membership in the International Association of Scientologists as its official Scientology membership system and provides special privileges and benefits to Association Members so they may more quickly move up The Bridge.


eillber.s .of t~e.Internati~~al Association of ScientolOgiS~S ~e ..entitled to certain rights and privileges as granted by the Association, In addition, the Church of Scientology International has adopted

Sdentologistswho membership Introductory hav never previously had an lAS Members receive are invited to receive a, Freesix-month MernbershtpInrroductory

magazines and informational mailings from the lAS about membership activities and recent news concerning the practice of Scientology around the world.

Annual Membersh lp is valid for one yea.r. It entitles the holder to hem Fits granted by the Association. including a membership card and copies of IMPACT; the Association's magazine. Annua I Members also I aceive written briefings to keep them abreast of events and other Important news in Scientology, invitations to events sponsored by the Associntlon and the l'igJ1t to participate in lAS award programs-and

FEE: $500

LTpgrade yo 11.1" Hie ml)« "sh'ip 0 r honor status:

1:0 day.

Fo r mo re info rmaiion; visit,


The listed membersltip fees and donation levels

into effect: on March 13( 2007:



Lifetime Membership is valid for the lifetime of the holder and entitles him to all benefits and privileges granted by the Asso iation, ADDITIONA L BENEFITS: Clrurclresof Scil1l'lt%gy [rom time to time have also @Jft:l'cdlicllCfj~s tomemilers of the Associnl"i(lll. Check will1 yorrr locar C/nrrcll for l11or:tJ iJlfonna/ion. MEMBERSHIP FEE: $5,000

TIle Ass ciation may award the status of "Sponsor" to 1)1 mbs rs who have made con tribu tions t the Association of th amount below (or its equivalent in other currencies). DONATION: $10,000

The Association may award the status of "Crusader" 1:0 members wh have made contributions to the Association f the amount below (or its equival nt
in orh r curren ies),

DONATION: $25,000

~'We ara ,11:ealll. We fuwe a ("'ig job Po do, WI! need evel~f''J11e n£'.c)(~TIl,'·- 1~.IRl.'n~ H,blbli!~d wwelf-ftrll,l;llJ;rrl 'X8all.dh~g International Asscrciation of Sr.1entQI(!)gist is the gUlaJl'atlte hh b Ijllm~)n~~ I.l_ mEitl(lllo'j{V will be here for eternity. Tine lAS l"lGr:J@r Roll of Pi Id Pis emirwta)i )t ,wave! ize and scope of th membership team. 111e program is ~l"-en tQ all Al'lllu<llijntl,il,~i&;i6JJrud oompri. t.:.'s vital componsnt in accomplishing the purpose of the IAS. iii

Bj f1enainqtel' and win


positriclH 01'1 the lAS HOllOI' R\1Jll.

mtM:;OG:j~'tion may aWl'l!Tc!iHoner .RIDI sterus to I :eU:I.;Dt5S!eminators wl~l1lhave a sisted il~ gi?'tti"r.lS for Annual 01' Lifelfime

The Associa'~Eonmay aw.arti ~bis $til~~IS, appeintment lo tl'teSenifllf WO,tW.lf o(,)H)to 11 R I Disaeminat nl~ whalhavE! as j ted il\ g lrling 'JOQ others to slgn.up as An n 1I iii I er Lit'etiJille tv.Jc IIIlsers, or W I~(i), hal\\e provtded a isJa'(1lJc in fOl"wardi.1'!g th g,~als
of; the Assecta: ion

€omrmenStlrate with thisc 1~~'eJof ackl.~.0"vledg{:)Jl'lnent.

"We used LRH tech to help entire villages restore their Iivelihood,"
lVIaIikbdghi and famU~r CkliCl;f,liqhJJ1tft( h/ll,tii lil

Many of the questions asked by members are answered in the Membership Rules. These are published here so that they are easi Iy available for reference.

1. Any Scientologtst good standing with a
Church of Scientology may beCO'111,ea member of the

are valid for the duration

of the membership of the and awards are given to members who hav attained these honor statuses.
holder, Special recognitions

2. Anyone who:is not a Seieutologist but who is in
agreement with the Pledge to Mankind and th Aims of Scienrology rnay, upon contribution to the Association, be accorded the status of Associate by the Association. As ociatestatu: d es not enritle the holder to th ben fits and-privileges of memb rship. 3. There are three categories ofmembership: Introductory Membership, Annual Membership and Lifetime Membership. anyone who had not: previously had an lAS membership. There is no fee for Introductory Membership. Intmduceory Membership is va I ld for a period of six months and Is not renewable: an individual may obtain Introductory Memb rship only once,
11 mbership is available t

8, The honor status of Founding M rmber is granted to
all. with Lifetime Membership dated 31 December 1994 or earlier. This honor status 'is valid for the lif time of the member. Founding M mbers ar el i ribl for all benefits and privileges of this status as announced, Including a Founding Member certificate andFounding Member Lifetime Membership Gird.



tory Members

may apply for Annual

4. Introductory

Mernb [ship or lifetime

IvI mb rship at any time.

.A0I1U.l Members may apply for Lifetime Membership

at any time.

10. Membership
tra nsferable.

ill any category is not transferable, nor are any rights, benefits or privileges of membership

Introductory Members are issued an Introductory Membership card. They will receive the Association's magazrn II'vlPA T and other mailin s from the Association during the course of their membership.

11. The Association accepts donations in any amount
from members or non-m embers.


12. Membership fees and
not refundable,


to the Association


Annual Membership is valid for one year. The membership fee for /\nl11.1<11 Membership is set by the Association and is $500 US. (or, its equivalent in other cu rrenci ) in 1110St· countries. Annual Membership may be ren wed at any time by paym nt to the Association of til. !ll';xtye(lr's membership dues. Annual Membership entitles the holder to all the ben ··fit and privileges granted by the Associari n to its m rnbers.

13 .. Membership in

allY category or Ass ciate status

may be cancelled should themember, or Associate, publicly disavowal' attack the Association or, In the case of a member, fail to remain in good standing with a Church of Scientology.



rnbers are required

to keep their mailing

6. Lifetime Membership is valid IorIhe duration

of the present lifetime of the holder. The mernbersh ip fee for Lifetime Membership is $5,000 US. (or its equivalent in other curren ie ). Lifetime Membership entitles the h lder to all the benefits and privi I g' grant d by the Association to it members.

addr ess up-to-date with the Ass iciatlen so.vital communication may be relayed. The Associatien in turn will guarantee that such information is kept S cureand only used in f( rwarding the Aims of tho Scientology religion and the purpose of the
A_ iation, the right 1:0 participate in all


Special honor statuses may be awarded by the Association for outstand ing contribution as designated by the Association. These honor statuses

1'5. Mernb rshave

membership activities which assist in the expai1 ion of Scientolo 'y arou no the' worl d.


/\11 mghls R ~(\lt!:d<-Sd&'rlu'i".{jJ!. Diaru:!;,s.lnd' 11rl1 Um/gl" are Ir"denlorl-:san.d "~I'Ylll!nlill'ks CJwIlL....1 b,VRcligll)usTa:.hnology CL"lh!J'~ til!ntnlogi"IJI ·'.. membership mark ,I~l '~i1Hngmembers of the {Ifl'ili&lh .. churches and missions of 'ciI.:nrulug,. Field Disseminxtors work on an independent basis, -d

is 01c9lh."Cti\,'t.!