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Twenty years of administrative experience demonstrating

a consistent record of leadership and a focus on student achievement.
The Wake County Public System is one comprehensive school system serving an entire county and
twelve municipalities. The Wake County Public School System is the LARGEST school system in North
Carolina and the 18th largest in the nation. The student population (143,289) and its diversity continue to
increase: 24.8% African-American, 14.6% Hispanic, 6% Asian, 49.5% White, and 5.1% other (2010-11).
Student Achievement is increasing. The operating budget (2010-11) is approximately $1.2 billion with
88% going directly to schools.


Chief Academic Officer – Continue providing the continuity and the consistency in efforts to improve
student achievement. Lead the “reinvention” of four elementary schools using Race to the Top funding.

Interim Superintendent/Chief Academic Officer - Managed the day-to-day operations of the Wake
County Public School System and maintained a focus on student achievement.
ƒ Opened 4 new schools and added 3,800 new students.
ƒ Restored early release days for professional development.
ƒ Cut over $20 million from Central Services and implemented a Reduction in Force.
ƒ Utilized stimulus funding to build capacity rather than to create a funding cliff.
ƒ Continued the implementation of audit actions from the 2007 Curriculum Audit.
ƒ Reduced long-term suspensions and increased alternative learning options.

Chief Academic Officer —Maintains a continuing and systematic process for improving student
achievement through knowledge of curriculum and through leadership in learning and teaching at all
levels, pre-k through high school for over 143,000 students in 163 schools (elementary, middle, high,
special/optional schools, and magnet) operating on 4 calendars (traditional, year-round, modified,
community college).
ƒ Participates as a member of the Superintendent’s Strategy Team to set system direction,
implement policy, and manage system-wide operations.
ƒ Acts as a liaison to the Board of Education’s Committees.
ƒ Aligns the work of the 3 interdependent parts of the Instructional Services Division –
Curriculum and Instruction, Evaluation and Research, and Student Support Services.
ƒ Facilitates the district-wide implementation of the recommendations of the 2007
Curriculum Management Audit.
ƒ Responsible for a multi-million dollar budget that supports learning and teaching.

Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction - Coordinated effective management and
continuous improvement of all C&I functions related to K-12 curriculum and program development,
professional development for school staff, and consultative services to schools, central office and
community organizations.. Worked with the following: Elementary, Middle, and High School Programs,
Career and Technical Education, Athletics, Media, Instructional Technology, Academically Gifted,
Literacy, English as a Second Language, and Title I.
ƒ Served on the Superintendent’s Cabinet and as the C&I staff liaison to the Board of
Education, school principals, teacher leadership, and to community organizations.
Western Area Assistant Superintendent — Provided leadership for establishing, maintaining,
supporting, supervising, and improving quality schools in the Western Wake County Area consisting of
fifteen elementary schools, five middle schools, and three high schools.
ƒ Served on the Superintendent’s Cabinet and as the Superintendent's designee.
ƒ Recommended candidates and contract status for principalships.
ƒ Provided leadership to the schools in the School Improvement process.
ƒ Acted as the Superintendent’s designee in student grievance procedures.

Principal — Served as the chief administrator of two comprehensive high schools over a twelve-year
period: Cary High School - an established high school with a 100-year history, and Green Hope High
School - a new high school. Developed and implemented policies, programs, curriculum, and budgets to
promote the educational development of each student and the professional development of each staff
ƒ Addressed the needs of a diverse student population while maintaining traditions.
ƒ Cary High met High Growth in 1998-1999 and 1997-1998.
ƒ Built a faculty at the Green Hope School and a culture of collaboration and data-driven
participatory decision-making.
ƒ Green Hope High was recognized in 2000-2001 as a Top 10 NC High School and a NC
School of Distinction and as a NC Exemplary School and a NC School of Distinction in
2001-2002 and 2000-2001.



Chief Academic Officer - PRESENT
Interim Superintendent/Chief Academic Officer – (March, 2010 – January, 2011)
Chief Academic Officer– (2006 to March, 2010)
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction (2005-2006)
Western Area Assistant Superintendent (2003-2005)
Principal, Green Hope High School (1999-2003)
Principal, Cary High School (1992-1999)
Assistant Principal for Curriculum and Instruction (1989-1992)
Teacher, Spanish and English (1979-1987)


Ed.D., Educational Leadership, Management & Policy – Seton Hall University-South Orange, NJ (2005)
Principals’ Executive Leadership Program for High School Principals – Chapel Hill, NC (2001)
M. Ed. Educational Administration and Supervision – University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill (1988)
Principals’ Executive Program – Chapel Hill, NC (1994)
Bachelor of Arts - Marquette University-Milwaukee, WI (1979)

Women of Western Wake, Cary Magazine (2007)
Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society (2004)
Parent Teacher Association Outstanding Principal (2003)
Wake County Public School System Principal of the Year (1997)
Top 10 Newsmakers, Cary, NC (1996)
Parent Teacher Association Outstanding Principal (1995)
Summa Cum Laude Graduate, Marquette University (1979)
Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society (1979)