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2492 Clover Meadows Tulare, CA 93274 559-686-0221

Proven expertise estimating, planning and implementing large-scale electrical co
projects to deliver superior results, on budget and on time.
Strong, focused leader with in-depth knowledge and experience directing electric
al construction projects from planning through execution. Excellent career in th
e industry spans success in skilled project management. Demonstrated ability to
coordinate workflow and lead more than 30 talented field employees in multiple,
simultaneous projects. Hard-working individual with a tireless work ethic that d
rives productivity, cost efficiency and seamless project implementation. Core co
mpetencies include:
Project Planning & Management
New Construction & Remodeling Projects
Material, Labor & Equipment Costing
Electrical & Civil Engineering Knowledge Documentation & Reporting
Owner, Contractor & Stakeholder Relations
Team Building & Leadership
Fast & Effective Problem Solving


A-C ELECTRIC COMPANY, Fresno, CA (4/2005 to 10/1/10)

Project Manager and Estimator
Lead and coordinate 30+ field personnel including foremen, electricians and cons
truction crews in performing diversified electrical construction projects. Inter
act with tradesmen and construction managers as well as owners and other stakeho
lders through all phases of project analysis through implementation. Estimate an
d track costs for materials, labor and equipment. Create installation and projec
t management plans. Partner with the project engineer in processing essential pa
perwork. In addition to project management and estimating responsibilities, perf
ormed additional tasks typically associated with project superintendents and pur
chasing agents.
Selected accomplishments:
Successfully implemented new productivity tools to assist foremen in planning a
nd coordinating workflow.
Participated in the implementation of a new accounting and project management s
oftware systems.
Hand-selected to oversee the majority of the workload at the office which invol
ved extra work hours and additional responsibilities to meet strict deadlines an
d requirements.
Recognized for dedication and expertise when selected to remain with the compan
y in an unpredictable economy, through several rounds of labor cuts.
Utilized McCormick estimating software to establish electrical budgets and desi
gn-build budgets for a wide range of projects.
K-2 ELECTRIC COMPANY, Phoenix, AZ (2/2003 to 3/2005)
Project Manager and Estimator
Provided leadership and oversight to 20+ cross-functional field personnel (and f
oremen). Managed stakeholder and owner relationships and communications to repor
t on progress. Ensured on-time, on-budget completion of diversified electrical c
onstruction projects through skillful planning, estimating and management.
Selected accomplishments:
Recognized as key member of the original start-up team which created the succes
sful, fast-growing electrical company from the ground up.
Collaborated with the company owner in designing and implementing new processes
to establish highly efficient, cost-effective daily operations.
Applied proven industry knowledge to boost productivity and profitability while
gaining valuable and exciting experience with a newly launched company.
Utilized pre-fabrication methods to increase productivity and profitability.
IES / HATFIELD-REYNOLDS ELECTRIC, Phoenix, AZ (11/1995 to 2/2003)
Project Manager / Estimator / Crew Member
Earned a series of promotions from part-time crew member (concurrent with colleg
e education) to full-time estimator and then project manager. Planned and oversa
w complex projects including interacting with owners, tradesmen, vendors, and su
pervising 15+ foremen, electricians and crew members. Prepared detailed and accu
rate estimates for labor, materials and equipment. Processed documentation for e
ach project.
Selected accomplishments:
Built a reputation for reliability, loyalty and a commitment to excellence; rec
eived two promotions for outstanding performance and contributions. Advanced to
project manager in 2001.
Participated in establishing a strong, cohesive organization following the merg
er between Hatfield Electric and Reynolds Electric (both companies were purchase
d by IES).
Achieved proficiency in all facets of estimating by working with a group of sea
soned estimators.
Utilized pre-fabrication methods to increase productivity and profitability.
Selected accomplishments:
The Historical Old Administration Building project was located on the campus of
Fresno City College in Fresno, CA. The project scope of work consisted of reno
vating an existing 108-year old 80,000 sq./ft. brick structure. Utilized McCabl
e in lieu of conduit and wire per the original estimate (McCable was not specifi
cally excluded in the specifications, and branch circuitry normally consumes 40%
of the overall labor hours on a typical electrical project). Responsible to pr
ovide and install a high-voltage distribution system (small substation), electri
cal distribution systems and low voltage systems (F.A., Audio/Visual, Production
lighting and power, Data).
o Increased profitability by $200K compared the original budget, due to the impl
ementation of value engineering ideas and the change order process to help offse
t unforeseen conditions not captured during the bid process.
The Buchanan Energy Center located on the campus of Buchanan High School in Clo
vis, CA was a LEED project, and it achieved a silver status during the commissio
ning process. Responsible to provide and install three different types of solar
power arrays (thin film, BP Solar modules, and Sunpower arrays) and two differe
nt types of wind power turbines (building mounted and ground mounted). Also resp
onsible to provide and install the typical low-voltage systems (F.A.. P.A./Clock
, Audio/Visual, Data) and electrical distribution systems normally associated wi
th a typical school project.
o Increased profitability by $160K compared the original budget, due to the impl
ementation of value engineering ideas, negotiation skills and the change order p
rocess to help offset unforeseen conditions not captured during the bid process.
The University High School Campus project located on the campus of Fresno State
University in Fresno, CA was a ground up new construction project. Implemented
several value engineering ideas to increase profitability, such as: CAD drawin
gs to follow the plan created during the pre-construction meeting (modify as req
uired, simplify the install process in the field, added benefit of creating As-B
uilt drawings), subcontracting out all large civil work in lieu of self-performi
ng, subcontracting out all low-voltage system cables in lieu of self-performing,
convert overhead conduit systems (budget) to under slab conduits, McCable in li
eu of conduit and wire as applicable, utilize protective device covers to trim o
ut during the rough-in phase.
o Increased profitability by $250K compared the original budget, due to value en
gineering ideas and the change order process, which is a direct comparison to wh
at the project should have been at bid time.
Project experience consists of the following:
o Design build, LEED and Solar, Commercial (New construction, Tenant improvement
/Remodel., Restaurants etc.), Industrial (Food processing, Waste and Water treat
ment, Pump houses, Wineries etc), Schools, Medium Voltage (21,000-volts), Utilit
y company distribution underground work and Traffic signals.



Associate of Arts Degree (1999)
Additional Information:
Trained in Forefront and Spectrum Project Management Software
Proficient in Estimation (estimating software), McCormick (estimating software),
Microsoft Project and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).