it all started to make sense.

On the far left you have one hundred percent government. And on the far right, zero government.
Anarchy is no government, and doesn’t make sense at all. On the far left you have Socialism,
Communism, and Nazism/Facism…all systems that have a socialist form of government with only
slight variances between them.

Traditionally, Republicans were slightly to the right of center, and Democrats were slightly to the

In recent years though, through the radical influence of the media, Hollywood, and the multitude
of Marxist professors in our universities both parties have slid to the left with the democrats going
so far they have openly joined hand-in-hand with the radicals. That’s why they all work together.
All the groups on the left now have the same goal – a socialist America.
“I thought we were over communism…okay, I thought, we won that battle! The Berlin Wall came
down, Ronald Reagan won the day! We’ve got to look and see how he fought this ‘cause we’re
fighting it again on American soil! Not, not hostile attacking us like we feared in the cold war. It is
from within!” -- JP

“And it has no opposition. None, and that’s the frightening thing!” -- TL

Curtis – I think it’s pretty clear to see…communism isn’t dead. They now disguise it by calling it
different names. But the ideas behind it are alive and well. Almost 1.5 billion people still live in
openly communistic countries. But unfortunately most of us in America who are under the age of
fifty have no idea what communism means to the people who live under it.

So my next question was…

What’s so bad about communism?

“Communism is so evil!” – PS

“It’s a completely tyrannical system.” – MSE

“The whole history of communism is one of mass murder.” – HP

“Tens of millions of people brutally murdered by the communists.” – JB

“The mass murder of more people in times of peace in all the wars of history combined!” – JS

“Each of those countries where they have taken control, millions have been murdered!” – JSt

“When you’re asking for what is the legacy of Marxism -- it is the greatest killing machine in all of
human history!” -- DN

“We’re talking congressional record – 135 million dead due to communism! I think the real
numbers when you add in abortions is probably over 500 million.” – BH
“The rulers lived rather well and at the same time you had all kinds of people who were enslaved,
put in prison, oppressed. So you had really the opposite of what they claimed was going to be
the result of their revolutionary activities.” – EM

“You would think that if the twentieth century was the most murderous of centuries everyone
would say, ‘Let’s find out why!’ And the truth is, you can’t even ask the question. It is verboten to
ask the question because the ideas that brought about that mass murder are still being taught in
our public schools today.” – DN

Curtis – I think one of the reasons this has happened is because there is so much confusion
surrounding the word “communism”. Technically speaking, communism is simply the final phase
and goal of socialism. In socialism is best described by two words – “big government”.
Government controls almost everything. And they use this power to take things by force from one
person and give it to another! The liberals in America sincerely believe that this isn’t evil at all. It
is what will finally make things fair and just.

There’s only one problem that pulls some of us away from this wonderful utopian vision – history!
From history we see that whether it was Hitler’s national socialism or Stalin’s soviet socialism,
socialism by whatever name and in all its forms is the ultimate evil. Sooner or later it destroys
everything in its path: law, morality, family, prosperity, productivity, education, incentive, and
finally life itself. The problem with socialism is that it creates the conditions for a Stalin or for a
Hitler to come to power.

The goal of socialism is communism.

Vladimir Lenin
Founder of the Soviet Union

Curtis -- And that’s why communism has such relevance today. It’s the final destination on the
road we’re travelling.

Frederick Niche tried to convince the world that God was dead. Charles Darwin tried to prove
that humans are simply part of the animal kingdom. And Carl Marx realized that the philosophies
of Niche and Darwin would legitimize his own philosophy of communism. He knew their ideas
would justify the brutality and slaughter that would be necessary to implement communism

So who started all of this?

It was in March of 1883. Karl Marx, the father of modern-day communism, died. The assumption
that communism would die with him was a logical one since only nine people attended his
funeral! In October of that same year in London, England a group was forming called the ‘Fabian
Socialist Society’.

“The Fabian Socialists decided they were going to socialize the world incrementally. They called
it ‘socialism by evolution’ instead of ‘Marxist socialism by revolution’”. – DN

“It always worked in tandum with the communists. Some Fabians were also communists – it was
a bit of interchange in membership.” – TL

“The Fabian socialists are slowly but surely bringing about the socialization of the world! Europe
is pretty well done. They are now working in Latin America. Latin America is not just socialistic in
many countries, they are already Marxist. You have hardcore Marxism in Venezuela, in
Nicaragua, El Salvador just went communistic, and of course Fidel is sitting right there laughing at
this whole thing. And we haven’t even figured this thing out yet. We don’t even know there’s a
bloody…a red plague coming up to meet us! We think that we’re just going to watch the cartoons
on Saturday morning and everything will be fine.” – DN

“They had a lot to do with bad stuff happening.” – MSE

Curtis – There are two things I found that gave me a good idea where the Fabians were really
coming from. First of all, their symbol was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. And secondly, George
Bernard Shaw who was a leader in the Fabians for almost fifty years said,

I am a communist, but not a member of the communist party.

Stalin is a first-rate Fabian. I am one of the founders of Fabianism,
and as such very friendly to Russia.

“Fabians eventually begat ‘Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)’ which begat the ‘Weather
Underground’ which begat basically the social changes that have happened in America in the last
forty years.” – TL

Curtis – Many of the SDS members from the 1960’s still have an incredible influence on the
direction our country is heading. One is the Reverend Jim Wallis who was president of SDS
when he was a student at Michigan State University.

“And yet today he is the spiritual advisor to the President of the United States! They’ve been
friends for many years. They go back to Chicago and the Chicago politics crowd. And during the
Vietnam War he was rooting for the Viet Cong to beat the United States Army. And when they
did he just couldn’t believe it. He said, ‘It was one of the happiest days in his life’”. – DN

Curtis – And another leader in the Students for a Democratic Society and founder of the Weather
Underground is William Ayers, who has been a long time friend and neighbor of President
Obama. It came out in 2009 that Obama’s book, Dreams From My Father, was even written by
Ayers. So the influence from the Fabian Socialist Society goes right into the White House!

Curtis -- The next group I found that has seriously impacted America’s culture is the Frankfurt

“The Frankfurt School was sort of an outpost in America of European Socialism.” -- TL

“Willi Muenzenberg, with a few other Bolsheviks, founded the Frankfurt School.” – JS

“The two leading members are Herbert Marcuse and Franz Neumann. Franz Neumann was in
fact a Soviet agent.” – MSE

“Their entire purpose was to stand the entire educational system of the West and the United
States in particular on its head!” – JS

Curtis -- Bertrand Russell who worked with the Frankfurt School said, “By using psychological
techniques to teach the children, we will be able to produce ‘an unshakable conviction that snow
is black’.”

“They established a school here.” – TL

“With the help of John Dewey he helps bring these Germans to America in 1933, dropped them
down at Princeton, Berkeley, Brandeis to go after education and media. – BH

“Included in those goals were the teaching of homosexuality and sexuality to children, the
promotion of excessive drinking, and the destruction of religion in the United States. That was a
big one.” – JS

“And they basically started the social rot.” -- TL

“Willi Muenzenberg said, ‘We’re going to make the West so corrupt, it stinks.’” – JS

Curtis – I love spending time with my family: July 4th, baseball, and apple pie. And my mind
cannot even comprehend that there were groups of intellectuals back in the 1930s plotting and
planning how they could make America “so corrupt, it stinks!”

“There are certain lines and certain limits and the left has always pushed it as hard as they can as
far as they can and will protect any pornographer, any deviant, any negative cultural form they
can find basically to degrade the culture.” – TL

“And that goes right along with the feminism of today which was part of Frankfurt School’s desire
to destroy a patriarchal society for a matriarchal society. In other words remove the father as the
loving provider, discipliner, discipler, leader of his home where you instill virtues and integrity and
modesty. That’s been broken down on purpose because they knew if they could destroy the
family they could destroy a nation. And instead of having a father who leads and disciples and
protects the home and provides for the family – the government steps in as a nanny state.” – BH

“The Frankfurt School developed the concept of cultural Marxism.” – JS

“You penetrate the culture, take it over, and then everything else will follow.” – MSE

“And of course they did that and today we’ve had a complete cultural revolution as many people
of America are familiar with the phrase “make love, not war”. That actually came from Herbert
Marcuse who was with the Frankfurt School. So these guys went after education, they went after
media, and they’ve been very successful in changing the entire world view of Americans to what
they call political correctness. But it is really cultural Marxism with the goal being to destroy
Christianity then to create chaos and then to move to their ultimate goal which is from cultural
Marxism to traditional Marxism which is socialism.” – BH

[Graph depicted]
Karl Marx  Frankfurt School  Herbert Marcuse  Political Correctness/Cultural Marxism 
 Multi-Culturalism/Diversity/Social Justice/Moral Relativism  Education & Media
Curtis – Most of the strategy to remake America from within started with Antonio Gramsci who
wrote over 2,000 pages back in the 1930s outlining how to take a Judeo-Christian culture down
from the inside! The plan he suggested has been the main focus of the left ever since.

“Antonio Gramsci was a neo-Marxist philosopher.” – EM

“Antonio Gramsci was an Italian communist.” – BH

“Antonio Gramsci is probably the biggest troublemaker in the world. He’s probably got more
responsibility for our social ills than anybody else on the planet.” – TL

“He knew the importance of undermining the morals and the character of this country.” – HLR

“Because America had a strong Christian heritage you had to attack the culture. You had to
change the culture.” – HP

“Even the pornography, into areas most people normally wouldn’t accept.” – HLR

“He said that we’re going to destroy the West by destroying its culture. We’re going to infiltrate
and we’re going to turn their music, their art, and their literature against them.” – DN

“That means that you penetrate the universities, you write the books, the novels, the poetry, the
music, the book reviews,… And once you control the culture then you can sort of shape the
thought of rising generations.” – MSE

“He differed with Marx -- instead of for example destroying the church or the other basic
institutions – he said infiltrate them and use them to change the culture.” – JSt

“What Gramsci had to say was that this is the way that government is perpetuated and society is
perpetuated is through these churches because they set the standards, they set the framework of
the way people lived, of rules, of how families should be structured.” – RC

“He didn’t want a revolution on the streets that would be overturned by the police the next day.
He wanted to change society over the long-term so they would have a revolution without us
realizing it basically.” – TL

“And the communists have been very effective in promoting their ideology in Hollywood, in the
mass media.” – HP

“And I think he was quite right. I think that’s exactly what has happened. I think that’s what has
worked. I think it is working right now. And that’s where a lot of these people come from.” – MSE

“And that’s been the big success story of communism in the last fifty years. It’s the professors,
it’s the educationalists, it’s the journalists – they are the shock troops, the Gramsci shock troops
of the future.” -- TL

Curtis – And one of Gramsci’s all-star disciples, Saul Alinsky, became one of the most influential
radicals of the 1960’s.

“Saul Alinsky was a prominent radical in 1930’s Chicago. He worked closely with the communist
party. He used to go down and train at the rifle range with Leon Despres who was later a mentor
of Barack Obama. And they used to train to shoot because they knew the revolution was just
around the corner. But that didn’t come so he got a little more subtle.” – TL
“Saul Alinsky called for a community organizer to stir things up, to create agitation. In fact he said
you’ll be accused of being an agitator and that’s exactly what you are. He wanted the have and
have-nots fighting with each other.” – BH

Curtis – It wasn’t until I was watching an old film from WWII that I realized what the left has been
doing in America to pit the poor against the rich, blacks against whites, and the young against the
old -- is the same tactic Hitler used to disunify Germany!

[Movie extract from “Don’t Be a Sucker” (1947)] “You see, they knew that they were not
strong enough to conquer a unified country. So they split Germany into small groups.
They used prejudice as a practical weapon to cripple the nation. Remember that when
you hear this kind of talk. Somebody’s going to get something out of it, and it isn’t going
to be you.”

“And they use the conflict as justification for more government to stop the chaos. So they create
the chaos and then they step in as a solution to the chaos. And as Dr. Francis Schaeffer said,
‘Once this chaos comes, most people will willingly give over to it – authoritarianism -- because
they don’t want the chaos.’” – BH

“His book was kind of the field manual if you will for these activist organizations.” – EM

“Which President Obama studied and taught at a work shop for four years in Chicago as a
community organizer for A.C.O.R.N.” – BH

Curtis – As I was reading through “Rules for Radicals” (by Saul Alinsky) to see where he was
coming from, I just happened to take a look at the dedication in the front of the book. And this is
what I saw:

Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgement to the very first

radical… the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment
and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom -- Lucifer.

Saul Alinsky from Antonio Gramsci has had an incredible amount of influence on our President
and on our society. And he dedicates his book openly to Lucifer…Satan?! I think that says more
about where their ideas and plans are based than anything else!

“You asked what Saul Alinsky’s impact is on the leftist movement today. It basically defines it. It
defines it.” – JS

Curtis – Saul Alinsky took the best of Gramsci and the best of the Fabian Socialist ideas --
combined, repackaged, and sold them to the ‘60’s radicals. After studying Alinsky, Richard
Cloward and his wife Frances Fox Piven came up with what is today known as the “Cloward-
Piven Strategy”.

“Their idea basically was to destroy society or to destroy capitalism per se. They needed to
overload the system. The idea was to get everybody you possibly could on welfare. To get
everybody you possibly could basically milking the system in some way or another.” – TL

“It was called the “Crisis Strategy”. And it became very well known by activists and radicals in the
‘60’s. They published an article in the May 1966 issue of Nation Magazine called “The Weight of
the Poor” in which they outlined their strategy.” – JS

[Graph depicted]
Karl Marx  Antonio Gramsci  Saul Alinsky  Cloward-Piven Strategy  A.C.O.R.N.
“Rathke read that article, and Rathke ended up starting what we now know today as A.C.O.R.N.
[Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now]. And of course Cloward-Piven had
been studying Saul Alinsky. So Antonio Gramsci gives us Saul Alinsky, Saul Alinsky gives us the
Cloward-Piven Strategy that says lets collapse the American economy by implementing so many
entitlements, so much of a welfare state it collapsed. He (Rathke) studied the Cloward-Piven
Strategy, he starts A.C.O.R.N…” – BH

Curtis – And of course A.C.O.R.N. gave us Obama. And to show what a small world it is, Wade
Rathke, who started A.C.O.R.N., was the draft resistance organizer for S.D.S, the group the
Fabians started!

“They’ve used that strategy ever since to expand voting rolls, to expand welfare rolls wherever
they can. Basically just to overload the system, to increase the tax burden on the middle class,
and basically bring capitalism one step closer to destruction.” – TL

Curtis – I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that we still have open borders, that so many people
are dependent on the government, and that the left keeps pushing these programs when all
they’ve done is tear apart the black families in America, and create general cycles of poverty.

The last group that has worked alongside the Fabians and the Frankfurt School using Gramsci’s
approach is the Communist Party, U.S.A.

“Probably the most important book on this subject is called “toward Soviet America” by William Z.
Foster. William Z. Foster was the head of the communist party himself. He ran for the President
of the United States in 1932 but in the book “toward Soviet America” he literally lays out chapter
by chapter by chapter what is entailed to bring about a U.S.S.A., not just a U.S.S.R.” – DN

Curtis -- Two of the movements they started in America have played a significant role in tearing
apart our families – in breaking down our morality.

The Feminist Movement

“Betty Friedan is credited with really starting the feminist movement in this country. The purpose
really was to attack full-time homemakers, to get them out of the home, to make them think they
lived dreary lives, to make women feel they are victims. It’s the science of victimology. And that
is so unfortunate because the American woman is the most fortunate class of people who ever
lived on the face of the earth! And to try to tell them that they are victims of an oppressive, unjust
patriarchy is just a grievous lie. But unfortunately they are teaching young women that and have
been doing it for many years.” – PS

Curtis – While Betty Friedan was pushing her book “The Feminine Mystique”, she implied that
she was coming from the point of being a frustrated housewife herself and just wanted to be a
help to other women. But later in the 1990s it came out she was in fact a radical propagandist for
the communist party and a staunch supporter of Stalin.

So when she had described the American family as “a comfortable concentration camp” it wasn’t
because of her experience at home, it was because she was just doing her part to dismantle our

[Graph depicted]
Karl Marx  Communist Party U.S.A.  Betty Friedan  Feminist Movement  N.O.W. –
National Organization of Women  Abortion/Easy Divorce
The Homosexual Movement

“I’m a student of communism and communists set up various groups and various societies. Their
society that they set up to promote homosexuality in this country was called the ‘Mattachine
Society’. And it was founded by Henry Hay, a leading member of the communist party. So since
I was studying communism and teaching on the issue of communism, you just follow leads and all
of the sudden you realize – what is this Mattachine?! I’ve never heard of this Mattachine Society!
Well, it was Henry Hay’s organization set up to infiltrate the culture of the United States, to make
homosexuality normal. -- DN

[Graph depicted]
Karl Marx  Communist Party U.S.A.  Henry Hay  Mattachine Society  Radical
Homosexual Agenda  Hollywood/Media/Education

“It’s always been a movement dominated by the left – it’s all these so called “isms”. You’ll find
there’s a communist or a socialist behind every one of them. And you’ll always see the targets.
It’s basically the traditional family unit.” – TL

“The war is still against the family. If you go back to The Communist Manifesto and read Karl
Marx carefully, the war is against what they call ‘the bourgeois family’ which was really the
Biblical family…father, mother, and child.” – DN

“They want to plow through marriage. They want to change the very definition and meaning of
marriage because their open door to engineering society in this utopian way is blocked by the
very values of our Christian civilization that’s taught through marriage.” – SK

“And so the left has just got to destroy the family because if there is any one thing that will
prevent the left from carrying out its agenda it’s healthy and strong nuclear families.” – BF

Curtis – And so from the Fabian Socialist Society, to the Frankfurt School, to Antonio Gramsci,
and the Communist Party U.S.A….from these four you will find connections to almost every left-
leaning person and organization in America. Their influence has been incredible!
It was in the 1960’s where all the groups on the left seemed to realize Antonio Gramsci was right.
In a Judeo-Christian society you will never be able to persuade people to rise up in a Marxist
revolution and start killing each other off. The only way to take the culture down is through
penetrating the institutions of influence to change the people from within.

[Comprehensive graph depicted is expanded to include institutions of influence: Hollywood, Non-

Profits, Media, Labor, Education, Churches, and Government.]

Why are they so against morality?

Curtis -- I guess the biggest surprise I had while studying these four groups was seeing that a
large part of their agenda was trying to make us an immoral people.

“The communists knew in the 1930s and since that time, and the leftists know today, that if you
can break down the cultural traditions…the basic rules of morality…then it’s much easier to move
people in different directions that are counter to the good of society.” – EM

“They recognize that it’s all part of the same fabric. Their ideologies all work together to break
down families, to break down the sanctity of human life, the value of human life, to break down
the idea that there is a God that we are accountable to.” – WW

“They essentially are validating the Judeo-Christian worldview by the very things they attack.
Because in their effort to destroy our culture they know that they have to go after the very things
that the Judeo-Christian tradition honors and values: morality, belief in God, faith, the importance
of family, the sanctity of life, the sanctity of marriage.” – BF

Curtis – It’s amazing our enemies could see our morality was our greatest strength! And yet so
many Americans don’t seem to get it! Morality is simply having the character to do what you
should do, instead of what you have the freedom to do. And that’s the only way freedom works.
A people cannot be given freedom without morality, or they will self-destruct.
And that’s what we see happening in America today. The bottom line is freedom, and free
enterprise are simply fruit on the tree of morality! Our founding fathers clearly understood this
principle. And so do our enemies.

Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.
It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

John Adams

Curtis – There is an important fact we need to face. If we had Ronald Reagan as President, low
taxes and a strong national defense, the ship certainly wouldn’t be sinking as fast as it is now, but
it would still be sinking! A booming economy doesn’t take care of the major problems we face.
50% of all marriages end in divorce, 40% of all children born out of wedlock, over 3,000 women a
day aborting their babies, 19 million new cases each year of sexually transmitted diseases,
schools that teach the children everything is relative – there is no right or wrong. And the list
goes on and on.

I recently read in our local paper that over the last twelve months almost 7% of all high school
students in my state tried to commit suicide! Our society is falling apart whether we want to admit
it or not!

My object in life is to dethrone God and destroy capitalism.

Karl Marx
Father of communism

Curtis – Karl Marx had the insight to see that dethroning God and destroying capitalism went
hand-in-hand. As you attempt to dethrone God by erasing the morality in society and destroying
His institutions (the family and the church), you are destroying capitalism! Because as the
families fall apart and the church loses its influence, society starts to crumble. And then
government has to expand to pick up the pieces.

“The question, as Whittaker Chambers put it was, “God or man?” God or man? – JS

“Karl Marx was an atheist.” – HLR

“Marx’s philosophy was that people existed for the benefit of the state.” – SK

“What Marxism did and does and all the other ‘isms’ of the modern era, is to try to dethrone God
by deifying man.” – MSE

“You have to discredit God. He’s your competition.” – JS

“The twentieth century ushered in several ideologies that sought to devalue God and elevate
man: communism, relativism, humanism. Now they’ll deny that there is a God and they claim that
by doing so they’re really elevating man. But if you look at how each of those philosophies end
up working out in real life, there’s always some classes of human beings that don’t deserve the
same value or rights as anyone else.” – WW

“To turn it around, to believe in freedom where we have been raised you have to believe that
there is something precious about every human person. And of course that’s from the Bible.
Imago Dei – we are all created in the image of God. Therefore, every human being is entitled to
respect and dignity and freedom. And that is distinctive to Biblical religion. You don’t find that
anywhere else.” – MSE
Curtis – Almost all the ideas that have made America such a unique and great country our
founding fathers got straight out of the Bible. I guess that’s why the left only has a problem with
one religion – Biblical Christianity. They never complain about separation of church and state
when it comes to Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, or any of the other religions. In fact a couple of
years ago the Dalai Lama came to my town. And during the school day, at taxpayers expense,
thousands of our local children were bused in to hear him talk. I wonder if they would ever do
that for someone like Billy Graham? No, they must destroy the Bible’s influence in America, so
they can step in with big government in its place.

“It’s an age-old question: are we going to believe in God, or are we going to play god ourselves?”
-- JS

“Essentially for the left, the choice that they see very clearly is that people are going to depend
upon God or they are going to depend upon government. They want people to depend upon
government so they have to destroy faith in God.” – BF

“At its core it’s a rebellion against God and God’s laws.” – TW

“And that’s what the battle is about, that is what the assault is on, that is why Christianity is a
target.” – RC

“And that’s why we saw the gulags in the Soviet Union. We saw the concentration camps in Nazi
Germany. And all the ideologies that elevate man end up devaluating certain human beings.” WW

Curtis – Dictators of the left…Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, and all the others…always have come to
power by acting like they are going to change things to make it better for the people. Yet history
has shown us the devastating results that have happened every single time! There is no example
in history of big government that didn’t abuse its power over the people! But people who have
believed in the God of the Bible and that their rights are a gift from Him to everyone have always
stood up for the preciousness of every human life.

“You look at those who have fought for true human rights throughout the ages and it is those who
do have a strong faith in God, who fight against slavery and those now today who are fighting for
the sanctity of human life.” – WW

“The Declaration…’we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal’.
Aristotle didn’t believe that. He said some people were born to be slaves and some other people
were born to rule over them. And the reason that you and I know different (and we’re not going to
work smarter than Aristotle, he was a smart man…but we have something that he didn’t have),
we have the Bible. And so therefore that’s where we get these ideas. And from pagan antiquity
or neo-paganism or all the modernisms you get the opposite.” – MSE

Curtis – After studying this topic for the last two years and reading literally hundreds of their
books and articles and speeches, I’ve come to the conclusion -- whether the left knows it or not --
their plans and goals could all be summed up very simply  they are at war with God. A people
that are moral and believe that their rights come from God would not only never want what they’re
selling, but would also never need it. And they know that!

How have they pulled this off?

Tools to Remake America

1. Media
“It’s obvious if you’re trying to subvert a country you want to control the news. You want to
control public opinion.” – HLR

“A lot of people realize…well, there’s a bias media and most people know that. Even the
Washington Post admitted it…yeah, we were biased for Obama, so what?” – JP

“When you enter into the equation, “so what?”…that means the biases, the opinions of the
reporters and are into what is news, they decide whether you have a right to know. – CK

“And it’s no longer a bias. They turn from just political bias to activism.” – JP

“They go to the places that influence or I should say…where they can have leverage.” – HLR

“Generations of journalists have been trained to interpret events, interpret the news…not report
the facts…interpret the news.” -- CK

“They do not deal in facts because facts aren’t effective for them. They have very few facts on
their side.” – JS

“They’ve gone into and penetrated these major areas to where they can influence it in the
direction they want to go.” – HLR

“We’ve seen a massive shift away from old-fashioned objective news reporting to what he called
interpretive reporting what others call advocacy journalism. And it’s advocacy for a cause.” – CK

“And as a result we have a news media in the United States that is extremely liberal at the
present time.” – EM

“Which was a major, major goal to control not merely the news print but the television media and
Hollywood. Stalin said himself, ‘If I could control Hollywood I could rule the world.’” – JS

2. Education

“Children are always the first target of anybody trying to bring down a system.” – BE

Give me four years to teach the children

and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.

Vladimir Lenin

“John Dewey is believed to be the most influential man in the whole area of public education.” PS

“He went to Russia in 1928 to help study the Karl Marx web of education and bring it back to
America.” – BH

“Dewey was an atheist, he was a socialist, a humanist.” – JSt

“He was part of the Socialists Society of America. He helped found that.” – BH

“What he believed in was that education should socialize the child to make him a willing tool of
the state.” – PS
Curtis – It might be surprising to some that the man who is still idolized as the father of public
education in America is the very man who did everything in his power to dumb down our children
so that they would willingly accept his vision of a socialist America.

“It started with Dewey in the early 1900s and expanded…really expanded since the 1960s. The
hard left who gets control of the teachers’ union and the training colleges. If you’ve got those two
institutions you can pretty much dictate all educational policy.” – TL

“The people who were demonstrating against our country and against our government in the
1960s have now become tenured professors in universities. So they’re the ones who are writing
the textbooks, teaching the teachers, running the teachers colleges.” – PS

“And it’s self-perpetuating, because once you have the universities then you train more cadres,
and more and more and more.” – MSE

“And they discovered they could do more to remake our country by going into the schools than
they could by throwing bombs.” – PS

Curtis -- I believe the average patriotic American underestimates the importance in influence
education has on their children. That’s how the large majority we had in 1980 to elect Ronald
Reagan in a landslide has been lost! It’s not because the other side has had lots of children. No,
they’re aborting theirs! But instead they’re capturing ours through the propaganda they teach
them seven hours a day for thirteen years, and even longer if they attend college. We are losing
most of our children to the other side because of the anti-American, anti-God, and anti-free
enterprise rhetoric they are filled with in the government schools.

“Government schools are not teaching basic reasoning processes. They’re not teaching logic,
they’re not teaching actual data of history and science and mathematics.” -- CB

“And if your education is rather limited then you’re inclined to believe that government can be the
solution to your problems.” – PS

“When you look at the desks in the school room you’ll find four together, or maybe a table…they
sit around tables. Independent desks are very rare in most classrooms because they don’t want
to promote the self-sufficiency, independent mindset.” – BE

“You go back to William Z. Foster and his book Toward Soviet America you will see how he has a
whole chapter on how we have to supplant education in this country, and ultimately to force every
student to attend public school! That’s the other thing. I hope homeschoolers catch on to this.
The homeschoolers and the Christian Day School movement are going to have some very rough
times ahead of them because the public school crowd cannot afford to have any competition!
And they’re being given plenty of competition by the homeschoolers right now!” – DN

“You see the effects of that in lowered educational standards. There’s no more studying of the
classics or studying of the civics or how the U.S. Constitution was formed. It’s all progressive
education. It’s all based on the day to day politics, the “isms”, the current trendy “isms”…
environmentalism, racism,…” – TL

“They’re training them for the collective, and a collective mindset, and a dependency mindset.”
-- BE

“And it seems that they again want to have people be uneducated so then they do become wards
of the state! They’re dependent on the government to provide everything for them.” – WW
“It’s under 10% of kids believe that there’s an absolute right and an absolute wrong! And why are
we surprised? We’ve sent our kids into this government system that indoctrinates them, that
teaches them about tolerance and diversity and multiculturalism, and not about reading and
writing and ‘rithmetic. Not about what our founding fathers had to say. It’s consequences.“ – JP

Curtis – Few would argue that the education the children are receiving in the public schools is
pathetic at best. But with the amount of tax dollars we spend each year over twice as much as it
would cost to send the students to private school, why do we allow this to continue? The group
that my investigation led me to that seems dedicated to making sure that children don’t get a
good education was a real shocker!

“The schools are pretty much controlled by the teachers union -- National Education Association.
– PS

“If you look at their platform and goals you would think that they were a socialistic or almost a
communistic organization!” – MS

“They are for the entire feminist agenda and starting with abortions on demand, tax-funded
abortions, they’re for the whole gay rights agenda, they’re for the whole globalism agenda. They
are extremely anti-parent. It is an effort to get the children to abandon the values of their
parents.” – PS

“National Education Association has no patience, tolerance, or use for traditional teachers.
“They’re looking for people who want to be agents of change” – BH

“They want to throw out all the lessons of history. And really it’s an attempt to then impose their
own views and ideas on to people. Get them to act as activists.” – WW

“If you control those institutions then you can control everything else.” – MSE

“It’s all public schools, all for their jobs, and they have gotten behind all of the radical kinds of
curriculum that’s being introduced. They’re for it 100%. They’ve had a tremendous effect on
public education, it’s not positive.” – MS

“We also see immorality being promoted in our schools. The kind of sex ed curriculum that is
being used and paid for by our tax dollars would shock most parents!” – WW

Curtis – I think one of the main problems we face is parents naively thinking that the schools are
the same today as they were when they were young! They don’t realize there is a battle going on
in this country for the hearts and minds of our children.

“The game is between 15 and 25 years of age. That’s the whole game. If you’re over 25 the
chances are that they’re going to put a few pennies toward you to corrupt you. But their game
right now is to corrupt the 15 to 25 year olds or less! And right now they’re down to the first grade
with “Heather Has Two Mommies”, “Daddy’s Roommate”, Gay Pride parade. And now by eighth
grade they’ll pass out condoms in school colors because that’s so patriotic.” – DN

“And it’s perfectly obvious that you get a hold of a child early you can change his values away
from his parents’ values and get him to follow you. And they’re very open about saying that. The
National Education Association has passed a resolution saying they want children from birth.” PS

Curtis – Isn’t that interesting! The Communist Manifesto also thought the state should take
control of children at birth.
The left has always been good at disguising their real agenda by coming up with phrases made
from words we are very familiar with, but then giving them new definitions. “Social justice” is the
current phrase of choice and is being used to teach children the failed Marxist ideas of yesteryear
are what they should strive for today.

“You see ‘social justice’ curriculum today, which is the buzz word for communism, socialism,
Marxism which Bill Ayers is teaching. It’s in many of our colleges. And the social justice
curriculum is being taught in high schools all over the nation.” – BH

“Justice is good. If you then start calling it something ‘blank’ justice then you’re modifying it. And
what it really means is I think taking it from one group of people and giving it to another group.
So I would call it ‘socialism’”. – MSE

“And it’s used to break down the differences between the way things are done and the way it
should be done.” – RC

“So when they’re teaching social justice in the schools they’re not talking about free enterprise
and capitalism and individual self-responsibility…all the things that made America great. They’re
talking about the things that made Europe, and the Soviet Union, and China so bad!” – TL

Curtis – The longer we allow our schools to teach the children that America has so many faults,
that it’s not worth saving instead of the fact that even with its faults it is the greatest country that
has ever existed, the less chance we have of ever turning our people back from the dead end
road we’re currently on. A road that promises to give us a perfect world if we’ll only give up our
sovereignty, and our freedom.

“You’re going to find more and more of the following: this is now called a ‘world pledge’. We no
longer want the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States of America because that is
considered nationalistic. And of course the socialists, communists, and the Marxists and the
extreme left wing in the country want nothing to do with it. – DN

I pledge allegiance to the world, to care for earth, sea, and air.
To honor every living thing, with peach and justice everywhere.

World Pledge
“This came out first of all in Superior, Wisconsin. So Superior, Wisconsin was their guinea pig
and there was very little said against it, and so it would then go to the next and the next and the
next, and before long you have the whole school system standing up saying, ‘I pledge allegiance
to the world’ instead of I pledge allegiance to the U.S. The public schools right now, if you’ll read
Toward Soviet America, have nearly accepted every item that Willam Z. Foster said we needed to
place in the public school curriculum!” – DN

“And we’re seeing the results: people are not informed as they once were, they think in different
ways, and they think in the way that the left intends them to think.” – TL

Curtis – Antonio Gramsci realized that if you can take over the institutions and the culture you will
be able to use those to influence society to create the socialist man you want. I think the most
brilliant part of his plan was that he realized you could not only create a man that wanted big
government to take care of him cradle to grave, but – and this is the genius from Gramsci – you
could create a man that needed big government to take care of him cradle to grave. A man so
dumbed down and so minimized in society, he wouldn’t have the intellect or character to take
care of himself.

The reason this is so deadly for America is that once we have a certain percentage of the
population in that category, our limited, constitutional form of government is no longer possible
because too many people won’t be able to exist in that framework. We are approaching that
tipping point rapidly!

3. Environmentalism

“If you can persuade people that government should be in control of the distribution and use of
energy, you can persuade them…or rather you have persuaded them…of the necessary and
sufficient condition for government control of the most intimate aspects of our lives.” – CB

“One of the main thrusts of socialism these days is obviously through the environmental
movement.” -- TL

“One hates to pick on Al Gore too quickly and easily but I read the whole of his book Earth in the
Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit back in 1992 when it was first published. And if you know
anything about the history of political philosophy, you read the last chapter in that called “A Global
Marshall Plan”, and you understand that there is no way to implement what Al Gore was calling
for in 1992, in that book, except by means of totalitarian world government!” -- CB

“Patrick Moore, who was a co-founder of ‘Green Peace’, and he was a very dedicated
environmentalist, quit Green Peace when he realized that it had been captured by radical leftists
who were intent on using the environmental movement as a vehicle to destroy capitalism.” – JS

“How many factories work when there’s a power outage? None. You want to hurt business, you
want to drive down industrial production. You just drive up the prices of energy, you just diminish
its availability. And the easiest way to do that is to make people scared to death of the cheapest
forms of energy which are fossil fuels (oil, coal, natural gas) and nuclear energy.

They’ve already made people afraid of nuclear because of irrational fears of nuclear reactor
meltdowns which were physically impossible anyway. But then they had to figure out a way to
make them afraid of fossil fuels. Well, the way to do that was to say that they were going to
cause catastrophic global warming.” – CB

“So I used to think this was just one great big distraction -- if they want to put their energies
toward the environment… But now I see that this is now being turned around and used as a tool
to further a socialist agenda!” – JP

“Charles Reuben, a political scientist who wrote the book A Green Crusade, has told this story
extremely well. Environment comes from a French word meaning ‘surroundings’. Well now, what
is ‘surroundings’? Everything around you! Right? And so as Reuben points out,
environmentalism is literally ‘everythingism’.

And so if you were a socialist committed ideologically to the notion of government having control
of everything about our lives, and you saw that you were losing the contest in terms of the
creation of wealth and its distribution to capitalism, you had to find some other basis on which to
promote your view and vision of government and to pursue its implementation. Environmentalism
or ‘everythingism’ was the perfect card.” – CB

Curtis – In December of 2009, when the “Climategate Scandel” broke open, and it became public
that even the leaders of the movement knew that the whole global warming idea was a farce – it
wasn’t just them having bad data – we as Americans knew once and for all that this movement
was simply part of their agenda. It’s my guess that regardless of the evidence that comes out
against them, they will not let this tool they have waited the last hundred years for, go to waste. A
tool that gives them the absolute power and control they want but allows them to get it under the
guise of saving the planet.
Have they been successful?

“He was born of left-wing parents. He was mentored as a young man by a communist party
member called Frank Marshall Davis. Now Davis joined the communist party in Chicago and he
was very well connected there. So young Obama eventually wound up in Chicago and he started
working with the very same people that had been working with his friend Frank Marshall Davis.” –

“All of his associations have been with people that are way left of center, hardcore left.” – SK

“And he’s doing nothing more than what is predictable based upon that background.” – HLR

“The nicest word for his agenda is a socialist agenda, and we could go down the line of the other
descriptors of the types of an economy and a society that he is building.” – SK

“He’s all the things that Gramsci wanted to use for social change. Yeah, he’s the epitome of the
movement.” – TL

Curtis – If you think there’s no way that so few could be so effective, consider this: when the
Communist Party U.S.A. split in 1992, the group that formed was the “Committees of
Correspondence”. And it was their meeting I attended that summer at Berkeley.

As I started researching that group I saw that many of the same people who started or have
worked with the Committees of Correspondence and its sister organizations, were the same
people who were involved with President Obama’s campaign and administration! I found file after
file on Trevor Loudon’s website [] documenting with footnotes and
photographs these connections.

The radical left has been so successful, they have persuaded the American people to put one of
their own in the White House!
“Socialism and Marxism go together like Mary and Mary’s little lamb.” – DN

“The general populace knows very little about what the socialists are up to.” – TL

“If you’re going to find socialism you’re going to find the hardcore communists right behind it.” DN

“One of the main avenues has been through what they call the ‘Congressional Progressive
Caucus’. 20% of the U.S. Congress are members of this organization. They have [or had]
chairmanship of most of the House committees and are easily the single most powerful block in
the U.S. Congress. And virtually all of them are tied to either Democratic Socialists of America,
the Communist Party U.S.A. or other radical organizations.” – TL

“We are literally at this very time watching what’s transpiring and has been going on from the
Fabian Socialists’ point of view from 1883 to the present. So these guys don’t give up.” – DN

“And they’re going at break neck speed because they know they’ve got an opportunity now to
change America in a way that can never be changed back. And they’re going for broke.” – TL

“The Bolsheviks, they’re just waiting in the woods and they’re just smiling like you can’t believe.
You just read the Communist Party U.S.A. blog and they just can’t believe their good fortune!
Every time they turn around they just can’t believe this is happening! They’re like me. I’m a
Christian conservative and I can’t believe they’ve been so successful in doing this!” – DN

Curtis – The left has started multitudes of foundations and non-profit organizations, many of
which are using our tax dollars to grind America down:

[renamed Community Organizations International, with new state chapters]
Campaign for America’s Future
Center for Constitutional Rights
Congressional Black Caucus
Congressional Progressive Caucus
Democratic Socialists of America
Earth Justice
Industrial Areas Foundation
Institute for Policy Studies
National Lawyers Guild
Media Matters
National Council of La Raza
Open Society Institute
Organizing for America
Planned Parenthood
Progressive Democrats of America
Tides Center
Tides Foundation
Woods Fund
“They use all kinds of patriotic words to masquerade an extreme leftist orientation which if
anything would enslave the people in the same kinds of things with the same kind of ultimate
results as communism had.” – EM

“The communists will let the socialists go so far and then ultimately the communists really turn on
their fellow socialists and they wipe them out too. And their attitude I think is really probably
pretty close. They figure…look, if these socialists betrayed their own country, the chances are
once we get in power they’ll betray us too. So they figure, let’s just rub them out right now. And
at a given point you’ll see in the history of communism that they’ve been very effective in rubbing
out their fellow socialists who brought about their socialism before the Bolsheviks and the
hardcore Communists with a capital “C” took ‘em over.” – DN

“One thing we do really have to recognize is that this is a domestic enemy. This is not just people
with different ideas. These are not just nice folks who have funny, silly ideas that they will
eventually figure out or just not very mature. No! These people are dangerous, dangerous
enemies. And they are intent on overthrowing this country and imposing the socialist system that
will mean extreme hardship for the vast majority of people in this country.” – JS

“That’s true with them constantly seeking to reengineer society so they reach this level of utopia
perfection. Where we on the other side, we advance the idea that this is about the cause of
freedom. And if it hadn’t been for Jesus Christ there never would have been a United States of
America because the inspiration for freedom drove our founding fathers. They were informed by
their faith, and I believe guided by the hand of God.” – SK

Is it too late?

“No.” – HLR
“No.” – MSE
“Perhaps treacherously close.” – ME

“It is never over until it’s over. When the fat lady sings…isn’t that the slogan? And when the fat
lady sings, it’s over. Now she might be clearing her throat!” – DN

“You saw the great country of Germany in the 1920s brought to its knees, Hitler came to power
and destroyed the country. We see countries like Zimbabwe in Africa, which was once a
prosperous bread basket, now just raped! Argentina was destroyed by the socialist piranha in the
50s. It was one of the richest countries in the world. So, no we’re not at the point of no return,
but it’s getting pretty late in the day. There’s no time to be casual, that’s for sure!” – TL

Curtis – We’ve spent too many years thinking because we have republicans in office, or the stock
market is doing well, that everything’s okay! This is why the left has gained so much ground! It
doesn’t matter who’s been in office! They’ve just continued pushing forward with their agenda.
Well, I believe this is our last chance to push back!

What must be done?

“If people are looking for something to do we have our work cut out for us.” – DN

“I believe one of the things that we can do that will have a profound impact in changing America is
praying.” – DG

“As soon as we get off our knees we need to get on our feet.” – JP

“And become educated about what’s going on in our country.” – TW

“Spend time reading.” – HP

“Understand their philosophy and their goals.” – JSt

“They have to master this documentary! They have to go over it a dozen times!” – DN

Curtis – It might be having a monthly movie night with family and friends watching one of the
many great documentaries out there about what is going on in our country.

“One of the things that I think people in the United States who believe in our country, believe in
our values can do is quite frankly stand up for those values. To make their views known.” – EM

“And there’s times that you gotta speak up, and you’ve got to call things what they are!” – HLR

“We need to be willing to be criticized and to not be silent because of the criticism.” – WW

“It was Martin Luther who said, ‘If we’re faithful on all the battle fronts besides precisely where the
battle is the hottest then we’re traitors to the cause.” – JP

“I like the quote by Abraham Lincoln who said that, ‘Silence makes cowards out of the best of
men.’ And we’ve got a lot of people that need to be speaking up right now.” – BH

“We have an obligation to speak the truth about the policies that are taking us 180 degrees from
God’s will!” – JP

“Expand within your church. Expand within the people you have contact. Bring them up to speed
in knowledge on what’s going on.” -- HLR

Curtis – We need to organize those around us by simply mobilizing the unique groups of people
we’re in contact with. And being their source of information we can have an extraordinary effect!

“Lenin said that ‘the organized minority will beat the disorganized majority every time.’” -- JS

“Why should we be buying products from companies that are going to fund organizations that
attack our values?” – TW

“They need to be really smart in using the mass media. They might want to blog.” – DN

“Using the power of youtube and that sort of thing to educate as many people as possible. A
good youtube video can reach millions of people. And if Susan Boyle can do it why can’t we?”
-- TL

Curtis – If you do the right kinds of things on youtube that are creative, and do them frequently,
you can drive a message through society, influencing millions at almost no cost.

“We need to be the people who graciously but consistently make contact.” – DG

“And express to those folks we elected what we want them to do, and what we believe in and
what we think is right. And if they don’t follow those things then we need to make efforts to get
them out and get other people in that will.” – MS

“Pick the good ones and stick to them. Don’t waste your time on people who won’t stand up for
their country.” – TL
“All the others are making contact. The people who really want to honor America need to make
contact.” – DG

Curtis – We also need to be influencing our own families. We’ve got to teach our own children
and grandchildren the difference between truth and error, why they believe the things they do,
and the true source of America’s greatness!

“If what we’re talking about is true, the most important thing we need to do is protect our young
because that is where all of this is leading! They need to get that younger generation under their
belt.” – DN

“And more and more parents are going to have to say -- they’re just going to have to sacrifice and
take responsibility for their kids’ education ‘cause that’s really where it starts…to impart that
belief! The Southern Baptists: we’re seeing that 85% of their kids, after they get out of their
home, are essentially rejecting their faith…rejecting what they were taught! And of course, I think
the reason for that is because their parents didn’t have a lot of influence over them.” – MS

“I believe the public schools are the greatest cultural influence in this country.” – PS

“You home school your kids or get them into a Christian day school.” – DN

“If there is any way at all, home school your children. Home schoolers out-test everybody!” – JP

“Our children need to be taught from Scripture a properly Biblical worldview.” – CB

“That requires time, it requires effort, it requires purpose.” – MS

“Our minds should be the sharpest minds in the world!” – CB

“We need to work within our family to educate our children on what kind of country they live in
and build their faith. And then get involved.” – MS

Curtis – The left has been working for decades to push us away from God and His laws. And we
need to be willing to sacrifice (whatever it takes!) to turn our country back to Him! Throughout our
history as Americans though, there has always been a great price to be paid for preserving,
protecting, and defending this great land.

“The people who built America paid a great price. The people who went to war for our nation –
boy did they pay a price! And one of the American values was, ‘we will pay a price for what is
right. We will give of ourselves even if it requires the giving of our lives!’ That was an American
value. That’s why it is such a heroic and honorable thing when a soldier defending us pays that
price. That’s like when you go to Arlington Cemetery in Washington, or the Tomb of the
Unknown. You stand there and you say, ‘This is America!’ We were the people who so believed
in these values that it’s an honor to stand for, even if it can cost you your very life!” – DG

“One thing I think we do need to remember though, is that as we look at those we consider to be
heroes in the past, they weren’t people who just went along with the status quo. They weren’t
people who were just saying what was accepted at that time in history. They were people who
were rising up above the evil that was being committed in their culture at that time! That’s why
they were heroes, because they weren’t like everyone else.” – WW

“Never, ever lose sight of the power of one individual American. They can have an unbelievable
magnifying affect just by the very fact they make up their mind to do so!” – HLR
“The hope is in this (as Dr. Francis Schaeffer said): ‘that as the dull ache of the human soul can
no longer be filled with material prosperity, people are going to turn to spiritualism. Will it be
pagan spirituality or Biblical Christianity?’ We know according to the Denver Post, June 2008,
pagan spirituality is doubling in America every eighteen months. So we better get out there!
Because I’ll tell ya, pagan spirituality and Christianity will both get you to God -- but one will get
you there as your Judge, the other as your Savior!” – BH

“‘If we humble ourselves (we fall to our knees), if we seek His face, we pray, and return from our
wicked ways…then we have a chance for God to hear from Heaven, to forgive our sins, and to
heal our land.’” – JP

“And if we are being judged then we need to use this as an opportunity to show people that this
judgment in this life is nothing in comparison to the Judgment that is to come, that’s eternal. And
make them really understand the importance of fleeing God’s wrath by accepting Him, repenting
of their sins through faith and repentance.” – BH

“I believe that’s the only chance, the only hope we have as a nation. Hope is not found in
rhetoric. Hope is found in God, the God of creation. And you know what? Our founders were in
covenant with that God!” – JP

“You need a dedicated, informed, praying Christian making things happen, and being determined
to do so.” – JB

Curtis – Time as only allowed to present a fraction of what I found. The reason I called this film
“Agenda”, is because I wanted to make a clear distinction between what I was researching and all
the conspiracy theories out there. The dictionary says a conspiracy is: “an evil plan formulated in
secret by two or more persons.” But an agenda is simply: “a list of things to be done.” At every
turn of my investigation I found agendas by people and groups of the left outlining their plan in
their own words. They’ve been doing most of this right out in the open.

Some of you might be thinking, these Marxist ideas aren’t the most serious threat that we face.
What about militant Islam, our open borders, the national debt, or even China? Well, I agree.
America is facing so many serious threats right now! But the reason I believe this is the most dire
is because it’s destroying us on the inside! Through the political correctness and dumbing down,
it’s causing us to lose our ability to call evil…evil, and stand against it!

I fear for our country. If we go along business as usual, not informed, not aware of what’s going
on, then the very small minority that have a plan and are great at organizing the uninformed and
misguided will make sure their plan is carried out.

I hope you realize it won’t be just your children and grandchildren that pay the horrific price of
living in this society they’re trying to create. No, it will be far worse than that!

“Every time a civilization goes down or a country goes down militarily or economically, somebody
else fills the gap. And if you look around the world now, it’s going to be China which is massively
arming. You’ve got Russia which is becoming increasingly belligerent, you’ve got the radical
Islamic world which works hand-in-glove with the Russians and the Chinese all the time. You’ve
got a virtually red Latin America. You’ve got a neutral Socialist Europe. So America hasn’t got a
lot of friends left in the world. Now, that’s not just going to affect America, that’s going to affect
every single remaining country in the free world! Who’s going to stand up to China if America
doesn’t? Who’s going to stand up to the Russians? Is Europe going to do it? Australia? New
Zealand? Canada? Not a chance!”
“If America -- and this is the point I think that Americans need to comprehend – if America goes
down economically it will go down militarily. If America goes down militarily we all go down! The
free world is finished! And it will be finished for a very, very long time!” – TL

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