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11716 Kennedy Lane, Fredericksburg, VA * 703-307-6036 * bme9e69a@westpos

Technical Expert, Systems Specialist, Maintenance Supervisor, Program Coordinato
r, Calibration Equipment Specialist, Equipment Manager, Weapons Specialist, Lead
er, Supervisor, Electronics Technician, Inspector, Logistician, Mechanic, Hydrau
lics and Pneumatics Technician
More than 13 years experience in operation, routine maintenance, troubleshooting
, and repair of nuclear missiles, launchers, and associated missile support syst
* Electromechanical Systems
* Pneumatic Systems
* Hydraulic Systems
* Troubleshooting
* Calibration Equipment
* Integrated Circuits
* Solid-State Electronics
* Electrical Safety
* Explosives Safety
* Radiation Detection
* Radiation Source Shipment
* Preventive Maintenance
* Trend Analysis
* Team Leadership
* Component Overhaul
2006 - 2010
Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Washington, DC
Nuclear Material Technician
*Conducted 26 Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) inspections throughout the
Former Soviet Union, serving as Team Weapons Specialist, Logistics Officer, and
Radiation Detection Equipment Operator.
*Operated ADM-300 and AN/PQR radiacs during foreign nuclear weapons inspections
and for commercial shipment of radioactive sources throughout the United States.
*Directly responsible for logistical coordination and overall successful complet
ion of ten-member diplomatic teams ingress and egress to Europe and the Former S
oviet Union.
*Technical expert on nuclear weapons and Naval support system functions.
2003 - 2006
Strategic Weapons Facility Pacific, Bangor, WA
Nuclear Weapons Team Supervisor
*Served as Processing Supervisor, guiding and supervising teams of technicians i
n handling over 120 nuclear weapons with no accidents or incidents.
*Managed eight-man teams in handling of nuclear weapons during periodic replacem
ent, routine maintenance, and component failure replacement and tests.
*Serviced and replaced radiation components inside nuclear weapons, following al
l guidelines and directives in OSHA requirements, and Naval directives associate
d with radioactive component handling.
*Directed and performed preventive maintenance and repairs on weapons handling e
quipment, operated pneumatic test sets and detonator voltage detectors, repaired
hydraulic actuators, and coordinated Quality Assurance inspections.
*Conducted depot-level maintenance Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles includi
ng electrical continuity tests, assembly and disassembly, and packaging missiles
for transportation, following all guidelines in NAVSEA OP-5.
*Conducted Load/Unload operations of nuclear missiles from submarines and conduc
ted transport operations of missiles and associated re-entry bodies to/from depo
t-level storage facility.
1998 - 2003
USS Tennessee SSBN 734, Kings Bay, GA
Missile Technician
*Operated, tested, maintained, troubleshot, and repaired power supplies, rectifi
ers, and solid state analog circuits for the ballistic missile guidance, fire co
ntrol, and launcher system for five years.
*Served as Missile Division Leading Petty officer, maintaining, troubleshooting,
and replacing electromechanical devices including hydraulic and pneumatic missi
le support equipment.
*Monitored and recorded nuclear weapons environmental data for five years, conti
nuously used trend analysis to ensure the integrity of nuclear weapons.
*Managed 22 technicians servicing submarine-based Trident II missiles, launchers
, fire control computers, and support systems.
*Directly responsible for maintenance, system and component failure reporting an
d replacement, sensitive targeting operations, and guaranteed reliability of the
Missile Heating and Cooling Plant and Weapons Launcher Systems as a System Expe

May 2009 Radiation Safety and Transportation (49CFR172.704) DTRA Ft Belvoir,
Mar 2008Solid Rocket Motor Fundamentals ATK Magna, UT
Dec 2007Nuclear Weapons Orientation Course (DNWS-R001) DNWS Albuquerque, NM
Aug 2006Radiation Safety and Monitoring AFTAC Cocoa Beach, FL
Apr 2006START Orientation Course DTRA Chantilly, VA
Dec 2005Primary Leadership Development (P-500-0020) TriTraFac Bangor, WA
Aug 2003Basics of Naval Explosive Hazard Control (AMMO18CBT)
Feb 2002 Trident II to D5 Missile Technician Conversion (A-121-0086) TriTraFac
Kings Bay, GA
Dec 2000 Advanced Electronics Maintenance Training (A-662-0135)
TriTraFac Kings Bay, GA
Dec 2000 Solder/ESD (C702/C707) TriRefFac Kings Bay, GA
Nov 2000 First Line Leadership Development Program (P-500-0025) TriTraFac King
s Bay, GA
Oct 2000 Basic Electronics Test Equipment (A-198-0054) TriTraFac Kings Bay, G
Apr 2000 Trident II Advanced Targeting (A-121-0590) TriTraFac Kings Bay, GA
Feb 2000 SWSS (Mechanical) Advanced Theory and Maint (A-121-0542) TriTraFac Ki
ngs Bay, GA
Jan 2000 SWSS ICAS Advanced Maintenance (A-121-0541) TriTraFac Kings Bay, GA
Sep 1999 Trident II Advanced Missile Maintenance (A-121-0545) TriTraFac Kings
Bay, GA
Dec 1998 MMSC Advanced Maintenance (A-121-0543) TriTraFac Kings Bay, GA
Dec 1998 Shipboard Security Engagement Tactics (K-830-2213) NCIS MTT Kings Ba
y, GA
Jul 1998 Trident II Missile Technician Replacement (A-121-0563)
TriTraFac Kings Bay, GA
Jan 1998 Strategic Weapons "A" School (A-121-0142) NavSubSchool Groton, CT
Sep 1997 Basic Enlisted Submarine Course (A-060-0011) NavSubSchool Groton, CT

START Inspector/Weaponeer
Nuclear Weapons Specialist
Processing Supervisor
Service Unit Technician
Second Stage Motor Inspection Technician
Dockside Handling Supervisor
Trident II D-5 Load/Unload Technician
Trident I C-4 Load/Unload Technician
Explosive Handling Wharf Supervisor
PQS 301 Craftsman
Conventional Ordnance Handler
Conventional Ordnance Handling Team Leader
Pyrotechnic Handler
Nuclear Weapons Security Guard
Fire Control Supervisor
Launcher Supervisor
PQS 301 Maintenance Person
PQS 303 Work Center Supervisor
Strategic Weapons System Technician
Control and Monitoring Panel Supervisor
Radiation Detection Equipment Operator
Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (6)
Navy Good Conduct Medal (4)
National Defense Service Medal (1)
Sea Service Deployment Ribbon (1)
Letters of Commendation (10)

BA Criminal Justice (GPA 3.6) Chapman University, Orange, CA Jan 2006