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* Over twenty five years of experience as a quality engineer/auditor in manufac

turing, facility construction, and operations environments including product dev
elopment, design review, material testing/control, and vendor surveillance/quali
* Designed and delivered quality management systems for four companies as part
of consulting support through IdeaWorks including Quality Manual and procedure d
evelopment and personnel training resulting in these company's ability to meet I
SO/QS-9000 certification requirements
* Implemented multiple projects in the welding department for RC Industries to
improve the set up and staging of work, the flow of materials and the visual con
trols for managing work orders
* Designed and delivered training to assist American Society for Quality member
s prepare for certification as quality managers, engineers, technicians and mech
anical inspectors including manufacturing process control, materials testing, SP
C, 5S/Lean methods, and inspection program development
* Designed and developed a preventive maintenance (PM) planning system for Welc
h's Lawton Plant which improved PM compliance from 76% to 87% while increasing P
M tasks completed from 3860 to 9354
* Designed and facilitated 5S improvement efforts and Team-Based Problem Solvin
g initiatives for businesses through contract with SMC resulting in improvements
in operations performance and inventory tracking
* Developed and delivered training to support TQM Quality Initiative for the Ch
icago Operations Office of the Department of Energy (DOE)
Education and Certifications:
MA - Career and Technical Education
* Western Michigan University (2004)
BS - Civil Engineering
* University of Michigan (1978)
Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence
* American Society for Quality
Certified Quality Engineer
* American Society for Quality
Certified Quality Auditor
* American Society for Quality
Related Skills:
* Quality Program Development and Oversight
* PPAP, APQP, First Article Inspection
* Design Review, Materials Testing and Control
* Computer Proficiency (Microsoft Office:Access, Excel, Word; presentation/multi
* 5S Improvement Implementation
* Work Planning, Scheduling, Tracking
* Skills Training and Development
* Team Training and Facilitation
Work Experience:
IdeaWorks, Watervliet and Lawton, Michigan (1/98 - present)
Quality Manager (1/06 - present), General Manager (1/98 - 1/06)
As General Manager, responsible for budgeting, coordination of projects, purchas
ing and material control, and tracking of work assignments
* Work with area manufacturing companies to assess and improve quality programs
including lean manufacturing, kaizen, 5S, ISO/QS program development and team ba
sed problem solving initiatives
* Work with Southwestern Michigan College's Business Development Office to provi
de skills training to area businesses in team-based problem solving, lean and 5S
improvement, six sigma implementation, equipment troubleshooting, root cause an
alysis, hydraulics and pneumatics, welding, blueprint reading, and shop math.
Work with the Caribbean Institute for Quality to develop and deliver training to
support advanced certifications in quality sciences including SPC, material and
process control, and PPAP/First Article inspection
RC Industries, Elkhart, Indiana (11/09 - 09/10)
Weld Supervisor and part time Quality Engineer
* First article and Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) inspections
Supervision of weld department including management of work flow and schedule, t
raining and coordination of welders and weld department personnel, inspection of
completed parts and assemblies, and tracking of work metrics
Implementation of improvement projects affecting work set-up and staging, materi
al flow, the tracking of weld department consumables, and visual controls and 5S
Design document review for weld symbols and proper part fit/assembly
Design and fabrication of work tables and jigs for assembling and welding parts

Welch Foods, Lawton, Michigan, (11/05 - 3/09)

Maintenance Planner
Preventive and corrective maintenance planning, scheduling and tracking
* Oversight of maintenance activities including tracking and trending of perform
Outage planning and scheduling including project support and oversight of new in
* Preparation of requisitions for materials and services including the qualifica
tion and oversight of vendors
Training of maintenance personnel and management of the weld program
Southwestern Michigan College, Dowagiac, Michigan (5/04 - 7/05)
Adjunct Faculty, School of Technology
Design and development of welding curriculum for School of Technology
Development and delivery of welding classroom and laboratory instruction includi
ng technical math, blueprint reading, material identification and testing, and i
nspection of completed welds
Laboratory budget management including supplies requisition to support the weldi
ng program
Industry and business liaison on welding training and employment issues
Vincennes University, Elkhart, Indiana (7/01 - 12/02)
Math and Science Coordinator, Elkhart Campus
Development and delivery of math and science courses to support degree programs
in Plastics Technology and Graphic Design including student academic advisement
* Provide consulting for area businesses in maintenance skills training, quality
inspector certification preparation, ISO 9000 quality system development, SPC,
and equipment troubleshooting
US Department of Energy, Argonne, Illinois (12/92 - 11/97)
Senior Quality Engineer, Chicago Operations Office
* Quality assurance support of research and development laboratories in areas of
new construction, facility operation and maintenance, project management, and q
uality improvement
* Provided project support for large machine construction and start-up including
the oversight of purchases and the qualification of suppliers and vendors
Assigned Technical Standards Manager for the Operations Office
Provide facilitation for quality improvement teams and process mapping training
General Technical Services, Watts Bar, Tennessee (9/91 - 9/92)
Quality Engineer contracted to Tennessee Valley Authority
Design review of construction work packages
Facilitation and training of system walk down teams
Gilbert Associates, Reading, Pennsylvania (5/85 - 7/91)
Senior Quality Assurance Engineer
* Contractor oversight of power plant construction, operation, and modification/
upgrade, including design and purchase order review, supplier qualification and
audit, material receipt inspection and testing and work package implementation
* Training of inspectors, quality auditors and plant surveillance personnel
* Certification of quality inspection personnel and quality program oversight
* Developed quality programs at three sites for the inspection of component manu
facture, installation, and testing