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Taraneh Aminfar

18560 Vincennes St. #16

Northridge,Ca 91324
Cell: 818-923-3709

To secure a Farsi Linguist position with a...

Iran, Azad University: English Literature. 1997- 20
United States of America , California State University, Northridge: Cultural Ant
(Not completed) 2008-2009

United States Army, California National Guard
Persian(Farsi) Linguist March 2010-Present
a Provided document translations (full translation and gesturing) in English, Fa
rsi .
a Provided consecutive interpretation in , Farsi and English from/to English in
support of Operation Enduring Freedom.
a Provide cultural awareness training to US Army service members, enabling them
to more efficiently accomplish the mission.
a Voluntary teaching of Farsi language to members of the US Army.
California State University, Foreign Language Department, California, Northridge
Farsi Linguist August 2008 a" June 2009
a Farsi linguist for International student.
a Provided simultaneous translation for foreign students for campus orientation
a Provided cultural training to International Student Office.
a Translations in various realms including education, religious topics.

Farsi instructor, California, LA

Farsi teacher August 2008 a" June 2009
a Teaching Farsi language for American students.
a Teaching Farsi language for Persian kids who were born and raise in the US.
Renault a"Nissan Car Manufacturing Co., France, Paris
Farsi and English Linguist Nov. 2002a" Nov. 2006
a Provided translation support full-time over a 4 year period.
a Interpreted for numerous suppliers of Renault for issues including contract te
rms, quality standards, deadlines, work flow according to Renault standards, imm
igration office support for French employees who goes to Iran for L90 Project.
a Translated urgent documents such as faxes, legal documents, advertising and fo
reign correspondence for Renault suppliers in Iran and other countries
a Provided foreign guest hospitality such as accompanying on visits and providin
g consecutive and simultaneous translation for Renault customers.
a Completed Defense Language Center, Training, June 2010.(Ft.Jackson)
a Army Linguist ( 09L) program student , Nov.2010 (Ft. Huachuca)