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4251 Via Rio * Newbury Park, California 91320 * 805.469.5638 * gwcc7e34@westpost


Technology deployment leader with over 20 years of experience in the design and
implementation of software systems for a variety of industries including militar
y, avionics, and telecom. Skilled in delivering concept to completion business a
nd industry applications, building a fusion of IT specialties to create optimum
value. Demonstrated ability to partner and collaborate across organizations and
drive wide-reaching projects with critical outcomes. Proven capability to apply
evolving technologies to business/technical requirements to improve operational
efficiency while building a corps of equipped teams/members applying best practi

Object-Oriented Design/Development * Process Automation Tools * Lifecycle Develo

Real Time Operating Systems * Software System Design * Software Development * Be
Systems Engineering/Analysis * Programming Language Development * Productivity T
Systems Integration * Configuration Management * Automated Documentation Develop
Requirements Definition * Simulation Software * Project Management * Quality Ass

NORTHROP GRUMMAN CORPORATION, El Segundo, California 2002 to Present
Embedded Software Engineer, Avionics (2006 to Present)
Develop data collection (black box) software for the Joint Strike Fighter (F35)
using Rhapsody and C++ for the PPC. Create battlespace ontology to organize and
parse data for differing but complementary message streams. Employ Semantic Web
concepts and open source software to convert and interpret disparate command par
adigms to enable cross-platform communication. Create natural world model inter
faces using C++. Create Java programs to demonstrate information recovery throug
h database queries.
* Applied IRAD and NCTA funding to develop a proof of concept, Next Generation
Avionics software information broker designed to support data exchange between p
articipating entities be they modern or legacy in a net centric warfare environm
* Developed technologies using two RDF/XML schemas which described a modern stri
ke fighter's data stream and an arbitrarily defined command and control center's
view of a battlespace, parse data, translate them into a correlative format, an
d enable communication between them.
* Analyzed required specifications and isolated appropriate technologies to deve
lop tools using Java, Jena, Protege, C++, and others where applicable.
Software Engineer (2002 to 2006)
Developed and tested software in a heavily process-oriented environment. Meticul
ously documented progress, code, and testing parameters. Upgraded internal syste
ms from HP Basic JSTARS ATP to Windows environment. Forged innovative applicatio
n of Excel to enable productivity in code development and test analysis. Managed
quality assurance at the project level and contributed to process engineering w
ith a focus on efficiency.
* Designed and developed data communications software for an air defense system.
* Created an innovative system to enable mass production of C++ code.
* Supported the LTN101E DO178B qualification test verification process.
* Augmented a laboratory application with an ARINC interface using Visual C++.
GARY WETZEL * Page 2 *

GARY WETZEL ASSOCIATES, INC., Newbury Park, California 1992 to 2002

Provided clients in telecommunications, satellite communications, and avionics w
ith top tier software engineering and development services. Translated customer
needs/expectations into technical specifications and managed concept to completi
on development of systems and programs. Completed all testing, system maintenanc
e, documentation, and user training for integrated systems. Ensured on time, und
er budget delivery of projects according to functionality requirements and quali
ty assurance expectations.
* L3 Communications: Created systems/software engineering design of Command Dest
ruct System while using Visual C++ to support communications satellite tracking
for data reception.
* Hydro-Aire: Implemented systematic code coverage development and testing of ai
rline braking software to ensure highest levels of quality assurance.
* Pacific Softworks: Integrated TCP/IP embedded software, incorporating PSI Fusi
on software into FastTrack customer solutions for Net186 and ARM7TDMI platforms.
* Litton Data Systems: Used C++ to develop software for a radar tracking subsyst
em of Air Defense System and performed Ada software test development. Also combi
ned separate Single Radar Tracker (SRT) for situation display and created CORBA
interfaces between SRT and subsystems of the surveillance component.
* Lumonics Corporation: Conducted regression testing and software maintenance on
a laser etching system, producing documentation for ISO 9000 qualification.
EARLY CAREER (Details on Request)
Embedded qualification tests for Line Replaceable Module unit for the USAF F22.
Used VAX DCL to create automated documenting application. Employed Ada and i960M
X quality assurance models.
Performed network maintenance for in-flight entertainment systems. Developed LAN
-based STR and PSC system trouble reporting database powered by Microsoft Access
Developed feasibilities studies and design specifications for NAVY Common Target
System Test Set. Designed business applications for healthcare and financial in
Used C and CASE Tools to develop an embedded a real time operating system for a
Navigation Unit configurable to various objects, with one pass linking and semi-
automated generation software.
Developed operating system interfaces and computer keyboard for the USAF C17 as
well as BIT tests and exception code software. Created Built-In-Test and Fault M
anagement software for the MIL-STD 1740 Mission Computer.
Managed 12 engineers while developing all embedded software in the BQM-74C unman
ned remotely piloted Navy target. Created a High Level Interpretive Flight Contr
ol Language that enabled mission planning and flight control, with serial interf
ace allowing connection to test equipment.
GARY WETZEL * Page 3 *

Bachelor of Science in Physics
Loyola University * Los Angeles, California

Languages: C, C++, Visual C++, VB, Ada, Assembly, Java, Protege, Jena, Cobra, Pr
ogramming Language Development
Industrial Applications: Accounting Systems, Aircraft Navigation Systems, Antenn
a Pointing Systems, Laser Etching Systems, Medical Office Management, Telecom Sw
itching Systems
Military Applications: Next Generation Avionics Design, MIL STD Documentation, C
ommand Destruct Systems, Embedded Avionics, Air Defense Systems, Unmanned Air Ve
hicles, Net-Centric Warfare Technology
Embedded Application Software: Automatic Test Equipment, Command Link and Teleme
try, Fault Tolerance Software, Feedback Circuits, Flight Control, Seekers
Test Application Software: Automated System Test, Built-In-Test, Code Coverage T
esting, Test Design & Development, Test Equipment Interfaces, Test Equipment Sof
tware Development

Secret Security Clearance

4251 Via Rio * Newbury Park, California 91320
805.469.5638 *


Dear [NAME]:
If your organization would benefit from more than 20 years of experience collabo
rating across departments and business units to forge innovative applications of
critical technologies, please review the enclosed resume. You will find me to b
e an accomplished software solutions architect who can assess needs analyses, de
sign specifications, and lead teams to build systems that are both effective and
innovative. My ability to diagnose inefficiencies, troubleshoot complex obstacl
es, and maximize processes through expert solution development would prove benef
icial to your company.
My persistent success with military and industrial organizations demonstrates th
at I am a creative problem solver and proponent of effective solutions that lead
to higher margins. Superb skills integrating technologies for enhanced function
ality are among the most notable traits I would bring to any position. Having le
d lifecycle technology development including the symbiotic relationship between
systems and organizational functions, I have developed the aptitude to cast over
arching vision and generate consensus related to long range strategy and impleme
My most valuable highlights include:
* Developing technologies for Northrop Grumman to decode an arbitrary, and an F
35 MADL data stream expressed in XML, parse them and translate them into a corre
lative format, and enabling communication between them as a part of a Next Gener
ation Avionics R&D initiative.
* Designing and developing data communications software for an air defense syste
* Creating systems/software engineering design of Command Destruct System and us
ing Visual C++ to support satellite tracking for communications capture for L3 C
* Creating a High Level Interpretive Flight Control Language that enabled missio
n planning and flight control, with serial interface allowing connection to test
equipment for a Navy UAV
If these outcomes and the qualities they represent would be a fit with your orga
nization, please contact me at your convenience to arrange an interview. Thank y
ou for your time and consideration, and I look forward to our conversation.

Gary Wetzel