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the development of the

selling function

1. pure transaction Basic selling. Sta

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Since time began. Pure transaction is
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effectively one step removed from
spasmodic, hand
stone-age barter.
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2. relationship and Continuity, consi

sustainability, an
trust understanding o
real issues are se
Since the beginning of selling as a value by both se
profession, popularised by Dale organization. Int
Carnegie, among others, early-mid continuity on com
1900s and contacts, ma
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relevant benefits
customer, which
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offer protection a
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3. management and The provision of

and information
information to buying organi
exchange and co
Operated instinctively in isolated these areas repr
examples in business relationships significant increa
for centuries, but not generally seen effectiveness of
in selling methodology, sales training reletionships. A l
and strategic application until the supply arrangem
1960s-1970s. requirement for
this level of sellin
advantage by se
because it brings
benefits of co-op
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4. partnership The activities of

selling organizat
almost seamless
A sophisticated open approach to
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selling which mainly first developed
virtually part of t
in the 1980s, probably in response to
organization and
the increasing complexity of business
'Out-sourcing' ge
relationships, technology, global
this degree of co
markets, etc., and the increasingly
which involves a
fast pace of change. Organizations
anticipation, inno
could be more effective and
integrated suppo
adaptable by devolving operating
difficult to un-pic
responsibilities to suppliers. Very
in the customer'
different to merely buying and selling
so. Partnership le
products and services.
a legal or contra
arrangement; it
relationship, whi
virtually as a form
would do. There
enormous depth
understanding a
which is not writ
detailed in a con
Partnership sellin
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probably betwee
depending on th
complexity of the
buyer organizati
5. education and The educational
activities of the s
enablement organization ext
of anticipation an
2000 and beyond. The dimensions, found in the part
scope and impact of this new type of Also incorporate
selling are not yet fully developed facilitative and e
and defined. which are for exa
represented by S
There are signs however that the Morgen's 'Buying
sellers who can give most to their methodology. Th
customers - especially in areas that the customer an
the customers didn't even know they can reasonably o
had a need or an opportunity - will be improve the cust
the most successful. understanding, i
and commercial
issues relating to
area. This is a hu
sophisticated lev
which was difficu
anywhere in the
century. Sellers a
organizations tak
teacher, guide, m
which can influen
customers far be
commercial and
outcomes, into p
unimagined stra
development an
change. Internet
such as Google a
this sort of sellin
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it takes.