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Dallas Stewart

4308 Emory Ln
Charlotte, NC 28211
Cellular 704-936-9454
Quality Control Inspector
Professional with 15 years of quality inspection experience in receiving, in-pro
cess, final inspection and research and development. Supported production in pr
oducts for consumer goods in industrial electronics, government agencies and mil
itary suppliers following WS-6536 and ISO-9000
Kelly Services, Rock Hill, SC
Quality Inspector, 2010 - 2010
Contract employ to Pelton & Crane Inspecting incoming parts and performing end o
f line inspections on finished units.
Flexalloy, Charlotte, NC
Quality Inspector, 2008 - 2008
Contract employ to Flexalloy inspecting parts used in the construction of big r
ig trucks. Used a computer to record data from measurements.
Photo Corporation of America/ Consumer Products, Inc, Matthews, NC
Color Control Technician, 2001 - 2007
Inspection and correction of color on consumer portraits at each of the producti
on stages. Preformed additional tests on an as needed basis for fog and reflect
ion, framing and cropping, focus, lens match-up and graphics. Maintained compute
rized records.
When department was down sized by 40% I diversified my responsibilities by condu
cting additional test each shift which allowed the team to maintain productivity
During high production periods, I would work over to the next shift to assure al
l quality, production and documentation requirements were met.
SCI, Graham, NC
Quality Inspector, 1999 - 2001
Responsible for inspecting accuracy and placement of components, solder and over
all workmanship on printed circuit board assemblies for first article, in-proces
s and final production. Measured solder height with an optical comparator and v
erified components using engineering drawings, notified production errors or inc
onsistencies using rejection reports. maintained quality records.
Inspected wave flow soldering first article for foam dents, pillowing, creasing
and insufficient solder.
Spectrian, Mt. View, CA
QC Inspector, 1995 - 1998
Inspected solder workmanship on printed circuit board assemblies using stereo mi
croscopes. Responsible for quality on research and development team assuring th
at prototype assemblies met engineering drawing requirements as the design was m
Western Microwave, Sunnyvale, CA
Quality Inspector, 1983 - 1988
Preformed incoming inspection using blueprints and company drawings for piece pa
rts used in the construction of microwave communication systems. Used rejection
forms for discrepant material.
Inspected solder joints on components in-process.
Assisted production workers in the correcting of defects.
Liaison with customer quality representative, assisted with final quality review
Administration of calibration contract with outside vendor
Skilled with use of calipers, micrometers no-go/go gages and height gages in sta
ndard and metric
Computer data entry and analysis, experienced with MS-Office applications
Clarke Central High School, Athens, Ga
H.S., 1971
Berry College, Mt. Berry, Ga
Liberal Arts College
1073 Navy Basic Electronics, Great Lakes Il.
Introduction to electricity and electronics