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A proven strategic leader with experience in Electrical Engineering, Manufacturi
ng Engineering and Project Supervision. Demonstrated organizational, project man
agement, teamwork and leadership abilities through the completion of tasks withi
n budget and schedule; while making significant technological contributions and
cost savings. First-hand experience in all phases of the product development cy
cles, from concept to production. Dedicated to maintaining a professional reput
ation built on quality, performance and uncompromising integrity.
Electrical Design Advisory Engineer (Computer-Peripheral Development)
* Exceeded 'Servo Track Writer's' time reduction goals by eliminating software o
verhead, reducing write-fill tracks, reducing actuator settle delay, minimizing
error-checks, increasing disc-drive rotation speed, fast PC upgrades and elimina
ting unnecessary open-loop tests. Results: Increased overall factory yields by
* Traveled to Singapore and solved 'Servo Track Writer' capacity issues, due to
product demand exceeding marketing forecasts. Results: Saved $2.5M in capital e
quipment and achieved new production numbers.
* Developed a 'Clock Head Preventative Maintenance' procedure that improved yiel
ds, reduced clock head usage
and minimized product damage. Results: Reduced clock head usage by 5% and scrap
material by 10%.
* Developed an 'automatic write-current' process by head/disc assembly part-numb
er, that improved production
yields and reduced read/write head replacements. Results: Saved $1.5M in parts
and material costs.
* Designed experiments using controlled lots of disc-drive components, such as;
data heads, media, motors and pre-amps chip in-order to develop methods to impro
ve 'servo' and 'disc-drive' performance. Results: Best vendor selected for produ
* Designed a 'particle counter' process that purged the process of disc drives w
ith head/disc interface damage.
* Modified existing servo-writing schemes to improve disc-drive performance on m
ature and new products.
* Optimized 'Servo Track Writer's' write-current, reader-bias, write-speed and a
ctuator settle delay, based on head/disc assembly configurations.
* Represented manager in Extended-Core-Team meetings; this included providing pr
ogram deliverables on time.
* Developed yield improvement resolutions for management's '3 Year Target Plan'.
* Performed failure analysis on Head/Disc Assemblies, pushed defects back to sup
pliers for corrective actions.
* Worked with Design Engineering and Core-Teams to support new products during t
he development phases, this included approvals of Engineering Change Orders.
* Supervised engineering technicians and administered their performance appraisa
ls; also developed the clean-room technician's debug and failure analysis (FA) p
* Coordinated the installation and checkout of beta software releases and mechan
ical/electrical hardware changes; documented the results and submitted Process C
hange Orders (PCO) to management for approval.
* Derived test and adjustments specifications (pass/fail criteria) and test sequ
ences for new product lines.
* Presented technical data and materials in management reviews, yield and failur
e analysis meetings.
* Collected yield & parametric data and interpreted the results, then submitted
a PCO to management for approval.
* Organized and implemented test process transfers to Singapore for high-volume
production ramps.
* Authored Test Specifications and Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) for the m
anufacturing floor; this included equipment budgeting/justification, procurement
, integration, debug and bring-up.
* Provided technical support for the manufacturing floor and solved problems wit
h pilot line start-ups.
* Passed all ISO quality audits in area of responsibility.
Manufacturing Operations Engineer (Tapered-Bearing Operations)
* Performed tool change frequency comparisons for Cup and Cone Screw machines; t
his include tool change frequency patterns by shifts.
* Performed time and motion studies that revised production rates, which increas
ed productivity.
* Assisted supervision in auditing, assigning jobs, maintaining & implementing a
'Shop Floor Control System'.
* Requisitioned tooling, maintained tool and scrap records, organized product li
ne-up schedules and reporting.
* Assigned jobs to production operators/technicians and communicated with other
manufacturing departments.

Process Engineer II (Military-Aircraft Maintenance)
* Performed investigations during repair operations on AWACS aircraft, in-order
to engineer correct labor rate.
* Generated labor standard packages with recommendations for changes; then revie
wed the packages for quality, accuracy and completeness prior to submitting them
for approval.
* Worked with Production Planners in-order to correct documentation references r
elative to technical orders.
Project Supervisor (Electric Co-Op: Power-Grid Infrastructure Support)
* Collaborated with Electric Co-Op Superintendant in-order to assure the complet
ion of projects to scope, public-safety and budget; this includes producing work
-orders for emergency repairs and consulting.
* Downloaded power-grid infrastructure (electrical circuit maps) from FTP websit
e and install on Handheld PC; operated with Arc-Pad field mapping software appli
* Traveled to electrical power substations to initiate the start of the maintena
nce solutions, due to aging power-grid infrastructure and the increased demand f
or reliable/clean power.
* Implemented comprehensive Power-Grid Maintenance Methods, such as; Electrical
and Structural Inspections, Sound Testing, Boring (invasive core sampling) and F
ull-Excavation (probing and examination).
* Determined the right maintenance choices, such as; remedial treatments, repair
, replacement or high priority rejects in-order to prevent power-grid degradatio
n and increase service life extensions.
* Responsible for manpower hiring, training, handling and motivation to peak per
* Ensured quality of work to specification and monitor work progress.
* Worked with customer in-order to identify, document and resolve issues related
to power utilities at residential, private, commercial and government property.
* Transferred and back-up all required field data onto wireless Lap-Top PC and r
un report generation software.
* Prepared weekly payroll, status, invoice and production reports and forward to
Manager, via email.
* Dedicated Service Award
* Employee Excellence Award
* Total Quality Management Process Award
* Manager's Award
* North Carolina A & T State University
> BS, Elec. (Ind. Tech.), GPA: Major - 3.3/4.0
> IBM Corporation, Co-operative Education Training
* University of Central Oklahoma
> MBA, completed (9) hours of graduate courses
Windows: (7, Vista & XP), Microsoft Office: (Excel, Word, PowerPoint & Outlook),
Oracle: (Database Queries with Q+E), Arc-Pad: (mobile GIS, field mapping & FTP
Servo Track Writer, Position Error Signal Tester, Head/Actuator Tester and Read/
Write Head Parametric Tester
Clean room, Servo/FA Lab: (Smart Scopes & Meters), Test Floor, Military Air-Forc
e-Base and Field Operations
* Energy United/Rock-Hill Electric Co/Op ------------------------- 2004 to 7/201
* Tinker Air-Force-Base ---------------------------------------------- 2002 to 2
* Seagate Technology ----------------------------------------------- 1986 to 200
* The Timken Company --------------------------------------------- 1984 to 1985
* Performance Management (setting objectives)
* Statistical Design of Experiments
* Computer Disc-Drive Technology (digital servo, r/w channel & SCSI interface)

* Servo Track Writer & Servo Architecture