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721 Magnolia Lane * St. Peters, MO 63376 *H: (636) 443-9665 * lmed779c@westpost.
Name Pronunciation Key: (L*sha M*n*)

Allow me to introduce myself:

As is evidenced by my accompanying resume, I have a solid and highly successful
hands-on background involving spearheading and directing information technology
operations, projects, and programs. My keen ability to identify root problems, r
esearch solutions, and match the right tools together has been a key factor in m
y successful career.
Most positions in my career background have required that I perform many tasks s
imultaneously and that the work be extremely accurate, so I have learned to effe
ctively multi-task while also paying attention to the vital details. Also, being
innovative, I often end up utilizing unconventional but highly effective approa
ches, which shows my flexibility and determination.
In the interest of exploring Information Technology Director or Manager opportun
ities with your organization, I have enclosed a copy of my resume for your revie
w and consideration. It will furnish you with specific information regarding my
background, skills, and experience. I am confident that you will discover suffic
ient merit in my qualifications to warrant further investigation.
With a focus on technology solutions and effective systems management, I believe
it would be beneficial for us to meet. I am extremely confident that my technic
al and leadership skills will produce the outcomes your firm desires.
As the enclosed resume simply summarizes my career history and capabilities, the
re is considerably more to relate in regards to my success in generating timely
strategies that will meet and exceed your objectives. I look forward to meeting
with you personally as the first step toward a mutually beneficial beginning, sh
ould my qualifications prompt the next step in your recruiting efforts.

Leisha Meine
(Resume enclosed)
Project Management * Collaborative Leadership Style * Strategic, Visionary & Pro
High-impact IT Director leveraging proven strengths in project management, new t
echnology integration for future growth, partnership management, and team leader
ship / development. Track record of identifying, developing, and implementing in
novative technical tools, processes, and software that drive increased efficienc
y, reduce costs, and enhance the customer experience. Demonstrated success resea
rching, locating, implementing, and refining systems to improve operations and w
ebsite functionality. Exceptional leader / communicator with long-range strategi
c vision. Regarded for capacity to negotiate and enforce favorable vendor contra
ct terms and assemble / motivate top-producing, cross-functional teams that opti
mize limited resources and fulfill business objectives.
Mayoral Endorsement
"It is an honor to write this letter of reference for Ms. Leisha Meine... I coul
d count on her professionalism / work ethic, and her work product was always exc
eptional. I completely relied on her expertise and only minimally needed to supe
rvise her work. Ms. Meine was always willing to take on added responsibilities."
"... she moved the office and city into the technology revolution... directed th
e city into the electronic information age. ...she worked to get the city govern
ment wired. She developed the department of Information Technology. At first, [s
he] did this job on a part time basis, and eventually it led to the city's first
full time, IT Director [position.] I was very sorry to see her leave my office,
however, I understood that IT was her passion."
"As IT Director [she] developed the city web site... started the placement of ci
ty public documents online for all to download and view... received honors for h
er work with public documents... interconnected departmental data to provide qua
lity public services necessary for the modern, competitive city... helped design
and install the network across all of the city's seven facilities."
"Ms. Meine would be a great asset to any organization, public or private. Her wo
rk ethic [is] an asset and her quality standards [are] highly valued. She has ex
celled in all of the positions that she has undertaken."
- Joseph L. Adams, Former Mayor / University City, MO (1996 to 2010)
City Manager Endorsement
"Through her growth she has designed, developed and manages the City's entire t
echnology infrastructure, on which we are increasingly dependent."
"She led us through the creation and recreation of web services, developed long
range technology planning, a Strategic GIS program, and dynamic five year develo
pment program... coordinated a cross-departmental work team to assist in the pri
oritization of technology needs... committed to engaging all levels of the organ
ization in dialogue about technology.... balanced the demands of three natural d
isasters and numerous large scale construction projects.
"She is entrepreneurial, creative, and focused on the highest level of customer
She sets and meets her own high expectations."
- Frank Ollendorff, Retired City Manager / CITY OF UNIVERSITY CITY - University
City, MO
Technical Skills
Support Applications: Altiris Client Management * Citrix XenApp and Secure Gatew
ay * VMWare * Govern Land Management * Rectrac/Webtrac Recreation Management * M
S Office 2003 * 2007 Productivity Suite * Symantec Endpoint Management and MS Ex
change Gateway * Laserfiche / Weblink Document Management * CivicPlus Content Ma
nagement System * NetSupport DNA Service Desk * BakBone Netvault Backup Software
* Firehouse Management * CodeRed EMS * New World Logos.NET * ArcView GIS * Adob
e Professional * gbaMasters Fleet Management * Network Protocol Platforms: MS Ne
tworking * Windows Active Directory * VMWare Vi3 * VSphere 4.0 * Operating Syste
ms: Windows 2000 / 2003 / 2008 Server * Windows XP * Vista * Windows 7 * Databas
e Management Systems: MS SQL Server 2000 / 2005 * Email Systems: MS Exchange Ser
ver 2003 & 2007 * Webservers: IIS 5.0 & 6.0

CITY OF UNIVERSITY CITY - University City, MO 1993 to Present
Fast-track progression through the following positions:
Director, Information Technology (2005 to Present)
Forged a new position in IT Management for the organization that had not previou
sly existed; recruited to create and direct a $1 million IT / data / telecommuni
cations architecture operation providing network / customer support and managing
back office tools to ensure organizational efficiency, data integrity, and secu
rity for a windows-based computer system and a telephone / communication system
supporting 212 clients in 9 locations. Built the IT department from scratch incl
uding the development of all network and end-user policies / procedures. Manage
a $900,000 centralized IT budget; oversee all vendor relations, bidding, and bil
ling to support 22 major enterprise applications and several departmental applic
ations. Supervise a Desktop Specialist and several contractor employees. Direct
a comprehensive support operation providing a broad range of desktop, network, h
elpdesk, and application support to users. Serve as a Senior City Management Tea
m Member.
* Orchestrated the complete networking and technical centralization of the organ
ization, its documentation and processes; started out with a fragmented system u
sing 5 different network and email domains; worked with each department to conso
lidate the network under one domain, saving $200,000 just in fees annually, and
creating a unified image; tied all 9 buildings together with an effective single
mode fiber network system to streamline operations.
* Maintain up-to-date website technology as systems evolve. Revamped the website
to be appealing and allow individual departments to manage their own content wi
thin set system restrictions.
* Moved the organization away from an outdated custom legacy financial / HR syst
em, eliminating extreme duplication / massive paperwork, and streamlining / simp
lifying payroll, purchasing, and receivables. Currently leading the 2-year proje
ct through a collaborative effort with various department heads and key system u
sers; orchestrate and direct all aspects of project functions including overseei
ng vendor subcontractors and personally assisting with installation and training
* Proactively expanded document management system to allow capability for citize
ns to easily access public documents online. Managed the highly intricate projec
t by instituting scanning stations on each floor. Also continue to manage all as
pects of support and training involved with the new system.
* Spearheaded the set up of valuable monthly IT Core Committee meetings with eac
h department head resulting in untold and hard-to-quantify results involving tea
mwork, prioritizing of technology projects, ownership, motivation, cooperation,
open communications, and a "big picture" mentality.
* Led teams to develop and implement a code enforcement application and website
rebuild project.
* Effectively optimize value in the deployment of architecture and applications
/ support of basic IT functions despite limited resources and tight budget const
raints; successfully deliver tools to target customers, minimize network deploym
ent costs, and maximize network coverage.
* Assist with security issues involving employees accessing Internet sites; perf
orm research as needed and present findings to the Civil Service Board when requ
IT Coordinator / Website Manager / City Clerk / Mayoral Administrative Assistant
(1997 to 2005)
Brought in as the City Clerk and quickly transitioned to being known as an IT re
source, expanding the role to concurrently include IT Coordinator / Website Mana
ger roles. Supervised and mentored one clerk while managing municipal clerk duti
es and taking on an increasing load of IT projects.
IT Coordinator: Expand in the technical aspects of the role by orchestrating all
IT projects; providing hardware, software, and network support; and solving all
technical / data management issues across the board for all departments in the
organization. Simultaneously managed the City's data and voice network systems a
nd expansion projects.
Website Manager: Quickly took the reins, shortly after assuming the role, and br
ought the organization up-to-speed and staying competitive in the technology are
na by proactively pioneering and maintaining the organization's first website.
City Clerk: Coordinated all administrative functions for the city's operations i
n concert with the Mayor / 7-member City Council in supporting the management of
legislative affairs for a city with a population of 40,000; created ordinances,
minutes, resolutions / proclamations and managed the process of maintaining doc
umentation perpetuity. Communicated council actions and city code questions to t
he public. Coordinated and served as ex-officio Council Officer for all public c
ouncil meetings, notices, hearings, and city council meetings.
* Proactively presented information and achieved a complete buy-in for establish
ing the organization's first website; managed the entire design and maintenance
for one of the first municipal websites in existence at the time.
* Created and implemented a comprehensive document management system to keep per
petual documents safe and allow quick / easy retrieval. Managed a dual system du
ring the implementation that also encompassed storing documents on microfilm, du
e to state laws.
* Oversaw numerous technical projects to consolidate equipment / information and
streamline operations and in an effort to use IT systems to the fullest; projec
ts included things such as cutting the number of department printers down from 2
0 small units to 1 centralized larger unit.
* Performed a monumental number of duties while overseeing multiple concurrent I
T projects and solving technical issues during the last few years in this role.
Developed a solid base of hands-on technical skills and an adept ability to stra
tegize and manage high-level technical projects.
* As City Clerk, held full responsibility for a wide array of verbal and written
responses on behalf of the Mayor and City in regards to City ordinances and cit
y code, council actions, and legislative events. Coordinated with the public sev
eral large public projects such as business district formations and elections, n
eighborhood improvement districts, and sunshine law open record requests.
Purchasing Specialist (1993 to 1997)
Initially brought on board the organization to coordinate purchasing requests fo
r all departments and present recommendations to the City Manager / City Council
for approval. Built solid vendor relationships and oversaw extensive contract m
anagement functions.
* Created and managed the organization's quote and bid process.
UNITED MISSOURI BANK, N.A. - St. Louis, MO 1988 to 1993
Assistant Director
Hired to manage daily operations of the purchasing and record retention departme
nts and supervise office staff. Effectively maintained all departmental data sys
tems. Assisted the Director in facility and fleet management for 10 bank locatio
ns. Oversaw several special projects for automating manual processes in Purchasi
ng, Contract Administration, and Records Retention to maximize efficiencies.
* Initially tasked with developing procedures and processes to build a centraliz
ed purchasing system from the ground up which directly and positively impacted t
he bank's profit margin by $1.5+ million.
* Pioneered the design, build, and implementation of a centralized in-house reco
rds retention system (with all accompanying policies and processes) for all 10 b
anking locations, resulting in an 80% increase in efficiency as each department
could more quickly and easily locate archived information. Single-handedly creat
ed the entire database system for record retention operation.
Early Experience: Advanced rapidly in the technical arena, building a solid foun
dation by serving as a Bit / Quote Clerk in the Business Computer Division of Ta
ndy / Radio Shack preparing customized solutions and developing bid / quote resp
onses for clients seeking business class computer systems and software applicati
Masters in Public Administration (MPA)
BS in Information Technology (BSIT)