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GET YOUR Vitamins

oods are the best source of nu- oxidants and beneficial phytonutrients for
trition, including vitamins, minerals, overall health and immune support. These
anti-oxidants and phytonutrients. include apple, grape, pomegranate, acai
Few individuals eat a perfect diet and elderberry. The spectrum of phyto-
and how many of us eat five to nine nutrients and polyphenols contained in
servings of fruits and vegetables daily as these fruits have beneficial cardiovascu-
recommended by the U.S. Department lar, immune and anti-oxidant benefits.
of Agriculture? There is an overwhelming Max Vit-Acell Anti-Oxidant contains
amount of scientific evidence that vitamin herbal extracts including green tea and
and mineral supplementation is beneficial grape seed with anti-oxidant power
for good health and athletic performance. to help fend off environmental insults.
In fact, the June 2002 issue of the Journal Green tea contains EGCG (one of the
of the American Medical Association best known anti-oxidants) and can neu-
(JAMA) reports that “most people do not tralize harmful molecules known as free
with the Best in Concentrated
consume an optimal amount of all vitamins radicals. Ginkgo biloba and Korean gin-
Liquid Nutrition! by diet alone. Pending strong evidence seng are added to energize the mind and
of effectiveness from randomized trials, body. Korean ginseng is well known to
VIT-ACELL™ Anti-Oxidant formula it appears prudent increase oxygenation of
gives you a high potency, great for all adults to take cells and tissues, pro-
tasting way to get your daily vitamin supplements.” mote body detoxification
So, as you can see, and enhance the feeling
nutrition. VIT-ACELL™ Anti-Oxidant supplementation with of overall well-being.
provides 100% or more of the a high quality vitamin With its great berry
Daily Value of 13 essential vitamins and mineral supplement flavor, Max Vit-Acell Anti-
is not an option, but a Oxidant is easy to use
and over 60 major, trace and
necessity. and easy to swallow. The
ultra-trace minerals, beneficial Max Vit-Acell Anti- liquid nutrition absorbs
anti-oxidants and other key Oxidant delivers a high- rapidly and efficiently so
nutraceuticals. This formula provides ly potent, great-tasting you don’t experience “pill
way to get your daily fatigue.” Some people
you everything you need to support
nutrition. It is a fast-act- like to add it to an 8 oz
athletic performance, muscle growth ing concentrated liquid glass of cold water which
and recovery, as well as great supplement with more makes for a refreshing or-
overall health. than 80 vitamins, min- By Phil Harvey, PhD, RD, FACN ange flavored drink.
erals, anti-oxidants and Max Vit-Acell Anti-
phytonutrients. With 100 percent or more Oxidant is one of the key products of the
For that extra punch, VIT-ACELL™ of the daily value of 13 essential vitamins Max Muscle Core 4 Program and com-
Anti-Oxidant contains a combina- and more than 60 major, trace and ultra- plements with one of our premier proteins
trace minerals, beneficial anti-oxidants like MaxPro or High 5, as well as Max
tion of healthy fruit concentrates
and other key nutraceuticals, this formula Glutamine and Max EFA.
and extracts with each fruit provides everything you need to support Make Max Vit-Acell Anti-Oxidant your
contributing it’s own unique blend natural energy and overall health. new daily essential vitamin, mineral and
of powerful anti-oxidants and Also included in the formula are 2 g of nutrient supplement along with the health
L-glycine (the amino acid that supports benefits of powerful anti-oxidants and
beneficial phytonutrients for overall
growth hormone production), as well as phytonutrients. Your mind and body will
health and immune support. 500 mg per serving of the researched- feel the difference!.† MS&F
based form of glucosamine (glucosamine
AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY AT: sulfate) for support of the youthful elas-
ticity and healthy structure of your joints.
Max Vit-Acell Anti-Oxidant contains a Who is Dr. Harvey? Phillip W. Harvey, PhD, RD, FACN, is the
Chief Scientific Officer for Max Muscle.  A leading expert in
For more information or to find the store nearest you, visit us online at combination of healthy fruit concentrates nutritional biochemistry and sports nutrition, he has been involved and extracts with each fruit contributing in education, research and the nutritional industry for more than 24
its own unique blend of powerful anti- years. To ask him a question, please visit

† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Also, if pregnant or lactating
58 WWW.MAXMUSCLE.COM ı MARCH 2011 consult your healthcare practitioner before using this product.