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High-performing Nurse Consultant with 14 years of Healthcare experience. Results
-oriented oversight with a commitment to cost-effective management of resources
and quality performance. In-depth knowledge of Healthcare requirements of the C
alifornia Code of Regulations Title 9 and Title 22. Demonstrated proficiency i
n staffing, training and development, budgeting and program management.
Skill Highlights
Performance Analysis
Risk Management
Process improvement
Problem Resolution
Strategic Planning
Staff Motivations
Quality assurance oversight of nursing care
Staff Training
Team Building
Performance Evaluations
Proven ability to plan, organize, and manage
Excellent leadership and communication skills
Quality improvement
Core Accomplishments
Developed and provided in-service training to Licensing and Certification staff
in regards to Nursing contingency plan regarding nursing and medical services r
Solely responsible for conducting on-site Basic Nursing and Medical Services Lic
ensing Surveys to ensure that Mental Health Rehabilitation Centers and Psychiatr
ic Health Facilities providers are in compliance with regulatory requirements of
Title Nine and Twenty-two..
Has shown an ability to communicate and build cooperative and harmonious working
relationships with Administrative staff, facility Interdisciplinary staff, Stak
eholders, and Consumers.
Have provided consultation to facilities which has expedited the licensing of n
ew facilities and increased the overall safety of facilities.
Professional Experience
August 2007 to Current
Department of Mental Health Program Compliance Branch Licensing and Certificatio
n Unit Sacramento, CA
Nurse Consultant/ Nurse Evaluator
Accountable for assessing regulatory compliance of psychiatric health facilities
licensed by the Department of Mental Health.Analyzed overall consumer program
progress towards community re-entry in psychiatric health facilities licensed by
the Department of Mental Health..Built strategic alliances with facility admini
strative staff that resulted in increased quality of care for consumers of Menta
l Health Services.Created new revenue streams through consulting and the subsequ
ent licensing of new facilities for the Department of Mental Health.Identified a
reas of risks for facilities and recommended improvements for these areas.Monito
red and approved facility plans of corrections in regards to areas of deficienci
es.Managed team of five (5) professionals during on-site reviews.
January 2006 to August 2010
LifeMasters Rancho Cordova, CA
Clinical Nurse Consultant
Accountable for patient education in regards to chronic disease management iBuil
t strategic alliances with consultant teams that resulted in increased productiv
ity.Provided nursing care planning to a forty (40) patient caseload Developed an
d implemented individualized and comprehensive plans of care for patients with
long and short term goalsCommunicated with team members to ensure that the patie
nt and family were involved in decision makingManaged special projects
August 2000 to October 2005
Kaiser Permanente Sacramento, CA
Registered Nurse/Charge Nurse
Responsible for the efficient management of a Medical Surgical department.In cha
rge of the operational aspects including admissions and discharge of patients.Di
rected the activities of the nurses and support staff in this department. while
preparing work schedules.Maintained inventories of medicines and supplies. and o
rdered these supplies as needed. Required to simultaneously perform regular nurs
ing tasks including but not limited to, monitoring patients , administering medi
cations, and reporting any special circumstances to the patients' doctors. Supe
rvised registered nurses, less senior nursing staff, including licensed practic
al nurses (LPNs), nursing assistants, and ancillary staffDeveloped exceptional c
ommunication skills, computer skills, leadership skills, decision-making skills,
proper bedside manner, and management skills
June 1998 to August 2000
University California Davis Medical Center Sacramento, CA
Registered Nurse
Cared for patients in specialized departmentTreat patients for illnesses, injur
ies and chronic medical conditions Observed and recorded patient symptoms Assess
ed patient progress based on treatment plans Assisted physicians in examinations
and during surgeries Administered medications and injections Dressed wounds and
incisions Perform routine laboratory work Develop nursing care treatment plans
Instruct patients on self-care tasks Provide support to patients and their famil
ies in coping with a specific illness or medical condition Educate patients-and
the public at large-about to improve their health habits Supervise other nurses
and assign hospital tasks based on patient care plans
2006 University San Francisco San Francisco, CA
Masters of Public and Health Services Administration Public and Health Services
2002 California State University Fullerton Fullerton, CA
Bachelors of Nursing Nursing
1996 American River College Sacramento, CA
Associate Nursin