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Raymond L.

PDM Analyst
Formal Education
U.S. Navy Boilerman class "A" school, 1961
U.S. Navy Leadership Training, 1963
Jones College, 1970-1972- Major Manag
FCCJ Industrial Mechanics, 1978- 1979, 252 hours
FCCJ Machine Shop, 1980-1982, 480 hours
FCCJ Fundamentals Of Supervision, 1983, 24 hours
Advanced Machinist Skills Enhancement, S.A.E. 1989
Jones College 1996- Major Management.
Computational Systems Vibration analysis
Flir I.R. level 1

1973a"2010 J.E.A.

Mr. Russell Has been involved in the Generator rewind and the replacement of t
he L.P. Turbines on G.E. units 1 & 2 at the Northside Station and the conversion
of hydraulic fluid for the control systems. He was involved with the same acti
vities on the Siemens Westinghouse unit 3 at the same location. He did the witne
ss testing of the JEA Brandy Branch unit 4 generator.
Mr. Russell had been involved in machinery acceptance testing on the unit one
and two repowering at the JEA Northside Generating Station. His duties are in a
n that area consist of witness testing of motors at the shop, uncoupled and coup
led run in at the plant, QA and QC alignments and installations of pumps motors
and fans. He is involved accepting the coupled and coupled run-ins and making re
commendations on improvement of original designs to increase the longevity of JE
A's equipment. He has QA/QC'd several areas where poor workmanship by outside
contractor's has been done and followed through to have them redo their work at
their expense and not the JEA's.
Mr. Russell has assisted on the projects of the replacement of sole plates
on the limestone blowers, bed ash blowers and seal pot blowers, along with overs
eeing the refurbishment of unit 1 & 2 main steam turbine valves and combined reh
eat valves.
Mr. Russell has been involved in the Predictive Maintenance Team in the Pow
er Supply Engineering Services Department going on ten years, performing vibrati
on data collection and analysis on rotating equipment in areas that have been as
signed to him. The areas of expertise include CSI data collection / analyzing FF
Ts with a single channel analyzer gaining the knowledge and skill to diagnose va
rious problems such as soft foot, looseness, imbalance, misalignment, ect. , He
assisted in the set up of vibration collection routes for the water and waste wa
ter departments. He has successfully attended Computational Systems Incorporated
I and II schools to gain the knowledge and ability to utilize the equipment PDM
has available to them. His work in PDM requires him to have contact with plant
engineers, managers, maintenance and operations personnel in effectively relayi
ng information and providing technical support in preventing premature failures
of associated power plant equipment. Other areas of expertise include the set u
p and operation of Ludecaas Optalign Laser alignment kit, his skills with the op
tilign are with multi-stage equipment. He has been involved in the set-up and o
peration of the Permalign system that is used for tracking bearing movement on J
EA's turbines and generators. He has assisted in the collection and assembling
data for balancing the turbines, pumps and fans. He is proficient in the use of
ultrasonic thickness testers and penetrate dye checks.
Mr. Russell was responsible for the "Oil Program" for the JEA, his duties were
proper collection at 260 different points, determining what analysis needed to
be done and packaging for shipment and sending them of to the lab. After the re
sults were determined he was responsible to follow through with issuing plant wo
rk orders and ensuring they were completed.
Mr. Russell has completed the Level 1 course in Thermography, his training ha
s enabled him to look for and detect thermal problems in rotating machinery, con
trol equipment, circuit breakers, fuses, resistors, and a wide range of areas in
and around a power plant. He is currently involved in utilizing the thermograp
hy equipment in all phases of its capacities.
Mr. Russell has been trained in the advanced MCE data analysis as well as the
set up and operation of the MCE System 3000 motor circuit evaluation, his traini
ng included the evaluation and analyzing the test data as well as preparing the
reports to the plant managers.
Mr. Russell successfully participated in all phases of the Mechanical Technician
Training Program, he successfully past the Certification part of this program a
s well as his continued support to the Production shop.
Mr. Russellas previous position with JEA was in the Machine shop as a journeym
an Machinist; his assignments included all phases of machining, operation and ma
intenance of all associated machine shop equipment. Some of his past history in
cluded the design and construction of lapping rigs, on site boring bars and seal
refurbishing plates for specialty turbine work. He assisted in the set up and
acquiring the proper tooling for the pump shop at Southside Generating Station.
His past expertise in rebuilding single stage split case pumps up to the twelve
stage boiler feed pumps set the foundation of the pump shop at the Southside Gen
erating Station.
1971----1973 Private Enterprise (Construction)
Mr. Russell was part owner in "Russell Contracting". His responsibilities inclu
ded Design and construction of Florida Rooms, Organizing and setting up various
jobs for five work crews. He was responsible for the Q.C. inspections, Rework a
ssignments and accountability for the inventory. He still is involved in the co
nstruction trade industry.
1969----1971 JEA
Mr. Russell started with the Meter Reading department and was promoted to Connec
t and Disconnect, during that time his training and knowledge was in the electri
cal distribution area of JEA.
1966a"1969 Federal Civil Service
Mr. Russell was previously employed for four years by the U.S. Government at Mar
e Island Naval Shipyard as a Marine Machinist, in new construction on nuclear po
wer submarines. He was involved in the set up and operation of portable machini
ng equipment along with the processing of documentation prior to release for fin
al inspections. He was involved in the installation of hull pressure and intern
al hydraulic valves
1959a"1966 U.S.Navy
Mr. Russellas first employment was with the U.S.Navy for seven years as a Boiler
man. He attended Class aAa Boilerman School at Service School Command Great Lake
s Illinois. He has attended aNavy leadershipa training. As a Boilerman 2 his ar
ea of responsibility was all phases of operation and maintenance of boilers and
associated equipment, fans pumps and turbines. During his assignment in the Nav
y he was saddled with the responsibility as Oil King, this included testing boil
er water, lubricating oil, and Fuel oil. He was responsible for the receiving
and transferring Lube oil and fuel oils.