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“Let’s Go Gold Panning Days”

official publication of The Gold Prospectors of Colorado volume 38 no.6

PO Box 1593, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80901
Fellow Prospectors;  inside
President’s Letter continued! 2
          May has  most certainly been an Saturday and maybe 50 on Sunday. Contacts! 2
interesting month to say  the least. We We did discover that as Mr. Woody has June Calendar! 3
started out with freezing  cold rain, tried to explain to us for years, that the Significant Disturbance! 4
record snow falls in the mountains, and gold is better up top where the river ran Plan of Operations! 4
its still acting wintry out there, enough for millions of years verses where it is What Can’t be Collected! 5
to  where we will skip  spring all now. The Railroad and old stage coach Rockhounding Royal Gorge! 6
together. road as well as the Arkansas now Grand Junction BLM Rules! 7
        The snow in the mountains will share the narrow part of the canyon. Metal Detecting on USDAFS! 8
make for high volume water on our      On May 14th and 15th we went out Prospecting CO Parks! 9
creeks and rivers. The nights will be to Paul Harloffs who so graciously Prospecting the Internet! 10
cold and the roads tricky. Mother volunteered his workshop. Members Accessing Private Lands! 10
Nature will turn lots of gold over for us worked on building new troughs and State Lands! 11
in the next few weeks. saw horses in the warmth of a pot belly Prospecting Card! 12
     On Motherʼs Day weekend we held stove which helped to dry the new Interfering With a Ranger! 12
our “Letʼs Go Gold Panning” days at paint and keep us all warm. Protect Your Privacy! 12
Woody's claims. We had a wonderful Elephant Rock! 13
turn out with about 80 people on Membership Meeting! 13
continued on page 2

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President Treasurer Contact Info Trustees
Ben Higley Bill Smith for all club activities Bob Hale One Year
(719)213-3383 Gary Beaderstadt
GPOC Vice President Webmaster Two Year
Wayne Wittkopp Stacey Smith Membership Diane Anderson
contacts vicepresident@gpoc.
Three Year
Jim Blakenship
Editor Claims
Secretary Lin Smith Marty Witcher
Elise Pearce

President’s Letter
    Our last general membership meeting was a
speech by Larry Weilnau on metal detecting in
which he helped us to understand the finer Prospector’s Quill
aspects of detecting and how to get started.
Larry will  schedule an outing at the mining
museum to do an obstacle course to help us Editor
learn to identify targets. 
Lin Smith
        On June 11th and 12th we will be having an
outing out on Prospector 1 and Prospector 2
where we will provide Long Toms with demonstrations and hands on
Gold Prospectors of Colorado
experience for our members to utilize. P.O. Box 1593
        These claims have never been mined or worked and again like Colorado Springs, Colorado 80901
Woody's the gold is bigger and more abundant up above the road. We
will be doing some exploratory work as well. The easiest way to those The GPOC is a 501(c) charitable organization
claims is over the Howard bridge on CR4 across from the Fire
Station..........Yes, cars will make it.
        Shows this month are going to be June 18th and 19th in
Breckenridge, Colorado for Kingdom Days, where we will have our gold
panning demonstrations setup in the Blue River Plaza. For our volunteers The Prospector’s Quill is the official newsletter of
we have sleeping accommodations for members that are working the the Gold Prospectors of Colorado. The opinions
show for two days. The condos provided by the township are a set are those of the authors and do not necessarily
reflect those of the club or its members. The
amount of beds and we need people to make reservations with Elise
editor, club, officers, and contributors do not
Pearce at  secretary@gpoc,com  so we know how many to expect.  assume any liability for damages resulting from
        June 24th, 25th,and 26th is the Rocky Mountain Gem and Mineral use of information in the Prospector’s Quill.
Show at the Western Museum of Mining and Industry on the North end of Articles of interest are welcomed. All articles
Colorado Springs, Colorado. @ 225 North Gate Blvd and I-25. submitted for publication are subject to editing.
        July 2nd, 3rd, and 4th we will need volunteers for the  Frisco's
Founders Day celebration held in the Historical Park. We will be doing Submission of articles must be received before
gold panning demonstrations and again you need to contact the 20th of the month. Unless noted, non-profits for room reservations. may reprint or quote from articles, provided credit
     July 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th is the Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo at the is given to the author’s and publication and a
Norris Penrose rodeo grounds on Lower Gold Camp Road west of 8th copy of the newsletter the article appears in is
sent to the editor of The Prospectorʼs Quill at PO
Street, in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Box 1593, CS CO 80913. All pictures are the
     July 30th and 31st is our Burro Days show in Fairplay, Colorado. We property of the photographer and are not to be
shall also have a simultaneous outing on Beaver Creek on that same copied or reproduced.
weekend. For the people that volunteer for that show I will show them
where the gold is hiding and how the glaciations deposited the placers
over 5 million years ago in the Beaver Creek area.
     Folks, this year is already very exciting and we as a Board invite all to
The information provided in the Quill is as accurate
participate in our events. We offer a warm welcome to our new members
as possible. I want to thank you in advance for
into our family. The interaction in this organization is one  that you pointing out my mistakes! However, it is YOUR
will remember as you and hundreds of your new friends share a common responsibility to research resources and make sure
interest and fellowship venturing into the mountains  camping and that you are in compliance with all laws and
prospecting along the rivers and streams. regulations, as well as following the GPOC CODE of
        May the good Lord bless your path with yellow stones......  Heavy
     Your President and public servant,   Big Ben

GPOC The Prospector’s Quill Vol. 38 No.6 WE ARE ELECTRONIC at 2

June meetings events events events
2nd 11th 18th-19th 24th-25th-26th
For further information contact: Board Meeting Kingdom Days Rocky Mountain
National Get
Bob Hale Gold Hill Police Breckenridge, CO Federation of
Outdoors Day Blue River Plaza
(719) 213-3383 Mineralogical
Station Friends of Dinosaur on Main Street Societies
Ridge 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM Best Western
7:00 PM 10 AM-2:30 PM Volunteers needed
Please refer to the information Morrison Dinosaur Academy Hotel
for Demonstrations
below for further events 8110 N. Academy
955 Moreno Avenue, Ridge Sign-up for lodging
CS, CO 16831 West Alameda Blvd., CS, CO required at:
Claims Committee Meeting Parkway Morrison,CO
There will be no formal claim http://
meeting during the summer. www.getoutdoorsc See Presidentʼs Letter 3rd Annual Rock for more information
Fair & 48th
Annual Pikes
Beaver Creek claims will Peak Gem &
not be open until June 16th 16th-19th Mineral Show
dependent upon the
8th 11th-12th
weather and road Western Museum
Membership GPOC Long Tom New Belgium
conditions. The Forest of Mining &
Meeting Outing FIBArk Whitewater
Service will not be opening Festival Industry 225 N.
the gate until then. “Treasures of The
Cripple Creek Gate Blvd.
Prospector 1 & 2
Mining District” GPOC Claims America's Oldest & CS, CO
Howard bridge on Boldest Whitewater $5 adults $2 children
GPOCʼs Festival
Prospectorʼs Store Begins: 5:00 AM Volunteers needed to
will be available and Learning about Location: Riverside help with GPOC gold
Long Tomʼs Park & Salida Boat demonstrations at the
Ramp Salida, CO
7:00 PM WMMI
3400 N.Nevada
A sign in Fairplay CS, CO

GPOC Summer Events Where: From Main Street, turn west on Ski Hill Road, .3 miles to
Lomax Mine on left 1:00 p.m. & 3:00 p.m. 970.453.9767 http://
July 2nd, 3rd, 4th # Founderʼs Day, Frisco, Colorado
July 13th,14th,15th # Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo, CS, CO
July 30th, 31st # Burro Days, Fairplay, Colorado Summer Rock Shows in Colorado
August 5th,6th,7th,# Gold Panning Championships, CS, CO
June 23rd, 24th, 25th Rocky Mountain Federation of
Sept. 16th, 17th, 18th Denver Gem & Mineral Show, Denver, CO
Mineralogical Societies
  Indoor show including dealers, exhibits, demonstrations and
28th Annual Howard Chili Cook-Off June 4th & 5th competitive cases. Best Western Academy Hotel 8110 N. Academy
Blvd. CS, CO
Howard Volunteer Fire Department hosts the Howard Chili
Cook-off. June 23rd, 24th, 25th Rock Fair Western Museum of Mining &
Vendor displays, demonstrations, rock-talks, etc. This is the only
June 16th Beaver Creek Claims Road Opens Weather Permitting
time of year we run the Yellow Jacket Stamp Mill - a site to see in
itself! Don't miss this family friendly event with activities for all ages.
June 21st Sponsored by Colorado Springs Mineralogical Society.
The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), in conjunction with other
agencies within the Department of the Interior, will waive recreation- July 9-11 Durango, CO
related fees for visitors to the National System of Public Lands on Four Corners Gem & Mineral Club, La Plata County Fair Grounds, Friday/
the first day of summer, June 21. Also applies to areas managed Sat 10-6, Sun 10-5;
within the BLMʼs National Landscape Conservation System.
GPOC State Gold Panning Championships
Washington Gold and Silver Mine Tour Breckenridge, CO August 5th, 6th,7th WMMI, CS, CO.
Experience the underground mining era in Summit County.
Where: From Main Street, turn left on Boreas Pass Road Turn right August 12-15 Buena Vista, CO
on Illinois Gulch Road (CR 518). The mine is on the left. “The Rock Show at Buena Vista: A CONTINental Divide TAILgate”
August 20-22 Lake George, CO
Lomax Placer Mine Breckenridge, CO Lake George Gem & Mineral Club, U.S. Hwy 24, 8am-5pm, free admission
Experience Breckenridgeʼs early hydraulic mining days.

GPOC The Prospector’s Quill Vol. 38 No.6 WE ARE ELECTRONIC at 3

Arrastra Death Valley, California
Significant Disturbance

The term “significant disturbance”

by the Federal Government is
difficult to define even according to
the government due to the large
number of lands under their
supervision and their diverse
topography. Thus “significant”
could be wide-open to
interpretation. “The term 'significantʼ
as used in 36 CFR 228A is NOT
used in the same way as under the
National Environmental Policy Act
( N E PA ) . T h e P r e a m b l e a l s o
explains the standard for
determining significance under 36
CFR 228A. Any District Rangerʼs
decision that a proposal “…will
likely cause significant disturbance
of surface resources…” must be
(1.) demonstrably based on past
experience, direct evidence, or
sound scientific projection; that
would (2.) lead the District Ranger
§ 228.4   Plan of operations—notice of Electronic Code of Federal
to reasonably expect the proposed
intent—requirements. Regulations
operation to result in impacts to
(a) Except as provided in paragraph (a) Title 36: Parks, Forests, and
National Forest System lands that
(1) of this section, a notice of intent to Public Property
would need to be avoided or
operate is required from any person
mitigated by reclamation, bonding,
proposing to conduct operations which Definitions
timing restrictions, or other
might cause significant disturbance of
measures to minimize adverse
surface resources. Such notice of intent Permit. A signed legal document
to operate shall be submitted to the between the Forest Service and one who
District Ranger having jurisdiction over is authorized to remove mineral materials
the area in which the operations will be free of charge, which specifies (among
Congress passed the General Mining conducted. Each notice of intent to other things) the conditions of removal by
Law which stated that all un- operate shall provide information the permittee.
appropriated lands were open to entry sufficient to identify the area involved, the
and purchase. In the ensuing  years it nature of the proposed operations, the Prospecting permit. A written
has been amended by acts of Congress route of access to the area of operations, instrument issued by the Forest Service
and interpreted by countless court and the method of transport. which authorizes prospecting for a
decisions but is still largely (1) A notice of intent to operate is not mineral material deposit on acquired
intact.  Currently, ores of metallic required for: National Forest lands within specific
elements and uncommon varieties of (i) Operations which will be limited to the areas, under stipulated conditions, and
non metallic deposits are covered under use of vehicles on existing public roads for a specified period of time.
43 CFR 3809. Mining claims are or roads used and maintained for
c l a s s i fi e d a n d r e g u l a t e d u n d e r National Forest System purposes;
"locatable" minerals 43 CFR 3830,
(ii) Prospecting and sampling which will
occupancy falls under 43 CFR 3715. FSM 2800 - MINERALS AND GEOLOGY
not cause significant surface resource
disturbance and will not involve
Amendment No.:  2800-2007-2
removal of more than a reasonable
Effective Date:  April 4, 2007
amount of mineral deposit for analysis
Duration:  This amendment is effective
and study which generally might
until superseded or removed.
include searching for and occasionally
removing small mineral samples or
specimens, gold panning, metal
detecting, non-motorized hand
For emergency assistance on
sluicing, using battery operated dry
Woody 1 & 2 claims as well as
washers, and collecting of mineral
Prospector 1 & 2 and Point Bar
specimens using hand tools;
contact Arkansas Headwaters
Recreation Area Jon Jenkins AHRA
Ranger, #5012 (719) 539-7289.
Ryolite, Nevada

GPOC The Prospector’s Quill Vol. 38 No.6 WE ARE ELECTRONIC at 4

What Canʼt Be Collected On Meteorites
Public Lands In the United States, meteorites are the
property of the person upon whose land
they are found. If a meteorite is found on
Rockhounding federal lands, then government officials
Collecting small, noncommercial consider it to belong to the government
quantities of rock by rockhounds is and, under an interpretation of the 1906
allowed free of charge on lands managed "Antiquities Act," meteorites found on
by the Bureau of Land Management. federal lands belong to the Smithsonian
Commercial collecting for the purpose of Institution.
sale or barter is not allowed without
special authorization. Rockhounds may Mining Claims
use hand tools such as shovels and Indian Artifacts and Ruins Rockhounding on mining claims is not
picks, but must not use explosives or All historic and prehistoric remains found advised without the mining claimant's
power equipment for excavation. on public lands are protected by law. consent because the claimant has a legal
Rockhounds are welcome to collect Report new or unusual finds (including right to the minerals on the claim,
limited amounts of rocks, minerals, and human skeletal remains) to the nearest including gemstones. Most mining claims
gemstones from most federal lands, but BLM office. can usually be identified in the field by
there are some exceptions. Some lands Under no circumstances will artifacts of claim posts or markers, but you should
are withdrawn or reserved for certain any kind, including arrowheads, points, contact a local BLM office to find out
purposes such as outstanding natural feathers, whole or broken pots, stone which areas have mining claims. Also, it is
areas, research natural areas, recreation tools, basketry, or even old bottles be illegal for a mining claimant to charge
sites, national historic sites, etc. Other distributed or removed from their location fees to the public for recreational use of a
lands are not open to collecting due to the on public lands. Human remains, and all mining claim, such as rock collecting.
presence of mining claims. The local BLM materials associated with human remains, Material such as agate, chert, jasper,
offices can provide you with information may not be disturbed or removed from petrified wood, obsidian, cinders and
about available collecting areas and those public lands. The commercial use, sale, or other volcanic products are generally not
areas that are closed to rockhounding barter of human remains or artifacts of considered locatable under the 1872
including any fire or vehicle use any kind taken from public lands is illegal Mining Law. Most commonly collected
restrictions. and punishable by law. rocks and minerals are not subject to
The Preservation of American Antiquities mining claim location even though people
Historic Artifacts and Fossils Act of 1906 provides for the protection of occasionally stake claims for these
The Antiquities Act of 1906, the Federal Indian ruins, stating that a person may minerals anyway. The mere fact that
Land Policy and Management Act of not, without permission, "appropriate, some stones may be cut and polished
1976, and the Archaeological excavate, injure, or destroy any historic or does not give them a distinct or special
Resources Protection Act of 1979 prehistoric ruin or monument, or any value to make them locatable.
prohibit the excavation, collection or object on antiquity" on lands under
destruction of any archaeological Federal government control. Regulations BLM Lands: Exploration and mining
materials (including fossils) located on implemented under the authority of The activities on mining claims on BLM
lands under federal jurisdiction. Leaf and Federal Land Policy and Management administered land are subject to the
invertebrate fossils may be collected on Act of 1976 (FLPMA) also prohibit regulations of the Secretary of the Interior
public lands. Petroglyphs, human disturbance of these resources (43 Code in 43 CFR 3809 and for Wilderness Study
remains, dwellings, and artifacts of Native of Federal Regulations Part 8365.1-4 Areas, 43 CFR 3802. These regulations
American cultures are protected by law. (a)). Historic and archeological resources require an operator to prevent
50 years old or older are covered by unnecessary or undue degradation of the
Vertebrate Fossils these two laws. land. For activities other than casual use,
Vertebrate fossils are A m o r e r e c e n t F e d e r a l l a w, t h e they require the operator to submit either
those with Archaeological Resources Protection a notice or a plan of operations and a
b a c k b o n e s . Act of 1979 (ARPA), provides civil and reclamation plan.
Vertebrate fossils, criminal penalties for excavation, Forest Service Lands: Exploration and
such as dinosaurs, destruction, vandalism, or removal of mining activities on lands administered by
turtles, mammals archeological resources (historic and the Forest Service are subject to the
and fish, cannot prehistoric) from public lands. Anything 10 regulations of the Secretary of Agriculture
be collected years or older is covered by this law. in 36 CFR 228(A). These regulations
from public Criminal penalties of up to $100,000 in require that anyone whose proposed
lands except fines and/or five years in prison are operation could likely cause significant
by permit only! possible upon conviction. Civil and disturbance of surface resources must
These permits criminal damages may also be assessed, submit a plan of operations. Miners
are issued by the based on the value of the destroyed or wishing to prospect or locate claims or
Secretary of the Interior stolen remains. ARPA provides for civil sites in National Forests should contact
specifically to properly accredited confiscation of vehicles and other the local Forest Service District Ranger
museums, universities and other personal property used to carry out the concerning questions about operating
institutions or their representatives. violation, and provides for payment of plans.
rewards for information leading to

GPOC The Prospector’s Quill Vol. 38 No.6 WE ARE ELECTRONIC at 5

Picketwire by Lin

Collection and removal cannot be aided Petrified Wood

with motorized or mechanized equipment Based on
including but not limited to: tractors, legislation
bulldozers, plows, power-shovels, semi- s p e c i fi c t o
trailers or other heavy equipment is not p e t r i fi e d
authorized. Undue or unnecessary wood, the
Rock Hounding Royal Gorge BLM degradation of the public lands is not maximum
allowed during the removal of rocks, amount which one
minerals, gemstones, or fossils.  person can remove without
Rock and fossil collection is allowed on
Many of the rock and gem clubs have a charge per day is 25 pounds in weight
public lands within the Royal Gorge Field
code of ethics regarding the collection of plus one piece, with a maximum amount
Office (RGFO) with the exception of
rocks, minerals, and fossils which we of 250 pounds removed in one calendar
developed recreation sites, the Garden
endorse.  year.  Pooling of quotas to obtain pieces
Park Fossil Area or where otherwise
larger than 250 pounds is not allowed.  
prohibited and posted.
Reasonable Amounts
Decorative Rock - A reasonable amount title43-vol2/xml/CFR-2009-title43-vol2-
Rocks, mineral specimens and semi-
is defined as small quantities of mineral part3620.xml   
precious gemstones, petrified wood,
material that which would fit into a
and common
standard sized wheel barrow over a one Common invertebrate and plant fossils
year period. Collection that leads to the (Hard or soft bodied animals without
and plant
construction of rock walls, homes, skeletal structures such as insects, crabs,
fossils may
fi r e p l a c e s , p a t h w a y s , a n d o t h e r clams, and snails) - A reasonable amount
be collected
landscaping or home construction is defined as small quantities of mineral
on public
projects would be considered in excess of material that which would fit into a 5
lands without
what is defined as a reasonable amount gallon container. Anything in excess of a 5
charge or
and would require a permit.  gallon container per year would require a
permit in
Note: The Royal Gorge Field Office  
amounts as long as the specimens are for
currently has one rock collecting area set Note: Some invertebrate and fossil
personal use and are not collected for
up for this collection of decorative rock, resources are considered uncommon and
sale or barter to commercial dealers.
commonly called the area.  scientifically significant.  If there is a
Collectors should note that there are
  question on whether fossils are
some restrictions and a BLM permit may
Mineral specimens - A reasonable considered uncommon or scientific
be required, depending on the amount of
amount is defined as small quantities of contact the RGFO geologist.
material you collect, how you collect it,
mineral material and semiprecious  
where or when you collect, and whether
gemstones for personal use which would For commercial use (where trade or sales
the material will be used commercially. 
fit into a 5 gallon container.  Anything in are involved), a mineral material permit is
excess of a 5 gallon container per year needed from the BLM.
Vertebrate fossils including dinosaurs, would require a permit.
   2009 Rockhounding and Fossil Collecting
mammals, sharks, and fish, or any
Note: There are some specimen locations brochure
fossilized animal with a skeletal structure,
cannot be collected without a that are encumbered with un-patented
paleontology permit. These types of mining claims and the mining claimants Elephant Rock Area
permits can be obtained from the BLM may exert rights under the mining law to
Title 43: Public Lands: Interior
paleontologist in Grand Junction and are exclude others from collecting on their
issued only to qualified museums and claim.  You can conduct on line research
Subpart 2320—Federal Energy
educational institutions with trained staff to determine location of un-patented
mining claims.  Regulatory Commission Withdrawals
and repositories. There are several quality § 2320.1   Lands considered withdrawn
paleontology organizations in the area.  or classified for power purposes.

GPOC The Prospector’s Quill Vol. 38 No.6 WE ARE ELECTRONIC at 6

Grand Junction, CO and the dredger must be able to comply
with the terms and conditions of their PLANT FOSSILS (Hard or soft bodied
BLM Field Office permit. The type of permit issued depends animals without skeletal structures such
on the amount of material to be dredged as insects, crabs, clams, and snails)    A
Recreational and the location of the dredging. reasonable amount is defined as follows: 
Rockhounding, Gold Small quantities of mineral material (that
NOTE: VERTEBRATE FOSSILS - which would fit into a 5-gallon container)
Panning and Dredging Dinosaurs, mammals, sharks, and fish, or is considered recreational and can be
The following rules and regulations any animal with a skeletal structure, gathered without a permit.
ONLY apply to the Grand Junction cannot be collected without a special
BLM Field Office. collecting permit. Do you need a permit?

Rockhounding/Fossil Rules listed above pertain to rock Anyone gathering minerals materials in
hounding, gold panning, and excess of what would be considered
Collecting dredging on public lands managed recreational rock gathering needs a
Rockhounding is allowed on public lands by the Grand Junction Field Office permit.  Gathering large quantities of rock
within the Grand Junction Field Office
only. For more information on (more than what would fit into a 5-gallon
(GJFO) management  area  with the
recreational rockhounding, container) is allowed within the GJFO
exception of developed recreation sites
panning or dredging, please management boundaries, so long as the
and special management
contact the area is not restricted to rock gathering
areas  including; McInnis Canyons
Grand Junction Field Office and a permit to do so is obtained. 
National Conservation Area, Dominguez-
Geologist at (970) 244-3000 There are many areas within the GJFO
Escalante National Conservation Area; or
area that are closed to rock gathering. 
where otherwise prohibited and/or
   Use the restricted area map to determine
which areas are opened to, or restricted
ROCK (decorative)
from, rock gathering.  Permits are
• and semi-precious gemstones, A reasonable amount is defined as
typically issued from late April (weather
p e t r i fi e d w o o d , c o m m o n follows: Small quantities of mineral
dependent)  through November 30th,
invertebrate and plant fossils material (that which would fit into a 5-
with all permits expiring on November
may be collected on public gallon container) is considered
30th of each year.  Permits are not issued
lands without charge or permit recreational and can be gathered
during winter months because of
in reasonable amounts as long without a permit. Collecting mineral
inaccessibility to the areas, and for wildlife
as the specimens are for materials in excess of a 5-gallon
habitat purposes.
personal use only and cannot container requires a permit and fee to
legally be sold or bartered. do so.
• No undue or unnecessary
Grand Junction Recreational Placer
degradation of the public lands MINERAL SPECIMEN AND SEMI-
is allowed during the removal of PRECIOUS GEMSTONES
Suction dredging and any other type of
rocks, minerals, gemstones, or A reasonable amount is defined as mechanized placer operation which
fossils. follows: Small quantities of mineral pumps material and/or water from the
• Collection and removal must be material and semi-precious river are not allowed during the period
done by hand tools only and gemstones (that which would fit into a from April 1 through August 31, for the
cannot be aided with motorized 5-gallon container) is considered following river segments: Colorado River
or mechanized equipment.  recreational and can be gathered from Rifle to the Utah state line, and
Metal detectors are acceptable without a permit. Anything in excess Gunnison River from its confluence with
except on historical sites.  of a 5-gallon container requires a the Uncompahgre River (Delta) to its
permit from the GJFO to do so. lower terminus at the Colorado River
NOTE: Check for mining claims
Gold Panning, Dredging, and (Grand Junction). The permit is valid for
before visiting the site. Mining
Sluicing claimants may have the right to
one year.
Gold panning is unregulated and allowed exclude others from collecting Recreational Placer Permit - PDF format 
anywhere on BLM-managed lands within on their claim.
the GJFO area, except where it is
prohibited such as in special PETRIFIED WOOD
management areas like the McInnis A reasonable amount is defined as
Canyons National Conservation Area and follows: The maximum amount which Grand
the Dominguez-Escalante National one person can remove without BLM F n
ield Offi
Conservation Area.  charge per day is 25 pounds in weight Metal d ce
Recreational dredging and sluicing is plus one piece, with a maximum amount accepta tectors are
historic ble exc
regulated, and all dredgers/sluicers of 250 pounds removed in one calendar al site ept on
operating on BLM managed land within year. Pooling of quotas to obtain pieces from th s. (as quoted
the GJFO must obtain a permit before larger than 250 pounds is not allowed. eir web
work commences. To be considered
recreational, equipment is limited to
suction dredges with inlets of 4" or less,

GPOC The Prospector’s Quill Vol. 38 No.6 WE ARE ELECTRONIC at 7

M E TA L D E T E C T I N G O N T H E public land are protected under law. If you not cause surface impacts that require
NATIONAL FORESTS & Public were to discover such remains, you either a NOI or a Plan of Operation.
Lands should leave them undisturbed and notify People who use metal detectors for
It is Forest Service policy that the a FS office. prospecting should bear in mind that
recreational use of metal detectors are The purpose of the restrictions to metal many of the mineralized lands within the
allowed on the National Forests. detecting on public lands is to protect National Forests and open to mineral
Generally, most of the National Forests historical remains. The Code of Federal entry have been “claimed” by others who
are open to recreational mineral and rock Regulations, (36 CFR 261.9) states, "The have sole right to prospect and develop
collecting, gold panning and prospecting following are prohibited: (g) Digging in, the mineral resources found on the
using a metal detector. This low impact, excavating, disturbing, injuring, mining claim. A search of County and
casual activity usually does not require destroying, or in any way damaging any Bureau of Land Management records
any authorization. prehistoric, historic, or archaeological should be made prior to prospecting to
On some Forests gold panning does resources, structure, site, artifact, or determine if an area has been claimed.
require a letter of authorization. It is property. (h) Removing any prehistoric, Normally, any gold found can be removed
always wise to check with the local historic, or archaeological resources, and kept. If the removal of the gold, rocks,
District Ranger if you have questions. structure, site, artifact, property." The or minerals might cause disturbance of
Some wilderness areas are closed to gold Archaeological Resources Protection Act surface resources, beyond digging a
panning and metal detecting. (ARPA, 16 U.S.C. 470cc) also prohibits small shallow hole, a NOI may be
Metal detecting is a legitimate means of these activities, stating, "No person may required.
locating gold or other mineral specimens excavate, remove, damage, or otherwise 3.Searching for historic or prehistoric
and can be an effective prospecting tool alter or deface or attempt to excavate, artifacts: Using a metal detector to locate
for locating larger mineral deposits. This remove, damage or otherwise alter or archaeological or historical remains is
activity can also be conducted as a deface any archaeological resources subject to the Antiquities Act of 1906
recreational activity locating lost coins, located on public lands or Indian lands and the Archeological Resources
jewelry or other incidental metallic items unless such activity is pursuant to a Protection Act of 1979 (ARPA) as
of little historical value.# Prospecting permit...” ARPA exempts the collection of amended and requires a special use
using a metal detector can be conducted coins for personal use if the coins are not permit. Such permits are granted for
under the General Mining Laws and is in an archaeological context. In some scientific research only, however, there
covered under the Forest Service 36 cases, historically significant coins and are many ways to get involved with
CFR 228A locatable mineral regulations other metallic artifacts may be part of a organized, scientific research. See below
for lands open to mineral entry. Metal historical-period archaeological site, in for ways to use metal detectors for this
detecting for treasure trove or lost items which case they would be considered purpose under sanctioned public
such as coins and jewelry is managed as archaeological resources and are archaeology programs.
a non minerals-related recreation activity. protected under law. These laws apply to 4.Recreational pursuits: The most
Metal detecting is a low surface impact all National Forest System land and do common form of metal detector use is
activity that involves digging small holes not vary from state to state. searching for gold, lost coins, jewelry, and
rarely more than six inches deep. Four forms of metal detector use are incidental metal items having no historical
Normally, metal detecting does not recognized. value. Such use is common in developed
require a notice of intent or written 1.Searching for treasure trove: campgrounds, swimming areas, and
authorization since it only involves Treasure trove is defined as money, picnic areas and requires no permit.
searching for and occasionally removing gems, or precious metals in the form of However, one must assume personal
small rock samples or mineral specimens coin, plate, or bullion that has been responsibility to notice if the area may
(36 CFR 228.4(a)). deliberately hidden with the intention of indeed contain archaeological or historical
Metal detectors may be used on public recovering it later. This activity requires a resources and if it does, cease metal
land in areas that do not contain or would Special Use Permit under The Act of June detecting and notify a Forest Service
not reasonably be expected to contain 4, 1897, (16 U.S.C. 551). # F o r e s t office. Not doing so may result in
archaeological or historical resources. Service Manual 2724.4 states “allow prosecution under the Code of Federal
Normally, developed campgrounds, persons to search for buried treasure on Regulations or ARPA.
swimming beaches, and other developed National Forest System lands, but protect Metal detecting on the National Forests is
recreation sites are open to recreational the rights of the public regarding recognized as a legitimate prospecting
metal detecting unless there are ownership of or claims on any recovered method under the General Mining Laws
archaeological or historical resources property.” and also as a recreational activity for the
present. In such cases, forest supervisors 2.Prospecting: Using a metal detector to casual collection of rocks and minerals.
are authorized to close the area to metal locate gold or other mineral deposits is an This policy does not permit the use of
detecting and the closure would be allowed activity under the General Mining metal detectors in or around known or
posted at the site. Such closure notices Laws and is subject to the 36 CFR 228A undiscovered cultural or historic. This
are not always practical in undeveloped regulations. A Notice of Intent (36 CFR information was taken from a pdf
areas, and federal agencies have not 228.4(a)) is normally not required for document on the internet. I have not
identified every archaeological site on prospecting using a metal detector. A been able to find a specific link on any
public lands. It is possible; therefore, that Notice of Intent (NOI) is required for any Forest Service site to this document.
you may encounter such archaeological prospecting which might cause
disturbance of surface resources. A plan %20Forests.pdf
remains that have not yet been
of operation is required for any Questions concerning the use of metal
documented or an area that is not closed detection equipment should be referred to
even though it does indeed contain such prospecting that will likely cause
the applicable District Ranger. It is your
remains. Archaeological remains on significant disturbance of surface
responsibility to know before you go!
resources. Normal metal detecting does

GPOC The Prospector’s Quill Vol. 38 No.6 WE ARE ELECTRONIC at 8

If it is a BLM developed recreation site and special management area,
Colorado State Parks historical park, National Park or Wilderness area, or where otherwise prohibited
Metal detecting is allowed at the and/or posted in any sense of the word then consider it off limits.
discretion of the park manager in
Colorado State Parks. Check with
each park manager before hunting
to obtain permission and the rules
for each individual park.
Metal detecting is not specifically
addressed by Colorado State Park
Regulations. Colorado State

Park managers do have the Picketwire by Lin

authority to restrict use in certain
Working your way thru all the different counties, parks and open space areas in Colorado is
areas if there is a threat to the
a daunting task. Many searches lead to a dead end. It is therefore advised that if you are
resource but these restrictions are going to be in a particular area you contact officials ahead of time for information on their
rare and will be clearly posted at all rules and regulations governing metal detecting and prospecting. When retrieving an object
entrances to the area. the damage you may cause by disturbing the ground and any plant, animal, geological or
archaeological feature may be of concern and in noncompliance of rules or regulations.
The only limiting Park Regulation Know before you go. Do not assume that there is a general rule which can be
in Colorado is: applied to all parks.

Reg.#100(b)(2) "It shall be Boulder County Parks and Open Space.

prohibited to remove, destroy, It is a violation of our rules and regulations to remove any object, natural or manmade, from
mutilate, modify or deface any open space property. Therefore, while metal detectors are not specifically prohibited, the
structure, water control device, use of such to find and keep objects could be ticketed as a violation if witnessed by a
poster, notice, sign or marker, tree, ranger.
shrub, or other plant or vegetation, Colorado Springs Parks
including dead timber and forest It is unlawful for any person to injure, deface, destroy, sever or remove any park property.
litter, or any object of
archaeological, geological, Denver Public Parks
historical, zoological or natural / 17. Destruction of Property: It is unlawful for any person, other than authorized personnel,
environmental value or interest on to mark, remove, break, or climb upon or in any way injure, damage or deface the trees,
Parks and Outdoor Recreation shrubs, plants, turf or any of the buildings, fences, bridges, monuments, fountains,
Lands. (This regulation does not backstops, dugouts, goal posts, or other structures or property within or upon any park,
include removal of firewood from parkway, or other recreational facility.
designated firewood areas, noxious
Douglas County
weeds as defined by statute, or
It shall be unlawful, unless approved in writing by the Director of Douglas County Parks and
recreational gold mining within the Trails Division or the Director of Douglas County Open Space and Natural Resources for
Arkansas Headwaters Recreation any person: (iv) to utilize and metal detector or similar device to search for any object in
Area, except where prohibited as Parks or Open Space lands without the written permission of Douglas County.
indicated by posted signs."
El Paso County Park Rules
5.1: DAMAGE TO TREES; GRASS: It shall be unlawful for any unauthorized person to dig
or otherwise disturb grass or natural areas, or in any other way to injure or impair the
natural beauty or usefulness of any area in any park. [See C.R.S. 18-4-501; C.R.S.
18-4-508; C.R.S. 18-4-509; C.R.S. 18-4- 510; C.R.S. 18-9-117]
8.9 GEOCACHING: It shall be unlawful for any person to place a physical geocache on El
Paso County Parks property, except as authorized by special use permit from the Director.
Unauthorized geocaches will be removed from the park property and disposed of by Parks
An excellent site and resource for metal staff.
detecting in all states is: http:// Jefferson County Open Space They C.7. Collection of Natural Resources: It shall be unlawful to take, collect, gather, or possess any
provide you with links to all states rules animal, vegetation, rock, wood, or any other object on Open Space lands. Fine: $100.00
and regulations as well as a general
overview. The information is provided Summit County
as a resource and should not be Section 6.   Destruction of Public Property
considered as the definitive answer. It a. It is unlawful to remove, destroy, collect, deface, or alter in any manner any natural or
is still your responsibility to obtain man-made condition of any Open Space, without the express, prior written consent of the
permission from each specific park Director.  Such objects include, but are not limited to, the following: wildlife, trees, down
timber or branches, shrubbery, plants, flowers, rocks and minerals, fences, signs, kiosks,
manager and to abide by their rules.
bulletin boards, restrooms, tables, benches, cultural resources and trash containers.

GPOC The Prospector’s Quill Vol. 38 No.6 WE ARE ELECTRONIC at 9

Access To Privately Owned Lands In Colorado
PROSPECTING THE INTERNET Two-thirds of the land area of the state of Colorado is privately
owned. It is unlawful to enter private lands in Colorado without
Colorado State Parks permission of the landowner. Colorado law does not require
private lands to be marked, fenced or posted in any manner.
Depending on the circumstances, trespass in Colorado may be
Federal Register
prosecuted as a misdemeanor or as a felony. Additionally, the
Clarification as to when a Notice of
Colorado Revised Statutes state that "it is unlawful for any person
Intent To Operate and/or Plan of
to enter upon privately owned land or lands under the control of the
Operation Is Needed for Locatable
State Board of Land Commissioners to take any wildlife by hunting,
Mineral Operations on National
trapping, or fishing without first obtaining permission from the owner
Forest System Lands
or person in possession of such land." The responsibility of
National Park Service knowing whether you are on private or public land is YOURS.
Many of the National Parks share boundaries with the On non-navigable rivers and streams, the adjacent landowners'
Forest Service. Here are a few of the parks that share jurisdiction extends to the middle of the stream or river. Colorado
boundaries with the Rocky Mountain Region: Rocky law does allow floating access on a stream or river as long as no
Mountain National Park, Great Sand Dunes National contact is made with the river bottom or shoreline while passing
Monument, Yellowstone, Grand Teton National Park. through (over) private lands.

ORIConline How do I gain access to private lands?

Outdoor Recreation Information Center - Colorado's one- "ASK FIRST" to get access to private lands and please respect the
stop recreation information source. You can visit the ORIC property of others. Responsible visitors or users always respect the
booth at the REI Flagship Store in Denver. land, whether it is private or public, and take care to leave it the way
they found it. The landowner has the right to deny access on or
across private lands -and- may charge an access or user fee for the
One-Stop shop for recreation on federal lands.
use of those private lands.
Recreation maps showing landownership, road systems and
National Reservation System - reserve your favorite
geographic features are available for purchase from BLM and USFS
campground here. Also find cabins and lookouts available
offices and many retail stores throughout Colorado. Travel maps
for rent.
that describe vehicular use and road restrictions on public lands are
City Public Lands available from land management agencies. County road maps may
• Denver City Parks & Recreation be purchased from the State Highway Department or at county
• Denver Mountain Parks courthouses. The county maps show designated county roads,
• Lakewood City Parks & Trails county road numbers and road surface conditions.
County Public Lands
• Boulder County Open Space The U.S. Geological Survey publishes a series of topographic and
• Clear Creek County Open Space other maps with coverage of natural and manmade features. These
• Douglas County Open Space maps can be purchased from the U.S. Geological Survey, Denver
• Jefferson County Open Space Federal Center, Bldg. 810, P.O. Box 25286, Denver, CO 80225 and
• Summit County Open Space the Federal Bldg. Earth Science Information Center, Rm. 169, 1961
National Public Lands Stout St., downtown Denver or retail sporting goods stores.
• Bureau of Land Management
• National Forests and Grasslands Areas withdrawn from location of mining claims include National
• National Parks and Monuments Parks, National Monuments, Indian reservations, most reclamation
State Public Lands projects, military reservations, scientific testing areas, most wildlife
• Colorado Division of Wildlife protection areas (such as Federal wildlife refuges), and lands
• Colorado State Parks withdrawn from mineral entry for other reasons. Lands withdrawn for
power development may be subject to mining location and entry only
National Wildlife Refuge Rocky Mountain Arsenal under certain conditions.
nes mining
g Guideli are on. erty and
Tips and Tricks for Metal Detector Users Collectin hose property you ting on private prop a form)
Know c s
en colle ha • ission wh in Salida ment.
Get perm a s H eadwaters arth moving equip
• T h e A rk a n s
n iz e d e s b e fo re you
BLM claims. ( s iv e s o r mecha a n d fi ll in hole
explo to four fe
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leave. aso
Ghost Towns of Central Colorado you can re em.
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ll g a te are in eff leaving th
• Leave a
n y fi re re strictio n s
p le te ly out before
Find out
if a co m
Key Items in the Federal Register dated June 6, 2005, • ampfire is owed in
Regarding 36 CFR 228.4(a) a k e s u re your c e n t are all
• M q u ip m
r e area. anized o
h ic le s or mech
No v e y.
• s areas of properl
wildernes h y o u a n d dispose
ash wit
• Take all tr

GPOC The Prospector’s Quill Vol. 38 No.6 WE ARE ELECTRONIC at 10

A prospector is someone who is seeking a valuable substance, historically The following restrictions apply
precious metals or jewels, frequently spending more on maps, equipment to all State Trust Lands leased
and repairs than ever recovered. by the Colorado Division of

• Open only to hunting, fishing and
wildlife viewing. Target practice,
non-hunting shooting, outfitting and
non-wildlife related use prohibited.
• Closed 1/2 hour after sunset until
1/2 hour before sunrise, unless
posted otherwise.
• Closed to the public from March
1-Aug. 31, unless posted
otherwise. All newly enrolled
properties are closed to the public
until Sept. 1 of the year of
enrollment, unless posted
2. MOTOR VEHICLES are allowed
only on designated roads.
Alma, Colorado by Lin must be packed out by users.
unless posted otherwise.
State Trust Lands Several tracts provide or improve access 5. ACCESS RESTRICTED to foot or
State Trust Lands Regulation Brochure to adjacent State Wildlife Areas as well as horseback only, unless posted
(pdf) | State Trust Lands Maps   Bureau of Land Management and U.S. otherwise.
Forest Service lands. 6.YOUTH MENTOR HUNTING AND
State Trust Lands in Colorado currently FISHING applies to youths under 18.
total nearly 3 million surface acres. The The public is reminded to respect the Youth hunters under 16 must be
federal government endowed the lands to rights of other users and lessees on State accompanied by a mentor. Mentors
Colorado in 1876, the year the Centennial Trust Lands and to abide by state rules so must be 18 or older, comply with hunter
State officially joined the union. the lands can remain open for future education requirements and
accompany youths while hunting.
wildlife recreation. State Trust Lands not
The Public Access Program is a lease 7. IT IS ILLEGAL to have, store or
leased for this program are not open for
arrangement between the Division of use hay, straw or mulch that has
public access.
Wildlife and the State Land Board which not been certified as noxious-weed
began in 1993.  The Public Access free, according to the Weed Free
Most of these leased State Trust Lands
Program allows public access to specific Forage Crop Certification Act, or
are not accessible by motor vehicle, all-
State Trust Lands and has opened up to any state or province participating
terrain vehicles (ATVs) or snowmobiles,
the public over half a million acres of in the Regional Certified Weed
and there are restrictions on camping,
lands which had no public access Free Forage Program. Certified
parking and off-road driving. Hunters
previously. Most recently, the State Land materials must be clearly marked
should consult the State Trust Lands
Board and the DOW entered a 7 year by the certifying state. People who
brochure for rules and property-specific
lease in 2006 to allow public use of transport such materials on federal,
information. Parcels are open only from
approximately 550,000 acres of State state or county roads that cross
September 1 through the end of February,
Trust Lands with wildlife values for State Trust Lands leased by the
unless otherwise stated in the brochure.
wildlife-related recreation. DOW and hay produced on
property where itʼs being used are
Through this lease agreement, these State Land Board website
lands are available to the public for a
specified time during the year for hunting, Wildlife Habitat Properties Protected
fishing and other wildlife-related activities.
The State Trust Lands leased for this An interactive Flash-based map
program are not open year-round displays the properties (with descriptions
because they are also leased to other and photos) that have thus far been
users during the year. The lands may protected.
have several lease activities occurring on
them during the year which  includes
farming, livestock grazing, mining and

GPOC The Prospector’s Quill Vol. 38 No.6 WE ARE ELECTRONIC at 11

§ 228.4   Plan of operations—notice of intent—requirements.
(a) Except as provided in paragraph (a)(1) of this section, a notice of intent to operate is required from any person proposing to
conduct operations which might cause significant disturbance of surface resources. Such notice of intent to operate shall be
submitted to the District Ranger having jurisdiction over the area in which the operations will be conducted. Each notice of intent
to operate shall provide information sufficient to identify the area involved, the nature of the proposed operations, the route of
access to the area of operations, and the method of transport.
(1) A notice of intent to operate is not required for:
(i) Operations which will be limited to the use of vehicles on existing public roads or roads used and maintained for National
Forest System purposes;
(ii) Prospecting and sampling which will not cause significant surface resource disturbance and will not involve removal of more
than a reasonable amount of mineral deposit for analysis and study which generally might include searching for and occasionally
removing small mineral samples or specimens, gold panning, metal detecting, non-motorized hand sluicing, using battery
operated dry washers, and collecting of mineral specimens using hand tools;

Prospecting Card
Besides carrying this card with you I recommend that you carry a copy of §261.3 Interfering with a Forest officer, volunteer, or
this newsletter with you that sites specific rules and regulations. If you have human resource program enrollee or giving false
access to the internet you should also carry a copy of the specific laws that report to a Forest officer. The following are prohibited:
are listed. This is not to give you a legitimate reason for your metal (a) Threatening, resisting, intimidating, or interfering with
detecting and prospecting activities but it will help in educating someone and any forest officer engaged in or on account of the
maybe you might receive a warning rather than a ticket. Remember: just performance of his official duties in the protection,
because it may be legal to prospect in one area you cannot apply that rule improvement, or administration of the National Forest
across the board. Know before you go! Do not argue with authorities as System is prohibited.
shown in 261.3 regulation. Lin (b)Giving any false, fictitious or fraudulent report or other
✄------------------------------ information to any Forest Officer engaged in or on
Federal authorities and nearest BLM office account of the performance of his official duties knowing
collectable from a reasonable distance, should be reported to the closest local that such report of other information contains false,
license numbers, times, dates, descriptions, photographs or video tape, if safely fictitious or fraudulent statement or entry.
For your own protection, do not attempt to apprehend perpetrators yourself, but •
Comply with all applicable Federal and State fire laws and regulations. • (c)Threatening, intimidating, or intentionally interfering
specific rules of Club claims. with any Forest officer, volunteer, or human resource
material, restoration, woody debris, spill, and sanitary waste, fire restrictions, &
hydraulicking & bank mining, stream flow disturbance, damming, volume of
program enrollee while engaged in, or on account of, the
diameters, engine horsepower & noise levels, operation in spawning areas, performance of duties for the protection, improvement, or
following: annual and seasonal stream & road closures, nozzle, and hose administration of the National Forest System or other
duties assigned by the Forest Service.
Review other rules & regulations that may cover, but are not limited to, the •
lands. Recognize that different laws apply to different lands.
local agencies, for guidance on which laws & regulations apply to the specific
Check with the local USDA Forest Service, BLM or appropriate Federal, State, &
environment and forest surface resources.

Protecting You Privacy
Have you taken a picture of that “secret” prospecting find
deployed, arranged, disposed of or treated to minimize adverse impact upon the
materials, or substances and other waste produced by operations shall be
Do not cause significant surface disturbance. All tailings, dumpage, deleterious • and posted it on the internet? If you have your secret
prospecting. could be world renowned. Google bot reads the GEOtag
Obtain needed permits. Carry permits & any membership cards with you while •
Identify where and when mining is allowed or prohibited. • from your embedded GPS tags when posting your photo,
government agent or claim owner. and then "selects" it”, assigns a Google photo “indexing
Follow the law and create good will through mutual respect. Do not challenge a •
number", and then puts up a map with YOUR thumbnails
directly on top of those embedded GPS coordinates you
can't see, but THEY ARE there compromising your
Gold Prospectors of Colorado privacy.
Keep in your wallet if you are challenged by a Government (local, state,
federal) agent when prospecting. Itʼs called geotagging. Many GPS enabled smart
phones and cameras embed the latitude and longitude
information with the picture properties. If you donʼt have
Location of this feature turned off it will automatically be included
incident with the picture. You will need to use your manual, look it
Name of Ranger up online or speak to a factory representative to turn off
officer or authority this feature. Remember, you may have re-enabled the
Badge Number feature if you use your GPS for another function.
Title or Position Here is a site that can show how to turn this feature off
Agency or District on different smart phones. Visit:
Agency address Photos that are posted online to Facebook can be
Agency phone
shared with ANYONE even if you mark them as private.
What was cited
This can be done via sharing the link to the photo or by
downloading the photo. For more information access:

GPOC The Prospector’s Quill Vol. 38 No.6 WE ARE ELECTRONIC at 12

W H AT ʼ S U P W I T H
Attention Detectorists
ELEPHANT ROCK? Trade in your current detector (working or not) and we'll
provide you with a brand new Eureka Gold for only $899.00
Contrary to THAT's a SAVINGS of OVER $350.00 
numerous rumors THREE separate frequencies.  Offer good through June
the Forest Service IS 24th or until promotional supply is gone.
WARNINGS ARE BEING GIVEN 17897 US Hwy. 285 | Nathrop, Colorado  (719) 539-2019
You can purchase your GPOC Membership and Dredging
I talked with Megan Kabele at the Forest Service office in Leadville and Permits at the Roc Doc
found her to be very informative and courteous. Currently, the USDA
Forest Service in Leadville is in the process of placing signage
prohibiting any prospecting in this area above Buena Vista. You may CASUAL USE in the Royal Gorge BLM Area
encounter a Ranger that will warn you that the area is off limits, but Casual use prospecting includes those activities which
tickets will not be issued until the public is notified and when signs are cause very little  or no disturbance. For example:
placed. This has been an area listed as open in numerous web sites, collection of geochemical, rock, soil, or mineral
but after talking with the Leadville office I would suggest that you do not specimens using hand tools; hand panning; or non-
do any prospecting in this area as the boundaries between BLM lands motorized sluicing. It also generally includes use of
and Forest Service lands are confusing and difficult to locate. metal detectors, gold spears and other battery-operated
The popularity of prospecting due to the increase in gold prices has
devices for sensing the presence of minerals, and hand
created a greater number of inquiries and frustrations by prospectors.
and battery-operated dry washers. Operators may use
Many rumors abound about prospecting sites. You need to go directly
to the Federal, State, or local jurisdictions to get accurate information, motorized vehicles for casual use activities only if the
maybe! I would like to note in researching this information I was not able use is consistent with the regulations governing such use
to get any information from numerous (part 43 CFR 8340), including following off-road vehicle use
government offices. I personally went to 3 designations and temporary closures ordered by BLM. Casual
different offices where there was no use operations do not require notification of the BLM; except
information to be found as well as one office where specific land use or recreation area plans call for a
not being enthusiastic about my inquiry and recreational mining permit. You must reclaim any casual-use
quoting the Mining Laws inaccurately, even disturbance that you create. (Royal Gorge BLM)
stating that you cannot prospect on any Forest
Service lands, but I have done my homework
and did not argue. Obviously, there is frustration in some offices, with
prospectors having approached them in a less than diplomatic manner.
If you are upset about the rules and regulations DO NOT approach the Gold Recovery
government offices angry. The GPOCʼs Code of Ethics includes being
courteous. If you have a concern present it to the GPOC and we will try
to resolve it for you, or at least get accurate information for you. Lin
General Membership Meeting Designed and Built in Colorado
May 2011

7:08# Meeting opened by President Ben Higley 3-4 Stage Design

7:12# President Ben Higley introduced 8 new members
7:18# Todayʼs price of gold was $1502.55
7:21# President Ben Higley introduced the GPOC Board
For Superior Recovery of Coloradoʼs Flour Gold
7:25# President Ben introduced the claims committee chair to the
club who spoke to the members about the claims and what
was going on with them.
7:34# President Ben Higley spoke about the permits needed for ✭ Sluices ★
dredging at Beaver Creek and Arkansas claims
7:39# Vice-president, Wayne Wittkopp, gave Ben Higley the Frank
Burns award
★ Highbankers ★
7:41# Dianna Anderson spoke about the field trip to her motherʼs
claims on May 21st & the $10 fee/person ★ High Volume/Pressure Pumps ★
7:50# Break
8:13# Gary Beaderstadt thanked Bob Butler and Wayne Wittkopp
for their donations to the club. Call for a free demonstration of the Unique
by Bob Butl
# Gary Beaderstadt held the gold draw with 16 winners.
Designs er
8:33# President Ben Higley introduced the guest speaker Larry Buena Vista
Wilnau. Larry spoke about metal detecting , Colorado
9:10# Meeting was adjourned. ★ 719-395
-2003 ★
GPOC The Prospector’s Quill Vol. 38 No.6 WE ARE ELECTRONIC at 13
The Quill is available online only UNLESS you wish to receive it by mail. If you wish to receive The
Prospector’s Quill in print your yearly subscription fee will be $15.00 for a mailed copy. Look at your mailing
label and it will have when you need to renew your membership. Take the number of months left on your
membership and multiply it by $1.25. That will be your cost for the rest of your CURRENT membership.

Gold Panning & Prospecting For Fun Quill Advertising Rates
PanningOVER Tips 1,000 GPOC MEMBERS
STREET ADDRESS GPOC Meets the 2nd Wednesday Read our equipment
and Prospectors Blog.
CITY, STATE, ZIP of every Month at the Elk’s Club Answers to Allow
yourfor a 3/8” marginFinding
questions: on all sidesGold,
of yourMetal
advertisement. Payment must
be received before placement. Send advertisement with check to: GPOC
EMAIL 3400 N. Nevada Dredging.
Quill Editor, PO Box 1593, CS, CO 80901
Colorado Springs, Colorado Site changes Deadline for placement
weekly! 20th of the month
Visit often!
Prices Per Issue
Business Card Size $ 6.00 4” x 5” (1/4 page) $12.00 5” x 8” (half page)


June 11th & 12th Long Tom Demonstrations at Prospector 1 & 2 GPOC claims

Kingdom Days, Breckenridge, CO Help setting-up and breaking down, demonstrate gold
June 18th and 19th panning or your equipment. Sign-up for lodging required at: Lodging
available for those who volunteer for both days, first come-first served, & pre-registration
required or contact (719) 217-0923

3rd Annual Rock Fair & 48th Annual Pikes Peak Gem & Mineral Show in conjunction with
June 24th, 25th, 26th Rocky Mountain Federation of Mineralogical Societies Friday & Saturday 9 to 5 Sunday 9 to 3
Western Museum of Mining & Industry 225 N. Gate Blvd. CS, CO Help setting-up and
breaking down, demonstrate gold panning or your equipment.


PO BOX 1593
The Prospector’s

GPOC The Prospector’s Quill Vol. 38 No.6 WE ARE ELECTRONIC at 14