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Professional and Technical Summary

Telecommunications technician with extensive experience in the Information Techn

ology industry, including over 12 years specializing in wireless communications.
A proven ability to work with minimum supervision. Strong analytical, interpers
onal, verbal, and written communications skills. Exceptional experience with the
following: Sun Solaris UNIX, and UNIX Motif environment, Motorola EMX 2500,CDM
A, CDMA2000 1x network systems, EVDO, STM, ACCESS7, ProComm Plus2, and Motorola'
s Universal Network Operations (UNO), Motorola's WINLMF ,TCP/IP, SONET, Hardwar
e: T1/T3 circuits, CSU/NIU, and Modems, Net Expert system Montioring tool, REACT
. Microsoft Applications: Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Word. Remedy and Clarif
y trouble ticket reporting system. T-Berd 2200, T-Berd2209, TBerd8000. Anritsu 2
51B, Trimble Asset Surveyor, SiteMaster. Drive test equipment: X-TEL,TEMS,CLAR
IFY and CAIT. HP 8923 & HP 8935 Spectrum Analyzer. Motorola SC4812's, Nortel M
etro Cell's. Tellabs 5500 Digital Cross-Connect, Adtran DACS, Nortel Optera Met
ro 3500. Call Processing tools: AcceSS7, RCATS, CDRLive and Traffica. Available
to work multiple shifts, including nights and on an on-call basis.

Professional Experience
4/1997 - Present: Contract positions.

05/2010-Present Field Integration Engineer

Motorola -Southeast Region Systems & Software Services
Performed CDMA EVDO upgrades on Motorola SC4812T-MC and UBS BTS's. Downloaded CD
MA site calibration data to SC4812T-MC GLI. Integrated site with Verizon Operati
ons or Motorola System Engineering personnel and confirm site firmware and data
loads. If desired by customer prior to hot cut, test basic cell site functionali
ty of VOC and EVDO and pass on results of the data test calls to the Verizon Wir
eless Equipment Engineer and Motorola System Engineering. Run and terminate all
cabling between SC4812T-MC starter and expansion frames. Install EVDO patch pane
l and cabling. Install and/or move any necessary MCC (if applicable MCC-DO), BBX
and LPA modules provided by Verizon Wireless in SC4812T-MC Starter and Expansio
n frame. Install span cables from SC4812 frame to customer DSX panel. Run all re
ceive and transmit calibration tests on all added CDMA SC4812T-MC devices for al
l carriers per the latest Motorola Optimization documentation. Performed all Mot
orola receive and transmit ATP (Acceptance Test Procedure) checks on all CDMA SC
4812T-MC devices. Identify and return for replacement any warranty parts that fa
il calibration or ATP checks directly with Motorola. Loaded provided SPA.TXT fil
e onto MCC-DO card. Supported all troubleshooting activities. Provided a daily a
ctivity report via e-mail to a supplied distribution list.
06/2008-12/2009 Network Control Engineer
AT&T Mobility,-Atlanta, GA
Q Analysts
Performed troubleshooting of T1/T3/IP networking and underlying protocols, SS7,
Voice Tones, Voicemail, Voice Dialing, General RF and Switch Operations issues,
Call Routing Translations, Voice Services and Features.
Provided technical support for AT&T Mobility network customer voice and handset
related issues pertinent to delivery of data and voice services. Supported custo
mer's voice and data initiatives, product and service offerings. Worked with Cus
tomer Care Technical Support, Enterprise Administrators and handset manufacturer
s to resolve customer Voice, Feature and E911 issues.
02/2008-05/2008 Nortel EVDO TECHNICIAN
Sprint/Nextel- Jacksonville, FL
Zero Chaos
Performed Nortel CDMA EVDO network upgrades utilizing the EMS client platform GU
I. Conducted routine maintenance and troubleshooting of EVDO EMS, RNC and DOMs.
Used Nortel Networks UPGRADE proprietary documentation (methods and other publi
cations) to troubleshoot, analyze and recommend actions to resolve problems. Tro
ubleshoot problems that may have arised as a result of performing upgrades. Perf
ormed call functionality test on all newly upgraded cell sites to insure network
integrity. Performed network installation and configuration of EVDO EMS hardwar
e and software equipment.
7/2007-12/2007 MSC Technician
Sprint/Nextel-Montgomery, AL
Apeiron Inc.
Responsible for the support, maintenance and operation of all Nortel MSC Fixed N
etwork Engineering equipment to ensure the highest quality network performance a
nd reliability. Responsiblities include operating, administrating, provisioning
and troubleshotting complex switching equipment along with Digital Crossconnect
System (DCS) Base Station Controlers (BSC) Monitor, tests, and troubleshoot T3,T
1 and DS0's. Maintained other network equipment using preventive maintenance sch
edules and documented procedures. These activities included: Maintaining Nortel
MTX, Nortel BSC/BSM, and Nortel 1900 Metrocell BTS communications in a wireless
CDMA environment. Performed E9-1-1 system testing. Escalated to local and nation
al support teams as necessary. Updated logs daily on site specific information.
Support engineering and facilities staff with project related tasks. Performed
other administrative duties.
5/2005 - 5/2007 BTS Systems Engineer
Alltel Communications-Nationwide
Systems & Software Services
Provided adjunct support in the perfomance of BTS database reconfigurations to a
ccommodate packt backhaul (pBTS)expansion/optimization,1x EVDO hardware addition
s, carrier adds and drive testing support.. Remotely accessed and modified BTS d
atabases on commercial wireless CDMA networks. Perfomed EVDO carrier adds to exi
sting BTS. Convert/upgrade Carriers to 1x carrier on existing BTS to accommodate
future 1x data capabilities. Performed Packet Backhaul(pBTS) 1x carrier upgrade
s. Performed pBTS configuration procedures. Including but not limited to carrier
/ LPA mapping. Carrier1 BBX reconfigurations. Assigning OCG to MCC1x cards. Conf
igure MCC cards as per request of RF performance group. Performed EV_DO carrier
adds procedures with pBTS configuration. Troubleshoot any problems that may have
arisen as a result of performing upgrades. Performed call functionality test on
all newly upgraded cell sites to insure network integrity.
9/2004-5/2005: RF Drive Test Technician
T-Mobile -Atlanta, GA
Glotel, Inc.
Supported the MOU/Drop call improvement initiative as directed. Interacted with
OP's-RF performance team to get specific area troubleshooting drives completed.
Supported RF network design and planning activities as required. Performed GSM
integration drives for all new sites. Performed cluster drives to support budge
t input and identify low coverage areas. Collected and processed the required RF
signal measurement field data using wireless diagnostic and test tools such as
TEMS, NEMO, Clarify and XTEL filters. Collected and processed system baseline d
ata in order to help troubleshoot drop-call and block-call problem areas. Provid
e additional support for low coverage identification. Interact with the RF Engin
eer performance group to perform real-time troubleshooting test to help resolve
drop-call and block-call problem areas. Post processed all collected data.
5/2004-8/2004: Field Technician
ALLTEL - Southeast Region
Infracell Inc.
Assigned to various ALLTEL Communication markets for BTS network expansion and o
ptimization. Performed 1x hardware additions, carrier adds, carrier swaps, carri
er upgrades and MCC adds as deemed necessary by the RF Performance group. Perfor
med antenna sweep test and return loss to complete antenna line verification. Vi
a Motorola's WinLMF to perform calibration of newly installed 1X cards at cell s
ite. Performed power levels measurements to verify that card were within prescri
bed acceptance levels. Upon completion of 1X upgrade performed a complete call f
unctionality test to ensure the cell sites integrity. Performed other related op
erations as needed.

1/2004 - 4/2004: Field Technician

T-Mobile - Dallas, TX
Telamon Corporation
TDOA True Position Location Measuring Unit (LMU) integration into Nortel BSS mod
els S12000, S8000 and S4000. Created RF cables, connectors and CAT 5 cables as n
eeded. Utilized Anritsu 251B to perform cable sweeps to determine cable integri
ty and isolate cable faults such as open circuits and short circuit conditions.
Performed testing and troubleshooting using T-Berd 2200 to isolate T1 DSO connec
tivity problems. Connect via laptop to procomm plus to complete configuration an
d commission of LMU. Trimble asset surveyor was used to collect antenna latitude
/longitude and site survey line items for determining AGL antenna height. The T
rimble asset surveyor included the following: Trimble TSC1 Asset data collector
hand held unit to hold all site survey data; Trimble PRO XRS GPS receiver; Laser
Teck impulse 200LR laser for collecting AGL information and Mapstar Electronic D
igital Compass used in conjunction with the LaserTeck laser and GPS receiver to
collect latitude and longitude. Fluke Volt/Ohm meter used to both measure cell s
ite AC/DC voltages and measure cable resistance using the Ohms setting. Prepared
site survey data in EXCEL format to be used as part of the total make up of the
entire 911 network.
9/2003-12/2003: Field Engineer
Verizon Wireless - Charlotte, NC
Galaxy Engineering
Successfully worked on the continuation of network upgrade and expansion through
the addition of CDMA2000 1X Multi-Channel Cards (MCC) at the various BTS cell s
ites. Performed call functionality test on the newly installed 1X cards to insur
e the card's integrity.
1/2003-6/2003: Field Engineer
Verizon Wireless - Denver, CO
Infracell Inc.
Assigned SC4812 BTS sites to perform 3G-1X (CDMA 2000) Voice BTS upgrade. Upgrad
ed all MCC and BBX cards with 3G-1X cards per RF performance team. Via Motorola
LMF downloaded data onto the 1X cards and perform calibration of newly installed
cards. Performed RF power measurement readings of newly installed 1X BBX cards
. Performed calibration of test cables. Performed call functionality test upon c
ompletion of 1X upgrade to insure the sites integrity. Packet Backhaul Migration
(pBTS) was also completed at the sites after all 1x upgrades were complete. Ci
sco Mobile Wireless Routers (MWR) was installed at the site. Installed 1X-MGLI's
cards at the site. Performed testing of all cables using a CAT 5 tester. DSX pa
nel wiring was completed at the site. Downloaded data onto flash cards to be use
d in the Cisco MWR. Logged into the appropriate Cisco MWR's at the site and load
ed the data onto the router. Performed call functionality testing to insure site
integrity. Performed related administrative duties.
9/2000 - 8/2002: Wireless Switch Technician Verizon Wi
reless - Norcross, GA
System & Software Services, Inc.
Responsible for participating in the day-to-day operations at the MTSO. Provided
technical support for all assigned network elements supporting both digital and
analog BTS's and switching platforms for Motorola EMX2500 and CDMA Cellular Net
work Systems. Performed preventive maintenance, analysis and testing to insure h
ighest quality of network and services. Analyze failures within the network for
quick resolution and/or dispatch. Provided technical assistance to field mainten
ance personnel as needed. Provided trouble ticket tracking, coordination, notifi
cation, escalation and documentation to resolve events/issues, efficiently and m
inimizing customer impact.
3/2000 - 8/2000: Support Center Specialist Motorola NMG Global Call Center
- Arlington Heights, IL
System & Software Services, Inc.
Prominent client interaction role. Proficiently assisted external global custome
rs with network outages. Liaise between Motorola's Outage Recovery team and the
customer for system outage recovery emergencies. Opened trouble tickets through
Remedy and Clarify databases. Documented for the outage recovery team all proces
ses and troubleshooting procedures. Monitored network post recovery as needed.
10/1998 - 2/2000: Network Monitor Technician Motorola NMG - Arling
ton Heights, IL
Systems & Software Services, Inc.
Remotely monitored and maintained Motorola CDMA and EMX 2500 cellular network sy
stems in a NOCC enviroment. Performed preventive maintenance, analysis and testi
ng to insure the highest quality of network services. Provided Tier-1 technical
support for all assigned network elements supporting both digital and analog bas
e stations and switching platforms. Interfaced with the appropriate internal and
external organizations to evaluate and resolve issues as deemed appropriate. Tr
acked outages coordinated troubleshooting and initiated corrective actions as ne
cessary. Performed related clerical operations, including but not limited to, a
ctivities such as maintaining trouble case log and daily logs for trouble case t
racking purposes.
12/1997 - 9/1998: "Availability" Team Technician ALLTEL Communications -C
harlotte, NC
COMFORCE Telecom, Inc.
Proficiently monitored and maintained Motorola CDMA and EMX 2500 cellular networ
k systems .The monitoring of this network was accomplished both at the MSC and r
emotely. Preventive maintenance, analysis and testing were performed to insure t
he highest quality of network services and availability. Analyzed switch/networ
k element messages, performed equipment diagnostics, followed troubleshooting pr
ocedures, and took corrective action based on analytical results to ensure unint
errupted network service. Initiate appropriate action for trouble resolution inc
luding customer contact, mechanized testing, and translation verification; escal
ates trouble conditions when necessary.
4/1997- 11/1997: Monitor Operations/Drive Tester ALLTEL Communications - Charl
otte, NC
COMFORCE Telecom, Inc.
Initially worked on drive testing team collecting RF signal data to assist with
the implementation of Motorola's CDMA wireless network system. Promoted to MTSO,
still working with drive testing teams to monitor call event recorder/call proc
essing and System Monitoring. Assisted RF system engineers with modifying databa
se parameters and data translations.

2003: Silicon Valley INC. Norcross, GA
Oracle 9i DBA Certification
2001: Silicon Valley INC. Norcross, GA Sun Solaris Syste
m Administration Certification
1984 - 1989: Livingstone College - Salisbury, NC Bachel
or of Science Computer Science