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Proven leader with exceptional management experience in building material and fo
liage industry seeks new challenge in career.
* Possess strong organizational skills with proven creative and analytical stren
gths on any issue.
* Adept at exceeding customer's expectations in scheduling, dispatch and deliver
* Excel in developing safety programs to exceed industry (OSHA/MSHA) and company
* Consistently increase efficiency, revenue and profitability of business unit.
* Proficient with MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Command, and SAP.
* Speak, read and write fluent Spanish as a second language.
* Willing to relocate or travel.

Core Competencies
Operations Management
Safety Management
P&L Management
Sales Management
Union Labor Relations
Quality Control
Project Management
Human resources
Management Training
CEMEX INC. (Merged w/Rinker Materials) 2008-2010
District Manager RM-South District (East and South consolidation) (2008-2010) Ph
oenix, AZ
Oversee operations for 14 locations with 300 employees supplying concrete and ag
gregate to 2,500 accounts in Arizona with annual revenue of $125M when at full c
apacity and production.
* Selected to oversee and manage consolidation of 2 individual districts to maxi
mize efficiency of post merger production.
* Manage Operations, Sales, Maintenance, Central Dispatch, Quality Control, and
Safety staff.
* Coordinated all labor and facility reductions, due to market forces, in order
to reduce costs while maintaining operational efficiency.
* Responsible for growing maintaining and growing market share within district.
* Responsible for training operational staff to use SAP and Command data to iden
tify and address operational opportunities for improvement.
* Responsible for meeting and exceeding operational metrics/goals.
* Reduced concrete loss to well below industry standards and lead company nation
wide with result.
District Manager RM-East District (2008), Phoenix, AZ
Oversee operations for 8 locations with 250 employees supplying aggregate and co
ncrete to 2,500 accounts in Arizona with annual revenue of $100M.
* Manage Operations, Sales, Maintenance, Central Dispatch, Quality Control, and
Safety staff.
* Responsible for post merger integration, within district, of union and non-uni
on companies.
* Responsible for negotiating and meeting material commitments on tribal propert
* Responsible for operational efficiency on largest commercial project in Phoeni
x metro area, Centerpointe project.
* Responsible for logistics. 7k cubic yard, Sheraton mat pour from multiple prod
uction points.
* Responsible for shifting from plant dispatch to central dispatch system for Ph
oenix metro area.

RINKER MATERIALS CORPORATION (1997-2008) Florida-Arizona,

Area Manager RM-East & South Areas (2007-2008), Phoenix, AZ
Oversee operations for 8 locations with 250 employees supplying aggregate and co
ncrete to 2,400 accounts in Arizona with annual revenue of $100M.
* Selected to consolidate two districts into one for Rinker group in order to ma
ximize operational and sales results.
* Manage sales, administration, drivers, operations managers, quality control an
d service representatives.
* Responsible for coordinating operational staff to achieve previously stated pr
oduction goals.
* Reduced transport and plant costs to lead company statewide.
* Responsible for developing new structure and process for sales staff to maximi
ze market efficiency.
* Increased market share within district during market downturn.
Area Manager RM-East Area (2006-2007)
Managed operations, as above, for 4 locations with 100 employees, 1,200 accounts
, and $50M in revenue.
* Selected for the position to improve sales reach within the district by implem
enting new marketing structure.
* Grew market share within area of responsibility by 10% while increasing averag
e selling price.
* Adapted new operational processes for plant and transport production in order
to achieve safety and operating metrics.
* Reduced plant and transport labor costs by 15% to lead district in total opera
tional goals.
Sales Account Manager RM (2005-2006), Phoenix, AZ
Responsible for maintaining 450, ready mix, accounts in Phoenix market.
* Opened 25 new accounts while in position, in less than one year.
* Initially resolved an outstanding $100K credit issue with a historically probl
ematic account.
* Created quotes and contracts using SAP and priced materials based on market co
ndition analysis.
* Created new excel bid/planning analysis sheet to maximize sales projects for e
ntire Phoenix metro area. Increased revenue of accounts by 33% within account b
Operations Manager RM (2003-2005), West Fort Pierce, FL
Managed facility, containing 2 ready mix plants, 2 block plants, 1 steel yard, 1
building materials warehouse, and 1 concrete recycling plant, with 125 employee
s and $75 in yearly revenue.
* Responsible for managing dispatch staff, service reps, block and ready mix dri
vers, mechanics, building materials personnel, and material handlers.
* Responsible for training of new employees within region for future operational
management duties.
* Supervised construction of new concrete and block plants; thereby increasing p
roduction by 150% within facility
* Resolved personnel issues by meeting with employees to both gather complaints
and recommendations in order to resolve issues, including resolving problems wit
h safety regulations.
* Oversaw the implementation of new Besser automated material handling system, a
$2M project over 1.5 years.
* Lead company, statewide, with fastest concrete batch times, without jeopardizi
ng quality, for two-year period.
* Lead company, statewide, in concrete volume produced, labor costs, and safety
metrics for two-year period.

Operations Manager RM (2001-2003), Lakeworth, FL

Managed facility containing, 1 ready mix batch plant, 1 steel yard, and 1 buildi
ng material warehouse with 50 employees and $15M in revenue.
* Responsible for concrete production to the 2 largest, statewide, DOT projects
(I-95 re-widening and Palm Beach Flyover) containing total of 215k cubic yards o
f concrete.
* Responsible for major, 100k structural repairs on batch facility for flagship
facility with zero down time.
* Managed to stabilize union drivers during the finalization of labor contract,
which involved multiple extensions and a potential for strike.
* Reduced labor costs while maintaining maximum customer service.
* Reduced vehicle and medical incident rate.
* Trained batch and dispatch personnel for region for future positions.
Service Representative RM (2000-2001), Lakeworth, FL
* Certified DOT and ACI concrete testing technician. Monitored and tested aggreg
ate and concrete for quality control.
* Major projects for concrete testing included the re-widening of I-95, a 12-yea
r project, and the construction of a new Palm Beach Airport flyover, a 5-year $1
00M project.
Dispatch RM (1998-1999), Delray Beach, FL
* Responsible for complex scheduling and dispatch of 4 facilities, 85 mixers and
* Exceeded all goals/metrics regarding production and customer service.
Batch Operator RM (1997-1998), Boca Raton, FL
* Responsible for operating Eagle concrete batching system to mix aggregates, li
quid admixtures, cement, and water for the production of concrete into mixer veh
* Achieved best batch times within Coastal Region.
* Completed training as Mixer Driver (CDL) for emergency use.
Management Trainee-Building Materials Inside Sales (1997), Delray Beach, FL
* Responsible for providing customers with knowledge and service for a wide vari
ety of building materials.
* Completed SAP training.
* Completed Concrete testing training.
* Completed Steel yard production training.
* Completed Loader, Man Lift, Forklift, Grade All, Crane, and Bobcat training.
* Completed Material Handling training.
* Completed Mixer Driver training (CDL).
* Completed Batch training.

DELRAY PLANTS, Delray Beach, FL (1990-1997)

Grower / Production & Shipping Manager
Managed 50 employees in 3 locations producing and shipping indoor foliage for to
p company in the nation based on revenue.
* Maintained farm equipment, irrigation and shipping equipment.
* Created new crossover belt loading system to maximize shipping.
* Increased production by 100% and shipping capability by 300%.

PALM BEACH PLANT FACTORY, Lantana, FL (1985-1990)

Plant Nursery Manager / Grower
Managed 75 employees at a 200-acre facility for the largest landscape nursery in
Southern Florida, based on revenue.
* Maintained, operated, and installed all farm, irrigation, production and shipp
ing equipment.
* Oversaw additional development of 150 acres in USA and Costa Rica.
Acted as translator to purchase land in Costa Rica.
* Operated tractor-trailer for transport purposes.

* One year of Political Science courses at Florida Atlantic University, Boca Rat
* A.A. degree in General Studies (Emphasis on Math and Literature) from Palm Bea
ch State College, Lake Worth, FL-1997-1999


* Microsoft Windows Office Suite including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook.
* Mac/Apple capable including Snow leopard and Window software compatibility pro
* Corporate programs including SAP, Command Series, Eagle Batch, ACS, Comad, Kro
nos and Besser systems.
* CDL, DOT and ACI certified.
* Multiple Construction equipment capabilities.