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* Georgetown, Texas 78633 * (512) 863-5030 * ecefa936@w

Experienced Staff Pharmacist * Customer Relations Skills * R

etail Relief Experience
* Licensed Pharmacist with over 10 years of experience and exceptional capabilit
ies in managing operations/personnel.
* Serve as a liaison while monitoring timely medical order fulfillment.
* Excel in organizational planning that involves performing detail-oriented task
s and following-up.
* Utilize well developed analytical abilities including daily business and techn
ical operations.
* Manage relationships and instill trust while interacting with diverse groups.
Articulate business communicator. Effective in dealing with physicians and other
health care professionals.
* Areas of expertise include pharmaceutical industry: hospital inpatient, outpat
ient, IVs, decentralized pharmacies; retail relief, mail-order and long-term car
e pharmacies. IV certified.

Problem Resolution/Performing Analytically
* Analyze and resolve issues with prescription orders, track lost orders, correc
t inadequate prescription quantities and secure/retain new and existing business
* Interpret, fill or inspect medical orders before delivery to customer.
* Analyze operational efficiencies and recommend solutions.
* Instrumental in implementing conveyor system to transport finished product to
packaging area, reducing labor and increasing efficiency.
* Participated in implementing company calling card to streamline on-call proced
Personnel Management/Liaison
* Manage scheduling, fulfillment and timely delivery of medical orders. Provide
support in managing 20 pharmacy technicians.
* Intercept problem orders from customer service and serve as liaison in dealing
with customer. Apply exceptional listening skills in issue resolution process.
Medical/Pharmaceutical Operations
* Trained in Drug Utilization Evaluation program.
* Provide pharmaceutical information to physicians and nurses, and advise patien
ts and families.
* Work with investigational drugs and drug studies, and maintain records.

MBS Pharmacy (Long-Term Care), Round Rock, TX
Staff Pharmacist (2007 to 2010)
* Worked part time then full time for a fast growing company serving state-wide
nursing homes and in-home hospice patients. Verified data entry from technician
s, quality-checked filled orders, and took phone and fax orders.
CVS/Caremark Rx, Inc. (Mail Order), Phoenix, AZ
Staff Pharmacist (2005 to 2006)
* Interpreted and verified prescription information translated by pharmacy techn
icians utilizing computer system. Performed multiple tasks with accuracy in high
volume setting using in-depth knowledge of medical database.
* Sent orders for physician clarification and made corrections utilizing profess
ional judgment. Completed 8-point checklist for prescription accuracy (verified
patient, drug/dose form, quantity, directions/wording, physician, refills, date
and generic/brand only).
Aetna Rx Home Delivery (Mail Order), Kansas City, MO
Staff Pharmacist (2004 to 2005)
* Interpreted and verified prescriptions entered into computer by pharmacy techn
* Analyzed and resolved issues with prescription orders, tracked lost orders and
corrected inadequate prescription quantities.
* Verified actual pharmacy prescriptions on assembly line for accuracy of medici
ne and clarifications.
Omnicare Pharmacy of the Midwest (Long-Term Care), Kansas City, MO
Staff Pharmacist (1998 to 2004)
* Participated in supervising and motivating 15 technicians.
* Collaborated with nursing home staff regarding order production.
* Interpreted and checked medical orders prior to execution.
* Served on-call approximately one week per quarter.

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, University of Missouri - Kansas City, Kansas Ci
ty, MO
Licensed Pharmacist: Arizona, Kansas, Missouri and Texas - Eligible for Reciproc

American Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Texas Pharmacy Association
Texas Society of Health-System Pharmacists
UMKC Alumni Association