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Philip John Knowles

Multi-degreed engineer with 35 + years experience in government services and Aer
ospace; Expert in Mission & Quality Assurance, Propulsion, Risk Management, IV&V
and Systems Engineering.
Areas of expertise
* Risk Management& Mitigation
* Mentor and Teacher for all staff
* Management/customers Presentations
* Mission and Quality Assurance
* Mission Assurance-Tech. review of all
* Propulsion/Mech Sys/M&P/Structure
* ASQ Certified Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing and Auditor
* Lean Manufacturing Practitioner
* QC-Proficient, FMEA, ISO-9000
* Active Risk Mgmt(ARM)Tool
* Project Management
Professional Experience
Senior Aerospace Engineer
January 2004 to April 2010 Boeing and United Launch Alliance - HB and Denver,
CA and CO
* SEALAUNCH Mission Assurance... Managed Russian and Ukrainian Rockets integrati
* Mission Assurance Manager for ISSP, AFX, SEALAUNCH, and ALS programs: a combin
ed 12 years plus assignment as an NROL Mission Assurance Peer for ~6yrs.
* In Denver and HB contributed to keep Rockets safe for AFSC & NASA launches:
* Active participant for ISSP, Conducted NROL MAT certifications for Atlas & Del
ta Rockets. Ordnance/Hyd/ Str./ Mech. Sys. & Propulsion. Active prop. & Structur
es panel participant.
Risk Manager for 3 Aerospace programs (AFX/ALS/Intl Space Station)
January 2001 to January 2004 Boeing Aerospace - Seattle, WA
* Presented at Customer Reviews & conducted training for USA suppliers (~1000).
* Played key role in designing RM that resulted in $400M savings (F-22/AFX/ ALS/
* Mentored Risk Training for large staff on AFX & subcontractors for 4 programs
* Reduced SEALAUNCH deployment schedule by 6 months (Overseas & Domestic).
* Boeing (Tulalip)-Conducted RCS testing. Saved AF $212K (Water Hammer Abatement
* Established complicated I/F agreements and trained staff
* Six Sigma/Lean Manufacturing (NASA/AFSC).
* Authored - Unique Innovations and Patents
Mission Assurance Manager Dec 1992 to Dec 1998 Boeings - Seattle WA and Mosc
Developed plan and sold to the international partners; Facilitated internation
al ISO-9000 audits.
1989+ AFX, ISSP, Classified Programs...Space payloads & Laser Testing
Propulsion Manager October 1990 to December 1992 Boeing - Seattle, WA
Mentored 3 engineers; In Boeings Advanced Projects Group, authored hundreds of s
mall Advanced Technology Proposals.....won about 30% of them...Principal author
for large procurements/Proposals'
* COPV/ Cryogenic/Rocket/Spacecraft Expert...Design, Analysis, Test & Validation
* Mitigated failures. Integration and Test successes
* WSMR-HELSTF: Conducted Laser/Missile testing. TRW/CTS
* TRW HEL Exhaust management Systems: Analysis/Design/Test/Qual for AFWL
* Boeing/HB; P/L Blanket qualification testing; Verified compliance for NASA
* Completed Spacecraft to PLF integration compliance for AF launches
* WSMR- Managed Cryogenic System tests that verified compliance
Senior Systems Engineer October 1980 to October 1989
Boeing - Seattle, WA
* Practicing MIL-STD Sys Engr: Comply with 490 top-level, 1540B (quals), 1521(re
* Laser Weapon Development Manager for AFSC/AFWL/PMS405/MICOM/DARPA
* PI and IR&D owner, Provided mentoring, Brief upper management & Customers week
* Propulsion/Engines/Tanks/Ordnance/M&P/RM Tools. Supercritical Helium(SHe)
* Active MRB member for Propulsion, Structures, Mechanical Systems, + M&P
* Clearances: Spacecraft & Laser Weapon Sys.( TS SCI -SSBI/Secret/Confidential)N
ot current
* NASA: ISSP + GSE testing of Flight Hardware
University of Washington-BSChE SD State MSME, 1969 PWU/Rice PhD Aerospace E
ngr. 1987
Aerospace - Mechanical Systems/Fabrication, Failure Analysis, Fluid Systems, Lea
n Manufacturing.
Special Skills- Applying leading-edge technologies to solve critical problems...
Developing strategic plans to fulfill certifications...Mentoring Project Enginee
rs...Directing Continuous Improvement Teams to foster strong technical alliances
... Lead cross-functional IPTs. Planning and Integration, Design, Analysis, Tes
t & Validation; QA/Licensing/Safety/Logistics/Test, P&ID drawings, product devel
opment and technology advances, Mechanical component/assembly/fabrication, Proce
ss Excellence Design for Manufacturability, Manufacturing logistics, product dev
elopment, government, HVAC Distribution Systems, Blueprints. Management Material
Properties, Fluidics, Product Engineering & Specifications, Programming Skills,
Project Management, Prototyping
Tool Bag: MS OFFICE SUITE - Word/PowerPoint/Excel/Visio + RISK/ARM), @ Risk /
NASA / AFSC / NAVY (Willoughby Templates) / MICOM / DARPA; A F S College Risk Fa
Licenses: EIT, California, PE license Texas, Certified ISO 9000 Auditor and ASQ
MBBSS #4403
Testing: Reliability, Shock, Vibration, Test Engineering Test Lab, & Thermal Cy